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					                                          BSA TROOP 759
                                        ELLICOTT CITY, MD
                               Minutes for April 20, 2010 Committee Meeting
                                           Created April 20, 2010

Attendees: Mary Bullinger, Belinda Byrns, Brandon Conway, John Dittman, Paul Hartman, Gary Romsaas,
Brian Smith, Randy Strem, Dale Walker. Meeting started at 7:48 pm and ended at 8:35 pm.

Old Business: Howard still needs training and vehicle updates.

Previous Minutes: March minutes were submitted and approved.

Committee Chair’s Report: Todd was not present, but relayed a message that the Green Bar asked for the
troop to reimburse up to $15 per patrol for supplies to make patrol flags. Committee voted to approve request.

Treasurer’s Report: Marcelle was not present. No updates.

Scout Credits: No updates.

Scout Master’s Report: Brian said the patrol as starting a little slower than he liked, but things were moving
in the right direction. Brian will not be present next week. He commented that the scouts and scouters did a
great job cleaning up Mount Hebron this past Saturday. He wants the troop scribe to submit a written report
after the troop meeting to summarize the troop meeting and announce activities for following week.

Green Bar Report: No meeting next week, instead we will be cleaning and setting up for the quilt show at
First Presbyterian at intersection of Route 28 and 108.

Advancement Chairperson Report: We currently have three new scouts and two potential scouts that still
need to submit applications. John scanned the charter and sent it to Brian.

Merit Badge Counselors Report: No updates.

Activities Coordinator: Submitted in writing.
   1) Brandon is POC for “A Scout is reverent”.
   2) Sean asked if the troop has any provisions to cover back packing basics. The committee decided that we
       should do a demonstration one meeting, followed by a shakedown the next meeting. An equipment
       swap should also take place to hand down gear that was outgrown.
   3) Swim test is tomorrow April 21, 7pm at Columbia swim center.
   4) Sean asked if we have coordinated rides in the past for We Remember. The troop has in the past. In
       general, plans are made once participants are established. Some meet at the park and ride, while others
       meeting there. Maps for the cemetery were handed out at the meeting.
   5) Boat float was on the schedule, but the scouts voted to not submit an entry this year. They plan to get an
       early start next year.

Quartermaster’s Report: Randy wants to establish a list of scout quartermaster responsibilities and a chuck
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Created April 20, 2010

Roundtable Minutes: Submitted in writing. Council appears to be stressing adult training.

Troop Information Manager Report:
   1) The troop face book account is now a group account named Troop 759 Ellicott City.
   2) Dale is asking that everyone check out the new account to see if it is working and/or will meet our
      needs. No updates
   3) Need to get copy of charter to post on web page.
   4) Asked Mary to send electronic copies of current and several past roundtable notes in electronic format.
   5) We need to finalize dates for CPR/first aid.

To do:
    1) Get a spare for the trailer. No update
    2) The troop needs updated adult training and vehicle information. Please send the following information
         to Howard:
-A list of vehicles (make, model) you may use to transport boys and the tag number of each vehicle.
-Driver's license number (and your spouse if they also drive any scouts other than your own kids to any
activities other than troop meetings). The year of expiration is also helpful.
-Name of your insurance company.
-Do you meet or exceed BSA insurance minimum requirements (yes/no)
Here are the BSA insurance rules for autos:
 All vehicles MUST be covered by a liability insurance policy. The amount of this coverage must meet or exceed
the insurance requirement of the state in which the vehicle is licensed. (It is recommended, however, that
coverage limits are at least $100,000 combined single limit.) Any vehicle carrying 10 or more passengers is
required to have limits of $500,000 single limit.

Note: The Driver Information will be maintained in confidence and will be released only as needed to secure
tour permits.


   1) The pizza fundraiser will be held in May with an early June pickup. No update.

Next committee meeting is scheduled for May 18, starting at 7:45 pm at Hebron House.

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