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                               Heath Lambert is one of the few UK insurance brokers that has
                                           local centres dealing with businesses in Scotland

Heath Lambert has been established in Scotland for over               Heath Lambert offers you a fresh approach yet our original
15 years, providing country-wide coverage from its centres            thinking and behaviour is steeped in over 130 years of
in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.                                            insurance history.

We act for a diverse cross-section of the Scottish business           We mirror the knowledge, understanding, awareness and
community – from Oil and Gas to Education, Life Sciences to           innovative spirit of a founding father, Cuthbert Heath. He was
Motor Trade. A large number have been with us for many years.         credited with innovations in the London insurance market
They form the core of our regional economies, employing many          addressing real risks – the first burglary policy, earthquake
thousands of people, and recognise that the services of an            and hurricane insurance.
insurance broker are essential to the successful risk management
in today’s economic environment.                                      Today, we offer an unrivalled approach to risk management,
                                                                      insurance broking and placing of risks, and employee benefits
Trusted business advisor in the community is earned. We not           consultancy - no matter how large or small your organisation -
only put a high value on service we but also great emphasis on        local national or international - and no matter where you are
ensuring our clients obtain the broadest, relevant cover for the      in the UK.
best available price.
                                                                      Our ethos is simple – we listen, we try harder and we deliver.
Heath Lambert’s local strengths are complemented by the
specialist sector support and access to our global business           • We seek out the best and brightest talent in the market
partners through our London centre. We are able to deliver for          and sectors - all with a ‘can do’ attitude.
any business through the local, national or international insurance
markets – whichever is most suitable to a business’ needs.            • We know your market but we also take time to listen
                                                                        to you and understand your business and its issues.
We have one of the largest claims teams across the UK with
the strength to represent you and ensure equitable, efficient         • We are passionate about the way we operate and focus on
settlement of claims. We can also arrange claims authority              encouraging market competition for your insurance needs.
for clients and establish protocols with insurers.
                                                                      We expect to be measured on our performance. We are
                                                                      transparent. You won’t find us promising something we can’t
                                                                      deliver but you will find us going the extra mile to achieve what
                                                                      we set out to do for you.

                                                                                             Listens, tries harder, delivers

We understand
your business                                                      Our Client Strategy - Match
Heath Lambert is one of the UK`s leading independent               We drive a unique 3 stage approach called “Match”, which
insurance advisor, broker and employee benefits consultants        directly matches our client’s risks to their insurance programme.
because it listens to clients, understands the insurance
markets and tries harder.                                          Stage One - Understanding Our Clients

From its centre in London and a network of regional offices        • We work to understand the sector in which our client
across the UK, Heath Lambert’s expertise and approach to             operates and the risks associated with it.
risk management has helped it achieve a dominant position
in many key sectors of the UK economy.                             • We work to understand the specific client insurable risks.
                                                                   • We understand our client’s appetite for self insurance.
Heath Lambert’s local centres service clients that are locally
based businesses that form the core of the regional economy,       • Work with the Risk Manager and support team.
no matter what industry sector, and collectively employ
                                                                   • Agree sales approach.
thousands of people.

Our clients are often leaders in their field and have a deep
understanding of their business issues and their customers.
However, they recognise that the services of an insurance          Stage Two - Design and Place
broker are essential to the successful management of the           • We look to directly “match” the insurance programme
risks associated with trading in today’s economic environment.       to our client’s risks and requirements.
                                                                   • We actively encourage full disclosure of all material facts.
Clients come to Heath Lambert and stay with Heath Lambert
because, being a national organisation with local centres          • We create a competitive market by raising our client’s profile
across the UK, our clients benefit from our:                         and differentiating our client from its peers.
                                                                   • We drive assertive negotiation with selected insurers.
• Strong relationships across the insurance market – both
                                                                   • We guide our client’s selection of insurers.
  regionally and nationally – which enables negotiation of
  the optimum insurance programme at the most cost-                • We drive contract certainty and clarity.
  effective price.
• Considerable sector expertise and local expertise.
• Specialist in-house claims and risk management support.
                                                                   Stage Three - Provide Unrivalled Service
• Ability to assist you internationally through experts in their
  own country or region, when required, through the Heath          We drive continuing commitment to:
  Alliance, with the same strategic approach and exacting          • Provide a team with capacity, knowledge and passion
  standards of service.                                              for our client’s business.

Our regional centres are supported by the head office in           • Central grip and control of the full range of specialist
London but not led by it. Heath Lambert’s regional centres           resources, including the Heath Alliance for international clients.
have autonomy and a true local presence with added depth
and expertise by sector or product through the head office.        • We deliver access to a full claims service.
This means we can focus on putting our clients first and
consistently delivering a personal, professional service at
the most competitive price.
                                                    Following our top ranking performance in 2009, StrategicRISK
                                                    Brokers Overview, a survey of UK-based risk managers in
                                                    June 2010, again, ranked Heath Lambert:

“   As a customer of Heath Lambert for a
    number of years we have found the level of
    service and support received to be excellent.   1st Overall Service
    Their understanding of our business and                Heath Lambert topped the table for overall performance
    sector and knowledge of the insurance
    market has enabled us to renew our cover        1st Level of Risk Expertise
    at highly competitive rates.                           Risk expertise showed results with Heath Lambert
    Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen                      coming top of the list

                                                    1st Ability to Understand
                                                        Clients’ Business
“   I've recently moved to Heath Lambert.
    We found that as well as being competitive
    on price, they are extremely flexible in
                                                           Heath Lambert were leaders on ability to understand
                                                           the clients’ business
    accommodating our particular cover
    Royal Scottish National Orchestra

                                                    In December 2009, our all
                                                    round performance for our
                                                    clients was recognised by
                                                    the Insurance Times Awards
                                                    as Heath Lambert received
                                                    the Commercial Lines Broker
                                                    of the Year Award 2009.

                                                    Cementing our all round
                                                    performance for clients,
                                                    Heath Lambert was also
                                                    awarded Commercial Lines
                                                    Broker of the Year 2010 at
                                                    the British Insurance
                                                    Awards in July.

                                                                          Listens, tries harder, delivers
Heath Lambert What we do

                                                                                             For all industry sectors, services include:
                                                                                             • Risk management advisory
                                                  Risk management advisor                    • Strategic Risk Analysis
                                                                                             • Property and liability surveys
                                                                                             • Contract Reviews

                                                                                             For all industry sectors, services include:
                                                                                             • Property and business interruption
                                                                                             • Public liability, Product liability, Aviation liability
                                                                                             • Employers liability, Workers Compensation
                                                                                               and Personal Accident
                                                                                             • Terrorism and political risks to employees, third parties
                                                                                               and assets
                                                                                             • Motor, transit and marine risk
                                                                                             • Construction risks
                                                                                             • Professional indemnity, malpractice, crime, directors
                                                  Insurance broking
                                                                                               and trustee risks
                                                  and advisor                                • Due Diligence, Warranty and Indemnity, Tax Indemnity
                                                                                               and environmental transactional risks
                                                                                             • Product recall risks
                                                                                             • Credit and Surety risks
                                                                                             • Claims management, analysis and audit for insured risk
                                                                                               and self insured funds
                                                                                             • Contingency risks
Our clients include                                                                          • Art, Jewellery risk and specie risks
corporates, medium                                                                           • Aviation
enterprises, small                                                                           • Self insured Funds and risk retention including Captives

businesses - operating                                                                       For all industry sectors, services include:
                                                                                             • Pension scheme administration
globally and in the UK                                                                       • Trustee & Corporate advisory services
nationally and regionally                         Employee benefit                           • Actuarial & investment consultancy
- and individuals.                                consultancy and advisory                   • Health & Wellbeing
                                                                                             • Death, disability and private medical
                                                                                             • Total employee benefits administration
                                                                                             • Private Client, wealth management and pension advisory

                                                                                             For all industry sectors, services include Insurance sales,
                                                                                             management, broking and claims administration for affinity
                                                                                             partnerships and schemes with key focus on:
                                                                                             • Real Estate owners and Property managers
                                                                                             • Trade Associations, Federations and
                                                  Affinity services                            Member organisations
                                                                                             • Employers
                                                                                             • Charities
                                                                                             Finance Houses, Banks and Building Societies,
                                                                                             Retail Brands schemes are managed on a branded or
                                                                                             non branded basis, depending on the size of the scheme

                                                                                             Bespoke, personal and confidential ‘one stop shop’
                                                  Private clients                            for High Net Worth individuals

                                                                                             On-line and Call centre based personal lines insurances.
                                                                                             Products include:
                                                  Personal insurances                        • Home • Travel
                                                                                             • Motor • Yacht
                                                                                             • Pet

Heath Lambert Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

                                                                          133 Houndsditch London EC3A 7AH
                                                                          Tel: +44 (0)20 7560 3000 Fax: +44 (0)20 7234 4174

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