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					             STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER
                                                                       SPRING EDITION ,    F EBRUARY 2011

L IVING OUR PEACE TESTIMONY : THE ARBORETUM MEMORIAL                                                     PEACE 350 YEARS
                                                                                                         ON : L IVING OUR
This report was written before       the seats. The ground would        We have received encour-         PEACE TESTIMONY
the project went to the February     be paved, while in the centre     agement from 28 Area Meet-
Area Meeting and of course the       would be a red and black          ings with only a further two      •      The Arboretum Memorial
Meeting for Sufferings in April;     star, the symbol of the FRS.      being indeterminate. Suffer-
                                                                                                         •      The Peace Education
it is therefore partial and provi-   "Religious Society of Friends     ings has previously encour-              Project
sional.                              (Quakers)" would be carved        aged us to continue develop-
                                     into the paving around the        ing our proposals. We be-         •      The peace of Meeting
                                     star. One of the Quaker tes-      lieve that such a memorial
 The purpose of the memo-                                                                                •      Speaking truth to power
                                     timonies (peace, truth,           would provide a major op-
rial is threefold:                   equality, simplicity) would       portunity for outreach. The       •      Working for peace in the
- to commemorate the lives           be carved on the front of         Arboretum is visited by                  Middle East
and work of the members of           each seat. On the backs           some 300,000 people each
                                                                                                         •      Water for all
the Friends Ambulance Unit           would be four texts, one on       year from all over the UK
(FAU) and the Friends Relief         each of the FAU, the FRS,         and abroad. Our espousal of
Service (FRS);                       Quakers and peace, the cir-       peace would provide an al-
                                     cular form of many Meetings       ternative vision to the one
- to create a chance of out-         for Worship. Around the           that predominates. We are
reach for the Society;               seating area would be 17          deeply committed to the
- to provide a space for wor-        trees to commemorate the          project but believe it is most
ship and reflection.                 17 members of the FRS who         important that Friends con-
                                     lost their lives.                 tinue to share their views
                                                                       with us.
 The Working Group, in
thinking about the design of          We are currently engaged in
the space, first considered          a number of tasks: finalising      Peter Holland, on behalf of
having a major sculpture             the design, obtaining esti-       the Group: (Rosemary Bar-         I NSIDE THIS ISSUE :
within it. We were, how-             mates of costs, preparing         nett, Grace Jordan, Paula
ever, reminded of our testi-         publicity, taking preliminary     Knight, Helen Lockwood,           P EACE E DUCATION          2
mony to simplicity and so            steps for setting up a charita-   Colin Mortimer, Anne and          P ROJECT

decided to create an area            ble trust. If we receive sup-     Anthony Wilson)                   PEACE IN MEETING           3
suitable for a Meeting for           port from Area Meeting and                                          FOR WORSHIP

Worship. Conscious that the          Meeting for Sufferings we                                           Y OUNG F RIENDS IN         4-5
memorial would be long-              shall want to promote the                                           STAFFORDSHIRE

lasting, we thought that             project at the Yearly Meet-                                         D ELIA   SEAGER            6-7
stone should be our favoured         ing/Gathering and start rais-
                                                                                                         O UR   MEETING             8
material.                            ing the necessary funds. We
                                     shall need also to write or
                                                                                                         P EACEIN THE MID-          9
                                     commission leaflets, book-                                          DLE EAST
 Our proposal therefore is to        lets/books to be available at
                                                                                                         W ATER : TOO LITTLE        10-11
have four curved, high-              the Arboretum.                     Photographs of this monument     AND TOO MUCH
backed stone seats set in a                                              appear in many articles about   A REA MEETING CAL-         12
circle, with gaps between                                                  the National Arboretum.       ENDAR
P AGE 2                                                                           STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER

                    When WM QPEP started,               core part of their peace testi-    sanctions system with an
                    Staffordshire AM was a part-        mony. The idea behind it was       approach based on talking
                    ner with the then Warwick-          that after centuries of teaching   with children and restoring
                    shire AM in the management          war, it was time to try teaching   the sense of community
                    of the project. Some years          peace.                             within the school after poor
                    ago Warwickshire took over                                             behaviour choices. Better
                    full control and Staffordshire                                         evaluation of our outcomes
                    Quakers continued their              The project currently works       will be essential. The plans
                    involvement by providing a          in primary schools and offers      have been developed with
                    member of the Steering              courses in use of circle time,     the help of a consultant and
                    Group and by continuing to          training in conflict resolution    finance provided by the Jo-
                    make donations.                     skills and training of children    seph Rowntree Charitable
                                                        to carry out ‘peer media-          Trust. Fresh funding bids
                                                        tion’. Some schools ask for        are being prepared and it is
                     January 2009 was the start         our help each year and some        charitable trusts, Quakers
                    of a new phase of the pro-          schools invite the project to      and perhaps the actions of
                    ject, following an extensive        work with them after being         government that will decide
                    review and production of a          identified as a ‘failing           whether the plans bear fruit.
                    new strategic plan by the           school’. The work is chal-
                    steering Group. The project         lenging but rewarding and
                    moved from Dudley Meeting           the feedback from schools Is       John Babb, Wolverhampton
                    House to Edgbaston Meeting          usually very positive. The         Meeting, Staffordshire AMN
                    house, near the centre of           steering group and Project         Representative on the
          ‘ AFTER   Birmingham. A new project           Manager ask themselves the         WMQPEP Steering Group
   CENTURIES OF     manager Sara Hagel started          critical question as to
  TEACHING WAR ,    working for the project at          whether the project makes
  IT WAS TIME TO    the same time. The Steering         any difference. A fleeting 12      M Y GRANDFATHER , THE
   TRY TEACHING     Group recently agreed the           week course with one year          BOMBER PILOT

       PEACE ’      following mission statement:        group is bound to have only
                                                                                            Nigel Peckett ( Stafford) has
                                                        a limited effect, though the
                                                                                           pointed out an article giving
                                                        effects may reach outside the
                    Who we are                                                             a moving view of one aspect
                                                        school to the home environ-
                                                                                           of the last world war. Grow-
                                                                                           ing up, Daniel Swift knew
                     WMQPEP exists to help create a      The ideas of the strategic        little about his paternal
                    more peaceful world, with more      plan have been developed           grandfather. Eric was an
                    caring and resilient communi-       further and it is now hoped        RAF pilot, killed in action in
                    ties. We want a world where         that work of the project can       1943. To connect with the
                    people are equipped to deal non-    be both increased and en-          lost airman, Daniel and his
                    violently and creatively with the   hanced. A permanent                father went to Germany -
                    inevitable conflicts that arise.    schools worker was ap-             and followed the path of the
                    Our contribution to promoting a     pointed earlier this year to       bombs his Lancaster had
                    more harmonious society in the      supplement the work of a           dropped in the war. Unfor-
                    West Midlands is the develop-       team of part-time, casual          tunately there is not enough
                    ment of peacemaking behaviour       workers. The project is also       room to publish the article in
                    in children and adults in West      hoping to work with schools        full in this issue but it can
                    Midlands schools.                   to introduce a whole-school,       can be read at:
                                                        restorative approach to disci-
                                                        pline. In essence, a restora-      lifeandstyle/2011/jan/22/
                     WMQPEP was founded in 1984         tive approach replaces an          raf-bomber-command-
                    by Quakers in the Midlands as a     adult controlled rewards and       daniel-swift
                                                                                                             P AGE 3

                                 riod though that I realised I    how people are, arranging
                                 had come home, a friend          study groups or passing on
                                 stood and explained a little     information. This is part of
                                 about meeting and ministry       the joy of meeting for me to
                                 and there was silence for the    almost as important as the
                                 rest of the time. When the       actual meeting itself as there
                                 meeting ended it felt as if I    could be no meeting without
It’s now 3 years since I first   had only been sitting for        the people who make it up.
walked into Stafford Friends     about 5 minutes and I felt so
Meeting House for an open                                         I keep my copy of Quaker
                                 refreshed I vowed that I
day in Quaker week. I had                                         faith and practice by my bed-
                                 would return the following
sent for a welcome pack                                           side and although I can’t say I
                                 week for a full hour.
from Friends House after                                          read it every day or even
seeing two Quakers inter-        Ever since that first meeting    every week when I feel sad
viewed at Brigflatts meeting     I have hardly missed a week.     or have a problem to try and
house on a TV programme          It begins with a half hour       resolve I find help and com-
about the Lake District and      walk to meeting, a chat in       fort with in its pages.
thought it might be some-        the school room, putting
                                                                  Little did I know when I first
thing that would appeal to       glasses and cups out, then                                         R EMEMBERING
                                                                  walked into that small peace-
me.                              people slowly begin filtering                                        MY FIRST
                                                                  ful building back in 2007 that
                                 through to the meeting                                               MEETING
As soon as I entered the                                          Quakerism would become
                                 room. Whether we have lots
meeting house I felt a sense                                      such an integral part of my
                                 of ministry or a silent meet-
of peace, I talked to a couple                                    life or that I would still be
                                 ing I always get something
of friends who were kind but                                      coming back 3 years later,
                                 out of it. My batteries are
didn’t push and gave me                                           happier than ever and a
                                 recharged and I am soon
some time to look over in-                                        stronger person due to the
                                 looking forward to next
formation on my own as                                            influence of friends and
                                 week’s meeting.
well as answering my ques-                                        meeting.
tions and making me laugh!       This is followed by tea and
                                                                  Gayle Yeomans, Stafford
                                 coffee in the school room
It wasn’t until we went into     (even biscuits if we’re lucky)
the meeting room for a 20        and lots of chats finding out
minute sample worship pe-


January 2011 saw the 350th       As a Britain Yearly Meeting      These ideas are explored in a
anniversary of the declara-      minute said in 1993:             workshop pack ‘Peace 350
tion made to Charles II in                                        years on - what does the
1661 which was the first         ‘The Peace Testimony is
                                                                  peace testimony mean to-
written declaration of our       about deeds, not creed; not a
                                                                  day?’ Many meetings will
peace testimony. It was          form of words but a way of
                                                                  be working through this pack
made by 12 Quakers, includ-      living. It is the cumulative
                                                                  in their discussion groups
ing George Fox. The decla-       witness of generations of
                                                                  this year.
ration is not the same as a      Quakers.’
peace testimony.                                                  See:
P AGE 4                                                                  STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER

                 W HO SAID IT FIRST ?
                 A Friend wondered in Meet-       tee liked it and asked where     forms of power. Surely it
                 ing about the origin of the      it came from. In Quakers and     was the perfect title for a
                 term 'speaking truth to          the Use of Power Paul Lacey      pamphlet challenging the
                 power', but I was surprised      reports that Milton Mayer        behaviour of the two antago-
                 by what I later found out.       thought he recalled it from      nists of the Cold War. They
                 Many have imagined that it       early Quaker writing, but        represented raw, terrifying,
                 originated in the 17th or 18th   that no one subsequently         unreflective and deadly
                 centuries. In fact it seems to   found it. In short, it would     power. What was called for
                 go back only to 1955, when       seem to have originated from     to transform that power was
                 the American Friends Ser-        Milton Mayer himself. ‘It        bold and uncompromising
                 vice Committee published         has its meaning for us, in       truth.’ Since then use of the
                 Speak Truth to Power, propos-    part,’ says Paul Lacey,          phrase has become common
                 ing a new approach to the        ‘because it is so concentrated   far beyond Quaker circles.
                 Cold War. The title came to      and vivid an expression of an
                                                                                   Roger Oldfield, Stafford
                 Friend Milton Mayer. Every-      attitude toward government
                 one on the drafting commit-      and other institutionalized

                              YOUNG FRIENDS SPEAK OUT

                    At Young Friends’ Meeting in Stafford we discussed Pastor Niemöller’s famous words:
                                  First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out
    ‘I DO NOT                                   - because I was not a communist;
                                   Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out
                                                  - because I was not a socialist;
                                 Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out
     CANNOT ’
                                              - because I was not a trade unionist;
                                     Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
                                                    - because I was not a Jew;
                                                      Then they came for me
                                        - and there was no one left to speak out for me.
                      Then we rewrote them to fit our own time. We were thinking of government policy
                         when we wrote. We realise that the situation faced by Pastor Niemöller was
                                               very different from our own.
                                 First they came for the poor students, and I do not speak out
                                                      because I am not poor
                                   Then they came for the protesters, and I do not protest
                                                  because I am not a protester
                                Then they sent home the asylum-seekers, and I do not speak out
                                                 because I do not seek asylum
                                 Then they exploited migrant workers, and I do not speak out
                                                             never moved Jenny Orme, Henry Essex,
                                              because I haveOlivia Wilkes, country
                                                                 William Essex do not speak out
                               Then they came for the old and vulnerable, and Iand Freddie Essex
                                              because I am not old and vulnerable
                                  Then they did not come for the bankers, and I do speak out
                                                   although I am not a banker
                                 Then they came for our human rights, and I do not speak out
                                                        because I cannot.
                                                                                                                 P AGE 5

William wrote this letter to        There were 9 base groups       The Barn Dance and Discos
Staffordshire AM after attending   with which we would discuss    were fun although I did not
Young Friends Summer School        things that had been said in   dance at the Disco. At the
                                   speaker sessions and play      barn dance the caller was
Dear Fellow Friends                games. Speaker sessions are    annoyed at us because of our
                                   when different people have     shouting we couldn’t hear
                                   come in and told us how        him but we had fun. My
 The Quaker Summer School          being a Quaker has affected    favourite memories will be
2010 (Q. S. S. 10) was a           their lives and careers. The   of my dorm mates, space
highly enjoyable experience        excursion to Cambridge was     banana and my introduction
and I would recommend it           excellent because we had       to liquorice root (Thanks to
to other young Quakers. I          meeting for worship in Jesus   Sam Jennings my best friend
say this: A – Because the          Lane Meeting House then in     at summer school)
atmosphere is friendly and         groups we walked round
welcoming. B – Because the         Cambridge looking in shops
daily half hour meeting for        though me and some of my        I would live to go next year
worship and candlelit epi-         friends walked up the river    and to get involved with
logues help find deeper            to see the boats.              other young Quaker events.
meaning in Quakerism. And
C – the activities are varied
and fun.                                                          In Friendship
                                                                  William Essex

Extracts from Young Friends’   his Quaker identity with his       dress up and dance the night
Summer Schools epistle         job …. Jenny Knox from             away (until 9.30!)                   ‘ THE
                                                                                                           SENSE OF
                               QPSW came to speak about                                                 COMMUNITY
                                                                   … Meetings for Worship
                               her travels in Sri Lanka and                                           AND FRIENDSHIP ’
                                                                  and Epilogues gave us quiet
To all Friends everywhere      the different ways in which
                                                                  times and allowed us to re-
                               Quakers were involved in
                                                                  flect on the day’s events.
  … 69 young Quakers and       breaking down communica-
                                                                  We were able to express our
21 staff members came to-      tion barriers to resolve con-
                                                                  inner light with vocal minis-
gether at Friend’ School Saf- flict. Nancy Irving talked          try and many people found
fron Walden to explore the     about the common heritage
                                                                  the confidence to minister
theme of ‘Spiritual Identity – that our ‘Quaker cousins’ (in      for the first time…
who I am in Quakerism’...      the 97 different Yearly
                               Meetings around the world)          There was a general feeling
 … The speaker sessions        share with us…                     … that one of the best things
started with Chris Bailey, a                                      at the Summer School this
Quaker policeman, who           … we enjoyed many social
                                                                  year was the sense of com-
explained how he combined sessions … (and) a chance to            munity and friendship…

  Stafford and Stone                                                      At a meeting in Stafford:
meetings offer children                                                    Freddie Essex, Olivia
and Young Friends two                                                      Wilkes, Jenny Orme,
   shared meetings a                                                       Henry Essex, and Wil-
 month, one in Stone                                                            liam Essex
  and one in Stafford
P AGE 6                                                                           STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER

                    DELIA SEAGER
                                                       text of ministry from the inspir-     She met her husband,
                                                       ing meeting for worship to give      George Cresswell Seager, at
                                                       thanks for Delia’s life. Ministry    Inverness Meeting. He
                                                       drew on ways in which the Ad-        worked at the Aluminium
                                                       vices and Queries were expressed     Hydroelectric Factory in
                                                       in Delia's life and witness. Later   Kinlochleven in the High-
                                                       contributions are included too.      lands of Scotland as a physi-
                                                                                            cist. They married in the
                                                       D ELIA ’ S   LIFE                    Friends Meeting House in
                                                                                            Aberdeen on 2nd April 1965.
                                                       Born in 1929, Delia was
                                                       brought up in Wanstead.
                                                       Her family were members of            Her daughter, Marian, was
                    Delia Seager of Stoke Meeting      the Society of Friends. Her          born in 1967 and was two
                    died in November after lifelong    father was a lecturer in             when her father died. She
                    membership of our Society.         chemistry and her mother             works as a psychiatrist in
                    Shirley Torrens (Stoke) has sent   was an accomplished singer.          North Staffordshire.

                    D ELIA ’ S LIFE SPEAKS
                    Try to live simply. A               Most hospitable and very             nique. She was certified as a
                    simple lifestyle freely            welcoming to her home,                Shen practitioner in 1994
                    chosen is a source of              she was always a willing              (this is a hands-on-healing
   ‘ ARTISTICALLY   strength.                          listener to those in need             therapy). She had a deep
                                                                                             interest in the Indian-based
                                                                                             religion of Sahaj Marg which
                     Delia had an interest in           Bear witness to the hu-              means “natural path” or
                    painting for much of her life.     manity of all people.                 “simple way” which focuses
                    She was a member of the            Are you working to                    on the presence of divinity in
      CELLO ’
                    Sandbach Art Club and also         bring about a compas-                 the heart. Each of these she
                    the Alsager Art Club. While        sionate society?                      shared with many friends in
                    in Scotland she moved to a                                               the Aberdeen Meeting.
                    seaside village south of Aber-
                    deen, called Catterline             Delia founded a branch of
                    where she enjoyed the close        the Chest, Heart and Stroke            She also worked for the
                    contact with a group of art-       Association in Aberdeen               Aberdeen Association for
                    ists.                              and worked for them for 5             Counselling and had several
                                                       years, overseeing and train-          clients whom she counselled.
                                                       ing people to visit and work
                     Delia was artistically gifted,    with people who needed
                    did lovely paintings and           support after having strokes          Live adventurously
                    played the cello. She was a
                                                                                             Delia often spoke to her
                    very practical person, en-
                                                                                             daughter Marian about the
                    joyed gardening and was            For many years she was a
                                                                                             car that she had a one third
                    fully capable of dealing with      Telephone Samaritan.
                                                                                             share of while at Wye Col-
                    household renovations. In
                                                                                             lege. It was a 25 year old
                    Aberdeen she had a much
                                                        Later she became involved            Austin 7. She learnt to drive
                    loved large garden, and in
                                                       with Clinical Psychology,             and coax this car through
                    Alsager a small, but equally
                                                       often helping with their              many adventures with her
                    loved, beautiful garden,
                                                       research and had an interest          close friends at college!
                    bursting with flowers, fruit
                    and vegetables.                    in the Alexander Tech-
                                                                                                                      P AGE 7

Do you cherish your               plauded my success, and           Angela Arnold wrote:
friendships, so that they         laughed with delight at being
                                                                    I first met Delia at Aberdeen
grow in depth and un-             'overtaken' by this upstart!
                                                                    Meeting, where she struck
derstanding and mutual            Envy was simply not in
                                                                    me as being one of the
respect?                          Delia's makeup; she was a
                                                                    'rocks', faithfully doing what-
                                  giver in so many ways, al-
                                                                    ever it took to keep the
                                  ways delighted to be able to
                                                                    meeting running – I remem-
 Letters and telephone con-       do something for the other
                                                                    ber her casually mentioning
versations with Delia’s           person, if she possibly could.
                                                                    how at one time there were
friends, following her loss,      I think she was a 'simple'
                                                                    only about five members,
have revealed many people         spirit - in the very best sense
                                                                    but they kept going, hoping
with loving relationships         of the word.
                                                                    for better times. This was         Aberdeen Meeting House
with her, and deep sadness
                                                                    typical of her: when the go-
about her loss.
                                                                    ing got tough, she just got on
                                                                    with it, in faith.
                                   Every stage of your life
Angela Arnold , from Angus
                                  offers fresh opportuni-
Meeting wrote:
                                  ties. Responding to di-
We shared many attitudes          vine guidance, try to
                                                                    Her daughter Marian ex-
and interests, often sitting in   discern the right time to
                                                                    plains that :
her or my car long after the      undertake or relinquish
engine had been switched          responsibilities. Attend          Over recent years Delia’s
off, unable to break the spell    to what love requires of          health was poorer, with
of a specially lively discus-     you.                              heart problems in particular.         ‘ AN
sion or some deep sharing.                                          However she has always led            CHILDLIKE
Delia never lost her interest                                       an active life whenever her
in new ways of understand-        From Aberdeen meeting:            health was good enough,
                                                                                                        FOR THE NEXT
ing the world – an ever                                             being involved with the Soci-
                                  Delia was a Quaker for many                                           THING TO DO ,
young spirit in an increas-                                         ety of Friends and her Art
                                  years and made considerable                                             EXPLORE ,
ingly aching body: she not                                          Clubs whenever she could.
                                  contributions to Meetings,                                            UNDERSTAND ’
only 'soldiered on', but did                                        Though at times frustrated
                                  serving as Clerk, Elder and
so with an almost childlike                                         by the succession of prob-
                                  Overseer, on the Children's
enthusiasm for the next thing                                       lems with her health, she
                                  Committee and in many
to do, explore, understand.                                         adapted her lifestyle but was
                                  other capacities as well. In
                                                                    always determined to lead as
The greatest gift Delia gave      Aberdeen Meeting she was
                                                                    full a life as possible, with no
me was to get me started on       an indefatigable arranger of
                                                                    loss of interest in all aspects
painting. Art had been her        the Christmas party and pro-
                                                                    of life.
hobby for a number of years,      duced a great variety of
and when she urged me to          Christmas plays over the          She made her daughter and
try my hand at it, I did so       years. She was well known         grand-daughters her priority
mainly to please her: she so      to express her opinion in         in her final years, and has
wanted somebody to share          forthright terms especially at    been important in the life of
her love of art. When,            discussion groups. Often          her granddaughters Emma
somehow, I found I had a          the first to arrive at events     and Katie. She spent time on
talent for it, and started to     and the last to leave, she        most days at her daughter’s
exhibit alongside her, and        was a stickler that everything    house, playing an active part
was before long outselling        was done and kept in order.       in caring for her two grand-
her, she was not the least put    Her helpful energies seemed       daughters.
out: typically generous, she      endless.
only encouraged me, ap-
P AGE 8                                                                                 STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER

                              OUR MEETING HOUSES : PAYING THE COST
                              It was with interest I read       meet alone. Having addi-          With increasing signs of the
                              the article in the Friend         tional sources of income and     recession looming and im-
                              about the Meeting House at        funds will become essential      pacting on lettings, Friends
                              Darlington. The property          to ensure their survival.        throughout the Area Meeting
                              had fallen into decline and       Trustees and Area Meeting        may well have to share a
                              the cost of running and ad-       will need to take an ever        greater responsibility sooner
                              ministering it had become         increasing supporting role as    rather than later towards the
                              too great a burden on the         the number of Friends de-        cost of running all of their
                              Local Meeting. It had been        clines. There will need to be    Meeting Houses. This may
                              put on the market but with-       an area approach towards         well include a call to dig
                              drawn after a scheme to save      supporting the staffing, ad-     deeper into their pockets to
                              it had been proposed..            ministration and the financ-     add to the income received
                                                                ing of these buildings. Area     through the local meeting
                                                                Meeting will hold a collec-      members and lettings.
Wolverhampton Meeting House    All area meetings have           tive responsibility which will
                              Meeting Houses and land           grow even more importantly
                              that they administer on be-       than it has done in the past.     Wolverhampton Meeting House
                              half of the Society of Friends.                                    is the largest meeting house in
                              In Staffordshire there are                                         Staffordshire Area Meeting. It is
                              three “historic” Meeting           As with Darlington lettings     the only meeting in the Area
                              Houses and two 20th century       and other users will become      Meeting with a resident warden.
                              ones. Each meeting house          an increasingly important        The current building was built
     ‘F RIENDS ..             has a group worshiping at it      source of revenue. Already       in 1969 by Warwickshire
   MAY .. HAVE TO             and in addition there are two     within our Area Meeting          Monthly Meeting and apart
       SHARE A                meetings that rent rooms in       good examples of this can be     from the main meeting room
       GREATER                order to hold their meetings.     seen by looking closely at the   (which can be expanded to ac-
    RESPONSIBILITY                                              annual accounts of meetings      commodate bigger events) it has
  .. TOWARDS THE                                                such as Stoke and Wolver-        one other room and a library.
       COST OF                 In my opinion a Meeting          hampton. The Wolverhamp-         All the rooms are internet linked
     RUNNING ALL              House provides a focal point      ton accounts combined with       and the library holds a collec-
       OF THEIR               for Quaker activities in an       the warden’s report showed       tion of Quaker literature as well
       M EETING               area. The cost of running a       that the Meeting House had       as the start of a video and DVD
       H OUSES ’              Meeting House however is          twenty six other user groups     collection, which is available for
                              large. The buildings age and      besides being used by            use by all Friends and attenders
                              government regulations in-        Friends. The lettings income     in the Area Meeting.
                              crease to ensure the safety of    over the last decade has be-
                              both users and staff. As with     come a main source of reve-
                              Darlington it is becoming a       nue for maintaining both the     David Brayley-Willmetts,
                              burden that just those at-        building and its Quaker ac-      Wolverhampton
                              tending a particular Meeting      tivities.
                              House cannot continue to

                              B UILDING OUR NEW GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE
                              Win Sutton of Wolver-             of voluntary organisations by    Meeting. At the moment the
                              hampton Meeting convenes          the Charity Commission.          Governance Group consists
                              the Staffordshire Area Gov-       Once we have accepted the        of Peter Blocksidge, Sandra
                              ernance Group. She has            governance document, each        Chambers, Alan Rogers,
                              written to local meetings to      meeting must agree with          Win Sutton and Anthony
                              say that in 2011 we hope to       Area Meeting Trustees the        Wilson, but it is hoped that
                              get agreement on our gov-         duties and responsibilities      eventually all local meetings
                              ernance structure, in line        which the local meeting un-      can be represented, directly
                              with the standards required       dertakes on behalf of Area       or indirectly.
                                                                                                              P AGE 9

QCEA/QPSW Brussels confer-       • The Israelis have destroyed     between Quaker silence
ence                              many Palestinian orchards.       and dangerous silence.
                                                                   The latter condones op-
Overall conclusion               • 80% of West Bank water is       pression, Quaker silence
• The Israel-Palestine con-       for Israeli use, 20% for         exposes and denounces it.
 flict is the main factor in      Palestinian.
                                                                  The EU & the Middle
 radicalising Islam.             • Palestinians working in        East economy
• When criticising Israeli        Jerusalem have a daily
                                  check taking at least 2         • EU Association Agree-
 practices we should reject                                        ments with Palestine and
 charges of anti-Semitism.        hours. Checkpoint queu-
                                  ing starts at 2.00 am.           Israel aim to promote con-
 We must be pro-justice.                                           tact, human rights and
• Refuse goods from occu-        • Limitations on mixing be-       trade. Despite these all PA
 pied territories. Would we       tween people from east           exports and imports must
 buy stolen goods?                Jerusalem and the West           be through Israel.
                                  Bank can break families.
Christian Berger, head                                            • Israeli settlements on the
of EU mission, Jerusalem         • European Friends should         West Bank are illegal un-
                                  not feel morally superior.       der international law.
• EU money goes for Pales-        ‘Faith without action is
 tinian institutions, infra-      dead and useless.’ Isaiah       • A European Court of Jus-
 structure & the future state     32 v 17 says ‘And the ef-        tice ruling confirmed that
                                  fect of righteousness shall      trade from products in
• The € is the Gaza common                                         these settlements is illegal.
 currency.                        be peace and the result of
                                  righteousness quietude and      • Volvo Construction sup-
• In Gaza & the rest of the       confident trust for ever.’       plies vehicles used to de-      ‘ THEESSENCE OF
 PA the EU spends € 0.5b                                                                            THE T ORAH IS :
                                 Israeli NGOs                      stroy Palestinian homes, &
 p.a., and member states a                                         buses to get Palestinian          WHATEVER IS
 similar amount.                 • See internet: B’TSELEM,                                         HATEFUL TO YOU ,
                                                                   workers into Israel.
                                  Bereaved Families Forum,                                          DO NOT DO TO
• The EU’s Middle East                                            • G4S Israel supplies equip-
                                  Breaking The Silence,                                            YOUR NEIGHBOUR ’
 neighbourhood policy aims                                         ment for checkpoints,
                                  Combatants for Peace,
 for prosperity and stability.                                     West Bank Israeli police
                                  Jews for Justice for Pales-
• France and Egypt advocate       tinians, Israeli Committee       and settlement security..
 a Mediterranean union; the       Against House Demoli-           Settlement Goods
 EU spends €4bn p.a. there        tions, Machsom Watch
                                  Women, Women in Black.          • The annual trade in settle-
Jean Zaru, clerk to Ra-                                            ment goods is at least
mallah Meeting                   • Since 1967 the Israelis have    $200m, possibly $2bn.
                                  destroyed 20,000 Palestin-
• Palestinians must fly from                                      • Fruit & vegetables come to
                                  ian homes.
 Amman; the Israelis ban                                           supermarkets when the
 flying from Tel-Aviv. Ra-       • Palestinians must pay to        European season ends..
 mallah-Amman =12 hours.          have their houses demol-
                                  ished - 2000 shekels if they    • Settlement trade en-
• Israeli has Gaza in a siege.                                     trenches the occupation.
                                  agree, 5000 if they object..
 It’s easier to import coffins
 than medical supplies.          • Rabbi Hillel, a contempo-      • The Co-op and M&S do
                                  rary of Jesus, said ‘the es-     not sell settlement goods.
• In the occupied territories                                      Waitrose has dropped set-
                                  sence of the Torah is:
 the Israelis build ‘by-pass’                                      tlement herbs. Tesco labels
                                  whatever is hateful to you,
 roads to settlements giving                                       goods, stating their source.
                                  do not do to your
 no access to traditional
 Palestinian villages.
                                 • Remember the difference        John Nicholls, Wolverhamp-
P AGE 10                                                                        STAFFORDSHIRE QUAKER

                    WATER: NOT ENOUGH
                    Occasionally you come              their swimming pools, water        measure of their water foot
                    across something that really       their lawns and irrigate miles     print.
                    speaks to you and makes you        of fields and greenhouses. In
                    consider issues that may be        contrast, West Bank Pales-
                    previously you hadn’t con-         tinians have largely been           These calculations include
                    sidered in quite that way          prevented from digging deep        livestock, the water they
                    before. For me it was that         wells of their own, limiting       drink and the water needed
                    elixir of life – water.            water access to shallow            to grow their feed and clean
                                                       wells, natural springs and         their waste. Fruit, vegeta-
                                                       rainfall that quick evaporates     bles and cereals and the rain-
                     Advice and Queries 42 “We do      with little choice but to buy      fall and irrigation water
                    not own the world and its riches   West Bank ground water             needed to grow them as well
                    are not ours to dispose of at      from tankered supplies from        as the virtual water needed
                    will.”                             Israel with European Union         to produce commodities
                                                       aid. This is only one exam-        such as clothing.
                                                       ple of the many that we can
                     Water is already becoming a       all think of.
                    real issue for those that have                                         Examples include the fol-
                    too little and to the other                                           lowing: 1857 gallons of
                    extreme of those suffering          97% of the water contained        water used to produce one
                    through too much water.            within this planet is salty.       pound of beef. 31 gallons to
                    Consider the impact it has on      Around one per cent of that        produce one pound of pota-
                    communities who walk ever          is brackish ground water.          toes. 2,900 gallons to pro-
    ‘I N 15YEARS    increasing miles to fetch          300,000 million people now         duce one pair of blue jeans.
     TIME IT IS     water. One out of 8 people         get their water from the sea       Although we consider cotton
 ESTIMATED THAT     lacks access to clean water.       or from brackish ground            to be a natural material it is
    1.8 BILLION     3.3 million people die from        water. Double the number a         never the less a crop that is
   PEOPLE WILL      water related health prob-         decade ago. Desalination           water intensive.
 LIVE IN R EGIONS   lems each year. When clean         which took off in the 1970’s
     OF SEVERE      water becomes plentiful, all       in the Middle East has now
       WATER        those hours previously spent       spread to over 150 coun-            One of the most important
     SCARCITY ’     hauling water can be used in       tries. Within the next 6           questions we need to ask is
                    other ways. Whether that is        years new desalination plants      whether the Region has sus-
                    growing more food or rais-         may add as much as 13 bil-         tainable water for the crops
                    ing livestock, providing op-       lion gallons a day to the          which are grown or the
                    portunities for trade or for       global water supply. As            stock grazed for pasture. If
                    children to have an educa-         populations grow and agri-         not where is the water com-
                    tion.                              culture and industry expand        ing from and what impact is
                                                       – fresh water demands also         it having on the environ-
                                                       increase.                          ment. We must “work to
                     Water becomes the embodi-                                            ensure that our increasing power
                    ment between the have and                                             over nature is used responsibly,
                    the have nots in our society        Of the 2.5% of earth’s wa-        with reverence to life. Rejoice in
                    and a potential source of          ter that is fresh, about two       the splendour of God’s continued
                    friction. Consider the stark       thirds of that is frozen. In the   creation”. In 15 years time it
                    difference between Israelis        1990’s the concept of virtual      is estimated that 1.8 billion
                    and Palestinians where water       water was coined. This con-        people will live in Regions of
                    has become emblematic of           cept was built on by calculat-     severe water scarcity.
                    their unequal relationship.        ing the virtual water in com-
                    Israel’s West Bank Settle-         modities as a tool for water
                    ments have deep wells pro-         management and to provide          Jane Heath, Leek
                    viding enough water to fill        individual’s with a clearer
                                                                                                                P AGE 11

Like all local meetings, Lich-    travelling there, taking con-     ties - and create counter-
field started to look for ways    tributions with him. So we        measures against future
of contributing towards           sent another £100 from            flooding: our contributions
funds for flood relief in Paki-   funds, noting that members        will probably not help there,
stan as soon as the disaster      would be reminded that we         unlike DEC grants.
became evident. Then we           could make personal contri-
received the message from         butions to meeting funds to       So did we do the right thing?
Aidan Rose at Glenthorne,         make up for this additional       We hoped that the personal
telling us of the Abaseen         unplanned expenditure.            links might bring some small
Foundation: a medical pro-                                          measure of comfort to those
ject north of Peshawar,           We are aware that contribut-      who have lost so much, if
started by a north Lancashire     ing in this way does not ad-      they learned of the sources
doctor with local family links    dress all the factors which       of the funds; we also wanted
who was known to Friends.         come into play in disasters       to demonstrate our respect
(Full information is available    such as this. The money will      for our local Mus-
on its website.) We immedi-       probably be spent on instant,     lim community, and show
ately agreed to send £100         urgent, relief, buying local      solidarity with them as they
from meeting funds to             supplies which will have          held their collections. (It was
the Foundation's UK contact       inflated prices; and there are    good to see Islamic Relief
address.                          disturbing tales of people        playing its part in the DEC
                                  carrying cash for relief being    consortium.) Should we be
Then our local, Lichfield,        robbed on their journeys.         balancing these relief gifts
Muslim colleague told us          The longterm need will be         with contributions for infra-
that one of the imams in          for massive infrastructure        structure?
Walsall was collecting for        developments, to rebuild
villages where no help was        destroyed facilities - schools,   Anthony Wilson, Lichfield
being received: he would be       clinics, bridges, civic ameni-                                      ‘ DID
                                                                                                          WE DO THE
                                                                                                       RIGHT THING ?’

In September Adrian Rose wrote    help work on these projects.      donors who appreciate the
to thank several Staffordshire    Meanwhile, they send this         standard of work we deliver
local meetings in these terms:    message to Friends:               to the people affected so
                                                                    badly by the floods.
From the Abaseen Founda-
tion thanks go to Friends                                           We have decided to carry on
                                  "The response from Quakers
who have been so generous                                           partly because we have
                                  to the efforts of the Abaseen
in supporting our flood relief                                      teams on the ground and can
                                  Foundation to help the peo-
work in North West Paki-                                            help now. Not all agencies
                                  ple in Pakistan affected by
stan. To date, Quaker meet-                                         can mobilise as efficiently as
                                  the floods is a truly humbling
ings have donated over                                              we can and help is therefore
                                  experience which has moved
£9,000. Individual Quakers                                          slow in getting through to
                                  our members to tears many
have donated an amazing                                             some people.
                                  times. We have had thought-
                                  ful letters, moving telephone     We hope we are rising suffi-
                                  support and generous finan-       ciently well to the challenge
                                  cial support. We hope             generated by the Quakers
Abaseen is working on a
                                  Quakers are observing our         through their generous and
strategy for long term reha-
                                  website for up to date infor-     caring positive support.
bilitation of affected commu-
                                  mation about how we are           Please do stay with us in to
nities. Trustees Helen and
                                  spending the funds. We are        the next stage."
William Bingley will be go-
                                  raising substantial funds in
ing to Pakistan in October to                                       William and Helen Bingley
                                  Pakistan through Pakistani

Here are more bloopers taken         • At the evening service to-                    evening of fine dining,
from church bulletins or from            night, the sermon topic                     super entertainment and
church service announcements:            will be 'What Is Hell?'                     gracious hostility.
                                         Come early and listen to
• Next Thursday there will                                                          • Potluck supper Sunday at
                                         our choir practice.
 be tryouts for the choir.                                                           5:00 PM - prayer and
 They need all the help they         • Eight new choir robes are                     medication to follow.
 can get.                                currently needed due to
                                                                                    • The ladies of the Church
                                         the addition of several new
• Irving Benson and Jessie                                                           have cast off clothing of
                                         members and to the dete-
 Carter were married on                                                              every kind. They may be
                                         rioration of some older
 October 24 in the church.                                                           seen in the basement on
 So ends a friendship that                                                           Friday afternoon.
 began in their school days.         • Please place your donation
                                         in the envelope along with
• A bean supper will be held
                                         the deceased person you                    Contributed by Rob Horton,
 on Tuesday evening in the                                                          Stafford
                                         want remembered.
 church hall. Music will
 follow.                             • The church will host an

                During 2011, Area Meeting will be clerked by a team made up of
              Rosemary Barmett (Stone), who will receive postal communications,
                                 Margaret Crossland (Stafford)
               and Gayle Yeomans (Stafford),,
                           who will receive e-mail communications.
                 Some details of the calendar below have still to be confirmed.

  Date     March 12          May 7               July 9              Sept 10               Oct 8           Dec 10
Location      Stoke         Uttoxeter         Leek       Wolverhampton                      Stone          Lichfield
            (Agreed)       (As last year) (As last year)   (Agreed)                       (Agreed)       (As last year)
 Start       10.00           10.00               10.00               10.00                 10.00            10.00
           30 minutes      30 minutes          30 minutes          30 minutes            30 minutes       30 minutes
            worship         worship             worship             worship               worship          worship
Morning      Business        Speaker            Speaker              Speaker            Young Quak-        Speaker
                                                                                        ers - business

 Lunch     12.30 - 1.30 12.30 - 1.30 12.30 - 1.30                  12.30 - 1.30         12.30 - 1.30     12.30 - 1.30
Afternoon 15 minutes       15 minutes          15 minutes          15 minutes            15 minutes       15 minutes
           worship          worship             worship             worship               worship          worship
           Rob Griffith      Business           Business             Business             Business         Business
           on the work
             of the Re-
           treat and the
           Tuke Centre

                                   C LOSING     DATE F OR NEXT I SSUE: MAY     29                                         For back issues and
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