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					Cobra Combat Set (original email)
From: Scott Bradley

Well, I was able to track down where your Cobra Combat set came from. It was
Sears Canada (at least anyway - it may have been sold elsewhere, but I doubt
it). Please see the attached scan. It was copied from a Sears Canada insert in
the Ottawa Citizen on December 4, 1984. Sorry about the darkness of the photo,
but you can make out item C in the upper right. Also notice the description to
the right - "Cobra Combat Set", just as it says on your box. I checked the GI
JOE site and found this:

The trailer part shown here is different than the set in the flyer, but then
again the description says it is from 1982 and not 1984. In the scan you sent,
you can see a double laser turret on the trailer, and you can even see the
double cannon in the Sears scan attached, so I'm sure your scan and my scan
are the exact same set, and not a carry-over of the 1982 set. Funny they are
*both* called the Cobra Combat set, and *both* are from Sears Canada, but from
different years.

Hope you like it. I'm still trying to track down the Boba Fett for you. I
found a picture of the front of the Woolco catalogue itself, but none of the
advertisements on the inside.

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