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					Systems Management:

   The key to lower TCO
                      High Cost of PDA’s

-Average Handheld TCO is $3,000 per year.
-Average Wireless Handheld TCO is $4,554 per year.

       Average Cost of Handheld is $300

                                               Source: Gartner Group
           High Cost of mobile

Capital Costs    Operations

Administration   End User

                              Source: Gartner Group
                                                 Mobile Device Cost of
          Handheld Yearly TCO
                                                                                TCO Components
$5,000                                                                                      Device
$4,000                                                                                      Modem
$3,000                                                                                      Connectivity
$2,000                                                                                      Training
$1,000                                                                                      Deployment
   $0                                                                                       Software
                                                                                            Support
     Gartner*   Insurance Client        Pharma Client
                                                                                            User Operations
  Laptop TCO Roughly $9,000

                * “The True Costs and Benefits of Mobile Wireless Devices”, Gartner Research Note, May 2002
                      Mobile Device Cost of

TCO Components
   Hardware
      Device
      Modem
      Memory Cards
                       Mobile Device Cost of

TCO Components
   Connectivity
      Security
         VPN
         Proxy
      Wireless Plan
         Data
         Voice
         Coverage
         Sync
                     Mobile Device Cost of

TCO Components
   Management
      Deployment          Mobile Infrastructure
      Troubleshooting
      Disaster Recovery
                           Solution must provide
      Software Delivery   good Systems
      Asset Management    Management to
      Training            overcome high TCO
                                 Scary Facts

“Between 250,000 and 300,000 handheld devices are lost each year
at airports, hotels, and customer sites—often with no password
protection in place”

“300 phones and devices are left in London cabs per week.”

   “Only 23% of PDAs are company-owned. 2 of 3 are supplied
   without any formal PDA policy or security guidelines”
                                          Systems Management

“Along with desktop management tools, policy management and
„healing tools‟ are two key contributors to lowering costs by as much
as 18 percent to 26 percent against base TCO numbers.”

                                                                      -Gartner Group*
   Handheld Annual TCO                     $3,500                 Laptop Annual TCO                             $9,500
   22% Savings                             $ 770                  22% Savings                                   $2,090
   Solution Cost/User                      $ 90                   Solution Cost/User                            $ 200
   One Year ROI                            755%                   One Year ROI                                  945%

        * “Mobile Device Management and Synchronization: Take Control or Lose Control”, Gartner ITXpo October 2001
Systems Management
What does is do?

            Device Configuration

            Software Installations

             Software Updates

                   Device Backup

              Hardware Inventory

              Software Inventory
           Mobile challenges

•   Security
•   Deployment options
•   Expensive bandwidth
•   Bandwidth is hard to find
•   Unreliable wireless connections
•   Usage patterns
•   Device management
•   User adoption
               Security Considerations

        Account Shut Out

 Encryption              Credential expiration
                               RAS Settings

      Secure Communications
Secure Device frequency
   Connection               Device deactivation
    Secure Data On Device
                                  Invalid login attempts

                 Secure Network
                       Sync disable thresholds
      Usability Password enforcement
             Corporate data is at risk.

•   Security metrics
    –   1 in 4 users not bothering to protect their PDA with a
    –   71% don't use encryption
•   Corporate usage
    –   23% of PDAs are company-owned
        •   2 of 3 are supplied without any formal PDA policy or security
    –   89% of workers use PDAs as a business Calendar
    –   36% store corporate information
    –   Just under half of those surveyed used PDAs to store
        passwords and PIN numbers
    Secure the devices right

•   Protect against theft
•   Enforce PIN entry
•   Encrypt data stored on device
•   Biometric sign-on
•   Don’t over-secure!
    Security Options
    Dealing with Theft and Loss

                   Push to PDA phones
2                       During sync
                      for other devices

         Usability vs. Security

• Be realistic about security
• Users will not accept difficult
  logon routine
• Some procedures will lock user out
                         Deployment Options

Key Takeaways:   •   Administratively controlled
                 •   OTA or Cradle provisioning
                 •   Little or no user intervention
                 •   Flexibility with availability (web site,
                     extracting executable)
                            Device Configuration
                          Profiles for Device Characteristics
                                   Backlight settings
                Push                       VPN     Reverse Proxy
Authentication Method
                           Credential expiration
              Sync Server IP Address
                                           RAS Settings
   Encryption options
                    Device deactivation
 DNS Entries                Ports
       Connection frequency Power management
                                   Invalid login attempts

               Memory allocation
      Auto update                  Sync disable thresholds
                            Password enforcement
The power of profiling

               Device Configs

  Auto Updates

           Connection Rules
                           Managing Bandwidth

What to look for:
                    •   Guaranteed Delivery
                    •   Check Point Restart
                    •   Compression
                    •   Bandwidth Management
                    •   Delta Change Management
                        Software Distribution

What to look for:• Packaged Installs
               •   Custom Installs
               •   Performed Offline
               •   Rollback
               •   CPR
               •   Publish and subscribe model
               •   Flexibility scripting and actions
                       Software Distribution

Key Takeaways: •   Eliminates ongoing redistribution of
              •    Ensure software appears in inventory
                   (add/remove programs)
              •    Optimize install, update or uninstall
              •    Bandwidth optimization
              •    End user is always a problem
                         Collecting Inventory

Full Hardware Inventory:          Full Software Inventory:
• For a variety of device types   • For a variety of device types
• Alerts based on information     • Review by user files/ apps
  collected                         delivered
                                  • User’s state at anytime
• Tools for troubleshooting
                                  • Publication’s state at anytime
• View by manufacturer,
  platform, or OS
 Collecting Inventory
 What do you need it for?:

• Device Tracking/Policing
• Software Delivery **
• General Admin and Reporting
 Collecting Inventory
 Good Systems Management must:

• Store data in database
• Provide adequate reports
• Use device assets as criteria for
  software distribution
• Have broad device coverage
• Accommodate for mobile
• Provide alert mechanisms
User Adoption: Mobile
            Usage patterns

•   Push Technology
•   Incremental sync
•   Cradle Sync
•   Wireless Sync
•   Combination
                         Usage patterns

Key Takeaways: •Use Push Technology whenever
              • Encourage User Flexibility
              • Get a solution that does adequate
                            Drivers for ROI

•   Resolving helpdesk calls faster
•   Eliminating costs of sending CDs with software updates
•   Preventing downtime from impacting user productivity
•   Shipping fewer devices for maintenance
•   Keeping users focused on task…not device maintenance
•   Improving communications efficiency to save money
•   Reducing travel cost for IT support staff
•   Increasing the ratio of devices to support staff
                          ROI from Software
Shipping CDs to Users                       Automated Deployment


  $240,000 per year                             $34,000 per year
                                               611% ROI
   Assumptions 1000 employees; 4 installs per year; $10 to burn & ship CD;
                  25 minutes to install; user value is $100 / hr; 10% call
                  helpdesk with issues; 35 minutes to fix problems; cost of
                  helpdesk $50/hr; $90 / user to implement; 3 year
                  amortization; 2MB avg install; $1 / MB wireline connectivity.
                         Savings from Alerts

Minimizing Downtime                                 $ 210,000 / yr
      1000 employees; 10% users connect per hour; 2 hours
      saved by alerts; 35 minutes to address issues; user value
      $100 / hr; helpdesk cost $50 / hr; 1 incident per month

Preventing Problems                                 $ 175,000 / yr
      1000 employees; 2 incidents per year; 35 minutes to
      correct; user value $100 / hr; helpdesk cost $50 / hr;
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