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					TP (L) - F4
       ITEM                                         DEFINITION                             EXAMPLE                        PURPOSE
General Comment      N/A          N/A                                                N/A             Understand specific characteristics of annuities
                                                                                                     related to life claims, on a product by product
                                                                                                     basis (more relevant for life since characteristics
                                                                                                     of annuities will be distinct at the product level,
                                                                                                     whereas in non-life, LoB is likely to be a more
                                                                                                     relevant granularity)
Product              A1           Same as TP-F3                                      Retirator,      Identify the product concern, and make link with
denomination                      However, the template also covers annuities        Insure4ever     TP-E1
                                  from Health SLT claims (which are not covered
                                  by G1) => these annuities should be identified
                                  on a single line (by LoB concerned – see below).
Line of business     A2           Life LoB along segmentation as defined in          With profit,    Identify the LoB and type of risk to which the
                                  CEIOPS’ L2 advice (4 major LoBs : with profit,     survival risk   annuity relates
                                  unit-linked, other life, reinsurance accepted ;
                                  and 4 risk splits : survival, death, disability,
                                  savings); of course, not all these LoBs are
                                  relevant for annuities

Number of            A3           Number of beneficiaries of the annuity                             Assess the number of beneficiaries (which
beneficiaries                                                                                        represent the risk in terms of survival)

Weighted average     A4           Average age of beneficiaries, weighted by the      57,6 years      Assess survival risk and its impact on annuities
age of                            amount of technical provisions

Weighted average     A5           Average duration for annuity to be paid,           5,8 years       Assess remaining duration (for life-long and
remaining duration                weighted by annual amount of annuities                             temporary annuities) and their impact on
of a annuities                                                                                       annuities
TP (L) - F4
       ITEM                                         DEFINITION                        EXAMPLE                      PURPOSE
Annualized           A6           Same definition as in TP-F3                    2%
technical rate

Annual amount of     A7           Amount to be paid annually in annuities                       Assess the amount to be paid, and compare it
annuities                         (average)                                                     with technical provisions and remaining duration

Payments (other      A8           Other payments than annuities (e.g. death                     Assess other payments related to annuities
than annuities and                lump sum benefit)

Technical            A10          Valuation of technical provisions related to                  Assess TP related to annuities (by comparison to
provisions                        annuities                                                     amount of annuities, other payments, expenses
                                                                                                paid, etc.)

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