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1. This morning in the class, our teacher lost his _____ at last because he could not stand any
    A. temper         B. terror                          C. verse             D. contain
2. As a teacher, you should not _____ the students from asking questions in class.
    A. ruin             B. restrain                C. import          D. impose
3. If you have any problems during your study here, please do not _____ to call me for help
    A. hesitate       B. despair                   C. urge            D. request
4. This kind of medicine has the power to _____ poison.
    A. splash          B. resist                   C. adopt                   D. occupy
5. He is easily _____ so I do not like to talk with him.
    A. defended        B. afforded                 C. created                 D. offended
6. I am _____ to believe that he won’t come back to see his wife again.
     A. inclined        B. puzzled                 C. accompanied     D. performed
7. Her smile _____ her secret even though she didn’t admit the fact.
    A. reviewed          B. reversed              C. responded        D. revealed
8. Please _____ me for my rudeness. I really do not know the custom here.
    A. engage           B. comfort                 C. execute                 D. forgive
9. You should keep calm during your _____ test. Do not be nervous.
    A. oral             B. platform               C. rude                     D. shield
10.     Careful planning and hard work will _____ our final success.
    A. enclose         B. ensure                 C. discharge                 D. deny
Keys: 1—5 ABABD 6—10. ADDAB

     Games can be both fun and difficult, Scrabble is a game I like __1__, but it is not an easy one.
__2__ are going to play Scrabble tonight. Henry cannot __3__ all the rules, so I will __4__ them. Do
you want to learn? Listen carefully, and we’ll play __5__. __6__ player takes seven letters. Your
letter might be A, S, T, E, B, P, and L. You can spell many __7__ with these letters. You can spell
TABLE with five of them and you can spell MAP, SAT, LET, BAT, and others with __8__ of them. But
you can’t use names of persons, countries, or cities. You have to be __9__: some letters are worth
more points __10__ others. For example, A, E, L, S and T have one point each. B and P have three
points each. __11__ points can be different __12__ words with the same number of letters. SAT will
give you __13__ three points, and BAT will give you five. TABLE will give you, __14__ points: three
for B and four for the other four letters. Use TABLE. You will get __15__ points, and you might win
the game. At the end of the game the players __16__ their points. The one __17__ the most points
wins. __18__, you might have one hundred forty points. That is a good __19__. But I might have one
hundred sixty points, and Henry might have one hundred seventy points. Then Henry __20__.
1. A. first                               B. most                               C. last
          D. least
2. A. Tom, I and Henry B. Henry, Tom and I             C. I, Henry and Tom D. Henry, I and Tom
3. A. know                       B. study                              C. keep
          D. remember
4. A. explain                    B. help                                    C. teach
          D. play
5. A. faster                     B. sooner                             C. later
          D. after
6. A. Either                     B. Each                               C. A
         D. One
7. A. things                    B. sentences                 C. meanings                       D.
8. A. three                     B. four                               C. five
         D. two
9. A. sure                      B. careful                            C. thankful
         D. certain
10 A. for                                  B. of                                C. than
         D. in
11 A. A number           B. The number of            C. A lot of                       D. Plenty of
12 A. for                              B. from                                  C. between
         D. among
13 A. more than                 B. only                                      C. less than
         D. fewer than
14 A. five                      B. eight                                     C. six
         D. seven
15 A. much                      B. less                                      C. more
         D. some
16 A. add to                    B. add up to                       C. add
         D. add up
17 A. with                      B. has                             C. gets
         D. gives
18 A. However            B. For example                      C. After all                      D.
Such as
19 A. idea                      B. points                             C. score
         D. way
20 A. plays                     B. gets                                      C. wins
         D. takes
Keys: 1—5 BBDCA                6—10 BDABC          11—15 BABDC          16—20 DABCC

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