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Specialist Technical Support - National Office


									                                                   JOB PROFILE
 JOB TITLE                Specialist: Technical Support
 REPORTING TO             Manager: New Offerings Development
 MAIN PURPOSE OF              To provide technical support to the Seda branch network by ensuring that the Business
                              advisory assessment and diagnostic tools, information and web-hosting platforms are
                              functional, up-to-date, relevant and available to the delivery Network at all times.
                              To source, review, package and coordinate the effective implementation and delivery of
                              Seda offerings developed in-house as well as those emanating from various national
                              and international partnerships.


 LOCATION                 National Office: Sunnyside

                               3 year qualification in Software Development/ Computer Science/ Engineering/
 PREFERRED                     Business Management
                               3-5 years practical experience in Small Enterprise Development support environment
 MINIMUM EDUCATION             (platforms and/or in assessment & diagnostic tools)
 AND EXPERIENCE                Must have relevant experience in the development of systems and programmes that
                               support small enterprise development.

 KEY PERFORMANCE               Develop and implement a strategy to source, review, refine and coordinate the
                               implementation of Seda assessment tools and support platforms for small enterprise
                               Based on review, regularly refine and coordinate implementation of the support tools
                               and platforms at the Seda branches
                               Establish and maintain partnerships with relevant service providers and stakeholders,
                               including overseas stakeholders, in order to effectively coordinate the support
                               initiatives to maximize the benefits to the Seda delivery network
                               Develop and manage an annual work-plan and budget with regard to Technical
                               Support activities
                               Further develop the Seda tools and support platforms through capturing and
                               disseminating best practices
                               Provide consolidated reporting on Technical Support
                               Establish and coordinate meetings of the Technical Support committee;
                               Coordinate Technical Support initiatives on behalf of Programme Analysis and
                               Development, with other internal and external stakeholders

 CRITICAL                      Basic Software Development
                               Project Management
                               Programme Management
                               Analytical skills
                               Small Business Advisory Experience

Job Profile - Specialist: Technical Support                                                         Page 1
 ADDITIONAL                   Creative
                              Good Stakeholder management skills
                              Self Starter and Results orientated
                          To apply, please send your CV to Please state the position
                          you are applying for in the subject line.
                          Closing Date: 13 May 2011
                          If you do not hear from us within 90 days of the closing date please consider your
                           application unsuccessful

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