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Paxon School for Advanced Studies
       Junior Parents Night
            Andrea Ashley
           Krystal Culpepper
           Andrea Cummings
             Charles Mills
            Counselor Breakdown
Andrea Ashley, ext. 117
Allen – Ignacio

Krystal Culpepper, ext. 120
All IB Students

Andrea Cummings, ext. 110
Jackson – Powe

Charles Mills, ext. 122
Quaintance – Winn
  October 13, 2010 during the school day at Paxon.
  National Merit, National Achievement, and National Hispanic
   Scholarship qualifications are based on 11th grade PSAT scores

 ACT:
  Offered in September, October, December, February, April, and June
  Register at
  Practice ACT will be offered for Paxon students this year

 SAT:
  Offered in October, November, December, January, March, May, and
  Register at
        Graduation Requirements

 English: 4 Credits
 Mathematics: 4 Credits (1 Geom, 1 Alg II, 2
 Science: 4 Credits (1 Biology, 2 Physical Sciences,
  1 additional)
 Social Studies: 4 Credits (1 World History, 1
  American History, ½ American Government, ½
  Economics and 1 additional History)
 World Language: 2 credits (consecutive in the same
      Graduation Requirements Cont.

 Visual/Performing Art: 1 Credit
 HOPE – 1 Credit
 Additional Electives
 AP Requirement: 6 Credits
 Passing scored on the FCAT: grade 10
 Cumulative unweighted 2.0 GPA

          Bright Futures Requirements
Recipients will receive a fixed cost per credit hour
award based on:

1. Award Level – FAS, FMS or GSV
2. Institution Type – 4-yr, 2-yr or Vocational/Technical
3. Credit Type – semester, quarter or clock hour

 Florida Academic Scholars
  3.5 B.F.* GPA, 1270 SAT or 28 ACT, 75 hours of community
 Florida Medallion Scholars
  3.0 B.F.* GPA, 980 SAT or 21 ACT.
    Bright Futures Requirements Cont.
    The Bright Futures GPA is calculated based on the following:

4 credits of English                  The student’s best
                                      grades in each subject
3 credits of Science                  area will be used
(3 Natural and 2 with Lab)

3 credits of Social Science           All semester Honors and
                                      AP courses receive .25
                                      weighting (A= 2.25, B= 1.75,
4 credits of math                     C=1.25)

2 credits of Foreign Language
(Total of 16 Credits)

Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA
All courses are on a semester basis.
                  Unweighted (state) GPA
            A = 2.0                      C = 1.0
            B = 1.5                      D = 0.5
                  Weighted (district) GPA
                Honors, AP and IB classes = .5
             A = 2.5                      C =1.5
             B = 2.0                     D =1.0
                     Bright Futures GPA
            A = 2.25                    C = 1.25
            B = 1.75                    D = 0.75
    Bright Futures Requirements Cont.

 See bright futures website for more information -

 Students may use up to 2 additional credits from
  courses in the academic areas listed above as well as
  AP, IB or ACE fine arts courses to raise the GPA.

                 Community Service
 Paxon SAS requires that all students perform a minimum
  of 75 hours of community service.
 Students cannot be paid for the service, and it must be
  performed at a not for profit agency. Be very careful with
  doing service at/through religious institutions – not every
  thing counts
 To eliminate headaches later, ALWAYS check with your
  counselor BEFORE starting the service hours

       Ideas for Community Service

Summer Camps       Zoo
Museums            Nursing Homes
Schools/tutoring   Habitat for Humanity
Animal Shelters    Teen court
Food Banks         Hospitals
City Clean-Ups     Walk-A-Thons
Soup Kitchens      Parks and Recreation
Humane Society     Library
          Once Service is Complete
 3 forms must be turned in to guidance.

    Community Service Self-Evaluation Form
    Community Service Leader Evaluation Form
    Community Service Log Form

 Forms are available on Paxon’s website: under guidance

* Only hours turned by May of the Junior year will be
  reflected on the student’s transcript sent to colleges during
  the application process.
    Hours turned in during the senior year will only show up
     on the Final Transcript sent to colleges in May after the
     Senior year
                College Planning
 Start visiting colleges and universities THIS year.
 Colleges visit Paxon to speak to students
   Schedule posted outside of guidance and on daily
   Students must have teacher permission to miss class to
 Have decisions about where to apply made by the end of the
  summer of the junior year.
 College Search Tools:
   College Fair
Jacksonville National College Fair
October 16, 2010

9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Prime Osborn Convention Center

                 College Fair
 Information Sessions
   Bright Futures Scholarship Program
   Federal Financial Aid
   College Planning Nuts and Bolts
   – Online Academic Advising
   Writing The College Admissions Essay
   Historically Black Colleges and Universities
   Scholarship Search Tips
   Get With The Times And Use The Web


Click on High School Students

Career Interest Inventory

                                Bright Futures

               College Search
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