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					Kampovi 2011

                                   VOLUNTEERS’ CENTRE ZAGREB

                         INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY WORKCAMPS 2011

HR-VCZ 6.1 KUM-VOL 2011
6 vols
The workcamp is organized for the first time in cooperation with the Municipality of Kumrovec and
Croatian Zagorje Museums. Kumrovec is a small village that counts about 1800 inhabitants. In 1953 in
Kumrovec the museum „Staro selo‟ was founded. „Staro selo‟ is an open-air ethnographic museum. The
15 permanent ethnographic displays and the two historical ones provide insight into the traditional ways
of life, old customs, handicrafts, and trades some of which have long become forgotten. The visitors are
also introduced to historical figures and events connected to Kumrovec for example in Kumrovec you
can visit the residence of Josip Broz. (www.kumrovec.hr)
W: Volunteers will work on cleaning paths that lead from the street to an archeological site and prepare
wooden sign-post. Volunteers are expected to work 6 hours per day. Physical work
S: vols will be introduced with the museum and with traditional ways of life of this Croatian region.
Volunteers will also organize an intercultural evening for local people and an open discussion on EGV
will also be organized.
A: Volunteers will sleep in an house in „Staro selo‟ with all facilities.
T: Zagreb. Kumrovec is situated 45 km Northern than Zagreb
X: 2 Biologist and horticulture students or experts are required

20/6/2011 – 5/7/2011
 The Croatian Music Festival is a music festival which attracts many demo bands from all over Croatia
and gives them an opportunity to start their music careers. This will be the 15th edition of the festival
where about 30 music bands from Croatia take part. The workcamp is organized for the 3rd time in
cooperation with organization Mraz.
W: Volunteers will assist in organizing Festival, which includes the following: preparing the space for the
concert, selling promotional materials, accommodating the performers, presenting the award winners,
cleaning the space after the concert. Volunteers will also paint the children`s department in the local
hospital in Zabok and jointly with local volunteers they'll clean up the city park area. The volunteers have
to be prepared for some serious and responsible work and they should also be good in team work.
Considering is a festival volunteers are also expected to be flexible and prepared to last minute changes
in work table.
S: Volunteers will have chance to get informations about culture of region. In plan there is a projection of
short movie about youth associations in Krapina-Zagorje county and trip to Kumrovec where the
volunteers will have the opportunity to visit an open air etnografic museum about lifestyle in Zagorje in
XX century, old crafts and trades.
A: Accomodation will be at the freshly reconstructed “Green hall” in the Youth Centre. Volunteers will
have to take sleeping bags with them. Due to temperature oscillations, we recommend to bring also
some warm clothes, work clothes and a swimsuit. Newly decorated kitchen and internet will be also at
volunteers disposal.
T: Due to good public communication between Zagreb and Zabok, we will welcome the volunteers at the
train station in Zabok.
Kampovi 2011

12 Vols
The activities will be implemented in a little community not far away from Karlovac.
 W: Planned work activities will be connected with cleaning the illegal waste deposits and landscaping.
Volunteers will daily work approx. 6 hours.There will be 2 free days during workcamp. Hard physical
S: Presentation of Eco Pan organization, walk throught local
villages and recycling workshops are planned.
A: volunteers will be accomodated in a school or
in an house and will cook by themselves. Sleeping bags and mats are required.
T:Meeting point will be in Karlovac, on train station at 5pm and on bus station at 6 pm, the day before
official start of workcamp.

HR-VCZ 6.4 “The Eye of Kali”
04/08/2011 – 18/08/2011
10 vols
The workcamp is organized for the first time in cooperation with the local organisation St. Pelegrin.
Workcamp is located in the fishing town of Kali on the island of Ugljan. The village is caractherized by
small streets and typical dalmatian old houses
W: The main aim of the workcamp is to rearrange a belvedere point and to promote it as meeting place
for tourists and local people in Kali where to organize public events and promote local culture.
Volunteers will work 6 hours a day on various activities, like preparing the working site, making info-
boards for the belvedere, refurbishing the fence, refurbishing the existing benches, planting trees,
setting up the solar lamps. Volunteers will also prepare the intercultural evening and the opening of the
renovated belvedere point.
S: Study part will focus on presenting the local organization (St. Pelegrin), a lecture on the importance of
volunteering and the European year of Volunteering 2011, presenting the projects of the organization
Youth of Kali which combine local tradition, customs, and volunteering; basics of Croatian language.
L: English
A: Accommodation will be in the elementary school Valentin Klarin, Preko in Kali. Volunteers will sleep
on the floor on the mats - sleeping bags necessary. Kitchen and dining room within the school facilities.
Volunteers will cook in teams of two per meal.
T: Zadar, ferry port of Preko.

HR-VCZ 3.1 Bear’s forest – Happy forest
12 VOLS (ex-YU countries)

Kuterevo is a village in the region of Lika in the mountain of Velebit, known as the place of bears and
people. It borders the Velebit Nature Park and is in the vicinity to the Northern Velebit National Park. It is
located in the valley surrounded by hills and forest which is also habitat for several bears and other wild
animals. Velebit Association Kuterevo runs the Bear Refuge Project and in parallel to it sort of the
refuge for volunteers - Volunteers‟ Station, which organizes different voluntary activities. This year
workcamp will be dedicated to UN year of the forests, European year of volunteering and No more war
campaign of SCI (to be confirmed).
Kampovi 2011

W: During first week, volunteers will be planting native fruit trees that are very important for maintenance
of biodiversity on forest ecosystems, and an excellent food resource for bears, birds and other animals.
The second week will be dedicated to preparation of a big cultural festivity of three villages: Kuterevo-
Krasno-Kosinj, where volunteers will present their work, cultures and aims of the workcamp. In the case
of the bad weather, the volunteers will be involved in the project Preservation of cultural and natural
heritage. They will be collecting stories, photos and different documentations about their culture,
customs, habits as well as local people stories about their life with nature.
S:The main topic of the study part will be based on peace education (workshops, discussions, movie
projections about reconciliation and conflicts in the Balkan). Since the main activities of the host
organization are connected with protection of brown bear, volunteers will learn about this mystic animal
that is present in all Balkan countries and will have a chance to share knowledge about situation of
bears in their own countries.
L:Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian and English when needed
A: During the first week in a traditional wooden house with all basic facilities (solar showers, composting
toilets). Second week the camp will be moved to the other project site, which is 2.5 km from the village
in the mountains. Bring sleeping bags and carry-mats. Food will be local and mostly vegetarian (but still
respecting everybody‟s needs).
T:Otočac (15km from Kuterevo)
 X: Open only for volunteers from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo,
Montenegro, and Macedonia.

HR-VCZ 4.1 Hand by hand 2011
07/08/2011 – 21/08/2011
10 vols
Slatina is a town in Slavonia - continental part of Croatia. It is located in Virovitica-Podravina County, at
the contact of river Drava valley and the foothills of Papuk mountain. This is small town with lots of
parks, surrounded by vineyards and small hills. The workcamp will be organized for the 7th time in
cooperation with Youth organization Krik.
W: The main aim of the workcamp is to socialize with disabled people through participation in art
workshops, spending time together after and before workshops and to connect people with different
possibilities and develop mutual respect and tolerance. Also one day of workcamp we will dedicate to
ecological cleaning or work for local comunity.
S:.Study part will be connected with care and policy for disable people in participants countries. Please
bring some materials that ilustrate life of disabled people in your country.
A: NGO centre with all facilities available. Volunteers will sleep all together in one room - mattresses are
provided, but we suggest you to bring sleeping bags. Volunteers will cook and clean for themselves.
Please bring along recepies and spices tipycal for your homeland J.
T: Slatina, 180 km from Zagreb
X: Motivation letter and police check are required.

Several months ago Eco Pan organization bought a small piece of land in a village Šćulac. During next
few years they plan to build there Pan Educational Center, where students and citizens will be able to
learn directly about sustainable development, through continual workshops. A whole center is planned
Kampovi 2011

to be build by volunteers (Pan members, friends, locals, international volunteers) in period of next 5
years. 10 minutes of walking from the land is a river beach where volunteers can swim and relax after
W: This will be a first workcamp on the land and the begining of the building process. It is expected that
work will be basic: cutting trees weeds, and grass, cleaning, building a fence, gardening, composting.
Also, there will be some additional workshops with children from the local community. Volunteers are
expected to work about 6 hours per day, please be ready to hard physical work!
S: Presentation of Eco Pan Organization, introduction and walk throught local villages (Barilović and
Skradska Gora) is planned.
 A: house/local school, volunteers has to bring sleeping bags and mats
T: Meeting point will be in Karlovac, on train station at 5pm and on bus station at 6 pm, the day before
official start of workcamp.