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									                                     Miss Globe International®
                                      2011 Final Show | Turkiye
  Thank you for your interest in Miss Globe International® Please fill out the questions
  below with the most accurate information. Once we review the information we will contact
     you regarding your request. This form is a REQUEST ONLY and does not confirm any
                                participation in an event or appearance.


*All Entrants must abide by the following Rules and Conditions.
Any False statement given will result in the disqualification of all rights to participate in the
Miss Globe International 2011 .


Living in different geographical places and belonging to different race and culture, 175 cm
minimum height, 90 60 90 body size, narrow thighs, elegant ankles, around 108 cm leg-
height, a sympathetic face, well-proportioned neck height and scale, aesthetic and eligible
posture and walking, not having any physical disorder in appearance, not having any
aesthetic operation with a completely natural beauty and of whose lights of star can be seen at
first sight. These numbers are not always suitable for all heights of girls. The most important
thing is to find the best girl with the well-proportioned heights and body sizes.

It’s a precondition for candidates to be unmarried or/and never married before.
The candidates should be aware of many things like what’s going on in the world, social
norms, and developments in life etc. A candidate should also believe in importance of
sciences, having the ability of expressing herself freely, keeping up with the changes easily,
contributable to environment, having the capability of working in the competitive markets
with the highest energy and courage, giving importance to a noble perception, capable of
defending her rights and also respectful to others rights, helpful, capable of working both in
the team and as a leader, wishing a peaceful life for everyone, adopting the exalting of human

1.1 - Shall be single and attained the age of 17 and under 24 of December, 2011 must be
a natural Female; and hold a passport of the Territory represent;

1.2 - Must have been selected from a female competition conducted in the Territory or
alternatively must have been nominated by the National Sponsor as National

1.3 - Must have good moral character and possesses poise, charm, personality and beauty.

1.4 - Must have knowledge of Tourism about the representative Territory.

1.5 – Mustn’t have any kinship with any director or staff working for Miss Globe
International Organization.

                   To have these entire features together means being perfect.
                       We will be searching for the nearest one to perfect.

2.1-The Organizing Committee reserve the right to rejection or acceptance application

2.2-The organizer shall be the sole authority for interpretation of these rules and condition
decision of the organizer shall be final and binding.

2.3-In the events that any participants or winners is unable to fulfill her commitment any
comply in regards to the rules and conditions the organizer shall have the right to withdraw
the participant as one of the candidate or winner and will be asked to leave the country where
the pageant is held voluntarily and immediately.

2.4 - The organizer shall not be responsible for any valuable belongings lost by the contestant
during the pageant.

2.5 - The organizer shall not be held liable ever for any incident occurred to the contestant
during the pageant.

2.6 - The organizer reserved the rights to replace the participants with any other applicants of
their choice at the Miss Globe International 2011,
Beauty Pageant final, in the event of the disqualification or the release from participation of
such finalist applicant.

2.7 - In the event that any winner is enable to fulfill her mandatory in regards to the rules and
conditions and also the winner contract agreement, the organizer reserves the right to re-
confer the award on the first or the second runner-up.

3.1 - To conduct herself properly during the period of Miss Globe International 2011

3.2 - Willing to obey and comply at all times during the period of the national and
international events and to attend all function as request by the organizer and shall not be
excused from such non-attendance except informs previously.

3.3 - To allow and permit the organizer the exclusive rights to use all photographs of the
contestants and also photographs taken during the course of the pageant and reserve the right
to feature them on any Media of Publicity for promotion.
To this event, the contestant will not receive any payment for the photographs used.

3.4 - To travel with the organizer's promotion crew on and on fashion assignment, visit to
charitable organization, etc on a specific date which the organizer will inform the contest prior
to the date. The national delegate will also participate in national and international fashion
shows and photo shooting sessions without asking for any fee.

3.5 - To appear in television, radio, film, fashion shows or print media for the purpose of
publicity and promotion of the contest.

3.6 - To attend rehearsals promptly when requested by the organizer.

3.7 - To submit 3 photographs postcard size one full length national costume one full length
in evening dress one full length in swimsuit.

Photographs taken from the above is non-returnable, together with official entry from.

3.8 - To be equiped with sufficient funds to cover incidental expenses such as excess baggages

3.9 - Unless she is a winner or runner-up or she may be required to slay by the organizer in
the country when the contest is held for post contest activities such as personal appearances,
modeling or commercial advertisement assignments and the like, the contestant will return
her last place of embarkation within (2) days or the first available flight after the pageant or as

4.1 - She will be managed by the international sponsor under the supervision of the promoter
host organizer for a period of one (l) year from the date of winning the pageant.

4.2 - She should not by any time thereafter commercially exploit her title in any way what’s
ever except exclusively through and by sole agreement with the promoter/host organizer.

4.3 - To conduct herself during the reign as Miss Globe International 2011, or runner-up
for the period of one (l) year and not to commit any act of immoral, illegal or other similar
nature which in the opinion of the promoter/ host organizer damage or bring disrepute to the

4.4 - Any contract, agreement, use or endorsement by its terms becomes automatically void
and ceases immediately if the contestant becomes winner or in top ten in the MISS GLOBE
INTERNATIONAL 2011 Title for a period of 1 year. All of contestant’s rights will automatically
transfer to Miss Globe International Organization till they hand on their titles next year.


5.1 - She will be met at the airport at time of her arrival and be assisted at her departure.

5.2 - That she will be provided with suitable hotel accommodation and meal during the entire
duration of the pageant.

Any other expenses Incurred such as, room service, telephone calls, telegrams, cables
additional food and beverages will be to the personal account of the contestant.

5.3 - To provide transportation to all contestants to fulfill contestants itinerary and schedules.

5.4 - To provide security and chaperon for contestants for the entire period of the contest.

5.5 - To control, advice, assist, supervise and direct the contestant as to her conduct and well
being during the contest.


The awards will be announced later.


        1. National Costume
        2. Miss Friendship
        3. Miss Talent
        4. Miss Golden Girl
        5. Miss Cosmopolitan
        6. Miss All Nation
        7. Miss Dream Girl
        8. Model of Models
        9. Best Model Queen
        10. Miss Troya-Aphrodite
        11. Miss Dreamgırl
        12.Miss Hotel (Special)

•Each finalist will receive promotional outfits from our sponsors,
which are to be worn on day tours and special appearances.
You will be fully briefed on when and what to wear.

Delegates must bring as follows:

• A National costume with stage effect
• 3 Pieces of evening gowns
• 2 Pairs of bikinis
• 3 Cocktail dresses
• A Gift worth between $20 - $25 for auction or charity.
• A pair of white shoes / sandals and one of black ones (high hills preferably)
• At least day time dresses for 16 days
• Characteristic present ( whatever you think is nice )
  for the personalities to be met in here ( just one and not expensive )
• National Flag
• Special evening dress
• CD with music for the Miss Talent (Mini Competition)
• CD with National Anthem

Please do not bring food or book items.
• As there will be a lot of visits, different contestants will go to different places with different
groups. The groups will be organized by the event organizer.
• Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be supplied during your stay. Information about extra
meals will be introduced at the first briefing.

•All other personal meals and room service will be at your own expense as well as extra

• All transport for official occasions will be provided.
  Private trips, taxis, car hire, limos etc will be at your own expense.

• If you are a Vegetarian please indicate on the Official Delegate Entry Form, so that we
can TRY to accommodate you.
We cannot cater to requirements that are out of the ordinary.
We apologize for this in advance.

• You will share your hotel room with other contestants.
If you are a non-smoker and would prefer not to share with a smoker,
please indicate on your finalist questionnaire.

•We will not be responsible for any loss of personal property or valuables. Please do not bring
risky valuables and expensive personal properties with you.

•Airline tickets and passports must be handed to the event organizers on arrival for
safekeeping and for re-confirming departure flights.
Should you fail to do so and lose your flight as a result of this, the organizer will not be held
responsible for any extra expenses, which you may incur due to your own negligent actions.

•Please bring with you a beach towel and personal toiletries.

•Important - Make sure you have personal health and travel insurance papers and bring them
with you when you come to the Miss Globe International®.

Under no circumstances will guests or National Directors be permitted to stay overnight in
a contestant’s room.
•The Miss Globe International®. Title Winner are expected to serve as Tour
Ambassador and visiting respective countries and participate in activities such as visiting
the Local governments, the Tourism Events, and Promoting The Host Venue
around the world.

•The contest has a special meaning as the delegates participate in and friendship for the
world and peace.

• Delegates will perform as fashion models at the fashion show sometime during the
contest period.

The drug abuse is banned by the national laws.
The users will be charged by the local laws so this will be their own responsibility.

•We reserve the right to remove the Contestants from the contest without notice any delegate
who in the organizer’s opinion jeopardizes the security of other delegates their possessions,
misses rehearsals or official functions, or is a bad influence on the smooth running of the

•Visa invitation letters will only be sent to contestants who, have filled up their official entry
forms and submitted it together with their photos and passport photocopies to our
Miss Globe International® Global Central Office| Istanbul Turkiye.

Every national delegate must learn whether they need a visa to enter Turkey or
not at least 15 days before the departure. If there is a visa application then the
national delegate must apply to Turkish Consulate to have a 60 days visa.

Important - Make sure you have personal health and travel insurance papers and bring them
with you when you come to the Miss Globe International®.
In case you get sick, your medical insurance will cover your medical expenses.

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