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                                                                                                                                                                 May, 2011
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   The April 16th Knarston Creek Clean Up was a Success.
~ Submitted by John Dunn                                       otherwise would have died when the streams dried out. This
   We have to give a big thanks to John and Dave Gregson       effort has been very rewarding knowing that we are doing
holders of the woodlot licence who donated a machine with      our bit to save some of the last Wild Salmon on the east
operator Greg and a dumpster. The stream keepers along         coast of Vancouver Island. More and more leading edge
with 6 volunteers from Lantzville were able to remove al-      science is being done to determine the effects of the past
most 40 yards of assorted garbage. A special mention to        130 odd years of the hatchery program and the resultant
young Hamish who came with his dad and even though he          effect this has had on Wild Salmon. Pacific Stream keep-
only 4 he pitched right in with his dad picking up garbage.    ers Federation web site under the heading -Message Board
   Everything you could imagine was dumped over the old        go down to the posting - New Salmon conservation studies
bridge heading alongside the stream. The
oldest was a car frame; no one could identify
it from the emblem on the fancy bumpers,
one guess was from the 40’s. An old licence
plate was on another car body from 1969                                                                                               The grade 1/2 class on field trip releasing 94 salmon fry
along with countless bags of garbage from                                                                                                                                   into Blood’s Creek.
the past 10 to 15 years. Washing machines,
mattresses, stoves, storefront glass, and car                                                                                 Spring has arrived at Seaview School.
batteries even an old Barbie doll?                                                                                           ~Submitted by Lindsay Miller
   Some metal still remains either embed-                                                                                       In addition to the curricular activities upon which the chil-
ded in the streambed or entangled in the                                                                                     dren feverishly work, there have been many nice comple-
old bridge timbers now collapsed into the                                                                                    ments to these activities that enrich the learning of the chil-
stream. Over the summer months when we                                                                                       dren. The grade 2/3 and grade 3 classes recently attended
have a fish window (the time allowed to                                                                                      Morrell Sanctuary for the “Forest Detectives” program and
work in a stream) we will get a permit from                                                                                  the primary classes in their house teams enjoyed a multi-
the appropriate government agency and re-                                                                                    grade grouping set of Easter activities such as egg dying,
move these last pieces of garbage then do a                                                                                  dance, stories and Easter cookie decorating. The grade 1/2
restoration of the site with tree planting.                      The clean up crew standing in front of the dumpster that    class recently released 94 salmon fry into Blood’s Creek.
   Other activities we have been up to the                                             John and Dave Gregson donated.        The students lovingly raised and nurtured the fry in the
past month have been planting more Willow                                                                                    classroom, raising them from eyed egg to alevin and finally
stakes alongside the streams. On Craig creek a small erosion dated Sunday March 27th, you will have to scroll down a         into healthy fry ready for release. The children were dis-
site alongside the farm bridge had a Willow fence woven to   few pages, very interesting reading.                            appointed that there were 10 egg deaths due to a blight of
                                                                         Over the summer we will be placing a few beach      some sort, but they are also aware that a result of 94 live
                                                                      awareness signs at some of the beach accesses. Also    fry raised in our artificial environment is significantly higher
                                                                      there will be signs going up at the access points      than what would be realized in the wild. This class, as well
                                                                      to Nanoose bay proper asking the sport fishers to      as the K/1 class, is due to visit the Nanaimo River hatchery
                                                                      voluntarily refrain from fishing for Coho within       next week to enjoy the activities around the symbiotic rela-
                                                                      the bay as a conservation effort to protect the Wild   tionship between the forest and the stream.
                                                                      Coho.                                                     The children are aware that it is their collective responsi-
                                                                         For the catch and release fishermen we ask that     bility to keep our school and grounds clean and free of lit-
                                                                      they not exhaust the fish and not remove from the      ter. Each week a different class is responsible for ensuring
                                                                      water as research shows that even if removed for       that this is so. On April 21st our school celebrated Earth
                                                                      a short time as in taking a picture can adversely      Day by making a wider swath around Lantzville. This saw
                                                                      affect the survivability of fish. Always wet hands     older children venturing further away to clean up areas,
                                                                      when handling fish and never use a gaff or beach       while the younger children were assigned routes close to the
                                                                      the fish. Other guidelines are all available on the    school. Social responsibility is an intrinsic part of education
                                                                      Internet on how to practice safe release; a good one   at Seaview School and something that the staff tries to cul-
                                                                      is,      tivate on a daily basis. It is gratifying when there are situ-
                                                                      lease.pdf                                              ations that make it evident how the children are recogniz-
                                                                         We expect that the fishermen who are truly con-     ing the role they can play to make the world a better place.
                       Hamish and his dad lending a helping hand. cerned about conservation of these important salm-         Recently, as part of their science curriculum, Mr. Weighill’s
                                                                      on will comply but there will always be a small        grade six class had been viewing various Planet Earth vid-
prevent further erosion and under cutting of the bank. Over           number who will not care and continue to fish re-      eos. Of their own accord, the children began to brainstorm
the next month or so we will be monitoring the Wild Coho     gardless of the cost to the species.                            ideas about ways to raise money to sponsor an endangered
that will be leaving the Beaver pond where they were put       Thanks again to those concerned Lantzvillagers who            animal through the World Wildlife Federation. Many chil-
last summer during our fry salvage project. Over the past 12 joined the stream keepers in the cleanup of upper Knarston      dren earned money at home by doing chores. They gave the
years we have saved close to 200,000 Wild Coho fry which Creek. Hope to see you next year...
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Page 2 The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011                                                                                                                Community Events

                                                                           What’s Happening...
                                                                           The Lantzville Historical Society
                       Level 1 Workshop                                    meets in the Library at Seaview School at
                                                                                                                          Plant Sales                                     Church Events
                                                                                                                          Spring Plant Sale - St. Philip’s By the Trinity United Church
Learn to:                                                                  2:00pm on the last Friday of the month.
 •	 Reduce your anxiety and reactions to stress                                                                           Sea. Saturday, April 30 at the church from 11 am Sunday Service & Sunday
                                                                           Next meeting is on Friday, May 27th.
 •	 Control your blood pressure and heart rate                                                                            9am to 1pm. Lots of good plants for sale - School Program
                                                                           Please join us - new members welcome.          come early for the best selection.
 •	 Boost your immune system and overall health                                                                                                                      Rev. Peggy Jenson
 •	 Relieve pain and suffering from trauma and illness                     The Mid Island Rose Society                                                               6234 Spartan Road, Nanaimo
 •	 Bring balance and harmony into your life!
This class provides 16 CE’s for nurses and is accredited by the American
                                                                           meets regularly on the third Monday of
                                                                           each month at the Heritage Church Hall.
                                                                                                                              Having an Event                        Ph: 250-390-2513
Nurses Credentialing Center.
                                                                           Nanaimo Family History Society
                                                                                                                               in Lantzville?                                   St Philip’s Anglican Church
                  May 14 -15, 2011	•		Nanaimo,	BC
                                                                                                                              Submit all the info and we will print             7113 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
                                     General Meeting
                                                                                                                               it in the next issue of The Log and              Ph: 250-390-3641
                  (250)933-5839 or (250)247- 7297                          Beban Park Social Center
                                                                                                                              post it on the events calendar on our             Sunday Services
For more info :                                                            May 16, 2011 – 7:00 PM
                                                                           Speaker: Bob Ell                                            website.... for FREE!                    8 AM Holy Communion                                         Topic: I want to be an Ethical Genealogist          (We reserve the right to refuse any submissions) 10 AM Holy Communion &
                                                                           - Visitors Welcome                                                                                   Sunday School / Music
                                                                           FMI:        4cats Arts Studio Has Moved And Children’s programs include an “Inter-
                                                                                                                          Is Holding The Best, Most Fun Open active Story time” with the minister at
                                                                           Seaside Community Society                      House Ever!                                           the beginning of 10 am worship, fol-
                                                                           ~Julie Hustwick                                   Tara Gray the owner and curator of lowed by Sunday School classes.
                                                                              Line dancing is still going on Monday       4Cats Nanaimo is proud to announce that
                                                                           mornings. Short Mat wound up with a            the studio is now bigger, MUCH BIGGER Lantzville Heritage Church
                                                                           tournament on April 2nd. Six teams of tri-     and better than ever and can’t wait to share 10 am Sunday Worship
                                                                           ples played 3 10-end games with a lunch        it with the community. Stop by Saturday 7244 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
   Lantzville Legion Ladies Aux. #257                                      break after the 2nd game. All teams won        May 28 between 2pm-5pm to take a peak Pastor Steve Wilkinson
     wish to thank the many sponsors for helping                           a monetary prize with the first prize go-      at the new studio at #1-7221 Lantzville Ph: 250-390-3679
   make our 2011 Ladies Night Out another huge                             ing to the team of Gordon Phillips. Blake      Rd. While you’re there, why not try your Please join us downstairs after wor-
  success. All money raised is in turn donated back
    into the community, primarily at this time the                         Taylor and Zena Buck, who won the most         hand at splatter painting, clay, silkscreen- ship, for coffee and fellowship after
   Food Banks, Hospice and NRGH, also the Troop                            points.                                        ing and more! And since it’s a party, make the services.
  Morale Fund. So please give yourselves a heartfelt                          Carpet bowling on Tuesday morning           sure to save room for cake and other good-
    “pat on the back” for helping us to help others.                                                                      ies! Everyone is welcome!
      Special thanks to KELLER’S JEWELLERS for
                                                                           and Crib in the afternoon are still being
                                                                           enjoyed.                                                                                          Looking for info
  the grand prize won by Lynne Wood of Lantzville,
  and to Clifton Picture Framing, Pactow Transport
                                                                              Wednesday Ladies Coffee is a group
                                                                           that meets to discuss various topics and
                                                                                                                          International Folk Dancing                             about a
                 and The Bay (Barb).
 • Art Knapp Plantland      • Lantzville Pub
                                                                           have a social cup of coffee together.
                                                                                                                          Every Tuesday 4:30 - 6:00 PM upstairs in
                                                                                                                          the Lantzville Legion Hall $4 drop in fee,         Lantzville event?
 • Avalon Theatres          • Lordco Auto Parts                               Thursday afternoon another session of       free trial for newcomers All are welcome,              Check the events calendar at
 • Backyard Wild Bird           (North End)                                carpet bowling and bridge on Friday af-        no partner required for more info call             
    Store                   • Midas Muffler                                ternoon.
 • Bosley’s Pet Food Plus       (South End)                                                                               Glenda @ 250-390-2822
 • British Shop (The)       • Milano’s Restaurant                             Old Time dancing is attracting many
 • Canadian Tire (North
                            • Moxie’s Bar and Grill
                            • Northgate Liquor Store
                                                                           dancers so those interest are encouraged
                                                                           to join these groups,. Run by Gordon Pas-
    End)                    • Off the Vine
 • Central Drugs
                            • Quality Foods
                                                                              Spring Semi Annual General meeting
                                                                                                                                         POLLING, Roy Miller
                                (Bowen Rd.)
                                                                                                                                              November 1st, 1927 –
 • Coast Distributors       • Quality Foods                                will be held May 12the at 11:00 am. We
    (Lantzville)                (Turner Rd.)                                                                                                    April 9th, 2011
 • CO-OP Gas Bar            • Roy @ Battery Direct
                                                                           are hoping for a good turnout so bring your
    (Bowen Rd.)             • Slegg Lumber                                 questions and ideas for discussion. Lunch
                                                                                                                             It is with great sadness and love we announce the peace-
 • Credit Union                 (Lantzville)                               will follow for those who care to stay.
    (Hammond Bay)           • Staples (Aulds Rd.)                                                                         ful passing of our beloved husband, father and papa, Roy
 • Diana’s Garden Centre • Subway Sandwiches                                                                              Miller Polling on April 9th, 2011. Roy is survived by
 • Donna’s Hair Design      • Thrifty Foods                                    Making new friends, learn                  his loving wife of 62 years, Rosemary, two daughters,
 • Growers Direct
                                (Turner Rd.)
                            • Tiffany’s Restaurant
                                                                             more about Lantzville and we                 Jan (and Alan) and Amanda (and Daryl), grandchildren,
 • Harvey Bist              • Ultimate Soul Esthetics                         hope have some fun on our                   Jamie, Aaron, Annalisa, Brittany and Cassandra, and
 • Home Hardware                                                                                                          great grandchildren, Samuel and Miller. Roy was born
    (North End)
                            • White Spot Restaurant
                                                                             new Facebook Fan Page - The
 • Jeannie @ Party Lite     • Woodgrove                                        Lantzville Loggers. Please                 in Sheffield, England on November 1st, 1927. He joined
 • Jenny’s Mobile Hair                                                                                                    the Royal Navy in 1944 and served honourably until retiring as a Gunnery Of-
 • Lantzville Legion #257
                                Administration                                          join us at                        ficer in 1966. Roy and Rosemary immigrated to St. Albert, Alberta, in 1973 where
                                                                                        he worked for an engineering company in Edmonton until retiring to Lantzville in
                                                                                  LantzvilleLoggers.                      1989. It was here that Roy and Rosemary spent many happy years until their final

The                L A N T Z V I L L E
                                                                                 We talk about events,
                                                                               activities, places to check
                                                                                                                          move to Nanaimo Seniors Village in 2008. Roy enjoyed tending his garden (op-
                                                                                                                          posite Huddlestone Park) and was a member of the Nanaimo British Club and the
                                                                                out, people                               Lantzville Legion. The family wishes to thank the staff at the Nanaimo Seniors Vil-
                                                                                and simply                                lage for the wonderful care, kindness and support to Roy, Rosemary and the family.
                                                                                                                          A Celebration of Roy’s Life was held on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at
                                                                               get connected                              First Memorial - 1720 Bowen Road, Nanaimo.
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Community                                                                                                             The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011 Page 3

  Girl Guides Music Coffee House was                                             ASPENGROVE SCHOOL
          a HUGE success!!                                                                   Aspengrove Students – Helping
   The 1st Lantzville Girl Guide sponsored Music Coffee House                                Members Of The Global Village
was an extraordinary night! Costin hall was filled with Lantz-                          Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 fundraised
ville neighbours and friends! The girls learned new skills of
planning and serving while we all shared together the wonder-                         in order to travel on a trip to China for 12 days
ful talents of the generous musicians and poets. Thank you to           over springbreak where they experienced Chinese culture first
The Lantzville Log,                                                     hand, before travelling to a village in Sichuan province to as-
The British Shop,                                                       sist the community in building a new school to replace one
Seaside Communi-                                                        destroyed in a 2008 earthquake as part of a ‘Free the Children
ty Association, St.                                                     – Me to We’ initiative).                                                                      R
Phillips     Church,                                                       The new school will allow students in Grades 4 to 6 to be                               ay oo
Heritage Church,                                                        educated in their community again (presently, these students
                                                                                                                                                                e W Jay
                                                                                                                                                         h Rouanzoin     f          i
                                                                                                                                                      l T• Over 20 years experience ng
all our volunteer                                                       must commute, by bike, for 2 hours to get to and from school

parents and of                                                          each day). The experience enabled Aspengrove students to
course Rick Rathy,                                                      make connections with community members in the village and
                                                                        to develop a deeper understanding of the lives of people in rural                 • Gutter cleaning & roof maintenance
Mick Gibbs, Paul                                                                                                                                       • Specializing in sloped roofs and repairs
Gogo, Brent and                                                                                                           China. Students
Blair, Donna and                                                                                                          and        teachers      Located in Lantzville • Phone: 250-713-5818
Bill     Konsorado,                                                                                                       came home with
                                                                                                                          both a sincere
Ward Norcutt, The
Polaroids, Shine,                                                                                                         appreciation for                   Visit
Katelyn Wood, Ja-                                                                                                         the privileged             to read comments from your
cob Nagrocki and                                                                                                          lives they lead as
The      Neighbours                                                                                                       Canadians and a           neighbours, find out what’s
band. Thank you                                                                                                           desire to share         happening - events, issues.... and
to all who came                                                                                                           this understand-
                                                                                                                          ing with others.
                                                                                                                                                  post your thoughts, comments &
and hope to see you
next time!                                                                                                                   A s p e n g r ove              events on our
                                                                                                                          staff and stu-
                                                                                                                          dents from the
                                                                                                                                                                new website!
                                                                                                                          Early Learning
                                                                                                                          Centre to High                         •	 Breast Pump Rentals
                                                                                                                          School          have        •	 We accept all third party Prescription Plans
                                                                                                                          been fundrais-            •	 Free	Prescription	Delivery		•	Medical	Supplies
                                                                                                                          ing with bake
                                                                                                                          sales and mak-
                                                                                                                          ing paper cranes
                                                                             Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 at Aspen- in order to raise
                                                                         grove fundraised in order to travel on a trip to
                                                                                         China for 12 days this spring. funds for the
                                                                                                                          Canadian Red
                                                                        Cross Relief efforts in Japan following the recent earthquake                       Nanaimo’s Drug Store Since 1892
                                                                        and tsunami. Funds raised to date are just over $1,600 and                  7186 Lantzville Rd (Sow’s Ear Medical Bldg)
                                                                        will be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross to help them                        Ph: 250-390-4423 Fax: 250-390-4425
                                                                        with their relief efforts.
                                                                        Aspengrove School
                                                                        7660 Clark Drive, RR 2, Lantzville, B.C., V0R 2H0
                                                                        Phone: (250) 390-2201           Fax: (250) 390-2281
    Lantzville Beaver Scouts learning about Doumont Beaver habitat
              Lantzville Beaver Scouts
  The Lantzville Beaver Scouts have been a busy bunch this
year. When not playing games and learning compass skills they
have been exploring for bugs in the dark, visiting the Fire Hall,
bowling, singing for seniors and most recently hiking at the
                                                                                                                                                         syn rgy
                                                                                                                                                          The Magazine Dedicated to
beaver habitat by Doumont marsh. They are a “ busy beaver”
group and a few will go up to Cub Scouts next year.                                                                                                            Mindful Living
  Leaders are in place for Cubs and have already started plan-                                                                                   Published by your neighbours, right here in Lantzville.
ning for next year. Beaver and Scout leaders are needed as the
Scouting movement returns to Lantzville!
                                                                                                                                                            Pick up your copy in front of the
  If you or your son or daughter is interested in Scouting please                                                                                               Lantzville Grocery Store.
contact or 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW or come to                                                                                              
the early registration event May 28th at Country Club Mall.
                                                                          Lantzville Parks Recreation And Cul-
Registration will also be held locally in the Fall.                       ture Commission is Hosting the 2011
  If you would like to come and see what Beavers is about                       Minetown Day Saturday,
please call locally, 390-0316. For further information and to                      September 10, 2011.
check out the new Scouts uniforms see                       The Minetown Day fun park with rides games and chil-
                                                                        dren’s entertainers will be on the Seaview School field.
                                                                        •	 There will be a market with local produce and products; so
                                                                           if you are famous for baking, jellies, creams, soaps, herbs,
                                                                           jams, preserves, market produce or the like you can apply
                                                                           for a table in the market. More details will be available
                                                                           within the next few weeks on The Log’s website
                                                                        •	 The parade will start around 10:40am arriving at the field
                                                                           around 11am when the entertainment will begin.
                                                                        •	 The rides and games will be open from 1am to 3pm
                                                                        •	 Food concessions will be open for lunch and snacks.
                                                                        •	 We need volunteers in the fun park to help with the children
                                                                           and the booths.
                                                                        •	 We will also need help with set-up and clean up in the park
                                                                           and the market.
                                                                           Please contact Melanie Norcutt at melanie_norcutt@hot-
                                                               or sign up on if you are willing to volun-
                                                                        teer an hour or more.
                                                                           There will be more information posted on and
                                                                        you will be contacted towards the beginning of September
                                                                        with final details. Thank you in anticipation of your support!
         Lantzville Beaver Scouts visiting the Lantzville Fire Rescue
Page 4 The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011                                                                                                                             Community
                                                                                                             VILLAGE GARDENS                           ~ Barbara Samarin
                                                                            Here we are approaching the busiest time of the                            Kale and 4 Red Russian Kale seedlings to finish off
                                                                          year in the garden with an additional lot of spring                          the garden.
                                                                          chores left undone because of inclement weather and                            If you wonder how to cook Kale, here are a few
                    Hair services for the entire family...
                                                                          what happens??? I am offered a cancelation spot to                           pointers: Pick the leaves only, strip them from the
                                                                          have a bunion removed on my left foot on April 15th.                         centre rib, tear them in pieces, rinse well and they
          7340 Harby Rd. East  Lantzville, BC
                                                                          Of course I accepted knowing full well the recovery                          are ready to be cooked or frozen in Ziplock freezer
For Business Hours         250-390-9257                                   period is four to six weeks. Simplifying all garden                          baggies. Cook them in soups
and Price Lists visit:   www.
                                                                          projects and enlisting the help of family and friends                        and stews, cook and mash them
                                                                          will be necessary for the next few months.                          with potatoes or sauté them in olive oil,
  Lantzville Dental Clinic                                                  So far, friends are helping with the two spring plant sales       balsamic vinegar and garlic as a side
                                                                          with which I am involved. Our grandson, Jordan Robinson has         dish.
      Ph. (250) 390-2832                                                  dug over the vegetable garden, fluffed up the compost heap            In the flower garden, I will have to
                                                                          and spread new soil in the needy gardens. Modifying the veg-        rely on perennials for most of the color.
      7180 Lantzville Road                                                etable garden is the first priority. A row of peas and beets, a     Trusty geraniums, petunias and fibrous
      Lantzville, BC, V0R 2H0                                             teepee of pole beans, one zucchini plant and four Early Girl        begonias will be the only annuals added.
                                                                          tomatoes are to be planted. Not to be forgotten is the Kale, a      Three hanging baskets will be purchased
                          “General Dentistry”                             highly nutritious and year round producer of a tasty vegetable      rather than plated and with a little luck
                                                                          surviving even the most frigid weather. We will plant 4 Curly       the garden will be presentable.

                              DEL NORTE                                     Early Years in Lantzville - 1926 - 1949: A Conversation with Roy Thicke
                                       KENNELS                            ~ by Glenda Allard Barr                                             - they didn’t realize the danger of
                                                                             Roy Thicke was born in Lantzville in 1926, and now lives at      their activities. There were two
           250-390-3289                                                   Berwick on the Lake in Nanaimo. His parents were Horace             piles of coal debris on the beach,
        BOARDING                                                          and Janet Thicke. Some of you may have noticed the lovely
                                                                          stained glass window in St. Philip’s Church, which is dedi-
                                                                                                                                              and the kids used to ride their
                                                                                                                                              bikes down the high pile and up
       & GROOMING                                                         cated to their memory.                                              the lower pile. They called them
                                                                                                                                              the “fire piles”. There was always
     FOR DOGS & C ATS                                                        Horace and Janet Thicke started their married life in a
                                                                          small house owned by Canadian Collieries, near the Lantz-           a lot of heat there, and they would
                         We would like to welcome                                                                                             catch fire regularly. The piles were
                                                                          ville mine. Next door was a large house, built for the mine
                            Shara Wilton                                  manager. Roy’s uncle, Charles Thicke had lost an arm in a           along the tide line. There was a lot
       to the grooming room at Del Norte Kennels.                         mining accident and he lived in this house while he worked as       of “mine dirt” to deal with and this
       Shara is fully certified and experienced for all                   caretaker for Canadian Collieries. These were modern houses         was dispersed by filling around the houses. it was leveled out
                 your pets grooming needs.                                for the time, with electric lights and sewer. There were about      and pushed towards Blood’s property. George Copley later
      Call 250-390-3289 for your appointment now!                         8 houses the same, and then the sea row, with big 2 storey          bought this land.
7491 Lantzville Road, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0                              houses and smaller houses in between. One big house was                Horace Thicke worked in the mine and then later went into
                                                                          moved up to the Doumont farm. A railway extended from the           logging. In the mine, he could hear the waves above him, and
                                                                          mine out onto the dock off Dickinson Road. The extensive            thought it was time to get out because a cave-in might be im-
                                                                          Canadian Collieries properties in Lantzville were bought by         minent. After the mine closed, that cave-in took place in front
                                                                          Abel Caillet and Judge Lionel Beevor Potts for $30,000.             of Blood’s property, near the creek.
     Charbroil Six-Burner                                                    Roy went to school in a two room school situated where              Roy remembers fishing in Blood’s Creek. The natives had
     LP Gas Grill                                                         Costin Hall is now. Grades one to five or six were in one room      put in a pond near the high tide mark. This trapped herring
     • 65,000 BTU                                                         and then up to grade ten in the other. After that, there was a      when the tide went out. it was easy to pick fish out and take
     • 6 stainless steel burners                                          bus to take students to school in Nanaimo.                          them home for supper.
     • Porcelain cast iron grates                                            One day, Charles Thicke cleaned his chimney with a tree and         Old Mrs. Van Sickle had a hall in Lantzville, and dances
     • Side burner                                                        the next day the house caught fire. The fire spread to Horace       were held there once every week or two on a Saturday night.
                                                                          and Janet’s house as well. After this, Roy’s family moved into      Different bands came in to provide live music. Drinking was
                                                                          a house on Lantzville Road that had a store and a gas pump          forbidden, but many of the patrons would step outside to drink.
     3 Piece Bistro Set                                                   (the current location of Lantzville Market). They ran the gas       The kids made money afterwards by gathering discarded bot-
     • Tempered glass top                                                                                                                     tles and redeeming them for the deposit.
                                                                          pump, but Janet did not want a store. Reg Burton wanted a
     • UV treated & weather
                                                                          store there, so he built a new house next door for the Thicke’s .      At 23, in 1949, Roy married Nanaimo’s May Queen, Jean
     • Brown powder-coated                                                He took over the old house and rented it out as a store. At that    Griffiths and moved to Brechin Road in Nanaimo. Jean passed
       steel frame                                                        time, there were two gas stations in Lantzville, but of course,     away in 2008. Roy may have spent many years in Nanaimo,
     • Maintenance free & easy                                            Lantzville Road was the Island Highway.                             but Lantzville has maintained a place in his heart.
       to clean                                                              Roy used to climb around in the old mines with his pals             Go to to read the full version of this story.

         Come in and see our wide select                                                             A VIEW FROM THE OUTSIDE ~ Lloyd Erickson
                  of patio sets....
                                                                                                                                                          to follow instructions? You see, sheep have a mind
                                                                           What’s Wrong with this Picture?                                                of their own. They are very independent. The pic-
                                                                             Consider three scenarios. In the first: a small                              ture of sheep grazing as a group across an alpine
                                                                          flock of sheep is following the shepherd down a                                 meadow followed by a shepherd with a crook in his
  2 LOCATIONS LANTZVILLE           NANAIMO                                trail. The sheep are fairly closely bunched, ewes                               hand is not necessarily normal. More likely, once
      TO SERVE 7187 Lantzville Rd. 4950 Jordan Ave.
           YOU 250-390-1207
                                                                          in front with lambs trailing. The group appears                                 the sheep are released in the morning they rush off
                                   250-758-8329     100% CANADIAN OWNED

                                                                          orderly. The sheep seem to be meekly following                                  in different directions, several individuals pausing
                                                         & OPERATED

                                                                          the shepherd somewhere. In the second scenario: a                               to graze, others rush to where the grass is greener.
                                                                          small flock of sheep is moving quickly (perhaps run-                            Commonly, dogs are used to rush around and redi-
                                                                          ning) up a trail. The ewes are in front and the lambs                           rect the flock. The shepherd stands back and directs
                                                                          are trailing behind. The shepherd follows them, but                             them both.
                                                                          appears more to be trying to keep up than to be driving the            However, we didn’t have a dog trained to herd sheep.
                                                                          sheep. Scenario three: a small flock of sheep is moving down        Trained to bark a little – yes. Herding - no. We found out we
                                                                          a trail, all moving more or less in the same direction. Ewes        aren’t very that good at herding sheep either, because sheep
                                                                          are in front, but sometimes a lamb will lead. Sometimes, one        just don’t like to be pushed. They can be pushed, but at their
                                                                          or more sheep will wander from the main group and nibble a          own pace. They can also be pushed only if they want to go in
                                                                          strand of grass, but eventually turns back with the main group.     the direction you are trying to push them.
                                                                          A shepherd follows a ways back from the group, sometimes               Have a closer look at scenario one. The novice shepherd
                                                                          appearing to stray behind the stragglers. He might be driving       is carrying a bucket with grain in it. The sheep don’t know
                                                                          the sheep somewhere, but it is hard to tell.                        where they are going, but they are enticed by food, and grain
                                                                             We first obtained sheep on the advice of a friend who claimed    is more enticing than grass. Scenario two: the sheep are head-
                                                                          sheep help keep broom suppressed and this was something we          ing back to the barn after a day in the field. They know there is
                                                                          really needed. Along with the initial suppressed broom, we          some hay there and perhaps some grain in a bucket. The sheep
                                                                          still have more broom that needs to be suppressed. I guess          run faster and faster as they get closer to the barn and at the
                                                                          that’s what’s called job security for sheep. Being grazers,         same time the are competing with each other. The shepherd
                                                                          sheep particularly love grass. But they also eat a lot of weeds     follows, going slower and slower, or at least it feels that way.
                                                                          like buttercups; that’s more job security for sheep.                In scenario three, the shepherd has finally learned how to drive
                                                                             Sheep have had a long association with people, the dog be-       sheep. The sheep are roughly headed toward the pasture, and
                                                                          ing the only animal that has been domesticated longer. As           don’t stray too much, especially if they aren’t pushed.
                                                                          well as wool, sheep can also provide milk. Many people like            Sheep can be choosy. Sheep can be curious. Sheep will
                                                                          to eat sheep, which is ironic because protection from carni-        compete for food. Sometimes, they will follow each other
                                                                          vores is probably the main (only?) benefit people supply to the     without knowing where the lead sheep is going or even why
                                                                          sheep. It is sort of a case of the fox guarding the henhouse.       the lead sheep is heading off. Some people have insulted sheep
      Ph: 250-390-9089 •                                Owning sheep was a novelty to us and our learning curve          by accusing other people of being followers “just like sheep”.
          7180 Lantzville Road, Lantzville                                was very steep at first. As with any animal, providing food         Well, it could be suggested that sheep are acting “just like
                                                                          and shelter for them is essential. But how do you get the sheep     people”!
Community                                                                                                      The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011 Page 5

                 COUNCIL REPORT for April, 2011
April 4, 2011 Committee of the Whole Meeting
                                                                                        ~ by Glenda Allard Barr
                                                                    process to change the by-law was to begin, this was a real
                                                                                                                                        ISLAND WEST
                                                                                                                                               PAVING STONE
   This meeting was quite routine, with the purpose of approv-      let-down for proponents of local food. The public will have a
ing the Five Year Financial Plan. There was discussion of           chance to provide comments and input at two open houses, on             • Paving Stones            • Fencing                     Outdoor living specialists
moving the OCP review from 2011 to 2012 and also deferring          Wednesday April 27th at the District Office (2nd floor), from           • Retaining Walls          • Bobcat Work                     15+ years exp
the plan of constructing washrooms in Huddlestone Park un-          6 pm - 9 pm, and on Saturday, April 30th, at the Lantzville             • Rock Work                • Snow Removal                       Call for your
til 2012. Considerable discussion took place concerning the         Legion (2nd floor), from 1 pm - 4 pm. Staff will report back            • Landscape                • .....and more                     FREE estimate!
purchase of an emergency generator for $60,000. This would          to council at the May 9th meeting, and a special meeting will        
keep the District Office functioning as the operations centre       be held on May 16th, to consider second reading and schedul-
during an emergency and also would provide back-up during           ing of a Public Hearing regarding the by-law.
power outages. Discussion took place regarding the need to             Councillor Negrave brought up his concerns about special
revise expectations for the arrival of help during an emergency     meetings being scheduled when he is not available. Things
from three days to a week or more. This prompted my person-         became somewhat heated and some discussion ensued on this
al concern - we are taking steps to ensure the functioning of       issue, mostly regarding the need to discuss this issue in cam-
our office in a dire situation, but how much thought has been       era. An in camera meeting followed.
given to food resources available to residents if we are cut off
from distant supplies? Perhaps it is time to consider this, and     April 18th, Regular Meeting
encourage local food sources.                                          This was a lively meeting, with three residents presenting
   The only amendment to the five year plan was the approval        their requests for exemptions from the Knarston Creek Over-
of the motion to add the purchase of the generator.                 flow Local Area Service. All felt that their properties have not
                                                                    benefited from the flood control work. Darrell Mayzes pre-
April 11, 2011 Regular Meeting                                      sented his case and was questioned by council on why he had
   An audit of the District’s finances revealed that all was in     been co-chair of this project and had urged council to move
order and looking positive.                                         ahead on the work. He replied that he did this “as a good
   Council approved the waiving of consent requirements for         neighbour”. David Morch also felt he had received no benefit
borrowing by the RDN to facilitate the purchase of the Moore-       and that this work should have been a district responsibility
croft property for use as a regional park.                          rather than an LAS. He also objected to Colin Haime’s re-
   Councillor Bratkowski provided an extensive report on the        marks in the Log some time ago, that the problem existed
Vancouver Island Regional Library. A number of challenges           because people built on a flood plain. The mayor stands by
are faced due to cuts in provincial funding at a time when de-      his comments. Doug Parkhurst spoke about the fiscal reali-

                                                                                                                                             AG E S A L E
mand for library services is increasing. Lantzville residents       ties of getting this work done, and that the District did not

will benefit from the provision of a library branch at the ad-      have the funds to cover all of the costs of this project. Jen             ga

ministrative offices on Hammond Bay Road, giving them               Stanger testified that there had been no change to the ponding
closer access.
   Council members spoke at some length about the recent
Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Conference in
                                                                    on her property, and felt that it was rain-driven. She was frus-
                                                                    trated that her previous requests for an exemption had been
                                                                    ignored. Staff was unsure of what communication had taken
                                                                                                                                                                                                             F R E E!
Sidney. Councillors were impressed by the Sidney museum,            place with those requesting exemptions. There was concern
and felt that it could provide a model for a museum to be es-       from the residents that they had not had been made aware that
tablished in Lantzville. A workshop on agriculture was facili-      there was an option for up-front payment of just over $12,000
tated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. They advised        rather than paying almost $20,000 added to the tax bill over
that community gardens generally do not contribute to food          20 years. The urgency to finalize the LAS roll was explained            Advertise it with us for FREE!
sustainability but rather as training grounds for those wishing     with the need to finalize tax information to avoid other reper-         To advertise your garage sale or community event -
to grow food. They would like to see communities acquire            cussions. The Knarston Creek by-law was passed with no                            just email us the information at:
ALR lands to create community farms, leasing out plots. They        further changes to the included properties.                                         or call    250-668-5395
are willing to provide assistance with this. Better utilization        Brian Dempsey proposed that the District send a letter               by the 20th of the month to have your event listed
                                                                    of support for the railway on Vancouver Island. This was                       in the following month’s publication.
of ALR land often comes up in the meetings, and seems to                                                                               You get 4 lines free, if you require more than that there will be a charge of
be a special concern of Mayor Haime. Sidney itself received         passed.                                                                                    $10 for the next 120 characters.
                                                                                                                                                    *The Log Society has the right to refuse to run any submission.
a positive review from the councillors, with a lot of benches          It was noted that the Towns for Tomorrow project is closing                        Free ads are not intended for business functions.

and statues, overall, a very pleasant place to stroll and enjoy     and our request for funding to establish trails needs to be sub-
the scenery. Councillor Dempsey attended a session held by          mitted quickly. Advice was offered to emphasize the benefits
the Island Corridor Foundation to discuss the future of rail        of exercise to families to increase the chances of approval.       Daytime Karate & Fitness
                                                                       Fire Chief Whipps reported on concerns about long and
on Vancouver Island. Dempsey is concerned about the use
of roads to transport dangerous loads, and feels strongly that      difficult driveways and the dangers they posed to firetrucks,                  classes now starting!
we need to maintain the rail system and use it effectively to       perhaps even not allowing access. There is a need to speak
remove these loads from our highway system. Indeed, with            to homeowners to ensure they are aware of the potential for                                            Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                    harm in the event of an emergency. It was noted that the Fire                                          Exciting blend of Fast Defense
the recent crash of a fuel truck causing the closure of the Mala-                                                                                                                   and Fitness
hat for 22 hours and causing extensive environmental damage,        Department garage sale had gone very well.                                                                     9:15-10:15am
this issue has become even more prominent.                             This reporter asked a number of questions regarding the                                                     Adult Karate
   Councillor Haime reported on waterfront road ends and            Urban Agriculture issue, asking for a moratorium on ac-                                                       10:30 - 11:30am
                                                                    tion against Compassion Farm and asked if council would
trails, and the plan to continue improvements in this area.
   A staff report with a proposed amendment to the by-law           be willing to meet with the Friends of Urban Agriculture in                                                 2 WEEK
prohibiting production of crops on residential land was pre-        Lantzville (FUAL). Council suggested the separation of the                                                FREE TRIAL
sented. The regulations were taken from by-laws in other Is-        issue of Urban Agriculture and the specific case against Com-                                                  Come and try one
land communities and was not made-in Lantzville. This was           passion Farm. They suggested that Dirk Becker and Nicole                                                of our classes for 2 weeks with
                                                                    Shaw request a meeting with council to discuss the case of                                                   no obligation to join!
a big disappointment to interested parties. Council advised
                                                                    Compassion Farm, and that FUAL participate in the sched-                                                Check our website for other class times.
that they had hoped to take time to create a by-law specific to
the needs of Lantzville, but had received a message that a new      uled meetings and report to council on May 9th.
by-law was desired immediately and without “recreating the             There was further input on the Knarston Creek LAS. Par-
wheel”. During public participation, comments were made             ticipants were visibly upset by the quick decision by council                                                                     Shima
expressing disappointment and the wish to have a quick start        on their cases. Jen Stanger was angry and said that she felt                                                                      Karate
to the process rather than a hasty and inappropriate new by-        there was no response, no consultation and that inclusion was
law. Brian Dempsey responded to concerns by advising the            arbitrary and unfair. She will fight for further information.
participants that they were getting what they asked for and         Doug Parkhurst and Twyla Graf advised that there was further               250-390-4268 • #1-7217 Lantzville Rd
proclaiming “we’re going to ram something through”. After           information available on the District website from the Febru- •
the optimism inspired by the previous announcement that the         ary 2008 meeting. An in camera meeting followed.                                (Lantzville location only - New members only)
Page 6 The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011                                                                                                                Community
         LANTZVILLE LOOP                                                                        DOWNSIZING                      ~ Submitted by Lesley Sutton
               ~ by Glenda Allard Barr                         I am hearing, from more and more people, the positive idea       hidden butterfly leaf) to fit six to eight guests.
                                                            of downsizing into a smaller home. This could be my age!               New to the market is a folding occasional chair. Imagine a
                        Lantzville’s first music coffee     These people are ready to spend time enjoying life instead          beautiful chair that
                     house was held on April 9, 2011        of cleaning and maintaining a large house. The question they        can be easily convert-
                     at Costin Hall. This tremendously      face now is: what to do with all those large, bulky pieces of       ed into a lounger on
                     successful event was put on by the     furniture? We all have those pieces, the ones handed down for       movie night and then
                     Lantzville Girl Guides and Path-       generations from unknown family members.                            folded out completely
                     finders as a fundraiser and learning      One idea is to give them to other family members, a char-        to a bed for a slee-
                     experience for the girls. The girls    ity organization, or a starving student. Another idea is to sell    pover. Theses chairs
                     were very actively involved in run-    the items. There are online sites like Used Nanaimo, Craig’s        have come a long way.
                     ning this event, taking and selling    List Nanaimo and A couple of pictures, their       They sport fashion-
tickets at the door, working in the kitchen, taking or-     dimensions and you are set to earn good money! One caution,         conscious fabrics and
ders and serving food. Of course, they also had a sales     however: take the time to read the security warnings on these       clean, urban designs.
table for their famous cookies! There had been a table      online sites.                                                          So grab your cam-
set up for the girls to use after they finished their du-      Now the question is what do you purchase to fill the empty,      era, find a friend
ties, but this had to be put to use for the audience that   but smaller areas? Look for multi-purpose items. There are          with a truck and take
kept coming through the door.                               many items out there that do double-duty. Such items may be         in a few condo open
   The festivities were scheduled from 6 pm until 9         a desk, which will easily fold-out to a table, or an ottoman that   houses. Oh, and don’t
pm, but we received a little bonus, with the music con-     contains a storage compartment, or a set of nesting tables. An      forget to pick up a few
tinuing until about 9:30. The interesting menu provid-      extendible mango wood table is a lovely solution. The small-        travel brochures.
ed a number of food options, enough to put together a       est sized table seats four but extends, when needed, (using a
multi-course meal.
   A number of local performers, Shine, Bill and                                               LANTZVILLE FACES                           ~ Kimberly Plumley
Donna Konsorado, Ward Norcutt, Polariod, Brent and
Blair, Paul Gogo, Rick Rathy, Mick Gibbs and The
                                                                                                     Lantzville Writer - John Wilson
Neighbours provided very enjoyable entertainment,                                        Born in Edinburgh, Scotland,           in 6 to 8 weeks. The trick is I set my stories in historical time
and there was a strong sense of community at this                                      John Wilson grew up on the Isle of       periods that interest me, so I have much of the broad research
event. Many local groups supported the coffee house                                    Skye and outside Glasgow without         background before I start.
in different ways, helping to ensure the success of the     the slightest idea that he would ever write books. After a de-         Any new books coming out?
evening. This was an excellent opportunity to connect       gree in Geology from St. Andrews University, he worked in              Ghost Moon, a follow up to Written in Blood is coming from
with other Lantzvillians and enhance appreciation for       Zimbabwe and Alberta before taking up writing full-time and         Orca this fall.
this lovely community we are fortunate enough to live       moving to Lantzville in the early 1990’s. John is addicted to          What are you doing for Bookfest in Nanaimo this year?
in.                                                         history and believes that the past must have been just as excit-       The usual two presentations on May 7th (
   Funds raised at the coffee house will support many       ing, confusing and complex to those who lived through it as and a couple of school visits, including Lantzville’s
projects. The girls have been making wooden toys to         our world is to us. Every one of his twenty novels and six non-     Seaview Elementary School.
send to Haiti, and some money will go to cover the          fiction books for kids, teens and adults deals with the past.          Anything else you want to share with the people of Lantz-
cost of materials. Also supported will be the winter           How long have you resided in Lantzville?                         ville?
camp where the girls have training in snowshoeing,             I moved from Nanaimo in November 1993.                              In the weeks before Bookfest, I am off on a short tour of
techniques for guiding skiers with various challenges,         What is it that you love about our town?                         schools in Edmonton and Calgary around the Calgary Young
and dealing with avalanches. Orienteering and camp             It’s small size and quiet pace of life within easy reach of      Writers’ Conference and am conducting a daylong workshop at
costs will also be subsidized.                              Nanaimo’s services and ferries.                                     the Cowichan Valley Young Authors’ Conference.
   After the brilliant success of this event, other cof-       How long have you been a writer?                                    What do you see/hope for the future in Lantzville?
fee houses are being discussed. We’ll be sure to let           I began writing full-time in 1989 as a freelancer. My first         Seniors housing by the time I’m old enough to need it.
you know about future plans through The Log and our         book was published in 1995.                                            Do you have a website?
website,                                            How long does it take to write one of your books? They              I have a blog:
                                                            are beautifully historical and accurate. It must take some             ~ Kimberly Plumley Publicity Mavens kim@publicityma-
                                                            keen research. If I have the opportunity to focus solely on Office: 250-390-9285
            CHIRO CORNER                                    one project (rarely possible), I can write a historical novel
                ~ by Dr. Randal Austin
   Do I need an X-ray? X-rays can play an important                                                LANTZVILLE FIRE RESCUE
role in disease diagnosis and are taken when a need                                    Emergency 911              Non-Emergency 390-2811         
has been determined after taking a patient case history
and conducting a physical examination. Chiropractors           Firstly we would like to thank everyone for their kind do- down the stairs to check further. The kitchen and family room
receive 360 hours of education in radiology covering a      nations to this year’s garage sale. It was an overwhelming are clear. You check the garage. Nothing there! As you ap-
full range of topics from protection to X-ray interpre-     success! Thanks for your attendance. We trust you found just proach the living room you smell smoke and as you round the
tation and diagnosis. Governments in every province         what you needed this year and if not,                                                              corner you see the curtains catch
have recognized the training and competence of chiro-       wait till next year! What was not sold                           Safety Tip                        fire and burst into flames.
practors to take and interpret X-rays and have granted      was donated to various organizations         We continue seeing people wearing dark cloth-            It has been one minute and thir-
them this right. Many Chiropractors have their own          was recycled or was taken to the land- ing at night walking with their back to traffic. ty seconds since the fire started.
X-ray facilities while other Chiropractors routinely        fill.                                      Don’t be a “statistic”. Wear reflective clothing and You panic and run back up the
refer their patients back to their family doctor for X-        Remember open burning ends May walk facing traffic.                                             stairs screaming to wake up the
rays. I am very conservative when I order X-rays as         15th. Open burning refers to hand-                                                                 kids and get your spouse to help
radiation exposure is cumulative over the lifetime of       piled fires no higher than 1m and no wider than 2m. They vacate the house. Within seconds the living room becomes
the patient and is not without inherent risk, namely        should be comprised of “garden refuse” not construction ma- filled with smoke and the temperature at the ceiling reaches 500
cancer. When you are being x-rayed insist on proper         terial or household waste. Incinerators will still be permit- degrees. Do you have an escape plan? Are there two exits from
shielding. One of my pet peeves is a practitioner who       ted on Fridays and Saturdays but a permit (free) is required every room?
recommends “routine” X-rays without even seeing the         from the district office. Burn the incinerator hot to reduce          It’s been three and one half minutes since the fire started. The
patient! Dental offices are infamous for this as well.      smoke and burn as infrequently as possible out of respect for bedrooms are filling with smoke. Your spouse has taken two of
It is not uncommon for a dental office receptionist to      neighbours (clotheslines full of clothes, respiratory problems, the kids outside. You are in the bedroom with your baby but
recommend an X-ray prior to seeing the dentist. Why?        houses full of smoke etc.).                                         your route to the stairs is blocked by heavy poisonous smoke.
Because it’s been two years since your last examina-           We have had two structure fires in Lantzville recently in You close the door, open the window and rig the escape ladder
tion and your extended health plan covers the cost.         marijuana grow-ops. Be aware of your neighbours , unusual to the window. Four minutes after the fire started you are all
Ouch!! It is not uncommon for Chiropractors to order        traffic or unusual smells. Report any suspicious activity to safe outside the house. There is a large explosion in the house
routine X-rays as well. Some Chiropractors want to          the police.                                                         as the living room contents have heated sufficiently to cause a
X-ray you even though you just had an X-ray done at            Also, be aware of how fast fires can spread in your home. flashover sending a ball of fire up the stairs. Had you been there,
the hospital. Get a second opinion. Any X-ray should        Let’s pretend that it’s two o’clock in the morning. Your three your death would have been instantaneous. You meet your part-
only be ordered following a case history and examina-       young kids are sound asleep in their beds. It’s Friday night ner at your designated meeting point ensuring that everyone
tion, to confirm a diagnosis, to rule out pathology or      after a hard week’s work and you are exhausted. You’ve been is safe and run to a neighbour’s to call 9-1-1. It has been five
if you are unresponsive to treatment. Be aware that         in a much deserved deep sleep for three hours. Unbeknownst minutes since the fire started.
CT scans emit high levels of ionizing radiation while       to you an electrical fault in your lamp plug has started a small      Shortly after, pagers are ringing at all the fire fighters’ homes
MRI’s have none. Partici-                                   fire in your living room.                                           and they wake up get dressed and are on the way to the firehall.
pate in your health care de-                                   Most fatal fires start at night and most victims are children The duty officer responds directly to the scene. Within seven
cisions. Ask questions. Ex-                                 and seniors. Luckily, for you and your family, you changed minutes of being paged five firefighters are in the truck and are
pect reasonable answers!                                    the batteries in your smoke alarm and thirty seconds after the on their way. Three minutes later they arrive at your house, a
   To maximize your health,                                 fire starts your alarm sounds and you jolt upright in bed , full fifteen minutes after the fire started. If there were people
stay fit, eat well, get plenty                              awake, but dazed and confused. Ten seconds later you get out inside they would be dead by now. All the firefighters can do
of rest, reduce stress and                                  of bed. Those blasted alarms!                                       put out the fire and attempt stop or minimize damage to other
cultivate your friends and                                     What you do in the next five minutes may change your buildings. Think about how fast fire can change you life! Check
family.                                                     life! You do not smell or see anything unusual so you head your alarms! Have an escape plan!
Community                                                                                                          The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011 Page 7

         EATING SMART... For Health & Energy                                                   ~ Patricia Chuey, Reg. Dietitian
               Junk Food Junkies                                                   sale foods too. When bananas drop below 69 cents/
   Juicy berries, crunchy popcorn with a little butter,                            lb, load up. Enjoy them fresh then peel and freeze
warm oatmeal cookies, a banana split smoothie made                                 in chunks. Blend frozen bananas with vanilla yo-
of strawberry yogurt, frozen bananas and chocolate                                 gurt for “soft ice cream” kids LOVE. Bananas are
milk, cubes of cheese and pineapple served with frilly                             a dream ingredient in muffins which can be made in
toothpicks…the list of delicious, fun and healthy                                  varieties. Use a mini-muffin tin. Even when topped
food choices is long. In fact, it’s longer than the list of                        with a little icing to make mini “cupcakes” they’re
lousy options. It’s just that imposter foods are backed                            a million times more wholesome than those 98 cent
by bigger marketing dollars and scream off store shelves and            chocolate bars or donuts.
ad pages, making them more noticeable. They’re also often                 Helping Kids Like Healthy Foods Just As Much
placed at perfect eye level, if you happen to be 3 feet tall. But         It starts early. As soon as baby wants to join you in the
fight back. Our kids deserve it. Do kids have to eat perfectly          kitchen playing with a drawer of child-safe gadgets, measur-
100% of the time? No. Although food is the fuel kids grow and           ing cups and bowls, let him or her. When introducing new
run on and smart choices should be made at least 80% of the             foods, hide your disappointment if they reject it. Try at least
time, food also represents fun, celebrations, comfort and much          15 introductions in different scenarios before giving up for-
more. Kids shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to enjoy food            ever. Around age 2-3, let them help stir batter, knead dough or
for all reasons. We just need to keep it in context and avoid           tear lettuce. By 3-4, with loving guidance let them serve them-
creating junk food junkies.                                             selves. Take an all-foods-can-fit approach in the 80-20 con-
   Healthy Doesn’t Cost More                                            text. Avoid giving junk food special powers or mystery. Talk
   It can seem like lousy food is much more affordable. Choco-          to kids in a fun way about why they need to eat healthy. Most
late bars and chips are less expensive than healthy choices at          kids are motivated by the idea of growing bigger and stronger.                               GasWise
                                                                        Make healthy foods delicious. Mini blueberry pancakes, fruit-
                                                                                                                                                                  Heating Service
convenience stores. But in the long run, buying wholesome
food, in-season produce, larger packages of lean protein and            yogurt parfaits in tall skinny glasses or slices of boiled eggs
freezing in meal-sized portions, using legumes and hot cereals,         arranged into a snowman or butterfly. Keep a list of healthy
                                                                                                                                                                                  ise Choice!”
for example, saves money. It’s frustrating to find 8 kid-sized          foods your kids like and regularly add new items.                                              “Make The W
chocolate bars at Wal-Mart for 98 cents or 12 cans of pop for             Patricia Chuey can be reached through www.patriciachuey.
                                                                        com or follow her on Twitter @patriciachuey.                            With over 35 years of experience in the gas industry, trust
2 dollars. But when noticing these deals, take note of healthy                                                                                Alan Neary for all your service, repairs and installation needs.

                      LIFE ALONG THE TIDE LINE ~ Bradley Wolvergreen Thomas                                                                                • Furnaces	       • Fireplaces
                                                                                                                                          	            • Cook Stoves	        • Hot water tanks
   Spring is finally here, and everything is going accord-                       he has sat there for the last five months or so. One of
ing to plan. There is a Thomas family ritual of going for                        his corners has worn away from grinding on the rocks,                        • HRV’s	       • Ventilation
the first swim of the season on May 24th weekend, so I                           but other than that he is in pretty good shape. So the 	               • Dryer Vents	       • Filter Maintenance
need to get my swim raft “Wilson” built and anchored
out in front of “My Beach” before then. The first step
                                                                                 only problem I am having is getting him off the rocks.
                                                                                 We had a 15 foot tide here the other night, that’s about                250-729-0576
                                                                                                                                                                   Fax: 250-729-0599
this year is re-establishing my anchor rock, because the                         as high as they go, but it was still too low to get him
old strap that went around the large boulder had rotted                          to float. Part of the problem is that he got himself high
away. The last anchor strap was an old Skidder log-                              centered on one of the four boulders surrounding him,
ging cable with a choker, but that wasn’t built for the                          I tried using my Peavey but it was too short. Then I
job. This year my Nephew and I dragged a couple of Boom                 tried a longer Yew wood timber and I managed to get it even
chains down and buckled them into place. The anchor chain               more stuck. I figure a 14.6 tide and a powerful boat could pull       Need Estate Solutions?
I use is an old one that a neighbour used for his Sailboat and          it off the rocks. Need a boat, have a canoe. The Commercial
should last a couple more years anyways, and “Kingpin” has              fishing boat that I sometimes work on , the Kuroshio, went
50 feet of new stuff to trade for a jar of my Pickled herring.          straight South past the Winchelsea Islands a week ago but the
I usually build a new raft every year, floating a collection of         tide was too far out at the time, and the Kingpin finished his
Fir and Hemlock logs off the beach, firing up my chainsaw               prawning and pulled his boat out of the water … so a solution
and building “Wilson” This year I have been handed another              has been taunting me for a couple of weeks. Just to leave it
option, as last year’s “Wilson” is still alive and on the beach.        there and start again seems like too poor of a defeatist op-                       Wills & Estates.
A great winter storm washed him up onto the rocks at the foot           tion… the solution is to cut Him into three pieces and muscle
of Huddelstone Road, and he has been pinned in between four             them over and off the rocks, float the pieces over to Tweed-                          Business.
boulders for the entire Winter. When I first found him there, I         hope Road on the Tide and reassemble then “Wilson”.
wedged his anchor chain in between a couple of boulders and                See you at the beach, it is there all year long...                               Real Estate.
                        Lantzville Legion Branch No 257                                        ~ Stan Walpole                                               Petley-Jones & Co.
                           Twelve years ago, following a heart          fact that members who have not paid dues for this year have                              Law Corporation
                        attack, I had a pacemaker installed and         been deleted from the rolls. It will now be necessary for them
                        I have been fine ever since. While this is      to re-apply for membership if they wish to continue branch
                        not a historical event, hundreds are now
                        installed every year. I mention it because
                                                                        privileges or be signed in as guests. We would like to hear                           250 758-7370
                                                                        from them soon Eight new members were initiated into the
                        there is an excellent article in the last is-   Legion which is gratifying.
                        sue of Legion Magazine giving the his-                                                                                  5732 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5N2
                                                                           The B.C. Yukon convention is in Penticton June 5th to 7th.      • fax 250 758-8703
                        tory of the pace-maker and its inventor.        The branch will be well represented and will report on resolu-
                        As with most inventions the original            tions etc. at the June G.M.
                        ones were big, clumsy things now they
are just like a small, battery operated watch placed just under                                                                                Bring the Outside Inside!
the skin with two leads to the heart. The only problem it cre-
ates is with airport security machines they don’t like each oth-                      COMING EVENTS                                                           with custom built
                                                                           Sunday, May 1st. – Fashion show and lunch 1 to 4 pm.
er! That issue of the magazine contains other items for anyone
                                                                             $10.00                                                                         Sunrooms & Awnings!
interested in Legion activities, the year in review, pension and
allowance rates for 2011 and “Canada and U.S. friendship”,                 Saturday, May 7th.- Lady’s Aux. Spaghetti dinner after
the story of the Pig and Potato war, quite humorous.                         the meat draw. $7
   In our branch the events in April were listed in last month’s           Sunday, May 8th. – Mother’s Day brunch 9am to noon
Log and a list of future ones are listed here and also on the                $7.50
branch Web site. The vet’s dinner on April 10th, was a real                Friday, May 13th. - Beer and Burger night 6 to 8 pm.
treat prepared and served by the branch’s lady members. The                  $10.00
meal was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed by a good crowd of                  Saturday, May 21st. – dinner and dance $12.50 (dinner
veterans. Thank you ladies, we love you. Coming up on April                  only $7.50 - Dance only $5.00)
29th is the ‘black tie’ gala dinner and dance, before this issue           Sunday, May 29th. – Honours and Awards – 2 to 4pm
                                                                           Saturday, June 4th.- Dinner and dance $12.50 (dinner                 Manufactured on Vancouver Island using impact
of the Log is available. I will report on it next month.                                                                                         resistant acrylic sheets. High quality Aluminum
   At the April general meeting a donation was made to the                   only $7.50 – Dance only $5.00)
Red Cross and cash awards presented to Student winners of                  Saturday, June 18th. – Father’s Day BBQ by L.A. – af-                               framing with baked enamel finish.
the Poppy essay and poster contests..                                        ter the meat draw- 6pm $7.00                                                               25 year Santoprene seals.
   Senior poem, grade 11 – Landon Beisel. Dover Bay sec-                   Sunday, June 19th. Annual branch Golf Tournament
ondary; poster grade 7. Joanna Lee, McGirr elementary; col-                  and dinner $45
or poster, grade 6 – Neda Nateghi – Rutherford elementary.                 Monday, May 16th, general meeting 7pm.
Two other winners did not attend, Miles Lang poster grade 2                General meetings the 3rd. Monday of each month at 7
Seaview elementary and Dane Feehey essay grade 1. Ruther-                    pm.
ford elementary.                                                             For full details of coming events see branch notice              Check out our sunrooms and                 250-591-7474
    Membership – Georgina reported that this month’s mem-                     Boards and the website at “Lantzville legion 257”               testimonials at:
bership total shows a distinct drop from last month due to the                                                                      
Page 8 The Log Serving Lantzville and Area - May, 2011                                                                                                                                   Community
              CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                           Business Directory
                FIR FIREWOOD
          $140 Unsplit Cord. 250-390-3344                   COMMERCIAL SERVICES
                                                                                                                                            Island West Paving Stone .............................250-390-1155
                                                            Slegg Lumber ...............................................250-390-1207
           SHOPRIDER SCOOTER                                                                                                                  Lantzville
                                                              7187 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
All-season canopy, well maintained. $950 OBO                                                                                                LEGAL
                                                            CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATIONS
Ph 250-729-6405                                                                                                                             Petley - Jones Law Corporation ...................250-758-7370
                                                            Acorn Home Services .....................................250-591-7474
                                                                                                                                              5732 Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo
  15 year old experienced babysitter available in           All the Way Roofing .......................................250-713-5818         MAGAZINES
 Lantzville.Babysitter’s Certificate, CPR First Aid           Lantzville                                                                    Synergy
  certified, 8 years in Girl Guides $7/hour. Call           GasWise Heating Service...............................250-729-0576                Lantzville
  Kassidy, 390-0256 or email                Hi-Tec Industries ............................................250-390-2122      MEDICAL SERVICES
                                                              Mfg of roof trusses & supplier of engineered beams                            Central Drugs ...............................................250-390-4423
                     Seaview                                Nancy’s Electrical Service ............................250-390-3133
(Con’t from front cover)                                                                                                                     7186 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
                                                                                                                          cell 755-9512     Lantzville Dental Clinic ...............................250-390-2832
money to this endeavor; car washes are in the works,        FINANCIAL SERVICES                                                                7180 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
and on a recent completely student-organized bake           Dundee Wealth, Darren Pedersen ..................250-390-4200
sale they raised $232.00 towards the, yet to be deter-                                                                                      PERSONAL HEALTH & FITNESS
                                                            Emmanuel Lint, CFP- ext. 234 .....................250-729-0904
mined, animal.                                                                                                                              Seabreeze Massage ........................................250-729-6135
       In the same vein, with regards to social respon-     GRAPHIC DESIGN & WEBSITES                                                         Lantzville
sibility, our students recently raised money for heart      Island’s Edge Graphics .................................250-668-5395            Shima Karate .................................................250-390-4268
disease in our annual “Jump Rope for Heart” day.              Lantzville                                                                      #1-7217 Lantzville Rd, Lantzville
Our school raised over $2,000.00 to donate to the           V3 mediaworks ...............................................250-933-3333
cause with our very own Jenny Boyle single-handed-            Suite 4 - 7221 Lantzville Rd, Lantzville                                      PET CARE
ly raising an enormous amount.                                                                                                              Del Norte Kennels .........................................250-390-3289
      Our annual literacy fair is happening next week,      HAIR SALONS & PERSONAL BEAUTY                                                    7491 Lantzville Rd, Lantzville
and the children will be given the opportunity to           Donna’s Hair Design .....................................250-390-9257
showcase levels of literacy learning in the form of                                                                                         REAL ESTATE
                                                             7340 Harby Road East, Lantzville
displays, plays, projects and writing samples, and                                                                                          Chris Crump ..................................................250-758-7653
essentially their growth in their levels of literacy        HALL RENTALS
                                                            Legion Br#257 ...............................................250-390-2841
                                                                                                                                            RETAIL SERVICES
learning. The try-outs for the talent showcase have
happened and the children fortunate enough to have            7225 Lantzville Rd., Lantzville                                               Keller’s Jewellers Ltd ..................................250-390-9089
their name drawn will need to practice honing their                                                                                          7180 Lantzville Rd, Lantzville
performance in preparation for the actual event on          INTERIOR DESIGN
                                                            Fabrications Drapery & Blinds ....................250-390-3854                  SENIORS’ CARE
May 18th. This is a wonderful opportunity for the                                                                                           Sandra’s Senior Self Support .......................250-797-2636
children in the audience to see performances by their         7787 Lantzville Road, Lantzville
peers that are excellent as a result of the commitment                                                                                        Lantzville
and continual practice over time. As usual, our Par-
ent Appreciation Tea will follow in the library.            gb Services .....................................................250-390-3855
       Basketball season has come and gone with our           Dickenson Road, Lantzville
children demonstrating expected growth. Equally
importantly, they have displayed good sportsmanship
when winning and losing with grace. “Crazy hat and
                                                                        ADVERTISING RATES • 10% DISCOUNT ON 3 MO. PREPAID ADS
hair day” was both morale boosting and hilarious as                              3” x 1.5” - $31, 3” x 3” - $58, 3” x 4”- $73, 3” x 5” - $82,
many students and staff put a great effort into looking
as ridiculous as possible.                                                          10” x 2” - $87, 10” x 2” - $91, Larger +$4.35/sq. in.
      We at Seaview are so grateful for the support we               Business Directory $35 for 3 mo, Classified Ad 120 char. $10/mo, Flyer Inserts $135
receive to make the children’s’ school experience en-
riching, meaningful, and authentic. Our PAC parents                               Call Julie Winkel 250-668-5395 or email:
work tirelessly in their fundraising efforts to provide
money to enhance children’s’ learning. The countless
hours they spend in raising funds through hot dog and
hot lunch sales, raffle ticket sales for gift baskets and
Seaview clothing orders are just a few of these. The
money they raise helps with field trip costs, but it also                                                                                                        Snap shots from Seaview’s Grade 1/2
provides the funds for classroom initiatives such as                                                                                                             class on field trip releasing 94 salmon
materials for special projects and events. Things like                                                                                                                   fry into Blood’s Creek.
holiday craft materials, buying butterfly larvae, etc.,
etc., are possible due to the Herculean efforts of these
parents and augment and enrich learning The dona-
tion of hot dogs by our local Quality Foods make these
events particularly lucrative and are an enormous fi-
nancial help by this very generous store. Other help
for our school has come in the form of a donation
from St. Phillips by the Sea Anglican church that has
generously donated funds to further provide activities
and materials to our children.
      There are just two months left in our school year
but much curriculum still needs to be covered and we
will continue to work briskly! Seaview School con-
tinues to be a whirlwind of curricular, extra-curricular
and social adventures. As such, it continues to be a
great place to work and learn.

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