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					APRIL, 2009   NUMBER 192

                           Drawing by
                           Marie Middleton
   Toronto Hydroplane and
 Sailing Club Executive Board
                                        Rules Night Seminar—Thursday, April 16—Brian Chapman of UK Halsey Sails
                                        will bring us up-to-date on the new racing rules. And some old ones. 1900 hrs.
             Marguerite Ethier          LAUNCH DAY—Saturday, May 2—7 a.m. start. See our Harbourmaster’s report
               (416) 865-2979           on page 4.
         email: methier@litigate.com    Racer’s Meeting and Measuring—Wednesday, May 6—This year’s racing will be
           PAST COMMODORE               discussed and any sails needing to be measured, this is the time to do it.
                  Lee Rixon             ABYC In-Bound Cruise—May 9–10—A tough slog to weather for our visitors.
              (416) 724-5281
          email: lrixon@rogers.com      Warm Up Race—Wednesday, May 13—Time to see if all the bits are fastened.
         VICE COMMODORE                 Ice Breaker Race—Saturday, May 16—Another chance to see if all the systems
             Elizabeth Marin            are working properly. And after, The Beer Commodore’s Warm-Up Special.
             (416) 423-0845
      email: e-marin@sympatico.ca       Reciprocal Cruise with BPYC—May 16–18—See our Cruise Director’s report or
                                        bulletin board for all the details about this year’s cruises.
                Greg Smith              Long Weekend Club Breakfast—Sunday, May 17—Come down and enjoy the
              (416) 261-9569            morning at the Club. The day is guaranteed to be, well, not dark and not hungry.
      email: gd-smith@sympatico.ca      Series I Race I—Wednesday, May 20—The start of our racing season. Come and
         HARBOUR MASTER                 join us for a summer of fun. Start using your boat on Wednesdays, too.
               Bob Prosper
              (416) 423-9584            ABYC Skipper’s Plan Regatta—May 23–24—Lots of activity next door.
      email: bobprosper@primus.ca       Series I Race II—Wednesday, May 27—Start racing whenever you like. If you
        PROPERTY MANAGER                miss the start of the season, come later. Start using your boat on Wednesdays, too.
                Don Bland               Series I Race III—Wednesday, June 3—The evenings are long. Come and race
              (905) 428-7380            with us and enjoy the evening too.
      email: blandone@hotmail.com
                                        SAILPAST—Saturday, June 6—Our premier event of the year. Everyone is welcome.
           Peggy Wheatstone             Series I Race IV—Wednesday, June 10—Practice for the next series.
             (416) 245-7304
    email: wheatstone@sympatico.ca
                                        Cruise to Hanlan’s Point— June 13 & 14—Not too far away.
              SECRETARY                 Series I Race V—Wednesday, June 17—Last race of Series I.
           Peggy Wheatstone             Ken Deas Memorial Club Regatta—Saturday, June 20—Let’s have lots of people
             (416) 245-7304             on the race course today. Ken would have been out there.
    email: wheatstone@sympatico.ca
                                        Series II Race I—Wednesday, June 24—First race of a new Series. Aim high.
            Jackie Znamerowski          Cruise to PCYC—June 27 & 28—A wonderful destination. Sign up early.
               (416) 272-2505           Series II Race II—Wednesday, July 1—No time to race except today? Let’s do
   email: jznamerowski@sympatico.com    it—come on down! Family Day BBQ too on this Canada Day.
              Tom Monson
                                        Family Day BBQ—Wednesday, July 1—CANADA DAY. Come and enjoy the
             (416) 429-2598             whole day. Watch what the racers do on Wednesday evenings.
           email: tm@primus.ca          Reciprocal Cruise with LSYC— July 4 & 5—We go there—they come here.
      CRUISING FLEET CAPTAIN            Series II Race III—Wednesday, July 8—The heart of summer. Wednesday
               Keith Willson            evenings are a great time to sail and race.
              (416) 759-1846
      email: kwillson@sympatico.ca      Circle of Life Race—Saturday, July 11—A FUN race that anyone can do.
           WAYS AND MEANS
           Meredith Thomas

                                                       LAUNCH DAY
             (416) 925-7582
  email: meredith.thomas@sympatico.ca
             Laurie Prosper
             (416) 720-8876
      email: lauriechan@primus.ca
                                                            Saturday, May 2nd
       RECIPROCALS OFFICER                       All hands to be present for 7 a.m. briefing
              Peter Martyn
             (416) 822-4345
                                                    See Harbourmaster’s report on page 4
    email: pmartyn@world.oberlin.edu

Page 2         SPAR AND PROP                  APRIL 2009I
                                             delighted to report that our landlord
COMMODORE’S                                  the City of Toronto is also on the side     VICE COMMODORE
COMMENTS                                     of recreational boaters on this one—I         Elizabeth Marin

  Marguerite Ethier                          have been told that they have also filed           HE PAST WEEKEND was warm
                                             a request for reconsideration on behalf

          APPY new boating season for                                                           for mid-March and there was lots
          2009! We are overdue for a         of the boat clubs. It is my hope that              of activity at the club as people
          good weather year—I am sure        none of our elected officials wish to be    start to get ready for the new sailing
it will not rain, not even once. I am        responsible for the end of recreational     season. For those of you who have
back from my desert trip to Namibia          boating in Toronto.                         sent me your membership fees, thank
(many days of 40C with no rain), and I            How does this affect us? TH&SC’s       you. There are a few of you who still
have decided I could definitely get          tax assessment has not gone up as           have not paid. Sailing members will be
used to it!                                  much as many others., but it has still      facing penalties for each month late.
      The last few months have been a        gone up an unacceptable amount. We          Unpaid fees mean your boat will not
challenge for the EB, and for the            have participated in the Council of         be launched. Members not in good
boating community. As you probably           Commodore’s initiative, and have filed      standing risk having their membership
all know, the 2008 MPAC property tax         requests for reconsideration and            terminated by the Board.
assessments have now been issued.            appeals. I am optimistic that MPAC               Crew members are also reminded
The last time properties were assessed       will get sensible about this—and the        that the first race is Wednesday,
was 2005. Every property owner in the        numbers will come down to reality.          May 13. After launch I will be
city is feeling the pinch—I understand       Our property tax is a relatively small      canceling the swipes of unpaid
that across the board, assessments have      proportion of our operating budget          members and only members will be
gone up at least 20%, even though in         (we pay it separately from our rent).       notified of gate code changes. Make
most cases, real estate values have          Because the club has been fiscally          sure your membership is up to date.
fallen over the last six months since the    prudent over many years, we can                  On launch I will have membership
properties were “assessed”.                  manage our tax bill this year, even with    cards, parking passes and club burgees
      Unfortunately, boat clubs have         the increase. The EB is monitoring the      for sale. Last year the club sent out a
been hit disproportionately hard. The        situation very carefully, however, and      privacy policy which only about 1/3
assessors appear to have reassessed all      we hope to have good news to report         of members signed. I will be
waterfront property as if it was             in the next few months. If anyone           attempting to complete this program.
redevelopment property, irrespective of      wishes to speak to me or any other EB            As well, some of you did not
actual use or zoning. Even assuming          member about this, please do. We            return your signed bill, which is
some desperate developer wished to           welcome your input.                         needed as it contains the club waiver. I
build a condo across from the                     See you all bright and early on        am looking forward to seeing all of
Ashbridge's water treatment plant, the       launch day, May 2nd. Remember that          you again on launch. _
TH&SC, like many of the GTA clubs, is        you (and not the club) are responsible
on TRCA (Toronto Region Conservation         for the safety of your body and your
Authority) land, and can not be              boat on launch.      _
converted overnight to high rise                                                         TREASURER
condos. Consequently, the idea of                                                          Peggy Wheatstone
rezoning these lands at this rate bears

little resemblance to reality.                                                                  AUNCH is right around the
      This is not just an academic debate.                                                      corner and to all of you who have
The boat clubs in the GTA and further                                                           paid your dues, thank you! Our
afield have received tax assessments                                                     bank account is in healthy shape and
that are, in some cases over 2000%                                                       we have the wherewithal to pay our

                                                 Sail Past
(yes, you read that right) higher than                                                   bills.
the 2005 assessed values. This is, of                                                         For those of you who have been
course, completely absurd. The fact                                                      procrastinating, as I type this, you have
that the tax increases will be phased in                                                 less than 4 weeks. The good news: It is
over four years is of little consolation.          Saturday, June 6th                    not too late! The bad news: boats will
When the tax bills do arrive, they must                                                  only be launched if dues are paid in
be paid, irrespective of appeals or              A whole day of activities:              full. Don’t be disappointed, I hear the
requests for reconsideration. For some                                                   sailing is quite boring in the parking
of the smaller clubs, the very existence            Blessing of the fleet                lot.
of the club is threatened.                      Salute to our Commodore                       Please mail your cheque to Paul
      The Council of Commodores is                                                       Evans by April 15. If you are unable to
                                                   Commodore’s Punch                     do this, we also like cash! Please do
spearheading a response to this
problem. We (together with many                       Delicious Dinner                   NOT however mail your cash or place
other clubs) have retained tax advisors         After-Dinner Entertainment               it in the mailbox. Cash will be accepted
to assist us, and to present a unified            A Wonderful Collection                 in person by Paul Evans or Peggy
front to MPAC. Requests for reconsid-                                                    Wheatstone. To make arrangements,
eration have been filed, and appeals                     of Friends                      Paul’s particulars may be found on
(due March 31) have also been filed by                 Info and tickets at Launch
                                                                                         your invoice. To reach me, please call
almost all the boat clubs. I am                                                          416-245-7304. See you at launch. _

                                                                  APRIL 2009        SPAR AND PROP                         Page 3I
                                            to launch for those interested to know      materials, they are likely to refuse
HARBOURMASTER                               what they will be doing or should have      disposing our shrink wrap in the
  Bob Prosper                               concerns. Let me know if you have any       future. This would be most
                                            injuries or other issues that might         unfortunate. Please see Don Bland’s

           ARGARET ATWOOD once              prevent you doing the job assigned.         article on page 5 in case I have missed
           said, “In the Spring, at the          A note for anyone who has not          anything about disposing of shrink
           end of the day, you should       paid their membership fees—I cannot         wrap.
smell like dirt”. I suppose she is right    put your boat in the water. The                  I’m looking forward to the warm
if you are a gardener. However, the         Harbour Master cannot override the          sunny days out on the water this year.
people I have been associating with         decision of the Board by putting a boat     I’m hoping to see all of you out there.
lately smell like epoxy, sawdust, boat      owned by a member not paid in full in       Don’t forget our great cruise events to
soap, varnish, and many other man-          the water. It is as simple as that!         other clubs on the lake as well as our
made chemicals; but oh how sweet the             I have been working on the slip        racing programs available to you. I
aroma. Launch will be here soon!            assignments and again some changes          have been involved as a participant
     It is Monday, April 6th as I prepare   had to be made to accommodate new           with both and I assure you, it’s a lot of
these notes for the Spar & Prop, and        members as well as request of changes       fun! I would say its fun for the whole
outside falling from the sky is a           from existing members. I need to make       family except for when Paavo is trying
mixture of rain and snow. How many          everyone aware it is not easy to            to acquire a tan from his cockpit out
times in the past have we had been          accommodate everyone’s request.             there on race nights…a tan without tan
teased by those warm days of Spring         There are many factors to determine         lines that is. Cheers everyone!
only to have Old Man Winter arrive at       where a boat can go such as beam,                Your Harbour Monster _
the doorstep yet again? It’s funny how      draft, the other boat sharing the water
autumn just walks in but Spring             space, prop walk, and other
knocks many times.                          maneuvering characteristics. Above all,
     This weekend was our first             some members have special needs and
weekend for the Dock Crew to begin          requirements and I try my absolute
preparations for the coming season          best to be as diplomatic and
and the winds were a factor to be dealt     understanding as possible. In the end,
with on Saturday, while Sunday was          some of you may not be happy, to
more pleasant and much was                  which I say, “Sorry.’
accomplished. I’m hoping for good                As the property becomes busy
weather while continuing to work on         with the sounds of power tools I
the docks.                                  remind you to consider your fellow
     Well, our Launch date this year is     members, their boats, and the
Saturday, May 2nd and I would like to
remind everyone that the rules
                                            environment. There are strict rules
                                            regarding waste disposal and the use                                FOR SALE
stipulate and make clear that anyone        of chemicals. Make yourself aware of
having a vessel on the property must        these regulations and remember, no
be present at launch and haul out.          one is exempt.
                                                                                           15 Kg (33 pound) Danforth Plow
Some people might feel that because              Also make sure your surroundings                   Anchor $50.00
their boat is not being launched or         allow for you to be sanding your hull.
taken out they are excused from being
                                            If the boat next to you has been freshly
present. This is not the case however.      varnished and is down wind from you,         LASER RADIAL— c/w hull and deck
Even though your vessel might not be        the dust from your hull would not be            covers, SEITECH beach dolly,
launched, it may be necessary that          welcomed. Provide a barrier to protect          carbon fibre tiller extension,
your boat be moved from one spot to         others from your mess. If you are new
another, therefore the club would still     to boating or simply new to the club,
                                                                                         blade bag, custom highway trailer,
need your consultation on lift points       please do not hesitate to ask for help or                     etc.
and other factors of concern. Besides       instructions on proper procedures at             Used sparingly. $4,000.00
that, it is just the right thing to do.     the club.
     Our launch day will begin at                By the time you are reading this,                         b
7:00 a.m. SHARP! Please make every          you have probably removed the winter              Call Keith or Joan Willson
effort to be there because it is            cover from your boat. Be sure to                      (416) 759-1846 or
important that everyone be present for      remove any foreign materials such as
all the instruction, job assignments,       ribbon, wood, and foam from your              E-Mail at Kwillson@sympatico.ca
and safety procedures. If for some          shrink wrap prior to putting it in the
reason you cannot be present, you           bin marked for shrink wrap. There are
must make arrangements for another          signs placed about the property
member to be responsible for your           informing you about where to put your
vessel. If this is the case, you need to    shrink wrap and other materials. When
notify me asap.                             mixed materials are found in the bin,
     I will have job assignments on the     we are charged a premium on top of
board at the club about one week prior      the disposal fee. If we continue to mix

Page 4       SPAR AND PROP                        APRIL 2009I
  Don Bland

    T’S SPRING. I know this because
    members who have been
    hibernating are coming down to the
club with a sort of happy dazed
expression, touching their boats and
looking longingly at their slips. Before
we can start doing the bottoms and
scrubbing the topsides we all have
various amounts of cleaning and
prepping to do.
     There is a Turtle Island recycle bin
in the yard. It is for boat shrink wrap
plastic only. As long as this bin
contains shrink wrap material only, the
club will not be charged for using it.
     There is a second large bin for
wood and all other junk from your
boat. I say from your boat because
every year a few of us decide to
deposit their unwanted stuff from the
basement or garage in the club bin,
saving themselves a bit of work and
that way the rest of the members can
end up paying to dump it for them.
     Boat motor oil and anti-freeze
should be poured by the member into
the drums provided. Dead boat
batteries may be put at the oil recycle
area. the club will arrange for a pick up
for them after launch.
     If you haven’t got your work days
in yet there is still time before sailing
season starts. Lots of little half-day
projects. Contact Meredith or me. See
you at launch. _

                                                                               OFFICER OF THE
       BBQ                                                                     DAY MANAGER
       Wednesday, July 1st
                                             Propeller Trade                     Rob Murray

                                                                                      ON’T FORGET to sign up for
                                            I have a brass folding propeller          your Officer of the Day (OOD)
    Celebrate Canada Day                                                              time slot. You only have until
                                               on my boat which I would        Launch to choose your time slot. The
         at the Club                               like to exchange for a      sign-up schedule is available at the
                                                      regular propeller.       OOD Station in the clubhouse. _
         Use your boat                         If interested, let me know.
        Attend the BBQ
           Attend the                        John Goba     905 876-4138
      Wednesday night race                               or
         Or watch the race                       rgoba@sympatico.ca
         Enjoy the evening

                                                          APRIL 2009    SPAR AND PROP                         Page 5I
                                            2009 club cruises. If you have never
REAR COMMODORE experienced a club cruise and the
   Greg Smith                               wonderful food, I encourage you sign
                                                                                          ICE BREAKER
         APPY SPRING! The longer and        up for the first cruise of the season to
                                            BPYC, May 16th–18th. Spaces are
         warmer days certainly feel
         good after a long winter. Now      limited, so book early.                           RACE
that boating season is just weeks away          See you around the boat yard.
our focus is shifting from planning to          N43_ 39.610 W79_ 18.812                   Saturday, May 16
doing.                                          Same Spot /Different Day _
     Our Committees worked hard                                                        The first distance race of
through the winter to create an
interesting and enjoyable itinerary for                                                        the season
our members. That said, our
Committees are in need of more                     RACER’S                             And after the race, our
volunteers to make the events a
success. We need you to step forward
and get on committees to plan,                     MEETING                             Rear (Beer) Commodore’s
                                                                                          Warm-Up Special
organize and help to administer these
activities. It’s not a monumental                 Wednesday, May 6th
commitment, and you will have fun                     7:00 p.m.
and satisfaction in participating.
     Of course, our alternative is to         Let’s discuss the New Rules
resort to the 18th century tactics of the
                                                we found out about on
British Navy—that is, organizing
“press gangs” to recruit volunteers.                   April 16th                      WEATHER COURSE
     If you missed the return of Mr.                                                    Ron’s fabulous presentation
Weatherman, Ron Bianchi, you missed          Do your sails need measuring?                    Is now available.
one fabulous brunch and informative
                                                   Now is the time
seminar. Thanks to your new Social                                                                 Plus!
Chairperson, Laurie Prosper and her
committee members Lynda, Kat, and
                                                                                        Loads of important weather
Eva for the wonderful brunch—well           WAYS AND MEANS                                   information & links
done ladies! This was Ron’s third visit       Meredith Thomas                            If you wish to have a copy,
to our club, and he never disappoints.
                                                                                                just send your

Ron’s courses have value from an                  AUNCH DAY is the best
educational and safety perspective,               opportunity to find a job that                  Request to:
and I believe our club and the sailing            suits your abilities and time             gd-smith@sympatico
community benefits from his seminars.       schedule. I will be in the clubhouse
As promised, Ron has supplied our           both days, so please come and see me.
club with a magnitude of weather                The website should be updated by
information and links. If you would         now with the latest jobs and we still
like a copy, please email HYPERLINK         need some Dock Captains, gardening
“mailto:gd-smith@sympatico.ca”              volunteers etc. If you are, by any
gd-smith@sympatico.ca with your             chance, a plumber, please contact Don       Editor’s e-mail address is
request.                                    Bland who urgently needs some
     Our race program is set, thanks to     problems in the clubhouse solved.
the efforts of Jacquie Znamerowski,             Thank you to everyone who has            b    b     b       b
Tom Monson, Rick Lalonde, and Jamie         already volunteered but please don’t
Smallwood. If you’re planning to race
                                                                                         The Deadline for the
                                            forget to have a work chit signed so
this season, make sure to mark these        that you can receive the credit for your
                                                                                            JUNE issue of
important dates on your calendar. New       efforts. _                                     Spar & Prop is
Rules Night at the TH&SC presented                                                              May 31
by UK Halsey Sailmakers on Thursday,
April 16th at 1900 hrs. Our own                                                             b     b     b     b
TH&SC Racer’s Meeting is scheduled
for Wednesday, May 6th. 7:00 p.m. The                                                  Spar and Prop is available in
Ice Breaker—the first official race of                                                  PDF format, readable on a
the season, is scheduled for Saturday
May 16th. Our Wednesday Night                                                            computer in colour with
Series I Races start May 20th. This                                                       Adobe Acrobat Reader.
year’s Cruising Program promises to                                                    Available from our website.
be a lot of fun with some different
twists. Keith and Joan Wilson have                                                          Website address is
done a tremendous job organizing the
Page 6        SPAR AND PROP                       APRIL 2009I
                                                                  However, when we hit       think they were one family dwellings.
    BUT, HEY!!! …THAT’S                                     Atlanta (funny, semis can’t      Mind boggling.
     THE ADVENTURE                                          say Atlanta, to them it’s            The next day we board the
                                                            Atlanna. They can’t say          Norwegian Majesty for our seven-day
             by Eric Muff                                   Louisville either, to them       cruise.
                                                            it’s loo-au-ville) ‘cuse me,
    Home is the sailor,                                     I’m digressifying. When
    Home from the sea.                                      we hit “Atlanna” they are
    And the hunter,                          battening down for tornados. The wind
    Home from the hill.                      is up, the rain more plentiful and the
                                             “telly” full of pictures of all kinds of

    WONDER how many times I’ve               debris flying through the air. You
    used that intro over the years. It       know, like houses, cars, etc.                       I am sadly afraid that the insatiable
    sure seems like a lotta years.                 Pandamonium reigns!                       greed of the faceless conglomerate has
     Anywho!                                       However, we survived the night            turned gracious living into a revolting
     I’ve just gotten back from another      and continued southward in the                  crock. Cruising, in my book, has been
cruise. (“Gotten” looks like a               neverending rain. Tornado warning               completely destroyed.
squarehead word, don’t it?)                  still in effect.                                    First off, they hijack every tenth or
     Nothing monumental, just seven                By the time we reached Savannah           so piece of luggage and search it for
days in the Bahamas. A wee break             the deluge had ceased and the sun               booze. They don’t want you drinking
from the lunacy of rural retirement          appeared, but it was colder than the            your booze when they‘re selling the
living.                                      proverbial witch’s…                             booze—they buy duty free—for $5.25 a
     Do you remember what I said                   Cold or not, I love Savannah, or is       pop plus gratuity.
about travelling solo in one of my           that in Amar-i-can “I       Savannah?”              To give you an idea of what I
other little tirades? Well, after I’d              We had ample time to rove the             speak let me remind you of what I
booked my passage my daughter says           riverfront, shop and peruse. Daughter,          paid for drinks on container ships.
“We wanna come with you!” What can           hubby and I had lunch at Kevin                      Mixed drinks (rum & coke) for
you do?                                      Barry’s. Un-clench, you English                 example—22¢. Tin of beer—10¢.
     Though I must say, now that I’m         members, I’ll no be singin’ the song for            See the markup?
older and more crippleder, they do           ye.
pretty well leave me to my own                     Lots of container traffic on the
devices. Who needs to drag around an         Savannah River an’ a wee tear crept
old, rusty, eighty-seven year old            down my weathered cheek as I
anchor?                                      thought of the many times I’d sailed on
                                             that same river in container ships in
                                             my youth (late 60s and 70s).
                                                                                  We had
                                                                             an interest-
                                                                             ing city tour        They do this under the guise of
     Five o’clock in the A. and M. we                                        with a great    security. They don’t want you taking
are picked up at the Comfort Inn in                                          lady, “Miss     your nailfile and forcing the crew to
beautiful downtown Peterborough.                                             Alice”, right   take you to Cuba!
Being the furthest east in the pickup                                        out of Tara          What gall!
chain we are picked up first and                                             Halls.               Second off, they charge you $12.00
dropped off last when the trip heads         People are still talking about ”The             per day for gratuities for the people
west. Makes for a long bleedin’ day.         Book”. For the uneducated “The Book”            who are paid to serve you. Why
     Our first stop-over is in beautiful     is “Midnight In The Garden Of Good              should they give you any service
downtown Sharonville, which is to            And Evil” (author slips me) No, Garry,          “above and beyond” if their gratuities
Cincinatti like Willowdale is to T.O. It’s   that’s not Arthur Slippsmee. Editor’s           are guaranteed? They don’t. They do
Ohio and it’s still cold.                    Note: Author John Berendt—Google                this under the guise of we are saving
     We stay at the Drury Inn & Suites       to the rescue!                                  you the trouble of trying to figure out
in Sharonville. A chain I heartily                 They tell me “Lady Chablis” is still      How Much To Tip and finding the
recommend. Happy hour 5:30–7 p.m.            alive and well, and performing nightly.         proper change.
Free internet hook-up for lap-tops.                The wee lassie and her dog still               Balderdash!
Computer room for travellers who are         waves to all the ships a they return                 What guarantee do we have that
lap-topless. (Sounds like a “girlie” bar,    hoping for the return of her sailor                                         any of this
wot?) Free half-hour long distance call      beau. In vain, alas!                                                        finds it’s
for semis, 15 minutes for the rest of              From Savannah we proceed to                                           way to the
creation, full sit-down breakfast. Shit! I   Charleston, SC where our ship awaits.                                       third world
don’t get service like that at home.         I had sailed in this vessel on previous                                     peasants?
     So if yer “on the road” give ‘em a      trips from other ports.                                                     Nil.
look-in. You’ll thank me.                          Another lovely city tour was laid                                          But this
     Next night we stay in Atlanta GA. I     on/layed on for us. These old southern          is supposed to be a happy column, so I
neglected to tell yas, but from Cinci to     mansions are magnificent. And to                                     Continued on page 8
Atlanta it pissed down in buckets.
(Christ, Bill, I thought it was haul-out.)                        APRIL 2009        SPAR AND PROP                             Page 7I
But, hey…                                  RACING CAPTAIN
                                                                                          THE RULES: an Update on 2009
                                                                                          Racing Rules
Continued from page 7                         Jackie Znamerowski                              On April 16th, Brian Chapman
shall desist. I could rant on forever.

                                                 HIS IS MY FIRST MESSAGE as a             from UK-Halsey International will be
     Our first port-of-call was Great                                                     coming to TH&SC by popular demand
                                                 Race Fleet Captain.I am very
Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. Now, I’m not                                                        to give the update on the changes to
                                                 excited to be filling this position
sure if cay is pronounced like quay or                                                    the 2009 racing rules! KNOW THE
                                           this year for all of you great sailors at
not. But then, what about the Cayman                                                      RULES and better your chances at
                                           TH&SC. With Jamie Smallwood as my
Islands?                                                                                  winning the race (or at least the
                                           predecessor, I will have big shoes to fill
     This cay is owned by N.C.L. and                                                      windward mark).
                                           so please bear with me as together
we are tendered ashore. Normally they                                                         It’s sailing season…better yet, it’s
                                           with our wonderful Rear Commodore I
use the ship’s boats for tendering but                                                    race season so…clean and wax those
                                           will try my best to help make the 2009
this company has a fleet of special                                                       hulls and com’on out and have some
                                           race season a success!
tenders that hold up to 200 (guess)                                                       fun! _
people. They are built like the L.S.I.s    CLUB AND WEEKEND RACING:
we had in WW II. They run up on the        White sail and Spinnaker Divisions
beach and the bow drops down as a
ramp and off we scamper.                        The race calendar this year is            FLOTSAM & JETSAM
                                           packed full of exciting race events               Shadow
     Something I neglected to mention.
When we left the bus my son-in-law         throughout the weekdays and
opted to leave his jacket behind. Wot      especially the weekends for cruisers           CLUB MEMBERS IN THE
the hell, we’re going to the Bahamas!      and racers alike so, be sure to                BAHAMAS
Well, by de gar! It sure was cold          participate in the fun (short) season
                                           while you can! For those of you keen to        Jeff Ante is enjoying the pleasures of
getting here.                                                                             the Bahamas. Judy and Aubrey Millard
     I’m gonna leave you guys              get your mast up early, you will be
                                           lucky enough to shake out your sails           are heading north. The jungle
frolicking on the beach in Great Stirrup                                                  telegraph was active and they joined
Cay and make this a two-parter.            first on the club’s mid-week “Warm Up
                                           Race” (May 13) and we kick off the             up for a meeting in the Bahamas. We
     Remind me next time where to                                                         wish both crews well.
start, eh?                                 weekend race season with the
     And always remember, my               traditional, brisk “Ice Breaker Race”
                                                                                          WATER LEVELS ARE UP
children…life is far too short to drink    (May 16). In September, the TH&SC
                                           will be hosting the T-Bird & Viking 28         Have you looked over the sea wall
cheap tequila.                                                                            lately? The water levels are going up. It
     Think launch! Luv yas! _              District Regatta! This will be such a
                                           great opportunity for all our members          remains to be seen if they will stay
                                           to get involved and extend our great           there but here’s hoping.
                                           TH&SC warm hospitality to all of our
                                           visiting racers. For a list of all the other                                    We
                                           great weekend races, please refer to the                                        catch
                                           TH&SC Calendar of Events.
                                           NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Join                                                    rays on
                                           the Race Committee                                                              boats,
                                                For those of you who have always                                           Mona!
                                           enjoyed near collisions while rounding
                                           the windward mark but, who never
                                           really cared for the colourful language
       KEN DEAS                            that preceded OR, perhaps you would
                                           just love to learn a little more about
       MEMORIAL                            racing, flag signals and starting guns,
                                           please consider joining the Race
                                                                                                   FOR SALE
                                           Committee on Shadow and Mac 1. No                      24 ft. Searay SRV 1974.
       REGATTA                             experience required…the crew would
                                                                                                         “My Space”
                                           love to share their knowledge and
                                           training. Please see Tom Monson if                  This is a small cabin cruiser with
                                           interested.                                               microwave, fridge,
     Saturday, June 20th                                                                          new cushions in V-berth.
                                                                                              Tripods & pads for winter storage.
                                                                                                    Or exchange for good
 See our Rear Commodore                                                                              bowrider & trailer.

  and our Racing Captain                                                                                Asking $5,000

        for details                                                                               Marilyn at (647) 210-5110

Page 8       SPAR AND PROP                       APRIL 2009I
SOCIAL CHAIR                              FLEET CAPTAIN
  Laurie Chan-Prosper                     CRUISING
                                           Keith Willson

      PRING HAS SPRUNG! Well it’s
      making an attempt anyway. That
      means Launch is near. You’re all
probably concentrating on getting
your boats ready but once we get
Launch out of the way, the fun begins.
     We’ll kickoff the season
unofficially with the Beer
Commodore’s Warmup Social on
Saturday, May 16th. Greg will be
serving up draft beer and wine
between 4:00 and 7:00. The committee
will also be offering a kabob dinner
following the Ice Breaker Race. But
everyone is welcome as always. Come
join us and toast in the new boating
season. If you are a new member, this
would be an opportune time to come
and introduce yourself and meet your
fellow members. Did I mention that
the drinks are on the Rear
     Our long weekend breakfasts will
be served again this year, on the
Sunday of each long weekend,
between 9:30 and 11:00. The first one
will be Sunday, May 17th during the
Victoria Day long weekend.
     And finally, the big bash, the
official season opener…Sailpast will be
celebrated on Saturday, June the 6th.
Tickets will be sold at Launch. When
you collect your membership card and
calendar, swing on by the Sailpast
table and reserve your tickets early.
Advance tickets will be offered at a
spectacular price during Launch only.

                                                                                      ARTS IS WINDING DOWN for
                  First one is on Sunday, May 17th                                    another season. We are planning
                                                                                      a tournament night on May 8th
                    Victoria Day Long Weekend                                 as the last evening for darts.
                                                                                  Think about joining our little
                                                                              group next Fall. It’s strictly social so
                     A wonderful way to start the day.                        nobody’s keeping score on how you’re
                                                                              doing. People who had trouble finding
       Laurie and her crew provide a delicious and plentiful breakfast        the circle with a dart at the start of the
               to start the middle day of our long weekends.                  season now are doing well and we are
                                                                              happy they are getting better. We’d
                          Mark your calendars now                             love to cheer you on next.
                                                                                  See you at next Fall. _

                                                           APRIL 2009    SPAR AND PROP                         Page 9I
                                     April 2009                                                                                                     May 2009

   Sun.           Mon.       Tues.          Wed.            Thur.            Fri.           Sat.              Sun.         Mon.           Tues.             Wed.           Thur.           Fri.           Sat.
                                                      1              2              3                 4                                                                                           1                 2
                                                                                                                 EVERYONE OUT FOR LAUNCH DAY                                                          LAUNCH DAY
              5          6           7                8              9   Good
                                                                                  10               11                  3           4                5   Racer’s
                                                                                                                                                                       6           7              8   Cruise
                                                          Passover       Friday                                                                         Meeting                                       here
                                                          RULES                                                                                                                                       Cruise to
           12        13         14                   15          16               17               18                10          11                12                 13      14                 15   BPTC/        16
Easter                                                    NIGHT                                           Mother’s                                      Warm-                                         BPYC here—
Sunday                                                    SEMINAR                                         Day                                           up Race                                       Ice Breaker Race
           19        20         21                   22          23               24               25     CLUB
                                                                                                                                 18                19   Series I
                                                                                                                                                                      20      21                 22   ABYC
                                                                                                          BREAKFAST Day                                 Race I                                        Regatta
           26        27         28                   29          30                                       ABYC
                                                                                                                     24          25                26   Series I
                                                                                                                                                                      27      28                 29                30
                                                                                                          Regatta                                       Race II

           COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH—NOW’S THE TIME                                                                                  RACING SEASON STARTS—JOIN THE FUN

                                     June 2009                                                                                                      July 2009

   Sun.           Mon.       Tues.          Wed.            Thur.            Fri.           Sat.              Sun.         Mon.           Tues.             Wed.           Thur.           Fri.           Sat.
                                         Race                                                                                                           Race Series                                   LSYC
                         1           2                3              4              5                 6                                                 II Race II—    1           2              3                 4
                                         Series I                                                                            CANADA DAY                 Family                                        Recipro-
                                         Race III                                       SAILPAST                                                        Day BBQ                                       cal Cruise
                                         Race                                           Cruise            LSYC                                          Race                                          Circle of
              7          8           9   Series I
                                                     10          11               12    to Han-
                                                                                                   13     Recipro-
                                                                                                                       5           6                7   Series II
                                                                                                                                                                       8           9             10   Life Race
                                         Race IV                                        lan’s Point       cal Cruise                                    Race III                                      Caribbean Night
Cruise                                   Race                                           Ken Deas                                                        Race                                          Pirate
to Han-
           14        15         16       Series I
                                                     17          18               19    Memorial   20                12          13                14   Series II
                                                                                                                                                                      15      16       Pirate
                                                                                                                                                                                                 17   Cruise—
lan’s Point                              Race V                                                                                                         Race IV                        Cruise         Jazz Festival
                                         Race                                                                                                           Race                           Hunter         Hunter
           21        22         23       Series II
                                                     24          25               26    Cruise
                                                                                                   27     Pirate
                                                                                                                     19          20                21   Series II
                                                                                                                                                                      22      23       Ren-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 24   Ren-
                                                                                                                           Beaches Jazz Festival
Day                                      Race I                                         to PCYC           Cruise               July 18 to 26            Race V                         dezvous        dezvous
                                                                                                          Hunter                                        Race
           28        29         30                                                                        Ren-
                                                                                                                     26          27                28   Series III
                                                                                                                                                                      29      30                 31
to PCYC                                                                                                   dezvous                                       Race I

           RACES, CRUISES—START THE SUMMER RIGHT                                                                THE HEART OF SUMMER IS HERE—USE YOUR BOAT!

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