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									              Jonathan Alder Junior High School
                        April 2011                                       
 Jud B. Ross, Principal       6440 Kilbury-Huber Road, Plain City, Oh 43064                    614-873-4635

From the Principal…                                                          and P.T.O. will be helping with this
                                                                             by providing some “light breakfast
                                                                             snacks” each morning of testing.)
Well, I hope the winds of seasonal change begin to                          If your young person requires
blow soon… I am ready for some springtime weather!                           eyewear to see properly, make sure
Believe it or not we are collectively embarking on the                       they have their glasses, contacts,
last two months of the 2010-2011 school year. These                          etc., each day of testing.
months promise to be action-packed and full of
learning adventure. Within this newsletter there is                  I greatly appreciate your efforts with
much information about upcoming activities and                       testing…Thanks!
events so you can plan your days accordingly. Before I
“turn you loose” on the remainder of this newsletter          A very special “Congratulations” goes out to
there are several highlights I wish to share.                  the cast, crew, student directors, Ms. Hughes,
                                                               and Mr. Peck for their outstanding
                                                               collaborative effort in presenting “Anchors
    Wednesday, April 27th is National                         Aweigh” last month… Both performances
       Secretaries Day! We at JAJHS are                        were simply outstanding!!! Thanks for your
       certainly very thankful for our wonderful               smiles, efforts, and energies!
       Mrs. Parker! Mrs. Parker, enjoy your
       special day! 

    Of the many activities set for April, certainly          Mark your calendars now! Of special note, I
     among the most important are the state-                   want to encourage your participation in our
     mandated Ohio Achievement Assessments at                  school-wide “Celebration of Learning” to be
     Grades 7 & 8. The dates for the tests are April           held on Thursday, May 12th…See the related
     27th 28th, and 29th. Please Note: You can help            article within this newsletter. Please note that
     your child with testing week in the following             in addition to wonderful displays of student
     ways.                                                     work, there will be several special dimensions
                                                               to this evening, including live performances
                  Make sure your young person gets            showcasing the many talents of our students, a
                   a good night’s rest prior to each           short “Internet Safety” class for parents, and a
                   day of testing.                             dinner sponsored by the JAJHS PTO.
                  Try to avoid “rushed” mornings
                   during your young person’s testing
                   week… Making preparations for          As always, thanks for your continued support for our
                   each day of testing the night before   students and staff.
                   can enhance this.
                  Make sure your young person gets       I wish for you and yours a wonderful Easter Holiday
                   a nutritious breakfast. (The school    and Spring! Enjoy!

                                                                                      Mr. Ross 
                                                                     Mark Your Calendar!!!
                                                                    “Celebration of Learning”
Renewal Levy Important to JA Schools...
                                                                       Set For May 12th !!!
                                                               During the past several months JAJHS students
Some Important Facts... Installment #3                         and staff have been busy “gearing up” for our
                                                               annual “Celebration of Learning” to take place
         In May, JALS voters will have the                    Thursday, May 12th. This is a special open-house
          opportunity to support an important                  style event in which students’ work (from all
          RENEWAL levy for our schools.                        curricular areas) will be on display in designated
         This renewal levy will result in No New              areas of the school and live student musical
          Taxes!                                               performances and demonstrations will take place
         This JA income tax generates about 11%               in the auditorium.
          of our district's total income.
         Without this funding, large program cuts             A featured component of our “Celebration” will
          would result.                                        be a special twenty-minute parent Internet
         For five years straight, and running, the            Safety short course presented by Mr. McCulloch,
          JALS district has earned "Excellent" or              the technology teacher/support person at JAJHS.
          "Excellent With Distinction" ratings.                Mr. McCulloch will be presenting on the topic
                                                               “What Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know About
                                                               The Internet.” I hope many of you can stop by
                                                               for some good information on a very important

                                                               Also, the JAJHS PTO will be hosting a yummy
        Attention, Parents and Students!!!                     dinner at the school on this special evening…
             Calamity Day Make-up                              More details about this and the “Celebration”
                    Schedule…                                  will be forthcoming in the May school newsletter.
As of the writing of this article, we currently have to make   
up two calamity days. Please Note: Students are to be in
                                                                           Come Join Us!!!
school on the following days… We will be in session! 
 > Monday, April 25th
 > Thursday, June 2nd                                                      S.O.S.!
If we have additional calamity days, further make-up days      “Celebration” Help Needed…
will be determined by Dr. Carpenter (along with the JALS       Mr. Ross will need the assistance of some helpful
Board of Education) and communicated at a later date.
Thanks. JBR 
                                                               parents to set up the “Celebration of Learning” on
                                                               May 12th and to tear down the “Celebration” on
                                                               the morning of May 13th… If you have a couple
                                                               of hours to share in either of these efforts, please
                                                               contact Mr. Ross at 873-4635 or
                                                      . Thanks! JBR 
Student Diplomacy Reigns at
Ohio Model United Nations                              Library News…
                                                       National Library Week is April April 10-
Eight JAJHS students, representing two nations,        16. Visit your school or public library!
traveled to the Columbus Hyatt Regency for the
Ohio Model United Nations conference, conducted
March 13th-15th. These students, under the                          Spring Book Fair
direction of the dynamic Mrs. Carr, our Grade 7        May 9-13 during school hours and during the
Social Studies Teacher, met with much success as       evening of May 12 for the Celebration of
they participated in this state-wide student version   Learning. I am trying a new vendor this time
of the United Nations.                                 around and will be offering value-priced books
                                                       for your summer reading. Come check it out!
Our students represented two nations at OMUN...
                                                       The PaperCuts (AKA - JAJHS Book Club)
Dominica Conner Lombardi, Matt Novak, Drew             We are using our meeting times to share what
Harig, and Gregory Bowman                              we are reading with others so they can enjoy a
                                                       great book too! We have currently reviewed
Luxembourg: Michelle Rossignoli, Jenna Mink, Keli      over 80 books during our weekly meetings. I
Geers, and Emily Myers
                                                       am very impressed with their selections and
                                                       their skills at speaking in front of their friends
The nation of Dominica received high enough
scores on their resolution to be heard in the
                                                       Free Music Downloads - Plain City Public
General assembly in front of all 1,000 students
attending. Conner Lombardi, delegate of the
nation of Dominica, won an award for Outstanding       Now you can download (and keep) 3 free
Delegate as well.                                      songs a week using your library card. Just go
                                                       to and click on the Freegal
Students representing both nations did an              logo at the bottom. Using your card number
excellent job presenting their resolutions and         and pin you can preview and permanently
participating by giving speeches for and against       download 3 songs per week. Awesome!
other resolutions presented by other schools.

Congratulations to all who participated. Thank you
for your hard work and outstanding effort!
         Counselor’s Corner…                                              Giraffe Club
              Mrs. Sherry Weaver,
             Guidance Counselor &                       We are continuing our visits to the Indian Run
             Mrs. Erin Carr, Intern                     Convalarium. We visited the convalarium on
                                                        February 24th when members of Giraffe Club
   Ohio Achievement Assessment Tests                    helped the residents with St. Patrick’s Day crafts.
          Mark Your Calendar!!!!!                       Both students and residents had a great time.

                                                        We will be collecting toiletries for the homeless in
The Ohio Department of Education has
                                                        the near future. We would appreciate if all of our
implemented the scheduling of statewide tests. The
                                                        students donate toiletries for this worthy cause.
Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAAs) are
                                                        There will be an ice cream sundae party for the top
scheduled for April 27th – April 29th, 2011.
                                                        7th grade and top 8th grade class bringing in the most
Grade 7 testing dates:
Wednesday        April 27, 2011      Reading
Thursday        April 28, 2011       Math                             Pennies for Patients

Grade 8 testing dates:                                  The JAJHS Student Council, directed by Ms.
Wednesday        April 27, 2011      Reading            Hughes, and the Giraffe Club, directed by Mrs.
Thursday         April 28, 2011      Math               Weaver, coordinated the Pennies for Patients
Friday           April 29, 2011      Science            Campaign for central Ohio children with leukemia
                                                        and lymphoma. This campaign lasted for 2 weeks,
All make-up tests:            May 2-6, 2011             and the students and staff of Jonathan Alder Junior
                                                        High School collected $1,562.56.         That was
This year is flying. Testing will be here before we     FANTASTIC!!!
know it. Teachers and students are working very
hard in preparation for the spring testing.             The money will stay in central Ohio, helping
Consistent attendance during the testing week is        children and families dealing with leukemia and/or
extremely important. Please be aware of the test        lymphoma in our area.
dates when scheduling a vacation.                 All
appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) should be          Mr. Woolley’s homeroom won the overall
scheduled in the afternoon or after school during the   collection contest His homeroom will receive a
week of testing.                                        pizza party. The 7th grade collection winner was
                                                        Mrs. Carr’s homeroom. Mrs. Stanton’s homeroom
If your child wears glasses or contacts, please make    won for the 8th grade.
sure they are either wearing them or they are packed
in their bag on test days.                              We want to thank all students, parents, and staff
                                                        who made contributions to our children and their
The P.T.O. and parents will furnish breakfast for       families suffering from leukemia, as well as
students who will be testing. What wonderful and        lymphoma.
caring parents we have at JAJHS!!!! Thank you
for helping our children succeed.                         Jonathan Alder School District is
                                                           AWESOME! YEA, JAJHS!!
             Rachel’s Challenge                               1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the
Our Rachel’s Challenge student leaders met                   2. Eat a healthy breakfast. A well-balanced
together and after much discussion have awarded       breakfast is essential to optimum
five students the honor of Rachel’s Challenge                     testing.
“Students of the Month” for March. Our Rachel’s              3. Pay close attention to test directions.
Challenge student leaders were looking for students          4. Read all questions carefully.
who continually worked to show kindness, reach               5. Be sure you know what is being asked.
out to others, and those who went out of their way           6. Answer the easy questions first.
to offer a helping hand to others.                           7. Read every answer before you select the
The seventh grade students chosen for this honor             8. If you are not sure of an answer, rule out
were Bailey Laff who was seen going out of her        the choices that are wrong. Then
way to offer help to other students, lend supplies                pick the best answer that is left.
when needed, and went out of her way to invite               9. If you have time, check over your
others to sit with her at lunch. Seventh graders                  answers before you turn in the test. DO
Michael Salzler and Luke Puckett were also chosen                 NOT change an answer unless you are
for their encouragement to others to make good                    positive of the correct answer. Our first
choices, and helpfulness to fellow students.                      instinct is usually correct.
                                                             10. If you feel stressed, take some deep
Eighth grade students chosen for this honor were      breaths to relax.
Keely Wolfe and Dylan Wildman. Keely was
chosen for the kindness and helpfulness she has
shown to her fellow students. Dylan was chosen for               BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
his positive attitude and helpfulness to others                 AND DO YOUR VERY BEST!
especially in class.
Way to go to our Rachel’s Challenge Students of
the month!! Thank you for helping to make
Jonathan Alder Junior High a wonderful school!
                                                      Stand up and be counted! Do you know children
                                                      who say or do cruel things to other kids? If so,
                                                      don’t join in! Instead, stand up for those who need
                                                      your help. It’s the right thing to do, today and

                                                      When kids are mean: Face it: even the most
Please review the following “test taking              angelic children can do things that are unfair or
tips” with your child before the first test on        unkind. When we observe such behavior in our
April 27th.                                           own children, we must be understanding, but firm.
                                                      We live in a world where misbehavior is tolerated
                                                      and, in many cases, glorified. But inside the walls
                                                      of our own homes, misbehavior should never be
    TO BE A TEST-TAKING STAR!!!                       ignored: It should be corrected by loving,
                 (IMPORTANT)                          courageous parents.
                                                                             recommendations to the best parenting resources on
                                                                             the web.
                                                                             The site includes video clips of real parents on the
                                                                             challenges they face and their strategies to solve
                     Power of the Pen                                        problems, as well as parent ratings and comments
                                                                             on feature articles. Topics include childrearing
Thanks to all Power of the Pen team
                                                                             challenges (such as tantrums, discipline, and
members who attended the Regional
                                                                             sleeping), “pep talks” (remembering the joys of
Tournament at Minster Middle School
                                                                             parenting, sharing success stories), and strategies
on Saturday, March 26th, 2011…
                                                                             for fostering a strong family life (coping with stress,
                                                                             family traditions/rituals, and managing couples
Delaney Geitgey                           Tyler Guerin
                                                                             relationships). Find these resources at
Blake Li                                  Hannah Beachy
Paige Warden                              Jaime North
Emma Bower                                Megan Will

Coaches Mrs. Hanson and Ms. Clark are
so proud of all the hard work and
creativity these students demonstrated!
Congratulations to the following
students who received awards.
                                                                               St.A.R.R. Students Boogie!!!
Delaney Geitgey--4th place
Megan Will-9th place                                                         Students who Acted Respectfully and
Blake Li--12th place                                                         Responsibly for the third nine weeks had the
                                                                             opportunity to dance the afternoon away on
These three students, along with Tyler                                       Friday, March 18, to music spun by DJ Hunter
Guerin, have qualified for the State                                         Harrison. Students who earned no more than 1
Tournament at the College of Wooster                                         ½ detentions and had no Tuesday Schools or
on May 27th. Congratulations!!!                                              suspensions during the third grading period
                                                                             were included. During the dance, students also
A special “Thank You” goes out to Mr.                                        discovered just how many licks it does take to get
and Mrs. Li who volunteered their time                                       to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.
for the day.                                                                YUM!

   Parenting 24/7 Website Provides
         Tools And Tips…
(from Ohio State Support Team 11’s Central Scene Newsletter, Spring 2011 )

        Parenting 24/7 is a “one-stop” source of
news, information, and advice on parenting and                               Students of the Month 
family, designed for parents and grandparents of
children from birth through the teens. The site
                                                                             Students of the Month for March were chosen by
provides feature articles with research-based
                                                                             the science teachers. The selection was based on
information, video clips of parents and experts,
                                                                             attitude, respect, overall grade and/or improvement
breaking news and commentary, newsletters, and
                                                                             in the subject, and participation in class. Students
of the month are awarded with a certificate that is
displayed in the school for the month, a letter of        Mr. Ross and Ms. Hughes
congratulations to parents, a pencil, and a gift
certificate for the school cafeteria’s a la carte line.

7th Grade
                                                                Important School Dance
Alex Phinney                                                       “Items of Note”
Jacob Pollom                                              Since our next school dance is on the horizon, Ms.
Michael Salzler                                           Hughes and I want to remind our parents of the
                                                          following important information. These items will
                                                          apply to all future dances.
8th Grade
Conner Lombardi                                           The School Dress Code will be enforced. Students
Corey Preece                                              who come to the dance in attire that does not meet
Megan Will                                                the dress code will not be permitted to participate
                                                          in the dance.

                                                          Except for slow dances, there must be enough
                                                          room between dancers so that chaperoning adults
                                                          can move in between and among students on the
                                                          dance floor.

                                                          As always, there is only to be appropriate dancing.
                                                          There is not to be any “bumping and grinding” or
  Spring Dance Set For April 29th !                       otherwise provocative dancing, and no
                                                          inappropriate touching.
The JAJHS Spring Dance will be Friday, April
29th from 7:00-9:00 PM in the school                      Students who are not following these rules will be
gymnasium. Again, Mobile DJ Entertainment                 directed off the dance floor and will be required to
will provide the music. Admission is $3.00 and            sit for a period of time. If, after the offending
digital pictures are $1.00. If you would like to          student returns to the dance floor, inappropriate
chaperone, please contact Ms. Hughes at                   dancing continues, the student will be removed or 873-4635.                    from the dance floor for the remainder of the
                                                          dance and perhaps future dances.
We will again have folks directing traffic at our
two eastern-most driveways on Kilbury-Huber               We are looking forward to having another great
Road. These brave souls will be wearing                   dance. Please help to make this happen by
reflective safety vests and have special flashlights      following these rules. Thank you!
and whistles to direct traffic. (The particularly
intense traffic time following our dances lasts                     Mr. Ross & Ms. Hughes
only 10-15 minutes.) Please follow their
direction! Thanks!!!

Also, if you are able, please car pool if you can.
This will help to reduce the bevy of vehicles
visiting our school before and after our dances.
Thanks for your help!
                                                offices, please come to the April 19th PTO

The PTO Spring Pizza Sale Is Here!!!                   Dress Code Reminders…
Important Dates...                                    School clothing should be neat, clean, properly
                                                       fitted in styles appropriate for school and
>Order Forms Sent Home... Week of 4/4                  community.
>Orders Due... 4/20                                  Clothing, such as shirts and blouses, should
>Orders Delivered... TBA                              be worn as designed and should not display
Thanks, in advance, for supporting this JAJHS       Skirts and shorts need to be of reasonable
PTO sale... It is the one major fundraising           length, as to not draw undue attention or
sale we are permitted to have each year... It         allow for exposure. The standard “rule of
is our “life line” to being able to provide           thumb”… Skirts and shorts need to be of a
support in so many ways to our students,              length no more than four inches above the
teachers, and school!       Thanks!                  top of the kneecap. Please Note: This is the
                                                      standard for skirt length regardless of
Spring sports are here! If there are any              whether tights, leggings, or shorts are worn
Alder items you wish to purchase please be            underneath. Skirts and shorts need to be
sure to shop in the Spirit Store located in           properly hemmed. (Cut-off shorts may be
the Jr. High or shop on line at:                      rolled up, but still need to meet the Alder. Profits            appropriate length.)
from the Fieldhouse go to the Jr. High. Look         Appropriate clothing is an expectation for
great supporting your favorite Alder team and          each student. Clothing is deemed
raise money for our school!                            appropriate for both boys and girls using the
                                                       standard that if a piece of clothing is
                                                       inappropriate for either gender, it is also
                                                        inappropriate for the opposite gender to wear.
It's that time of year again... OAA TESTING!
                                                        Following are examples of clothing that would
During the week of April 25th, we need your             be considered inappropriate:
help to make sure students are fed a healthy           *Body shirts or muscle shirts
breakfast so their minds are sharp for these           *Short shorts
tests. Mr. Ross, as well as the PTO,                   *See-through blouses
will be providing various food items, but we           *Tops that expose the stomach
                                                       *Halter tops
still need parent donations. Grade Level Reps          *Any garment that could result in indecent
will be contacting Homeroom Reps to                       exposure, including exposed cleavage
coordinate donations. We need two parent                 *Any piece of clothing where stomachs or
volunteers to help serve each day of                       under garments are exposed, including
testing as well. If you wish to serve or make              pants not pulled up (i.e “sagging”).
                                                         *Tops, dresses, etc. with thin straps or without
a donation, please contact Mrs. Hughes at the
school (873-4635). Thank you for your help.
                                                         Thanks for your help and support with this! 
The JAJHS PTO will need Officers for the
2011-2012 school year. If you would like to
be considered for one of these important
    Homework Hotline is Also
      Homework Online!
In addition to being able to access your child’s
homework assignments by phone (614-898-2299),
you can also get them online by logging into the
Jonathan Alder Junior High School Website
( - click on JAJHS on the left).
The seventh- and eighth-grade Homework Hotlines
are listed on the left-hand side of the page toward
the bottom. Just click to access! One advantage to
using Homework Hotline online is that you can see
all past assignments for the week, as well as some
future ones.

                                                      Grade 8 Parents, Please See
                                                      “Pool Party” Letter Below…

                                                      Scroll Down For The April
                                                       Calendar of Events… 
Dear Parents of Eighth Graders,

The faculty of JAJHS is planning an eighth grade pool party for the last day of school. Students will be bused to the
pool from school; we will be serving lunch at the pool. We are planning on having a fun-filled day and hope to send
our eighth graders to JAHS with another fond memory of their last year at Jonathan Alder Junior High School.

We are hoping that all of our eighth graders will be in attendance. However, participating in this event is a privilege.
We want this to be a positive experience for everyone. Students are welcome to come as long as they have not received
more than one Tuesday School or any suspensions between March 28, 2011 and June 2, 2011. There will be a cost of
$10.00 per student to cover the cost of the pool and lunch. Music will be played at the pool and no one is allowed to
bring personal music devices, I-Pods, MP3 players, etc. Students may want to bring footballs, basketballs, or cards;
other activities will also be available to students who choose not to swim. Students should wear their swimsuits under
their clothes to school; they will also need to bring a towel and sunscreen.

We will leave school at approximately 10:00 A.M. and will return to JAJHS at about 2:15 P.M. A related permission
slip, which you will need to sign, will be sent home at the beginning of May.

We are looking forward to a great day. Please join in the excitement.


                                                                            The JAJHS Faculty
             April                                                                                                                                                2011
              Sun                   Mon                      Tue                       Wed                        Thu                         Fri                      Sat
                                                                                                                                               1                        3
                                                                                                                                   *Washington D.C. Trip
Early May                                                                                                                          *Grade Cards Available
Highlights                                                                                                                         via ProgressBook
5/2 - Grade 8 Madison                                                                                                              (5p.m.)
County Youth Survey
Administered (via Lg.
                 4                    4                       5                         6                           7                          8                        9
Arts)                      ”Celebration of          D.AR.E. Program                                      *Spring Sports
 -"Celebration of          Learning”                Ends…Thanks,
Learning" Organizational                                                                                 Photographs
                           Organizational           Deputy Braithwaite!!!
Meeting (2:35P, Library)
                           Meeting (2:35P.M.,       *Grade 8 Blood
 -Track @ Madison
County Meet (5P,           Library)                 Pressure Screenings
London)                    *Track @ London          (Via Health)
5/3 - National Teacher     5:00P.M.
Appreciation Day! ...
Thank you, JAJHS
Faculty! You are the
                11                   11                      12                         13                         14                         15                       16
                           *Building Advisory                               *Afterboard Meeting          *Track - 16 Team
5/4 -Nurse Appreciation
                           Team Meeting                                     (2:30P.M., Library)          Invitational @ Ben
Day! ... Many Thanks,
                           (2:35P.M., Library)                              *Track @ Columbus            Logan (4:30P.M.)
Mrs. Ward!
                           *JALS Board of                                   Academy (4:30P.M.)
5/6 -Washington DC Trip
                           Education Meeting
Payment Plan (Final
                           (7:00P.M., JAHS)
Payment of $115 due to
Prodigy Student Travel!)
5/8 -Happy Mother's Day
                17                   18                      19                         20                         21                         22                       23
to all of our moms!        ”Celebration of          *JAJHS P.T.O.                                        *Track @ Westfall          *No School
5/9 -Madison County        Learning”                Meeting (7:00P.M.,                                   Invitational (5:00P.M.)
Math Contest @ Tolles      Organizational Meeting                                                        *Opportunity for JAJHS    Easter Weekend
Center                     (2:35P.M., Library)                                                           Choirs to see “Mary
-JALS Board of             *Track @ Miami Trace                                                          Poppins” at the Ohio
Education Meeting (7P,     High School (4:30P.M.)                                                        Theater
5/10 - JAJHS PTO
Meeting (7P, Library)                25                      26                          27                        28                           29                     30
5/11 - Afterboard          *SCHOOL IN                                       *Secretaries Day! Thank      *OAA Breakfast            *OAA Breakfast (Grades 8)    *Science
                                                                            you, Mrs. Phillips-Parker   (Grades 7 & 8)            *Ohio Achievement
Meeting (2:30P, Library)   SESSION!                                                                                                                             Olympiad State
                                                                            *OAA Breakfast (Grades 7     *Ohio Achievement         Assessments
5/12 - "Celebration of                                                      & 8)                                                   Grade 8 Science Good
Learning"                  Calamity Make-                                   Ohio Achievement
5/13 - PM Assembly...      up Day!                                          Assessments                  Grade 7 & 8 Mathmatics    *Interim Reports Available
BMX Bike Show                                                               Grade 7 & 8 Reading Good     Good Luck!                via Progress Book (5p.m.)
5/16 - 5/20 JAJHS Spirit                                                    Luck!                                                  *JAJHS School Dance (7-
Week!!!!                                                                    *Track WEST                                            9p.m., School Dress Code
                                                                            JEFFERSON, TREE OF                                     Enforced!)
                                                                            LIFE & CSG(5:00P.M.)

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