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  SchoolObjects:pdasmobile is now available for the iPad. Visit the Apple App Store on your iPad and
  search for eduphoria!. Install the SchoolObjects:pdasmobile app.

  After the app installs, open the pdas icon on your screen. A settings screen will appear. Enter your
  eduphoria! district website (i.e. https://district.schoolobjects.com). Enter your username and
  password in the Login Information area. Your username and password will be saved in the settings. In
  order to connect to student data from SchoolObjects:aware, you will need to make sure that "Use SSL"
  is turned on. If you need to change your PDAS settings after the initial set up, you can tap the wrench
  icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  Note: For confidentiality reasons, we highly recommend that you set a passcode lock for your iPad (in
  your Settings for the iPad).

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  To begin viewing teacher information, tap on the image of the person in the top left corner.
  Select your school, and then select the staff member.

  Once you have selected the staff member, tap on the plus sign          to begin a new Walkthrough or

  Note: Appraisers will only be able to create walkthroughs and observations from this application (not
  alternate evaluations or summatives).

  If you selected a walkthrough, then you will be prompted to pick which template you wish to use. With
  both types of appraisals, you will be prompted to enter Class or Assignment information. If you would
  like to send the evaluation to the teacher immediately after you "Save and Close," then tap "Allow
  Teacher to View." Tap it again to toggle it off. Once sent to the teacher, the document will not be
  viewable from the mobile device. You, of course, will be able to view it from your regular web-
  based login.

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  Tap "Begin" to initiate the evaluation. Tap to add checkmarks to items. Tap to toggle between options
  in a matrix item. Tap on any comments section to open your keyboard.

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  Tap "Script Notes" in the bottom left corner to type notes to yourself that are not officially associated

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  with the formal document. Teachers will not be able to view these notes.

  When finished, tap "Done" to return to the home screen. Make sure to tap "Save and Close" before
  leaving the evaluation.

  Additional Features

  In addition to the ability to complete walkthroughs and formal observations, appraisers will now be able
  to view Lesson Plans*, Assessment Data*, and the teacher's Professional Development Portfolio*.

  *Note: To view these features, districts must have purchased or subscribed to
  SchoolObjects:forethought, SchoolObjects:aware and/or SchoolObjects:workshop. In addition, the role
  of Principal or an appropriate district level permission must be assigned to view this information.

  Simply tap on the link and data will slide open for that staff member.

  Lesson Plans

  Use the arrows to move between days. Use the Plus icon            to add notes to the lesson plans that
  will be visible to the teacher. These notes can also be viewed in list form in the web-based version of
  SchoolObjects:pdas. Just like the web version, adding a note will email the teacher.

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  Select a class and assessment to view the results of that test for that specific teacher.

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  To view individual student results, tap on the icon of the student   in the bottom right corner.

  The              icon returns the view to the list of tests.

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  Staff Portfolio

  Tap on Staff Portfolio to view the complete professional development information for the teacher. Tap
  a completed course to view the associated credit values.

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