W     e are deeply humbled by the generosity and commitment to the needs of people living with developmental disabilities
by the many friends, donors, corporations, community groups and foundations who are listed below. It is only with the
support of donors that the CDS Foundation can respond to the needs of over 1,500 individuals who require support from
Continuing Developmental Services, Inc. (CDS).
Thank you for your generous contributions to the CDS Foundation in 2009. The gratitude is seen daily on the faces of
individuals who are actively learning, growing, and spreading their wings at CDS.

Monarch Society                           All-Seasonings                             Ms. Sharon Marble
                                          Dr. Norman Allentoff                       Mr. Michael Messier
The Monarch Society recognizes            B. Thomas Golisano Foundation              Ms. Melissa A. Mulcahy
donors who have made planned gifts to     Ms. Deborah Bean                           Nixon Peabody, LLP
the CDS Foundation. Planned gifts help    Brown and Brown of NewYork, Inc            Paychex, Inc.
sustain and endow opportunities for       Mr. & Mrs. Dennis and Mary Buchan          Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Kathi Peterson
the future needs of CDS. These special    C & M Fowarding                            Providium Consulting Group,
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Marshall and Jaclyn Cook           a Division of Gallagher
donors will leave a legacy that will
                                          Corning Incorporated Foundation               Benefit Services, Inc.
ensure the needs of people living with
                                          Mr. William Costello                       Sew Unique
developmental disabilities are always     Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Livinia Curletta       Mr. & Mrs. Sankar and
met. Thank you for leaving a mark on      Mr. John Dailor                               Yvonne Sewnauth
the wings of CDS!                         Davidson Fink LLP                          Ted Hosmer Enterprises
Dr. Norman Allentoff                      East Ridge Printing                        Vision Automotive Group
Dr. Dorothy Beavers                       Excellus Health Plan, Inc.                 Wahl Media
Mr. Richard Ferrari                       Fairport Ford                              Wegman’s Food Markets, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fyles, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and                      Mrs. Phyllis Wolf
Ms. Kristina Nomeika                         Heather Gabriel                         Mrs. Mary Worboys-Turner
Mrs. Phyllis Wolf                         Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas and Barb Galante       Mr. Steven Yantz
                                          Gorman Enterprises                         Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester and
                                          Harris Foundation                             Elaine Zielinski
Wolf Founder’s Circle                     Mrs. Molly Henderson
                                          Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning
The Wolf Founder’s Circle recognizes      Javen Construction
donors who contributed $1,000 or          Key Foundation
more to the CDS Foundation.               Lakeview Community Resources, Inc.
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Morris and Bonnie Lew
DreamMaker Society                     Friends of the
The DreamMaker Society recognizes      CDS Foundation
donors who contributed $500 - $999     The following people have made
to the CDS Foundation.
                                       contributions to the CDS Foundation

Action Security, Inc.                  $499 – under.
                                       Ms. Brandi Addley
Best Times Financial Planning                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Robert and Myra Carrier
                                       Mr. William Alberti
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Jean Campbell                                            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Janet Carroll
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Albrechta
Ms. Kathleen Connell                                                           Ms. Diane Cartwright
                                       Ms. Regina Altizer
Mrs. Claudia Gallipeau                                                         Ms. Marlene Castilone
                                       Mr. David Altman and
Mr. John Gruber                                                                Ms. Lela Catanzano
                                          Dr. Martine Backenstoss
Mr. Robert Harvey                                                              Mr. Fred Centofanti
                                       Ms. Nicole Andrews
Mr. Ronald Heisey                                                              Ms. Kelly Centola
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Nick and Theresa Ange
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Patricia Janto                                           Mr. Frank Chantry
                                       Mr. Michael Argaman
JEC Construction                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jin You and
                                       Mr. Leo Armbrister, Jr.
Kennedy Mechanical Plumbing and                                                   Wai Fong Chin
                                       Ms. Samantha Arnett
   Heating, Inc                                                                Ms. Maureen Christoff
                                       Ms. Tammy Ayers
LogicalSolutions.Net                                                           Ms. Tosca Christopher
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Marie Barbero
Ms. Jean Lowe                                                                  Ms. Sarah Clark
                                       Ms. Dorice Barboza
Marvin and Company, P.C.                                                       Mrs. Courtney Clemens-Cobb
                                       Ms. Susan Barone
Ms. Mary Miller                                                                Ms. Loraine Cole
                                       Mr. William Bartholomay
Mr. Justin Mirando                                                             Mr. Robert Cole
                                       Ms. Jacqueline Bates
Monroe Plan for Medical Care                                                   Ms. Gloria Coles
                                       Ms. Lisa Bellamy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Gail Morgan                                              Ms. Carmen Collazo
                                       Mr. Anto Beslic
Mr. Carlos Morales                                                             Ms. Theresa Collett
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Kathleen Best
Netzman’s Appliance                                                            Mr. Timothy Conheady
                                       Ms. Vesna Blagojevic
North Forest Office Providers                                                  Mrs. Judy Consadine
                                       Ms. Penny Bloom
Ms. Deb Otis                                                                   Ms. Tocara Constantine
                                       Ms. Lynne Borrelli
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Michele Salva                                             Ms. Pamela Cornish
                                       Mrs. Erin Bostian
SIGMA Marketing Group                                                          Ms. Lillian Courtheoux
                                       Ms. Kathleen Brady
Mr. & Mrs. George and                                                          Mr. Jeremy Cowie
                                       Ms. Shanna Branciforte
   Marlene Snyder                                                              Ms. Tara Craddoch
                                       Ms. Susan Breisch
Ms. Pamela Soule                                                               Ms. Nancy Crisp
                                       Ms. Annie Brooks
Stephens Media Group                                                           Ms. Deborah Crosby
                                       Ms. Silton Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Julie Steron                                              Ms. Janice Cummings
                                       Ms. Tena Brown
Time Warner Cable                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert and
                                       Mrs. Sandie Brown-Maynard
Mr. James Traylor                                                                 Jeanne Cunningham
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Laura Bryson
TW Telecom                                                                     Mr. Kevin Curley
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and
Ms. Kathryn Turco                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Tony and
                                          Mary Lou Bucci
Mrs. Marion Ullrich                                                               Victoria DalSanto
                                       Mrs. Stephanie Buchbinder
Verizon Wireless                                                               Ms. Valarie Daniels
                                       Mr. Thomas Burns
VirtualScopics, Inc.                                                           Ms. Linda Davie
                                       Dr. Barbara Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. William and                                                         Ms. Cheri Dawson
                                       Ms. Eleanor Campbell
   Karen Warden                                                                Ms. Julie DeGarmo
                                       Mr. Paul Cardinale
Mr. & Mrs. Keith and                                                           Mrs. Jane DeMeis
                                       Mr. Robert Carello
   Michelle Williams                                                           Ms. Elizabeth Denning
                                       Ms. Irene Carey
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and                                                         Ms. Marlene DiSalvatore
                                       Ms. Leah Carpenter
   Patty Yarmel                                                                Mrs. Dorothy Dodd
                                       Mrs. Carrie Carra

        Ms. Colleen Doherty                    Ms. Nneka Gibney
        Ms. Shannon Wolf                       Ms. Deborah Gill
        Ms. Connie Dorscheid                   Ms. Nancy Gilligan
        Ms. Ellen Doyle                        Ms. Raffaela Golia
        Mr. James Duberry                      Ms. Marianne Goodman

        Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Sharon Eddy     Ms. Shandora Green
        Ms. Frances Edmondson                  Ms. Kayta Greene
        Ms. Desiree Edwards                    Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Susan Griffen
        El Rayess Architects                   Ms. Lynn Grolemund                     Mr. Walker Lee
        Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and                 Ms. Theresa Guarino                    Ms. Cynthia Lembo
           Kathleen Ellia                      Mrs. Shannon Halligan                  Mr. & Mrs. Alden and
        Mr. Issac Elliott                      Mr. Brandon Hamilton                      Beverly Longwell
        Ms. Audrey Evans                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles and                 Mr. Thomas Lynch
        Mr. & Mrs. James and Barbara Farrell      Michele Hancock                     Mr. & Mrs. John and Helen Marchant
        Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and                 Ms. Paula Hanna                        Ms. Jenivy Massaro
           Laura Feathers                      Mr. Laura Harrington                   Mr. Andrew Matzan
        Mr. Richard Ferrari                    Mr. Thomas Hartlieb                    Mr. & Mrs. David and Pam May
        Mr. Eric Finkle                        Mr. Gilmore Hayle                      Mr. Shawn McCabe
        Ms. Kathy Finsterwalder                Ms. Judith Henricks                    Mr. Donald McConnell
        Ms. Wanda Fitzpatrick                  Mr. & Mrs. Francis and                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert and
        Mr. & Mrs. Jerome and Bettie Flood        Helen Hennessey                        Margrett McFadden
        Flood and Flood Photograhy and         Ms. Ida Henry                          Ms. RaeGina McMahon
           Video, LLC                          Ms. Rosa Lee Herbert                   Ms. Mary Meadows
        Ms. Niyoker Foster                     Ms. Laurie Hill                        Ms. Francesca Megali
        Mr. Joshua Fox                         Mrs. Teronce Holiday                   Ms. Penny Menzies
        Ms. Joyce Fralick                      Mr. Joel Humphrey                      Ms. Jenny Metales
        Frontier Abstract and                  IGive.Com                              Mr. Ronald Metzler
           Research Services, Inc.             Ms. Deborah Insalaco                   Ms. Shirley Mighty
        Ms. Veneta Fulton                      Ms. Martina Jackson                    Ms. Ashley Miller
        Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Laurie Fyles    Ms. Sha’Rhonda Jackson                 Mr. Donnovan Miller
        Ms. Gayl Galen                         Mr. Kelvin James                       Ms. Janeen Miller
        Mr. & Mrs. Richard and                 Ms. Kim Jansen                         Ms. Patrice Miller
           Sherry Gallatin                     Ms. Doris Johnson                      Ms. Marsha Mitchell
        Mr. James Garofalo                     Mr. James Johnson                      Ms. Montina Mitchell
        Mr. Thomas Garren                      Ms. Sanika Johnson                     Ms. Kathleen Mixson
        Mrs. Beverly Garritano                 Mrs. Valerie Johnston                  Mrs. Jean Moore
        Ms. Beverly Gaskin                     Mrs. Mary Jonas                        Mr. Robert Morales
        Mr. Donald Gibaud                      Ms. Diane Kaluza                       Ms. Patricia Mueller
                                               Mr. Nathan Karl                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Mary Muench
                                               Ms. Lorna Kerr                         Ms. Judith Murrin

                                               Ms. Mindy Kirby                        Mr. & Mrs. David and Lynda Newman
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Karla Krogstad   Mr. & Mrs. James and Connie Newmiller
                                               Ms. April Krug                         Ms. Son Xuan Nguyen
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Guy and Joyce Lachiusa      Mrs. Jean O’Brian
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Kristen LaFay   Dr.’s Ibuken and Adenike Ogunbekun
                                               Ms. Jennifer Landrigan                 Ms. Primitiva Ortiz
                                               Mrs. Jacqueline Lange                  Mr. Luis Santiago-Ortiz
                                               Mr. Cesre Lawrence                     Ms. Patricia Osborn
                                               Ms. Karla Leader                       Ms. Bobbie Overton
                                               Ms. Amanda Lee                         Ms. Eleticia Padilla

         Ms. Anne Parker                            Ms. Margaret Slinker
         Ms. Phyllis Parker                         Mr. R. Judson Sloman
         Ms. Trudy Parks                            Ms. Destiny Smith
         Ms. Kathleen Paulino                       Mr. Kevin Smith
         Ms. Debra Peasley                          Mr. & Mrs. Warren and

         PenWeb Rotary Club                           Margaret Smith
         Mrs. Sophie Perry                          Mr. Andy Snyder
         Mr. & Mrs. Steven and                      Mr. & Mrs. George and
           Patricia Phillip                           Marlene Snyder          Ms. Susan Vreeland
         Ms. Mary Piciulo                           Ms. Linda Sobczak         Ms. Kathia Walker-Paulson
         Ms. Debra Piedici                          Ms. Amy Sorce             Ms Mary Ellen Walkowicz
         Ms. Theresa Piniewski                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven and     Mr. & Mrs. William and
         Ms. Amy Popeck                               Nancy Soregi              Karen Warden
         Ms. Kadisha Price                          Ms. Anne Marie Sousa      Ms. Robin Warner
         Mrs. Patricia Race                         Mr. Rich Staggert         Ms. Gail Warren
         Ms. Deanna Randall                         Mrs. Patricia Stalnaker   Mr. David Weeden
         Ms. Lucille Reeder                         Ms. Jennifer Stanton      Mr. & Mrs. Nick and Isa Weiser
         Ms. Nely Rehberg                           Ms. Jessica Starr         Ms. Kathy West
         Mr. Robert Reid and Dr. Kathleen McGrail   Mr. George Steger         Ms. Evelyn White
         Ms. Cherise Richardson                     Mr. & Mrs. Scott and      Ms. Melanie White
         Mr. Amparo Rivera                            Julie Steron            Ms. Doty Whitney
         Ms. Jennifer Robertson                     Ms. Rebecca Stewart       Ms. Susan Willer
         Ms. Wandalynn Rodgers                      Ms. Michelle Stinardo     Mr. Chad Williams
         Ms. Theresa Ruffle                         Mrs. Kimberly Stockman    Mr. Donovan Wiliams
         Mr. & Mrs. John and Chris Ryan             Mr. Mark Swank            Ms. Lola Williams
         Ms. Mary Salami                            Mr. Brandon Sweet         Ms. Stephanie Williams
         Ms. Lorraine Sandford                      Ms. Toasha Tate           Ms. Roxanne Wilson
         Ms. Cindy Schichler                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert and     Ms. Diana Wojnowski
         Ms. Frances Schneeberger                     Jacqueline Taylor       Mrs. Carol Wolf
         Mr. Martin Schneiderman                    Ms. Jean Tedesco          Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Donna Wolf
         Ms. Sally Schuth                           Ms. Monica Thompson       Ms. Patricia Woods
         Ms. Cathy Sciurba                          Ms. Terria Thompson       Ms. Stephanie Yankevich
         Ms. Sandra Scofero                         Mr. & Mrs. William and    Ms Cyndi Yantachka
         Mr. Pauline Seeram                           Anna Timm               Ms. Melissa Young
         Ms. Abigayle Sewnauth                      Ms. Sharon Torres         Ms. Karyl Zoyack
         Ms. Jayme Sharpe                           Ms. Andrea Totah
         Mr. James Shenton                          Ms. Veronica Trice
         Ms. Carolyn Silas                          Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and
                                                      Patricia Tronolone

                                                    Mr. Jeffrey Tufano
                                                    Ms. Linda Underhill
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert and
                                                      Jessica VanBramer
                                                    Ms. Dotty Vandas
                                                    Ms. Betty VanGrol
                                                    Mrs. Jeanne VanHook
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald and
                                                      Bertha Vesling
                                                    Mr. Stepan Vintoniv
                                                    Mr. James Vokes

The following generous gifts were        Kathleen Brady                         John LoVecchio
contributed to the CDS Foundation        Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Ashley Eckman     Mr. Anthony Simonetti
in memory of, or in honor of a friend,   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald and Gail Reap        Mr. & Mrs. R. Richard and
family or loved one. These special       Ms. Jennifer Smith                       Frances Molinari
gifts are a very thoughtful way of                                              Ms. Marianne Goodman
remembering and honoring loved ones      Brian Carlson
                                         Ms. Carlotta Meli                      Robert Parise
in a way that will benefit others.
                                         Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Rose Penrose     Ms. Patricia Mueller
                                         Ms. Doty Whitney
In Honor of:                             Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Christ                Willfred Race
                                         Mr. & Mrs. James and                   Ms. Patricia Race
Steven Bucci                               Carolyn Emerson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Mary Lou Bucci     Ms. Marilyn Carpenter                  Lita Schein
                                         Ms. Mary Lennox                        Mr. David Altman and
David Buzzell                            Ms. Elizabeth Lindsay                     Dr. Martine Backentoss
Mrs. Jeanne Vanhook                      CSW, Inc.
                                         Monroe County Sheriff’s Department     Lewis Wolf
Patti Campbell                             – Visits Unit                        Mr. Robert Donahue
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Jean Campbell                                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Norma Gerlach
                                         Thomas Dailor                          Mr. Robert Harvey
Kevin Hennessey                          Mr. John Dailor                        Mr. & Mrs. Alden and Beverly Longwell
Mr. & Mrs. Francis and                   Mr. & Mrs. John and Teresa Lehr        Ms. Rebecca Mace
  Helen Hennessey                                                               Ms. Patricia Niederpruen
                                         Sean Donahue                           Mr. Steven Peck
Kenny Moriarty                           Ms. Connie Dorschied                   Ms. Doris Rathke
Ms. Lorraine Sandford                                                           Mr. Robert Sealine
Mr. James Vokes                          Neranjanie Esardial                    Mr. & Mrs. Carl and Barbara Sherwood
                                         Ms. Sharon Marble                      Mr. & Mrs. David and Rebecca Smith
Robert Parise                            Ms. Melissa A. Mulcahy                 Mr. & Mrs. George and Marlene Snyder
Ms. Patricia Mueller                                                            Ms. Marion Ullrich
                                         Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Farrell              Ms. Dotty Vandas
Mark Taylor                              Mr. & Mrs. James and Barbara Farrell   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald and Bertha Vesling
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Donna Wolf
  Jacqueline Taylor                      Mr. Roy and Yvette Fowler
                                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Gail Morgan
Daryl Wolf
Mrs. Carol Wolf                          Naomi Glende
                                         Stacy and Kathleen Babcock
Lew and Phyllis Wolf                     Mr. Harry Brewer
Mr. Robert Harvey
                                         Ruth Goldberg
                                         Ms. Phyllis Parker
In Memory of:
                                         Ralph Golia
Richard Basaman
                                         Ms. Raffaela Golia
Mr. & Mrs. Edward and
  Mariola Basaman
                                         Thomas Hall
                                         Ms. Judy Johnson

“Teeing Off For Abilities”            Mr. Stephen Janto
                                      Javen Construction
Golf Tournament                       JEC Construction
Supporters                            Mr. Todd Godfrey
                                      Mr. John Gruber
Title Sponsor:              $10,000

                                      Kennedy Mechanical Plumbing and
Providium Consulting Group,           Heating, Inc.
   a Division of Gallagher            Lakeview Community Resources, Inc.
   Benefit Services, Inc.             Mr. Morris Lew                       Time Warner Cable Business Class
                                      LogicalSolutions.Net                 Turner Engineering PC
Platinum Sponsor:            $6,000   Mrs. Sharon Marble                   Scott Turner and Mary Worboys-Turner
All-Seasonings                        Monroe Plan for Medical Care         West Herr Automotive
                                      Netzman’s Appliance                  Mr. & Mrs. Lewis and Phyllis Wolf
Gold Sponsors:            $4,000      Nixon Peabody, LLP
Fairport Ford                         Mr. Mark Peterson                    Contributors:
ISAAC Heating and Air Conditioning    PMA Insurance Group                  Dr. Norman Allentoff
Sew Unique                            Rochester’s Cornerstone Group        AVI Food Systems
                                      Regional Distributors                Chamberlain Septic and Sewer Service
Silver Sponsors:         $2,500       Mr. Thomas Reidman                   Coors Brewing Company
Brown & Brown of New York, Inc.       Mr. Sankar Sewnauth                  Flood and Flood LLC
East Ridge Printing                   Sigma Marketing                      G & C Foods
Ted Hosmer Enterprises                Stephens Media Group                 Jacobstein Food Service
Vision Automotive Group               Mr. James Traylor                    Pepsi
                                      TW Telecom                           Rochester Beer and Beverage
Other Sponsors:                       Verizon Wireless                     Mr. Tom Spath
C & M Fowarding                       VirtualScopics, Inc.                 Wright-Wisner
El Rayess Architects                  Mr. Steven Yantz
Global Food Industries                Zwiegles, Inc.
Gorman Enterprises                    Mr. Sylvester Zielinski              “Strikes for Abilities”
KB Ad Specialties                     Ruby Gordon                          Bowling Fundraiser
Loria Electric
Netzman’s Appliance
                                      Time Warner Cable                    Supporters:
Pierrepont Visual Graphics            Tee Sign Sponsors:
Toshiba                                                                    Lane Sponsors:
                                      Mr. James Abraham                    ACRO
                                      Action Security Services             Dr. Norman Allentoff
Golf Particpants:                     Agor Enterprises, Inc.
Action Security                                                            Barone Law Offices
                                      American Air Filter                  Base Is Loaded Marketing, LLC
AVI Vending                           Bailey Idea Group
C & M Forwarding                                                           BSL Direct
                                      Betacon Construction                 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis and Mary Buchan
Ms. Deborah Bean                      Davidson Fink, LLP
Betacon Construction                                                       Doug Patnode Enterprises
                                      Frontier Abstract, Inc.              East Ridge Printing
Mr. Dennis Buchan                     Home Medical Supply, Inc.
Mr. Marshall Cook                                                          Greater Rochester Housing Partnership
                                      Jachles Imperial Floors              Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design
Coors Brewing Company                 Javen Construction
Mr. William Costello                                                       North Forest Office Providers
                                      Lakeview Community Resources         Paris-Kirwan Associates
Mr. Mark Curletta                     Living With Money, LLC -
Davidson Fink, LLP                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Kathi Peterson
                                         John Gruber, ChFC                 Ruby Gordon
East Ridge Printing                   Marvin and Company, P.C.
Gorman Enterprises                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Sankar and
                                      Paris-Kirwan Associates                 Yvonne Sewnauth
Mr. Nicholas Galante                  PMA Insurance                        Mrs. Marion Ullrich

Bowling Contributions:                  Mr. Robert Cunningham                    Mr. & Mrs. Derek and Melissa Janto
Ms. Leslie Alvarado                     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas and                   Ms. Laura Johnson
Ms. Debbie Antes                           Syndra Cunningham                     Ms. Eleanor Johnson
Mr. John Archer                         Ms. Shannon Davis                        Mr. Nick Jones
Ms. Tammy Ayers                         Ms. Cheri Dawson                         Ms. Margaret Jurek
Mr. Jedidah Baker                       Ms. Karen DeBrine                        Ms. Irene Kier
Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Mariola Basaman   Ms. Patricia Dirr                        Ms. Karen Knapp
Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Lisa Bennett      Mr. Michelle Domb                        Ms. Sally Korber
Mr. & Mrs. John and Kathy Best          Mr. Doug Patnode                         Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Theresa LeChance
Ms. Jennifer Betteridge                 Ms. Chandra Duncan                       Ms. Jill Ladd
Ms. Kathy Bieler                        Ms. Lisa Dunn                            Ms. Megan Ladd
Ms. Sara Bills                          Ms. Jacqueline Eckl                      Mr. Mark Lagonegro
Mr. Keith Blaker                        Ms. Danielle Everts                      Mr. Brian Lawerence
Ms. Penny Bloom                         Mr. Daryl Falke                          Ms. Anna Lehr
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Kelly Bohm          Ms. Sandra Faville                       Lepovich Family
Mr. & Mrs. Ron and Gail Bohm            Ms. Susan Ferner                         Mr. & Mrs. John and Anne Lexer
Ms. Erin Bostian                        Ms. Kathy Finsterwalder                  Mr. & Mrs. David and Collen Litzenberger
Ms. Felicia Bradford                    Mr. Bob Flaherty                         Mr. Steve Logue
Mr. Matthew Brown                       Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Heather Forbes   Ms. Donna Loomis
Mr. Keith Brown                         Ms. Amy Ford                             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Julie Lundquist
Mr. Mark Brown                          Ford Lords Dance                         Mr. John Malbone
Mr. John Bryson                         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and                   Mr. & Mrs. David and Michele Maliwauki
Ms. Andrea Bucella                         Christine Franzese                    Ms. Sue Mantell
Mrs. Stephanie Buchbinder               Mr. Steve Friedlander                    Ms. Sharon Marble
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Yvette Burri       Mr. Vin Gagliardo                        Mrs. Rebecca Marquardt
Mr. Mike Burton                         Mr. John Gahler                          Mr. Randy Mauger
Mr. Tom Bushell                         Ms. Denise Gaines                        Ms. Gail McAlin
Ms. Tamara Calderon                     Mr. Nick Galante                         Ms. Katie McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Lynne Caldwell      Ms. Jill Garvey                          Ms. Tonia Canty McKinney
Mr. Craig Callahan                      Mr. Ben Gerrardo                         Mr. Mike Mead
Mr. Paul Cardinale                      Mr. & Mrs. Daryl and Ursula Gigante      Mr. Chris Meador
Mr. Bob Carello                         Mr. Pete Gillett                         Mr. Steve Merman-Smith
Mrs. Carrie Carra                       Ms. Norma Goodremote                     Mr. Davie Merrdi
Ms. Laura Carra                         Mr. John Goosen                          Ms. Paula Meza
Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Cathy Catarisano   Ms. Bethany Graham                       Ms. Mary Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Megan Cholach       Mr. Mark Green                           Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Carol Miller
Ms. Maureen Christoff                   Mr. Carmen Grimes                        Ms. Deana Miller
Mr. Bill Clark                          Mr. Joseph Guadagnino                    Ms. Michelle Miller
Mr. Matthew Coleman                     Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Kathy Hall          Mr. Justin Mirando
Mrs. Theresa Collett                    Mrs. Laura Harrington                    Mrs. Toni Mizma
Ms. Barb Collins                        Ms. Mary Hasenauer
Mr. & Mrs. Lou and Andrea Columbo       Ms. Alice Haskins
Ms. Kathleen Connell                    Mr. & Mrs. George and Amy Heltz
Ms. Tawnya Cook                         Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Michele Hiam
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall and Jaclyn Cook     Ms. Julie Hildermann
Mr. Dale Cooper                         Ms. Janet Hill
Mr. Mike Correnti                       Mr. Bill Hoak
Mr. Jeremy Cowie                        Mr. & Mrs. James and Gwen Hoffman
Ms. Kay Cracco                          Mr. Kylie Huggins
Ms. Deborah Crosby                      Mr. Sean Hunter

        Mr. & Mrs. Ruben and Minerva Morales    Mr. & Mrs. John and Chris Ryan
        Mr. & Mrs. James and Cheryl Mulcahy     Mr. Michael Sansone
        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Elena Mulcahy      Mr. Ramil Sapinoro
        Ms. Melissa A. Mulcahy                  Ms. Tisha Sarnowski
        Ms. Sandy Munson                        Ms. Michelle Selenchick

        Mr. Craig Newmiller                     Mr. and Mrs. Sankar and
        Mr. Alfred Norwood                         Yvonne Sewnauth
        Mr. Peter O’Brian                       Mr. Andrew Sewnauth
        OLC Dance                               Ms. Penelope Shean                        Ms. Rebecca Ziobrowski
        Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Lisa Paille         Mr. & Mrs. David and Amanda Sheets        Zwiegle’s, Inc.
        Mr. Bill Pardue                         Mr. James Shelby
        Mr. & Mrs. Dean and Lorraine Parker     Ms. Donna Simmons
        Ms. Sophie Perry                        Ms. Becky Sirianne                        “A Celebration of Art and
        Ms. Linda Pestilli                      Ms. Margaret Slinker
        Mr. Jared Phelinger                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Michelle Smalley
                                                                                          Abilites” Supporters
        Ms. Mary Piciulo                        Ms. Pamela Soule
                                                                                          Title Sponsor
        Ms. Trisha Piciulo                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Sandra Spies
        Diderot Pierre                          Mr. Larry Stanney
        Mr. & Mrs. Connie and Skip Pieszchala   Ms. Sandy Staten
        Ms. Theresa Piniewski                   Ms. Rebecca Stewart
                                                                                          Action Security
        Ms. Donna Plane                         Ms. Susan Stoll
        Mr. Skip Pleninger                      Ms. Sherry Street
                                                                                          Dr. Norman Allentoff
        Polish Falcons Dance                    Ardell Sukke
                                                                                          Best Times Financial Planning
        Ms. Amy Popeck                          Team Hoage Construction
                                                                                          Elite Spice
        Ms. Meghan Powers                       Mr. Jeff Thaler
                                                                                          Image City Photo Gallery
        Mr & Mrs. Theodore and Mary Ann Pyrak   The Cedra Corporation
                                                                                          Nixon Peabody, LLP
        Ms. Linda Race                          Mr. Steve Tortora
                                                                                          Providium Consulting,
        Mr. Sean Ratchford                      Mr. Anthony Tronolone
                                                                                              A Division of Gallagher
        Ms. Anne Reed                           Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Donna Vaccaro
                                                                                              Benefit Services, Inc.
        Mr. & Mrs. Chad and Michele Reeves      Mr. Neil Valentine
                                                                                          Dr.’s Ibuken and Adenike Ogunbekun
        Ms. Sue Regis                           Mr. Justin Veut
        Ms. Alyssa Renkas                       Ms. Amanda Vito
        Mr. Charles Reppard                     Ms. Kathia Walker-Paulson
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Mariola Basaman
        Mr. Timothy Rifenberg                   Mr. Kelvin Ward
                                                                                          Ms. Deborah Bean
        Ms. Wendy Robinson                      Mr. & Mrs. William and Karen Warden
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Lisa Bennett
        Mr. Gary Robinson                       Ms. Susan Ware
                                                                                          Ms. Andrea Bornheim
        Mr. Kevin Rodman                        Ms. Robin Warner
                                                                                          Ms. Kara Bosco
        Danute Roman                            Mr. David Weeden
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Dennis and Mary Buchan
                                                Ms. Beth Wemple
                                                                                          Mr. Pat Burke
                                                Ms. Kathy West

                                                                                          Ms. Ria Casartelli
                                                Ms. Mary Rose Wheeler
                                                                                          Ms. Linda Connor Cass
                                                Ms. Evelyn White
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Marshall and Jaclyn Cook
                                                Ms. Susan Widrick
                                                                                          Ms. Deborah Crosby
                                                Ms. Brenda Williams
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Livinia Curletta
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Mildred and Eugene Williams
                                                                                          Ms. Sheryl Czekanksi
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Karen Wilson
                                                                                          Ms. Lisa Daly
                                                Ms. Diana Wojnowski
                                                                                          East Ridge Printing
                                                Mr. Steven Wood
                                                                                          Mr. Brendan Farnach
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Jill Wood
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Heather Forbes
                                                Ms. Cyndi Yantachka

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Heather Gabriel   CDS Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas and
   Barbara Galante                      In-Kind Sponsors
Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Julie Gary
Ms. Shannon Halligan                    2 Vine Resturant
Ms. Molly Henderson                     AirTran

Ms. Andrea Holland                      Aladdin’s Natural Eatery
Mrs. Norma Holland-Mann                 AVI Food Systems
Ms. Meredith Howard                     Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Mariola Basaman        Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning
Ms. Sarah Hurth                         Beau Monde Salon and Spa                     Laura Johnson, LMT
ISAAC Heating and Air Conditioning      Bed, Bath, and Beyond                        Mrs. Margaret Jurek
Ms. Margaret Jurek                      Begin’rs to Pros                             Alithea Kamberos
Ms. Margaret Kitz                       Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano                 Kittelberger Florist
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Karla Krogstad    Big Oak Driving Range                        Ms. Margaret Kitz
Mr. Stanley Levine                      Bill Gray’s                                  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and
Mr. & Mrs. Morris and Bonnie Lew        BJ’s Wholesale                                  Michele Martins
Ms. Sharon Marble                       Bonnie Castle Resort                         Memorial Art Gallery
Ms. Anastasia Meyer                     Bounce-It-Out                                Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Ruth Mixon        Buffalo Bills                                Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design
Mr. Adam Moran                          Ms. Deborah Boynton                          Mr. Jack Morrall
Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Donna Mosta           Camille’s Sidewalk Café                      Music on the Move, LLC
Ms. Melissa A. Mulcahy                  Ms. Linda Connor Cass                        NY Design
Mr. & Mrs. James and Cheryl Mulcahy     Mr. Carl Constantino                         Mr. Stephen O’Donohue
Dr.’s. Ibukun and                       Champps Resturant                            Olive Garden
   Adenike Ogunbekun                    Clear Channel Communications                 Ms. Lauren Perry
Mr. Joseph Pecoraro                     Coors Brewing Company                        Pokey Bears
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Kathi Peterson      Country Way Garden Center                    Bobbi Price
Mrs. Bobbi Price                        Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse               Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Mr. & Mrs. Chad and Michele Reeves      Delta Sonic Car Wash                         Rochester Beer and Beverage
Ruby Gordon                             Mr. John Donnelly                            Rochester Museum & Science Center
Ms. Mary Ann Sawyer-Wade                Downstairs Cabaret Theatre                   Rochester Red Wings
Mr. & Mrs. Sankar and Yvonne Sewnauth   Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars   Rochester Rhinos
Ms. Margaret Slinker                    Mr. Ron Dufort                               Rooster Hill Vineyards
Ms. Laurie Smith                        Dunkin Donuts                                Ruby Gordon
Ms. Amy Sorce                           Dynamic Recording                            Salon at Sedona Place
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Julie Steron       Envy Salon and Spa                           Mary Ann Sawyer-Wade
Mr. James Traylor                       Finger Lakes Wine Center at                  Seabreeze Amusement Park
Mr. & Mrs. George and Sharon Vito           Sonnenberg Gardens                       Seneca Park Zoo
Ms. Susan Vreeland                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Laurie Fyles        Mr. Terry Specht
Ms. Susan Walzer                        G & C Foods                                  Tantalo Photography
Mr. & Mrs. William and Karen Warden     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Heather Gabriel      Target Stores
Mr. & Mrs. Ken and Sandy White          Green With Envy Salon –                      The Cheesecake Factory
Mrs. Phyllis Wolf                           Stylist’s Krissy Mastin and              The Distillery
Mr. Steven Yantz                            Wayne Esposito                           The Little Gym of Webster
Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, Inc.      George Eastman House                         The Winfield Grill
Mr. Sylvester Zielinski                 Guido’s Pasta Villa                          TOPS Friendly Markets – Penfield Store
                                        Harbor Town Belle                            Toshiba Business Solutions
                                        Hegedorn’s Grocery Store                     Tully’s Resturant
                                        Holiday Valley                               Shirley Twillieger
                                        Hunt Hollow Ski Club                         Stephens Media Group

Strong National Museum of Play        Mrs. Christina Westmiller
Ventosa Vineyards                     Mrs. Phyllis Wolf
Mrs. Sharon Vito                      World Gym Rochester           Please accept our
Susan Walzer                          Wright-Wisner Distributors   sincerest apologies
Wegmans – Eastway Store               Zweigle’s, Inc.
Wegmans – Holt Road Store                                          if we inadvertently
                                                                   omitted your name.

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