Tips on Successfully Implementing ECF

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					Tips on Successfully Implementing ECF

Regan Gilbert, Markel International
›   How Markel initially approached ECF
›   ECF in practice
›   Tips on successful implementation
›   Current status
›   ECF 2 - what will it bring?
›   What’s next on the horizon for Markel?
›   Q&A session
How Markel initially approached ECF
›   Recognition of the importance of a major claims initiative
›   Our involvement in the progression of ECF
›   Involvement in market committees since 2002
›   Drawing on our experience in the Lloyd’s & Company market
›   We recognised from an early stage the importance of
    partnerships within the claims community
›   Training was a key element we identified early in order to roll out
    the implementation of ECF
    The above initiatives saw Markel gain an industry award in 2008
    confirming the market had recognised the importance and
    benefits of ECF
ECF in practice
›   Trading electronically since September 2006
›   Current trading position – all new claims for Lloyd’s & Company
    that fall in scope
›   Legacy partnerships underway
Tips on successful implementation

›   Hold regular meetings with brokers to ensure ECF issues are
    resolved, as well as maintaining good working relationship
›   Invest in training – ensure all examiners are fully conversant with
    ECF and have at least one person designated as the ECF ‘guru’
›   Use an ECF workflow system to monitor volumes, allocate claims
    and track static transactions
›   Markel have developed a micro site in keeping with the electronic
    theme to provide adjusters with handy hints and tips at the click
    of a button
Tips on successful implementation cont’d

›   Try to ensure that all ECF transactions are loaded correctly in the
    first instance and that only document formats recommended in
    the SP&P are used

›   Communication between brokers and insurers is still vital even
    with the advent of ECF – don’t forget to pick up the phone to
    discuss and resolve problems

›   Literature to enhance user experience is helpful at
    implementation stages
ECF – where we are now
›   The Market has recognised the importance of ECF in raising the
    London market profile
›   The process has proved its worth in a commercial environment
›   The Market is more familiar with ECF and is aware of the benefits
›   We are now accustomed to the process – leads to call for more
    enhancements to the system
ECF 2 - What enhancements will it bring?
›   The key component parts that the 1st phase will look to deliver:
›   DFV (document file viewer) - this will provide an easier way of
    navigating your way around documents loaded onto the
›   CWS (claims workflow services) - will provide a workflow facility
›   CWT (claims workflow triggers) - will provide more efficient
    notification of transactions and transaction changes
›   Claims Database reporting – will provide better and smarter
    management information
›   Watch this space for further developments !
What’s next on the horizon for Markel?
›   ECF still sits highly in terms of priority for Markel Senior
›   We continue to monitor our overall performance in terms of
    response times
›   We still continue to challenge ways for finding improvements
    within current and future developments
›   Markel have stress tested ECF in a BCP environment
Have you got the time? We’ve got the motion
›   As ever Markel International like
    to challenge claims :
›   Is ECF: Faster than paper?
    Better than print? Come and
    find out!
›   Discover the results of our time
    and motion study and hear the
    latest news on ECF at our next
    breakfast briefing
›   To secure your place on this
    event please speak to me or
    Bernard Rice.
Q & A session
›   Starters for ten anybody?

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