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					Napa Valley Children's Chorus

The mission of the Napa Valley Mini-Singers and Napa Valley Children s Chorus, is to provide a
music education experience of high quality which offers exceptional vocal training, skill
development and performance opportunities for young singers. Through participation, members
develop a sense of discipline and commitment, self-confidence and musical competence.

The mission of the Music Explorers is to foster a love of music by exploring musical concepts and
developing musical skills through participation in fun and engaging activities.

Founded in 1994, the Napa Valley Children s Chorus joined the Napa Valley Choral Society family in
2008, as part of the Society s ongoing goal of providing opportunities for lifelong participation in
choral singing. The Choral Society encompasses the adult group, the Napa Valley Chorale
conducted by Jan Lanterman, Music Explorers, Napa Valley Mini-Singers and the Napa Valley
Children s Chorus. Future plans call for development of a senior citizens choral ensemble.

Music Explorers
Susan Woodruff, Instructor

Thursdays: 3:45 4:30
Tuition:    $150
Grades 1 2, Fall 2010; Grades K 2, Winter/Spring 2011

The Music Explorers class (first level in a three-tiered choral program) is designed for very
beginning music students who have had no formal music instruction by a music specialist in the
school setting or in private study. In Music Explorers, students will learn about and experience the
many elements of music through singing, playing, listening and movement activities. While
learning engaging songs and music games from many cultures and in different musical styles,
participants will become familiar with fundamental music concepts such as high/low, loud/soft and
steady beat. Music Explorers is open to students in grades 1 2 during the fall term and to students
in grades K - 2 during the winter/spring term. This is a repeatable, semester-long class for active
music learners.

Napa Valley Mini-Singers
Directed by Susan Woodruff

Tuesdays:   4:00 - 4:45
Tuition:   $150
Grades 1 2

The goal of the Mini-Singers group is to provide opportunities for boys and girls to grow in their
musical knowledge, refine their singing skills, and experience the joy of singing together.
Instruction focuses on developing a pure vocal sound through unison singing as well as learning
techniques for developing good posture and correct breathing habits.

Through activities, games, dances, and singing, members are taught basic music reading and vocal
skills. Boys and girls learn how to work together as a group and gain confidence in singing by
themselves in front of others. Members learn choral performance and audience etiquette in
preparation for concert performances with the Napa Valley Children s Chorus.

Napa Valley Children s Chorus
Directed by Kim Markovich

Tuesdays: 3:45 5:00
Tuition:  $150
Grades 3 6

The Napa Valley Children s Chorus (the third level in a three-tiered choral music program) is an
intermediate singing group that participates in several public performances and festivals
throughout the year. Developing a sense of community is a primary focus, and it is fostered
through team-building activities, social events and performances. Singers in NVCC, learn how to
follow a choral music score and venture into the challenging study of singing in two and three
parts. The Children s Chorus repertoire includes songs written in a wide variety of musical styles
and languages. During rehearsals and performances, members work on developing their singing
technique and stage presence, while learning what it means to become a confident, skilled and
independent singer. The main requirements for membership are the ability to match pitch while
singing with a group, and a love of singing. A year-long commitment to membership in the Napa
Valley Children s Chorus provides the best opportunity for realizing maximum individual and group,
musical growth. Fostering a life-long love of singing, building self-esteem through musical
excellence, creating a caring musical community and sharing the gift of song through public
performances, are primary objectives.

Rehearsal Location
Blue Oak Lower School, 1436 Polk St., Napa, CA.

Meeting Times
Napa Valley Mini-Singers:            Tuesdays, 4:00 4:45PM

Napa Valley Children s Chorus:        Tuesdays, 3:45 5:00PM

Music Explorers:                     Thursdays, 3:45 4:30PM

Fall 2010, First Meetings
The first rehearsals for NV Mini-Singers and NV Children s Chorus will occur on Tuesday,
September 7, 2010. All those interested should plan to attend and preregistration is not required.
A short meeting for parents and students will occur at the end of the rehearsals.

The first meeting for Music Explorers will occur on Thursday, September 16th, 2010.

New members may attend scheduled rehearsals and join all groups through September 28th, 2010.

Tuition and Tuition Assistance
Tuition is $150 per student, per semester for each class.

The NVMS and NVCC maintain an active tuition assistance program through the Napa Valley Choral
Society. Assistance is need-based and covers 50% of tuition and fees. Families situations are
considered on a case-by-case basis. Application forms are available at this link or applications will be available at the first few meetings
of the group. For further information please contact Kim Markovich at

The Music Explorers, Napa Valley Mini-Singers and the Napa Valley Children s Chorus are
offered as courses through the Blue Oak School After School program. Click on this link to
download a PDF copy of the Fall 2010 Registration form:

The Directors
Sue Woodruff
The Napa Valley Mini-Singers is taught by music teacher, Sue Woodruff who holds a Bachelors of
Music degree from University of Sheffield, England. Sue has been a Band and Vocal music
instructor in the Napa Valley Unified School District for the past sixteen years. She has been
certified as an Orff Schulwerk instructor and is a past President of the Northern California Chapter
of the Orff Schulwerk Association. She is a member of the American Choral Director s Association,
Music Educator s National Conference, and both the Northern California Chapter and National Orff-
Schulwerk Association. Sue resides in Napa with her husband, Gary and two teenage daughters,
Devon and Alexis.

Kim Markovich
Kim Markovich is beginning her third year as director of the Napa Valley Children s Chorus. Kim
holds her Bachelor's of Music Education from University of Northern Colorado and her Masters of
Music from West Virginia University. She has been certified as an Orff Schulwerk instructor and is a
member of the American Choral Director s Association. In her ninth year teaching music at Blue
Oak School, Kim is also a part-time instructor at Napa Valley College. She has directed choral
groups of all ages. Both Kim and her husband, Gary, are Napa High School alumni and they reside
in Napa with their two musical daughters, K.C. and Camille.
Fall 2010 Flyer
Click on this link to print a copy of the flyer to share with friends, providing basic information
about the groups for Fall 2010:

The Case for Childhood Singing
According to the 2009 Chorus Impact Study:

   §   Children who sing in choruses have academic success and (learn) valuable life skills
   §   Parents whose children sing in choirs are significantly more likely to say their child has many
       other qualities conducive to learning and development than parents of children who don't
   §   Large majorities of educators (participating in the study), often 80 percent or more, agreed
       that choir participation can help make students better participants in groups, help develop
       stronger social skills, lead to better emotional expression and management, improve overall
       academic performance, help instill self-discipline and punctuality, and more.

To see the complete 2009 Chorus Impact Study, including charts, graphs and survey methodology,
please see Chorus America s website at

Contact Information

Contact Kim Markovich at or 261-4533 with questions concerning
enrollment or registration in the Music Explorers, Napa Valley Mini-Singers, or Napa Valley
Children's Chorus.

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