Moving with Pleasure A Special Nia Class

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					                    Moving with Pleasure
                     A Special Nia Class
                               with Martha Randall
Come take part in the fun and creative expression of Nia - fitness that em-
braces the joy of being and moving in the body. Nia’s 9 movement forms
     has a little of something for everyone! No experience required.
    When:              Sunday, November 2                      11 am - 1:30 pm
    Where: The Raymond Hall in Raymond, ON
    Cost:          $40.00
    Pre-registration required through Stephanie Aykroyd

    Martha Randall is a Nia Black Belt Instructor and Trainer        “I love Nia! It’s a
    from Toronto. She brings 30 years of experience as a move-       total mind, body,
                                                                     spirit celebration”.
    ment student, artist and teacher to her Nia classes and train-
                                                                     Christiane Northrup, MD
    ings. She is a passionate teacher who loves to share in the      Author of Women’s Bodies,
    creative possibilities that movement provides for expression,    Women’s Wisdom
    discovery and self-healing.

                                                                               (800) 762-5762

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