Do Not Settle For Mediocrity by amuro7


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									             Do Not Settle For Mediocrity

                To achieve real success, we do not simply settle for
mediocrity but should always strive to achieve the most of out of life
by giving our best. It is only when we are under pressure and yet keep
pushing ourselves to do better then we deserve success and have
others complimenting us.

Success in life depends entirely on self-discipline, focus and being
capable of managing hurdles which only exist to distract and test us
simultaneously in our quest to be the best. When they come, they
usually appear in the most severe forms that can make or break our

This is what separate the winners from losers. This is also what
separate the champions from wannabes in every content and
competition. Or the successful from unsuccessful.

Everyone wants to succeed and make a lot of money. But the truth is
few will take action to do what is necessary to achieve their goals
despite knowing this is what they should do. They are looking for
instant get rich quick ways such as winning lottery or cash prizes as
salvation out of their present mediocrite lives.

How badly you want success is shown not just through your words but
your actions and heart. People may not see it initially but it does not
matter. What matters is how you react and whether you are doing
enough to achieve. Such as going the extra mile, spending more time
and going all out to learn from those who are already successful in
what you want to do.
Whatever we do in life, we need to start from somewhere. It is just like
a marathon or any other competition. Everyone starts out well upon
the firing of the gun, whistle and from the beginning. It is in the
middle or the rather, the process I called, that we are being tested in
our desire. It is never easy as the going becomes tougher and tougher
every minute.

Some will give up and surrender which automatically disqualified
them from success instantly while others will persevere. Then it draws
down to which of those others finishes as third, runners up and

Those who possess the winning streak, with a little extra push, focus
and final sprint towards the finishing line are the ones who ended up
as champions and deserve all the glory they can get from the audience.

Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordon, and even the
German national soccer team are examples of those in their sporting
and career fields. Whether they finish as champions or not, they keep
fighting till the very end. Even if they faced obstacles, they come up
with alternate strategies very quickly.

Like it or not, we have to adapt to these unexpected changes which
will occur from time to time.

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