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                                               AOC Insurance Broker: Expatriates Health Insurance
                                               Comparator and Travel Insurance online – 100 % dedicated to
                                               expatriates, students and travelers abroad

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    •   AOC Insurance Broker is an International Health Insurance & Travel Medical insurance
        comparator with 25 worldwide top health insurance providers. We want to help you, to find the
        right coverage of your expat health and travel insurance needs.

        The company is owned and managed by French with many years of international experience
        in Expat Health Care, Travel Insurance and Risk-Management.

        AOC Insurance Broker means service and care worldwide with its own offices in Paris,
        Bangkok, Shanghai and Casablanca. Additionally, AOC is part of a worldwide network of
        independent insurance brokers and thus can arrange insurance, services and risk
        management for you and your business worldwide. AOC can also help you in choosing a
        company, which you can continue to use if you and/or your family might return to your home-
        country or move to another country.

        Trough the AOC website, the Customer has direct access to on-line Health- and Travel
        insurance and can choose from more than 25 international insurance companies. All
        companies are in a strong financial position ensuring your safety and peace of mind in case of
        a health problem or accident. You can see our partners under the link :

        Insurance Partners AOC Insurance Broker

        AOC Insurance Broker website also allows the customer to conveniently pay online by credit
        card. If the customer needs help and advice, AOC offers this through our specialists in the
        different offices or you can pose your questions online to somebody in our team. Our people
        can compare different companies and plans for you to allow you to make your own choice with
        a table summarizing the insurance guarantees, services, price, settlement network and our
        professional advice.

        AOC Insurance Broker means the customer can conveniently download brochures,
        conditions and prices in PDF form from our website. Additionally, you can connect to our
        partners and request on-line quotes for worldwide travel insurance, working holiday, insurance
        visa schengen or student insurance abroad. Here too, payments can be made secure online.

        AOC Insurance Broker means the consultants are experienced specialists in international
        health care plans for individuals, families and groups of all nationalities and locations and for
        travel insurance, working holiday visa insurance, assistance/repatriation insurance, pensions,
        savings plan etc.

        AOC Insurance Broker means local teams of multilingual staff speaking the local language
        plus French, English, German Swiss, Chinese and being familiar with the local circumstances,
        laws and the risks.

        AOC Insurance Broker is a licensed and registered independent insurance broker with
        financial guarantees pursuant to the Insurance Laws of the local offices.

    AOC Insurance Broker’s services are free and with no additional cost to the purchaser of an
    insurance policy.

    AOC Insurance Broker’s remuneration is paid by the insurance companies and not by the
    customer. It does not affect the premium. An insurance policy with AOC means professional
    advice, individual care, negotiations on your behalf, and the best possible premium with the
    best available cover. Our online solutions are often at lower prices than what you might find
    through your local agent or broker.

    Our services are free and shows no extra charge for the purchaser of an insurance policy.

    Our remuneration is paid by insurance companies and does not affect the premium you might
    pay by a personal approach whether it is the professional advice and more.
    Our online solutions are often priced lower than what you would find at your local agent or


    International medical insurance is important to protect you. We want to help you, to
    find the right coverage of your and your families insurances needs. We offer
    professional advice on family, individual, group, travel expatriate health insurance and
    travel insurance worldwide.

    Please complete complete a Call Back Request Form online and we will call you at a
    convenient time to give you information about our insurance plans and answer any questions
    that you may have.

    AOC Insurance Broker - Wherever you are, we'll cover you.

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               AOC Insurance Broker – Wherever you are, we’ll cover you

                          PARIS - BANGKOK - SHANGHAI - CASABLANCA

      Head Office : AOC Insurance Broker - 60 rue de Strasbourg – 92400 Courbevoie – France

                      Phone : + 33 (1) 56 07 07 07 - Fax : + 33 (1) 49 97 80 38

      Liability and financial guarantee Markel International 07N80000214 - Orias n° 08 045 906

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