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FEBRUARY 2 4 , 2 5 , 2 6 -
   In August ASPA Headquarters mailed each member            World in Florida. ASPA has set aside a block of rooms
the official registration form for the Walt Disney World     for February 24th arrival and February 27th departure at
Contemporary Resort Hotel. You can not register at the       the Dutch Inn in contemplation of a "sell out" of the
Hotel without using this form. If you have lost the form,    Contemporary Hotel room block due to the special
write to the Hotel and they will send it to you. Time is     interest and enthusiasm for this meeting.
very important. ASPA expects a record crowd. Arrange-           The Contemporary Hotel reservation office has been
ments have been made for a "back-up" hotel (see the          notified of this additional room block at the Dutch Inn
Dutch Inn Resort article).                                   and are to refer ASPA people there when the Contempor-
PLEASE NOTE THESE IMPORTANT DETAILS:                         ary block is filled. It will be necessary to contact the Dutch
    • The official reservation form you received must be     Inn directly to make reservations if the Contemporary
      used to make your reservation.                         block is filled. Be sure to indicate this is for the ASPA
    • Deposit is required and a check for $79.50, made       Midwinter Conference so there will be rooms available
      payable to Walt Disney World, must accompany           from the block reserved by ASPA.
      your reservation card.                                    The American Sight-Seeing shuttle bus is available
    • The ASPA block of rooms will be released30 DAYS        every 15 minutes from the Dutch Inn to Walt Disney
      prior to the event. Walt Disney World must receive     World Transportation & Ticket Center. Walt Disney
      reservations prior to this 30 DAY deadline.            World Motor Coaches and the Monorail are available
    • Upon receipt of your reservation and deposit, infor-   from the Transportation & Ticket Center to any place in
      mation on Walt Disney World will be sent to you        the park. The motor coaches with gold flags operate
      with your confirmation. For further information con-   between the Contemporary Hotel, Transportation &
      tact Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida      Ticket Center and Polynesian Village. A regular bus
      32830.                                                 express shuttle service is available to and from the
                                                             Orlando International Jetport as well as taxi service.
                                                               FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND TO MAKE RESERVATIONS
EXTRA HOTEL ROOM BLOCK                                       at the DUTCH INN RESORT HOTEL, write P.O. Box 22202,
                                                             Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 or phone (305) 828-
FOR 1980 CONFERENCE                                          4444. Reservations must be made with first night deposit
                                                             sent or credit cared guarantee (rate of $60.00 per room,
AT DUTCH INN RESORT HOTEL                                    single or double occupancy). Deadline for reservations
   The delightful Dutch Inn Resort Hotel adjacent to         for the Dutch Inn is Friday, February 1, 1980. No
Walt Disney World will serve as "back-up" host for           reservation cards for the Dutch Inn will be sent from the
sleeping rooms at the ASPA 1980 Midwinter Conference         ASPA office—contact them directly. Remember to ask
scheduled for the Contemporary Hotel, Walt Disney            for the ASPA room block.                                •

A view of the Convention site at night.

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6                                                                                                         ASPA Turf News
ANNOUNCING                 CONFERENCE                SOCIAL EVENTS
   Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney friends will be              "The Pearly Band", a six piece group, who will play back-
welcoming Conference attendees on Sunday evening, Feb-             ground music during dinner, then follow up with some
ruary 24th, in the Pacific Room of the Contemporary     Hotel      specialty numbers and great music for your dancing pleasure.
for a welcome cocktail reception gathering from 6:00               The cash bar will reopen during dancing. The affair is semi-
P. M. to 9:00 P. M. Lively music and a floor show in the           formal.
famous "rag-time" style will feature a five piece group "The
Banjo Kings" consisting of strings and brass. A cash bar will         A special children's party is being planned for Monday
be open for liquid refreshments and "munchies" will be             evening in the Atlantic Room at the Contemporary        Hotel
provided. Come join your friends and say "Hello".                  from 6: 15 P. M. to 9:30 P.M. While parents are being
                                                                   entertained at their banquet, the young people will be served
   A gala evening is in the offing for the main Conference         a delicious fried chicken/ spaghetti entree. They will be
social event on Monday evening, February 25th! A cocktail          entertained in true Disney fashion with selected cartoons
hour (cash bar) from 6:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. in the                 and one full-length Disney feature! This will be a supervised
Hemisphere Lounge at the Contemporary         Hotel will start     even, however nursery not available at the party.
the evening in a setting complete with Walt Disney characters
to greet you. An elegant prime rib banquet will begin at 7:30         The formal session ending on Tuesday afternoon will be
P.M. in the adjoining Continental Room. Banquet speaker            the close of the offical Conference. But to add "frosting to
Fred McClure of Waco, Texas. will present "The First and           the cake" on Wednesday, February 27th, a special open
Best Victory". The anticipated record attendance will be           house and tour invitation will be extended to all Conference
delighted with his enthusiastic and inspirational delivery.        attendees by a Florida area sod farm. Particulars will be
The evening's musical entertainment     will be furnished by       announced at the Conference .•

Mid-Winter Conference Theme:

THE 80s: SOD PRODUCTION                                             IN A CHANGING WORLD
   Ine! uded in the exceptional sessions a t the 1980 Mid winter      Dr. Richard W. Smiley of the Department         of Plant
Conference wi II he five panel presentations on timely sod         Pathology, New York College of Agriculture and Life
production    subjects. Panel chairmen are ASPA Board              Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, will appear
members with panels including sod producer colleagues and          on the Monday "split session" under the cool season grasses
industry people who will share their experiences and solu-         division. Presenting "Fusarium Blight & You" which will
tions. This type of programming is perhaps the most popular        include a general briefing on current Fusarium research and
year after year because of its practical application.              the future outlook in this area.

   Monday panel features will include (I) "Marketing Your             William A. Harding of Nelson & Harding, Lincoln,
Sod" with panel chairman Chris Beasley, Tuckahoe Turf              Nebraska, is ASP A legal counsel having served in that
Farms, Canton, Mass. and panel members Michelle Williams,          capacity for some years. He is well qualified in the field of
Meredith Sod Farms, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mike                 legislature, administration and agency laws and regulations,
Swanson. Pursley Sod Farms, Palmetto, Florida. (2) "Show           as well as labor relations. His knowledge in these areas as
& Tell! New Products" with panel chairman James Huggett,           relates to sod production have proven extremely valuable in
Long Island Farm, Inc., Marshall, Wisconsin, and a group           such cases as the IRS inventory requirement exemption in
of AS P A members as contributing panelists.                       the Revenue Act of 1978 and current labor relations rulings.
                                                                   Harding's "Keep Yourself Legal", a regular feature in
   Tuesday panel features will include (I) "Netting - How's It     "ASPA Turf News", covers a wide range oflegal subjects of
Going" with panel chairman Stephen Cockerham, Rancho
Verde Turf Farms. P~rris, California, and panel members
Sheldon Betterly. Centreville Sod Growers, Nokesville,
Virgina; William {'ouncell, Councell's Turf Farms, Inc.,
Goldsboro, Maryland: and other ASPA member partici-
pants. (2) "Fuel Saving Tips - Down on the Farm" with panel
chairman Raymond Johnson. Shamrock Turf Nurseries,
Inc .. Hanna, Indiana, and panel member Lou Brookings,
Brookmeade Sod Farm. DoswelL Virginia, and other ASPA
members. (3) "The XO's, What l.ies Ahead for the Sod
Prod ucer" with panel chairman Glenn l\farkham, Green
Hills Sod Farm. Berthoud, Colorado. and panel members
Dr. Jim Beard, Texas A & M University, College Station,
Texas: William A. Harding, Nelson & Harding, Lincoln,
Nebraska; Charles Nash, Southern Turf Nurseries, Inc.,
Tifton, Georgia, and Theodore Mund, Alboa Company,
Needville, Texas.                                                  William A. Harding              Dr. Richard   W. Smiley
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