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					Page 34                                                        CReek CounTy                                                          2010-2011
                                                                                                             important to Sapulpa’s growth. In
                                                                     SAPULPA                                 1905, the Glenn Pool oil field was
          Dewey St. Market                                              Sapulpa got its name from Chief
                                                                     Sapulpa, a full-blood Lower Creek
                                                                                                             discovered seven miles southeast of
                                                                                                                Two brick plants and four glass
                                                                     Indian from Alabama who arrived in
            Antiques, collectibles & more!                           the area around 1850 and established
                                                                                                             plants also were located here.
                                                                                                                Frankoma Pottery is located one
                                                                     a trading post about a mile south of    mile north of Sapulpa on the old
                      Rt. 66 Downtown                                the present-day downtown area.          alignment of Route 66, which today
                     Sapulpa, Oklahoma                                  When the Atlantic and Pacific        is called Frankoma Road.
                   Phone: (918) 227-4508                             Railroad moved into the area in 1886,      The plant has a long history in
                         Buy & Sell                                  the new line was called “Sapulpa Sta-   Sapulpa. In 1926, John Frank moved
                                                                     tion,” in honor of this chief who had   from Chicago to Norman, Okla.,
                       Mon.-Sat. 10-5                                befriended the railway workers.
                                                                        The oil and gas industry was also                    see SAPULPA, page 35

   Tumbleweed Motel
   old-fashioned service • modern convenience

                         Tumble on in for our:
                           • friendly service
                           • reasonable rates
                         • free espresso drinks


   DID YOU KNOW? Tulsa resident Michael Wallis, author of “Route 66: The Mother Road,” provided the voice of the sheriff in the movie “Cars.”
2010-2011                                                          CReek CounTy                               Page 35

continued from page 34
and was a pottery instructor at the University of Oklahoma.
   In 1933, Frank started Frankoma Pottery.
   In 1938, Frank and his wife, Grace Lee, moved to Sapulpa and brought
the business with them.
   Shortly thereafter, a fire destroyed the plant. Then World War II came
along, and workers and materials were in short supply.
   After the war, Frank reopened the plant. Frank died in 1973.
   Sapulpa is also tribal headquarters for the Yuchi Tribe.
   * Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce, 101 E. Dewey: www.sapulpa-, or call (918) 224-0170.
   * Sapulpa Main Street, 101 E. Dewey: or
call (918) 224-5709.
                                                    see SAPULPA, page 36

                                       DID YOU KNOW? Cyrus Avery, the “Father of Route 66,” was from Tulsa.
Page 36   CReek CounTy                                                    2010-2011

                                                       capital of Oklahoma. (918) 224-
                   SAPULPA                             5709.
                   continued from page 35                * Frankoma Pottery, on Old
                                                       Sapulpa Road. (918) 224-5511.
                                                         Maggie M. Trolley, 701 E.
                   THINgS TO DO AND See                Dewey.
                                                         Giant sculpture celebrating
                      Collins Building, 317 East       the town’s various industries,
                   Lee. Built in 1925 as a Masonic     junction of Frankoma Road and
                   Temple. Contact S.M.S. (918)        Oklahoma 66 on the east side of
                   224-5709.                           town.
                      Creek County Courthouse.           * Sapulpa Historical Museum,
                      Downtown District. Walking       100 East Lee. Open 10 a.m. to 3
                   Tour available. National Regis-
                   ter Historic District. Ghost sign
                                                                   see SAPULPA, page 37
2010-2011                                                         CReek CounTy   Page 37

                                         * Happy Burger, 215 N. Mission.
SAPULPA                               (918) 224-7750.
continued from page 36                   * Hickory House Bar B Que,
                                      626 N. Mission. (918) 224-7830.
p.m. Mon.-Thurs. Free admission.         * R&T Express Grocery, 100 W.
(918) 224-4871.                       Dewey. (918) 227-2021.
   Heritage Park. Corner of Poplar       * Sapulpa Super 8 Motel. 1505
and Hobson.                           New Sapulpa Rd. (918) 227-3300.
   * Le Jardin Specialty Gifts, 114      * Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railway,
E. Dewey. (918) 224-6468.             701 E. Dewey. (918) 224-4422.
   * Copper Oaks Bed and Break-          * Turnpike Wrecker, 11902 S.
fast. 7806 Hwy. 97. (918) 224-        161st West Ave. (918) 224-4422.
3986.                                    Water Street Gallery, 16 S. Water
   * Dewey St. Market, 209 E.         St., Sapulpa, OK 74066.
Dewey. (918) 227-4508                    * Association member.
   * The Frame Shoppe, 110 E.
Dewey. (918) 224-1767.
   * Boom-a-rang Diner, 126 E.
Dewey. (918) 224-6200.                   Route 66 clips the northwest edge
   * Clark Oil Distributors, Inc.     of Kellyville, so don’t expect to see
801 W. Dewey Ave. (918) 224-          any sort of downtown district unless
3070.                                 you jog off to go exploring.
   * First United Bank and Trust.        Remnants of the earlier Portland
315 E. Dewey Ave. (918) 224-5151.     cement concrete alignment are vis-
   * Freddie’s BBQ and Steakhouse,    ible near the current road.
1425 New Sapulpa Road (current           Kellyville goes down in the record
66). (918) 224-4301.                  books for two reasons. First, it was
   Gabe’s Printing, 108 E. Dewey.     the site of Oklahoma’s worst train
(918) 224-5660.                       disaster, when in 1917, two Frisco
   Guardian of the Plains, bronze     steam locomotives collided just west
bison on New Sapulpa Road.                          see KeLLYVILLe, page 38
Page 38                                                 CReek CounTy                                                            2010-2011

     Hummel                                                   continued from page 37
                                                              of town. Twenty-three people were killed; 80 were injured. The city hall of-

                                                              fice has a display of historic photos taken at the time.
                                                                 Second, in the early 1970s, Kellyville almost became Oklahoma’s only
                                                              snow-ski resort. It was to be supported by snow-making machines, but the
                                                              project never got off the ground.

     Homes                              Grandma’s Cottage
                                         Cozy and comfy
                                                                 City Hall: (918) 247-6160.

                                                              THINgS TO DO AND See
   Come stay the night on Route 66 in our all furnished,        City Hall. Photos of train disaster.
   totally decorated awesome cottages. Two bedroom,             Blue Top Motel (now a private residence; note train planters).
                                                                Boats emerging from deck.
          one bath with living room and kitchen.
              Continental Breakfast provided.
          Reservations must be made in advance.
                                                                 In 1897, Bristow started out as a Cherokee Nation trading post.
   Will take calls until 5 p.m. only without reservations.       The city’s name comes from the Honorable J.L. Bristow, who was Assistant
                                                              Postmaster General at the time the local post office was established.
                           $79.00 plus 9% tax per night up       Bristow reportedly has more miles of brick streets than any other town in
                                     to 5 people.             Oklahoma. That’s because most of the side streets paved in the late 1800s still
                                                              retain their brick.
                           For more information, contact:        Speaking of bricks, Bristow’s downtown district has a number of vintage
                                                              brick buildings in top-notch condition.
                                  Charlsie Hummel                The Historical Society’s Town Square Project/Bristow Museum is acces-
      The Ranch House              918-519-3510               sible from 66.
      Warm and rustic              918-367-1355                  On the west side of town, a sign will point you toward the Wake Island
                                         or                   Memorial, commemorating the famous World War II battle. Check out the
     Rhinestone Cowboy             Jennifer Isaacs            beautiful lake while you are there.
         Old West                  918-521-5303
                                                                                                                      see BRISTOW, page 39
2010-2011                                                         CReek CounTy                                                          Page 39
                                       * Russ’ Ribs, 223 S. Main. (918)
BRISTOW                              367-5656.                                          Like a good neighbor,
                                       Visit Bristow OK. www.visitbris-
continued from page 38                                                State Farm is there.
THINgS TO DO AND See                   * Route 66 Association member.
                                                                             Wm. Kent Clovis, lUtCF
   Bristow Museum, One Railroad
Place. Open Monday-Friday. Free      DePeW                                   Agent
admission. (918) 367-5151.              Plan on making the jog off cur-
   Firestone station, West Fourth.   rent 66 onto the older alignment of
   * Granny’s Emporium, 709 A S.     66, which runs through downtown
Roland. (918) 367-1727.              Depew. Historic structures line         714 West Fourth Street
   * The Hangar. 619 S. Roland.      both sides of a tidy main street, and   P.o. Box 270
   * Hummel Hideaway Homes,          a small grocery store offers snacks     Stroud, OK 74079
424 Roland. (918) 367-1192.          and souvenirs. For more informa-        Off.: (918) 968-2552        STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES
   Route 66 Cottage, 308 S. Ma-      tion, call City Hall at (918) 324-      Home: (918) 968-2035               Home offices Bloomington, illinois
ple. (918) 324-5830.                 5251 or go to

                                                                                                 709 A. South Roland Street
                                                                                                 Hwy #66 West
                                                                                                 Bristow, OK 74010

                                                                                            fabrics - Gifts - Antiques - Souvenirs
                                                                                                         Tuesday-Friday 10 am - 5 pm
                                                                               Owner: Ann Foutch              Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm

         Member FDIC

    Sapulpa - 2 S. Main St. - 918.224-3210
Page 40                                                     LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                          2010-2011

general information                                                      RoaD FaCtS
                                                                         Lincoln County has two single arch steel truss bridges. One
Follow 66 signs both in town and out in the country. Fol-                is on 66B on the west side of Wellston. The second is on
low 66B to go through the downtown business district of                  an older fragment a little over half a mile east of Stroud on
Wellston.                                                                the north side of the road off in the brush. There was a third
                                                                         one on SH 66 near Wellston, but it was removed in 2003.
Street names of Route 66 in towns (east to west)                         You can spot old alignments east of Stroud on into Creek
Stroud: 66 • 66/Main • 66                                                County. Please consult Jim Ross’
Davenport: 66 • 66/Broadway • 66                                         Oklahoma Route 66 for details.
Chandler: 66/1st • 66/Mickey Clarkson Avenue for sweep-
ing curve • 66/Manvel • 66/hard
curve by old gas station (now
a car lot)
Warwick: 66/no spe-
cial name given
Wellston: Ash/66B •
2nd/66B • 66B

       DID YOU KNOW? Dawn Welch, owner of the Rock Café, was the inspiration for the character Sally Carrera in the Pixar movie “Cars.”
2010-2011                                             LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                        Page 41

       RoaDSiDe highlightS:
       See if you can find the following landmarks, listed in no particular order:

• Meramec Caverns Barn. If you are traveling east, you can’t miss it. If you are westbound, here’s a hint: It’s about 3.5
miles west of Chandler and faces west, so you’ll have to keep looking over your shoulder or into your rearview mirror to
find it. This is the only remaining Meramec Caverns structure left on Oklahoma Route 66.
• StableRidge Vineyards. Just west of Stroud.
• Short stretch of Portland cement concrete just east of Chandler
near a railroad trestle.

                                                          Small Town CHARM. Big City CONVENIENT.
            Chandler                                                                          TURN
                                                                                                    ER T
                                                                                                         PK   - I44

     Loves RV’rs
                                                                                                 TE 6

    [Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles, too]         Shopping
    aOver 80 Hook-ups
      (water and electric -30/50 amp)
    aMeeting Room w/Full Kitchen
                                                      Golf                 $15
    aRestrooms & Showers                 Per Day     Lakes
    aDump Station on Site                         Wineries
       For Group Reservations ... Call 405-258-3200
                                DID YOU KNOW? Oklahoma celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007.
Page 42   LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                      2010-2011

                                                         ery’s Wine Village tasting room,
                     STROUD                              located in downtown Stroud,
                        This “Midway City” sits in       and Stableridge Winery, located
                     the heart of Central Oklahoma.      in an old Catholic church at the
                     Stroud is located between Okla-     western edge of town.
                     homa City and Tulsa on I-44            Two more wineries — The
                     (the Turner Turnpike) at the        Grape Junction and Territorial
                     junction of historic Route 66       Vineyards — opened in 2007.
                     and State Highway 99.                  Opportunities for recreation
                        From Stroud, there is easy ac-   abound in the area. Stroud Lake
                     cess to I-35 and I-40, as well as   is just a few minutes from town
                     to Shawnee, Stillwater and other    and offers fishing and boating on
                     areas of the state.                 over 621 surface acres as well as
                        The City of Stroud is rich in    camping and swimming from a
                     history. Buildings constructed      “white sand” beach.
                     prior to statehood are still oc-       Stroud has a nine-hole public
                     cupied.                             golf course just two miles from
                        The Stroud Public Library is     town. Six city parks offer play-
                     in an Art Deco structure built      grounds, fishing, swimming, ball
                     in 1929 by what is now known        fields, barbecue grills, restrooms
                     as Southwestern Bell. It has been   and more.
                     renovated to house the library         On Route 66 in the heart
                     collection as well as other his-    of Stroud is the historic Rock
                     toric documents, photographs,       Café, built in 1939 and owned
                     and quilts.                         by Dawn Welch, who served as
                        The Sac and Fox Nation, one      the inspiration for the character
                     of Oklahoma’s 39 tribes, makes      Sally Carrera in the 2006 Pixar
                     its home in Stroud.                 film Cars, which was nominated
                        The heart of Oklahoma’s bur-     for two Academy Awards.
                     geoning wine industry is Lincoln       Stroud hosts several festivals
                     County.                             and events during the year, in-
                        There are more than 30 vine-     cluding a brick and rolling pin
                     yards within 30 miles of Stroud,    throw.
                     and this stretch of Route 66
                     boasts Sparks Vineyard and Win-                 see STROUD, page 44
2010-2011   LINcOLN cOUNtY   Page 43
Page 44                                                    LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                             2010-2011

                                                                       STROUD                                 DaVenPORT
                                                                       continued from page 42                    Located midway between Okla-
                                                                                                              homa City and Tulsa, Davenport is
                                                                         * Stroud Chamber of Com-             a bustling little town where travel-
                                                                       merce, 216 W. Main, has maps           ers can still drive on original Port-
                                                                       available for a walking or driving     land cement pavement.
                                                                       tour of Stroud’s historic homes. For      From the Y at Seventh and
                                                                       more information, call the Cham-       Broadway, travelers can take a short
                                                                       ber at (918) 968-3321 or visit         side trip onto Davenport’s brick-
                                                                                   paved Broadway, which is on the
                                                                                                              National Register of Historic Plac-
                                                                       ThingS TO DO anD See                   es. Don’t miss the historic marker
                                                                          Coca-Cola ghost sign.               in front of the post office or the
                                                                          Stroud Lake, 3 miles north on       32-foot-high mural on the south
                                                                       SH 99, 3 miles east on Lake Road.      side of the 1905 Farmers Bank
                                                                       (918) 968-3890.                        Building.
                                                                          Walking/driving tour of his-           Four miles northeast of town, on
                                                                       toric homes. Maps available at the     the original dirt alignment of 66, is
                                                                       Chamber of Commerce.                   a concrete obelisk marking the old
                                                                          * Territorial Cellars, 1521 N.      Ozark Trail. A small sign two miles
                                                                       Hwy. 99, Suite 1. (918) 968-2575.      west of Stroud directs travelers to
                                                                          * Rock Café, 114 W. Main.           the monument.
                                                                       (918) 968-3990.                           * Davenport Chamber of Com-
                                                                          * Shoe Tree Trading Post, 3750      merce: (800) 252-8854. www.dav-
                                                                       East Hwy. 66. (918) 968-0223.
                                                                          * StableRidge Winery, 2016
                                                                       Hwy 66 West. (918) 968-2568.           ThingS TO DO anD See
                                                                          * P&G Originals. 3752 E. Hwy.         * Central Oklahoma Telephone
                                                                       66. (918) 968-0100.                    Company, 223 Broadway, has an
                                                                          * Vallarta Mexican Restaurant.      old switchboard and phones on
                                                                       315 N. 8th Ave. (918) 987-1043.
                                                                          * Route 66 Association member.                 see DaVenPORT, page 45

    DiD YOU KnOW? The Oklahoma Route 66 association has its headquarters at the Route 66 interpretive Center in Chandler’s Old armory.
2010-2011                                                          LINcOLN cOUNtY   Page 45

DaVenPORT                                ings. Downtown, visitors will find
                                         the Museum of Pioneer History, the
continued from page 44                   North End Gallery and other at-
                                         tractions to pique their interest.
display. (800) 252-8854.                    The huge WPA-era native stone
   * Dan’s Bar-B-Que Pit, 706            Armory has been converted to a mu-
Broadway. (918) 377-2288.                seum and visitors’ center that houses
   * Early Bird Café. 901 Broadway.      the Oklahoma Route 66 Associa-
(918) 377-2209.                          tion headquarters and the Route 66
   * Marketplace Insurance Agency,       Interpretive Center. A few blocks
205 Broadway. Tourism information        away, an old Phillips 66 cottage-
available. (918) 377-2355                style gas station is in the process of
                                         being restored.
  * Route 66 Association member.
                                            Route 66 artist Jerry McClanahan
                                         has opened an art gallery in Chan-
ChanDLeR                                 dler.
                                            * Chandler Chamber of Com-
   Chandler is one of two Oklaho-        merce, 804 Manvel: (405) 258-
ma cities settled by its own land run.   0673, or visit online at www.chan-
The community was only 6 years 
old when a tornado ripped through
it in 1897. Twelve of the surviving      ThingS TO DO anD See
buildings are now on the National          * Museum of Pioneer History and
Register of Historic Places.             Lincoln County Historical Society,
   A large mural depicting Chan-         719 Manvel. (405) 258-2425.
dler’s history decorates a wall near         * Boom-a-rang Diner. 912 Man-
the southwest end of town, and au-       vel Ave.
thentic ghost signs — including the         * Chandler Route 66 Interpretive
historic St. Cloud Hotel sign — are
visible on the sides of brick build-                   see ChanDLeR, page 46
Page 46                                                                LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                  2010-2011

                                                                               continued from page 45
                                                                               Center, 400 E. Route 66. (405) 258-1300.
                                                                                 Route 66 mural, west end of town.
                                                                                 * Bradley’s Pottery, 2121 W. 15th St. (405) 258-0025.
                                                                                 * Community Thrift Shop of Chandler, P.O. Box 15. (405) 258-8258.
                                                                                 IBC Bank, 1804 E. First St. (405) 258-2351.
                                                                                 * LD’s Automotive. (405) 258-2120.
                                                                                 * Lincoln Motel, 740 East First. Built in 1939. (405) 258-0200.
                                                                                 * McJerry’s Route 66 Gallery, 310 Manvel Ave. (903) 467-6384.
                                                                                 * Randy Bowen Chevrolet, 1201 Manvel Ave. (405) 258-0055.
                                                                                 * VFW Post 1719. 900726 S. 3420 Rd. (405) 258-3050.
                                                                                 * 66 Association member.

 The Museum of Pioneer History, Chandler, OK
                   Presents Free Performances of
 Miss Fay's Historical Marionette Theater
  Now taking group and individual reservations for Sept. & Oct. 2010

                   Contact: Joann McMillan
                      Flying Heart Theatre
          Rt. 5 Box 210 • Eufaula, OK • 74432
      (918) 707-3000 •
2010-2011                                                        LINcOLN cOUNtY   Page 47

                                      66 in this area until 1933, when it
WaRWiCK                               was bypassed by the current align-
   Route 66 through the little        ment. At the time, the citizens of
town of Warwick has two pro-          Wellston sued the highway depart-
nounced curves. Warwick is home       ment to keep Route 66 in their
to the Seaba Engine Rebuilding        downtown. They lost the lawsuit
                                      but received a State Highway 66
garage, which opened in 1921 and
                                      designation and Portland cement
is being restored as a motorcycle
                                      paving all the way through town.
museum.                                 City of Wellston: (405) 356-
   Town Hall: (405) 258-0146.         2476.
WeLLSTOn                              ThingS TO DO anD See
   Highway 66B, which takes trav-       * Dream Big T-Shirts. 333684
elers through downtown Wellston,      E. Rt. 66.
was the original alignment of Route     * Association member.
Page 48   LINcOLN cOUNtY                                                                   2010-2011

                             Red Dirt Creations
                                “A Little Something for Everyone”
                                                If it Sparkles, we’ve got it!
                           Rhinestoned Belts, Flip Flops, Necklaces, Tanks, Tees, Purses & More!
                                  Custom designed & handmade baby & children’s items.
                                       Something for every member of the Family.
                                           Specialty Items & Great Gift Ideas.
                                    Come see us on Historic Route 66
                                 or online @
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