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									                      BUNCO RULES
How to play
   1. Each table has four players, divided into two teams. Each Team sits across the table
      from one another. You will change partners after every round.
   2. The head table starts and ends each round by ringing the bell.
   3. A scorekeeper is chosen for each table. The scorekeeper goes first. The scorekeeper
      will tally the number of points for each team.
   4. Each game has 5 rounds. In the first round you roll for two’s , the second for three’s
      and so on.
   5. Each person rolls three dice. Every time you roll the “target” number you score a
      point. You continue rolling all three dice until you don’t roll any of the “target”
      number. Play continues clockwise around the table.
   6. A roll of three of a kind of the “target” number is a Bunco. The Roller will then call
      out Bunco for all to hear and her team scores twenty-one points. She may wear the
      Bunco necklace until the next Bunco is rolled.
   7. A roll of three ones is called Snake Eyes. If you roll a Snake Eyes, you and your
      partner lose all your points you've earned so far that round.
   8. A roll of three of a kind of any other number is called a Baby Bunco. The team scores
      five points and the roller's turn continues.
   9. The points are scored as a team but only the person who rolled the Bunco, Baby
      Bunco, or Snake Eyes marks it on their score sheet for extra credit.
   10.The round ends when a team at the head table reaches twenty one points and rings
      the bell.
   11.At each table the team with the most points wins and marks it as a win on their score
   12.If the bell rings while you are rolling, you may finish your turn. If the round ends
      before the other tables have had a chance to roll then each player may roll once. If
      the round ends in a tie then each player may roll once more.
   13. After each round, the losers from the head table leave and go to the next table as
      directed. At all other tables, the winners leave and go to the next table as directed.
End of game
It is up to your group when to break for lunch.

Usually two rounds are played.

After tally sheets are scored, prizes will be given out

Five dollar is collected from every player and given to the hostess to reimburse
her for the prizes. (This does not apply to the Bunco Luncheon.)

Ten dollars is to be collected at some point from each player for end of year
prizes. (This does not apply to the Bunco Luncheon.))

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the Monthly Hostess
Set up materials
   1. Three tables for four
   2. Bunco box
      A. Hand bell
      B. Set of three dice per table
      C. Four score cards per table
      D. Four pens per table
      E. Tally sheets for each table
      F. Bunco necklace
      G. List of players and possible subs

   3. Bunco prizes

      A. Most Buncos

      B. Most wins

      C. Most losses

      D. Most Baby Buncos

      E. Most Snake eyes

      F. Last person wearing Bunco necklace

  4. Food

      A. Lunch

      B. Drinks

      C. Snacks for each table

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