The Intelligent Solution to Dry Eye

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					The Intelligent Solution to Dry Eye
Using innovative technology to set a new standard in Punctal Occlusion Devices
               The Intelligent Solution to Dry Eye
               Using innovative technology to set a new standard in Punctal Occlusion Devices

      Editor, William P. Weber, Ph.D.                                               Inventor, Stephen Zhou, Ph.D.
      Professor, Director of                                                        Dr. Stephen Zhou earned his BS and MS degrees in Organic
                                                                                    Chemistry in China, and a Ph.D. in Polymer Material Sciences from
      Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute                                          the University of Southern California, USA. Following a period as
      University of Southern California                                             Director of Research for Pharmacia Corporation, Dr. Zhou joined
      Los Angeles USA                                                               Medennium in 1999 as Vice President of Research. Since 1990 Dr.
                                                                                    Zhou has received patents for a high refractive index silicone
      Professor Weber earned his BS degree from the University of Chicago           material, heparin surface modification, hydrogel materials, and
      in 1963 and his PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University in 1968.             several patents in the area of “smart” materials; notably drug
      He joined University of Southern California as an Assistant Professor         delivery devices, accomodative lenses and SmartPlug.
      in 1968 and has been a full Professor since 1978.

      Professor Weber’s main research area includes synthesis of stereo-            Clinical Investigator,
      regular polycarbosilanes, functional polysiloxanes, and copolymers
      thereof as well as their applications as ceramic precursors and               Christian Spaleck, M.D.
      functional silicones. Both of them have been extensively studied as           Christian Spaleck, M.D., did his medical training and residency at
      medical implant materials. He is the author or co-author of                   the University of Munich, Germany. Dr Spaleck is in group practice
      approximately 250 publications, nine patents, and two books.                  in Eichstätt and in private practice at the Ambulatory Surgery
                                                                                    Center in Ingolstadt, Germany; where he specializes in cataract and
      Professor Weber believes the use of the thermosensitive hydrophobic
                                                                                    refractive surgery. Dr Spaleck is an active member of the European
      acrylic polymer for SmartPlug is just a beginning of an era where an
                                                                                    Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) presenting
      increasing number of smart materials find their uses in the medical
                                                                                    several papers at their annual meeting and a member of the
      field. The advances in smart material research have resulted in
                                                                                    American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), with
      numerous medical devices, which in one way or another have a smart
                                                                                    specific involvement in the ASCRS Special Interest Group for
      function – sensing a stimulus and responding accordingly to give a
                                                                                    Intraocular Lenses. He has coauthored "The Atlas of Cataract
      useful function.
                                                                                    Surgery", (Martin Dunitz, 1999). Dr Spaleck is a clinical investigator
                                                                                    for the SmartPlug.

Dry Eye Syndrome
The causes of dry eye syndrome are varied                             A conventional punctum plug
and complex, however the symptoms of
dryness, redness, grittiness or related ocular
sensations derive from an imbalance in the
quantity or quality of tears. The incidence of
dry eye syndrome is expected to increase
substantially as a consequence of nerve
damage due to LASIK procedures1 and
cosmetic eyelid surgery (i.e. blepharoplasty).
Treatments include use of artificial tear
eyedrops, in which effectiveness is limited by
patient compliance, or physically plugging
the punctum, the lacrimal drain, thereby
increasing the residence time of the tear film8.
The punctum can be plugged irreversibly by          To insert a conventional punctum plug, the
cautery or laser treatment, or reversibly by a      physician or optometrist first must use a        To insert a conventional punctum
device called a punctum plug6. Insertion of         gauging device to measure the patient’s          plug, the physician or optometrist
                                                                                                     first must use a gauging device to
punctum plugs has been demonstrated to be           punctum, and based on the measurement,
                                                                                                     measure the patient’s punctum.
an effective treatment for dry eye                  chooses one of 5 plug sizes from inventory.
syndrome2, 3, 4, 5, 12.                             Because these plugs are made of flexible
                                                    silicone, which is not rigid enough to simply
Currently used punctum plugs                        insert directly into the punctum, the punctum
                                                    must be dilated. This allows about 30 seconds
Punctum plugs have been in use for more
                                                    to insert a punctum plug before the punctum
than 20 years, during which time their design
                                                    closes and grips the plug.
has changed little3, 6. Usually made of silicone,
they consist of a conical head, a cylindrical       Silicone punctum plugs can migrate
body which is sometimes ribbed, and a cap.          downstream in the lacrimal drain system and
The plug is inserted head-first into the            become irretrievable, in rare cases causing
punctum with the cap exposed. Some                  inflammation, dacryocyctitis, or
patients experience irritation from the             canaliculitis7, 9 ,11. Growth and adherence of
protruding cap as they blink. The conical head      tissue around the very design features
and ribs or other similar features are intended     intended to help resist extrusion of the
to resist extrusion of the plug, which can          traditional punctum plug from its normal,
occur within 3 months in up to 50% of cases2.       intended location complicate its removal,
                                                    sometimes necessitating surgery.

                         A “Smart” Material Allows an Advanced Punctum Plug Design
                                            SmartPlug employs a novel design                    After insertion, as SmartPlug equilibrates to
                                            (US Patent No. 6,234,175B1) to greatly simplify     body temperature, the “smart” material softens
                                            insertion of the device while eliminating the       and expands to fit the patient’s punctum. This
                                            possibility of ocular irritation due to cap         expansion force fixates the SmartPlug in the
                                            protrusion. The technological leap that made        vertical portion of the punctum.
                                            SmartPlug possible was development of a
                                                                                                The thermosensitive hydrophobic acrylic
                                            new “smart” material by polymer scientists at
                                                                                                material of SmartPlug has two “smart”
                                            Medennium. A “smart” material can be defined
                                                                                                properties. The first “smart” property is its
                                            as a material that alters its physical properties
                                                                                                transition from rigid solid to soft gel at around
                                            in response to an external stimulus. The
                                                                                                30°C. The second “smart” property manifests
                                            recent emergence of various “smart” materials
                                                                                                itself while it is expanding in diameter from
                                            and their diverse applications represent the
                                                                                                0.4 mm up to 1 mm during the temperature
                                            cutting edge of materials science10.
                                                                                                induced solid to gel transition. This expansion
                                            The “smart” material developed for SmartPlug        in diameter is accompanied by a decrease in
                                            alters its physical state between a rigid solid     the length of SmartPlug.
                                            and a soft gel in response to temperature
                                                                                                When the force exerted by the expansion of
                                            changes in its environment. This
                                                                                                SmartPlug equals the force of resistance of
                                            thermosensitive hydrophobic acrylic material
                                                                                                the surrounding tissue of the punctum,
                                            is solid at room temperature but becomes a
                                                                                                expansion ceases. This second “smart”
                                            soft gel at body temperature (or at any
                                                                                                property of the thermo sensitive hydrophobic
                                            temperature above 30°C). The rigidity of the
                                                                                                acrylic material causes SmartPlug to conform
                                            “smart” material at room temperature allows
                                                                                                to the shape of the patient’s punctum.
                                            insertion of the rod shaped SmartPlug
                                            without prior dilation of the punctum.

 The rigidity of the “smart” material at
 room temperature allows insertion of
   the rod shaped SmartPlug without
   prior dilation of the punctum. After
             insertion, as the SmartPlug
 equilibrates to body temperature, the
“smart” material softens and expands
       to fit the patient’s punctum. This
expansion in diameter is accompanied
     by a decrease in the length of the
                                            SmartPlug Before Insertion                          SmartPlug In Final Position and Shape

                                                                           Insertion of SmartPlug™
SmartPlug is packaged in a silicone carrier        body heat causes SmartPlug to expand in
                                                                                                      Two-thirds of SmartPlug is inserted
which prevents premature expansion due to          diameter, conforming to the patient’s
                                                                                                      into the punctum and one-third is
elevated temperature. Removal from its carrier     punctum. A concomitant decrease in length          left protruding from the punctum.
is simplified by using Push Rod (Medennium         “draws in” the portion of SmartPlug left outside   SmartPlug in its final position is
Model 503) and forceps with a central groove       the punctum. There is no protruding cap left       completely contained within the
                                                                                                      lower vertical punctum.
(Medennium Model 502). SmartPlug is a rigid        externally. SmartPlug in its final position is
solid at room temperature, formed in a             completely contained within the lower
prestretched slender rod ready for immediate       vertical punctum.
insertion. The rod is approximately 0.4 mm in
                                                   Removal of SmartPlug is via irrigation. Simply
diameter and rigid, allowing insertion without
                                                   introduce a cannula into the lower punctum
prior punctual dilation. Because SmartPlug
                                                   and irrigate using a syringe of saline solution.
expands in diameter once inserted into the
                                                   The downward pressure of the saline on
patient’s punctum, one size SmartPlug fits a
                                                   SmartPlug overcomes the expansion force
range of punctum sizes, thus measurement of
                                                   that is holding SmartPlug in place. In addition,
the patient’s punctum is unnecessary.
                                                   SmartPlug’s hydrophobic material becomes
Centrally grooved forceps (Medennium Model         slippery when bathed in the irrigating solution
502), may also be used for insertion. Since the    to eliminate tissue adhesion. This property
SmartPlug is longer than a collagen plug (9        combined with the uniform shape of the plug
mm as compared to 2 mm for collagen plugs),        and gel-like consistency is designed to
it is designed to be easier to see and to grasp.   facilitate the complete passage through the
Two-thirds of SmartPlug is inserted into the       lacrimal system. The small size and gel like
punctum and one-third is left protruding from      nature of the plug means that it may not
the punctum. Immediately following insertion,      always be identified.

          Safety and Efficacy of SmartPlug™

The thermosensitive hydrophobic acrylic                        Table 1. Biocompatiblity of Smart Plug™ Material13
material used in SmartPlug was tested as                       Test                                          Result
recommended in ISO 10993 Biological
                                                               ISO Agarose Overlay (extract and direct)      Non-toxic
Evaluation of Medical Devices and the FDA
                                                               ISO MEM elution                               Non-toxic
Blue Book Memorandum material                                  Ames Assay (mutagenicity)                     Non-Mutagenic
biocompatibility matrix. The results (Table 1)                 ISO Implantation Test                         Acceptable
indicate that the material used in SmartPlug                   Maximization Sensitization                    0% Sensitization
is safe and fully biocompatible.                               Exhaustive Extraction - Non-Polar             0.2% Extractables
                                                               Exhaustive Extraction - Aqueous               0.0% Extractables
                                                               Acute Systemic Toxicity                       Non-toxic
                                                               Subchronic Toxicity Assay                     Non-toxic

                                   Human Clinical Study of SmartPlug™ 13
The results of the study suggest
                                   A prospective, randomized, open-label             In addition, SmartPlug treated eyes (but not
   that SmartPlug is a safe and
 effective treatment for dry eye   evaluation of SmartPlug and a commercial          the silicone punctum plug treated eyes) were
                      syndrome.    silicone punctum plug was performed in a          evaluated as having decreased burning and
                                   clinical study of 31 patients with dry eye        stinging, foreign body sensation, tearing,
                                   syndrome in Bellflower, California, USA.          discharge and photophobia symptoms.13
                                   SmartPlug was inserted in the lower punctum
                                                                                     No unusual findings were observed by slit-
                                   of one eye and a silicone punctum plug in the
                                                                                     lamp microscopy. Notably, 6 silicone punctum
                                   other eye. Patients were evaluated for 3
                                                                                     plugs were extruded during the study and had
                                   months, after which SmartPlugs were
                                                                                     to be replaced. No SmartPlug was extruded.
                                   removed by irrigation and the conventional
                                   silicone plugs were removed directly.             Removal of SmartPlugs consisted of irrigation
                                   Patients were further evaluated at 2 weeks        with an isotonic saline solution. A lower
                                   post-removal.                                     punctum irrigation test of each subject
                                                                                     established a patent lacrimal system.
                                   Data from both plugs show increased basal
                                   tear secretion as determined by objective         Following the 2-week period without
                                   measurement, and decreased itching, blurring,     punctum plugs at the end of the study, all
                                   dryness, and soreness, as evaluated               patients reverted to their previous dry eye
                                   subjectively. Eyes treated with SmartPlug         symptoms.
                                   showed less erosion and surface defects as        The results of the study suggest that
                                   determined by fluorescein staining, whereas       SmartPlug is a safe and effective treatment for
                                   eyes treated with silicone punctum plugs          dry eye syndrome.
                                   showed more devitalized tissue as
                                   determined by Rose Bengal staining.

                                                                             Advantages of Smart Plug™

Treatment of dry eye syndrome by insertion
of SmartPlug into the punctum offers several                      Table 2. Comparison of SmartPlug™
advantages over currently available silicone                         with silicone punctum plugs
punctum plugs (Table 2). Because the one size                                         SmartPlug™               Silicone plugs
of SmartPlug is designed to fit a range of
                                                    Gauging patient’s punctum         Not necessary            Required
puncta, an inventory of multiple sizes of plugs
                                                    Sizes                             One size                 5 to 7 sizes
need not be maintained. Measurement of the          Dilation of punctum               Not necessary            Required
patient’s punctum is no longer necessary, nor       Insertion device                  Forceps                  Specialized inserter
is the gauging device used for this purpose.        Protruding cap                    None                     Yes
Because SmartPlug is designed to expand
after insertion to fit the contours inside the
punctum, dilation of the punctum (necessary
to insert silicone punctum plugs) is
eliminated. SmartPlug is a rigid rod at room                                                    7. Nelson CC. Complications of
                                                    1. Ang RT, Dartt DA, Tsubota K. Dry
temperature, simple to insert with grooved             eye after refractive surgery. Curr          Freeman plugs. Arch
forceps – a specialized inserter is not required.      Opin Ophthalmol. 2001;12:318-                  Ophthalmol. 1991;109:923-924.
Once inserted, no cap protrudes to potentially         322.                                     8. Owens H, Phillips J. Spreading of
irritate or scratch the patient’s cornea.                                                             the tears after a blink: velocity
                                                    2. Balaram M, Schaumberg DA, Dana
SmartPlug is to be removed by simple                   MR. Efficacy and tolerability                  and stabilization time in healthy
irrigation with isotonic saline.                       outcomes after punctal occlusion               eyes. Cornea. 2001;20:484-487.
                                                       with silicone plugs in dry eye
                                                                                                9. Rumelt S, Remulla H, Rubin PA.
                                                       syndrome. Am J Ophthalmol.                  Silicone punctal placement
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                                                    3. Freeman JM. The punctum plug:                  canaliculitis. Cornea.
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               Conclusion                              1975;79:OP874-879.
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                                                                                                      John Wiley; 2000.
                                                    4. Giovagnoli D, Graham SJ. Inferior
                                                                                                11. Soparkar CN, Patrinely JR, Hunts
                                                       punctal occlusion with                       J, Linberg JV, Kersten RC,
SmartPlug represents an intelligent
                                                       removable silicone punctal plugs
application of materials technology setting a                                                         Anderson R. The perils of
                                                       in the treatment of dry-eye                    permanent punctal plugs. Am J
new standard in punctal occlusion devices.             related contact lens discomfort. J
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SmartPlug offers real benefits over currently          Am Optom Assoc. 1992;63:481-
used silicone punctum plugs both to                    485.                                     12. Willis RM, Folberg R, Krachmer
physicians and to patients suffering from dry                                                         JH, Holland EJ. The treatment of
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                                    The Intelligent Solution to Dry Eye
                                    Using innovative technology to set a new standard in Punctal Occlusion Devices

                                                                                                                     A New Way of Seeing

Approved for sale in Canada.
Limited by Federal law to investigational use in the USA.
P/N 100403 REV A
MP 500-1101-5K

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