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					University of Wisconsin-Stout Policy
                                                                                   Policy No. 02-62
                                                                                   Date: 8/7/2002

   1.0   Introduction

         The World Wide Web plays a pivotal role in conveying information about UW-Stout
         and provides a common point of access to networked resources for students, faculty,
         staff, alumni and others. Therefore, special attention needs to be given to UW-Stout's
         web presence. This policy ensures that current, accurate and consistent information is
         presented on web servers under the authority of the university. Questions regarding
         clarification or interpretation of this policy should be directed to the University Web

   2.0   Scope of Policy

         This policy applies to all information on Stout servers, regardless of the server on
         which it resides, and to all individuals, committees or institutional units publishing
         information on university web servers. Activity and information posted on the web
         must conform to policies, rules and regulations of the university regardless of funding

   3.0   Definitions

         3.1 Administrative Information

         Information posted on university web servers by officially recognized units, programs
          and departments describing and supporting UW-Stout policies, programs, units and

         3.2 Academic Support Information

         Information posted on university web servers by faculty, staff, and units in support of
          teaching and academic research, including, but not limited to, online course materials
          and licensed databases.
       3.3 Unofficial Information

       Information posted on university web servers by students and student organizations and
        sites posted by faculty, staff, and students acting on their own behalf.

4.0    Statement of Policy

4.1     Administrative information must be current, accurate and consistent. Only
recognized units, projects or programs may publish administrative information on
university web servers. Content is subject to review and revision as described in
section 5.0 Implementation of Policy.

               Sites with administrative information must conform to the UW-Stout Web
               Publishing Standards.

4.2     Academic support and unofficial information may be hosted on UW-Stout web
servers by faculty, staff, students and SSA-approved student organizations. Faculty and
staff may serve as host web server providers for affiliated professional organizations.
Hosting academic support and unofficial information and web sites is subject to
approval based on server capacity.

Academic support and unofficial web sites for the purpose of learning, teaching,
research, public service, exploration, and experimentation are protected as basic
elements of the academic environment. Free expression of ideas and pursuit of
knowledge is considered central to the academic process of the campus. Therefore, on
academic support and unofficial web sites, faculty, staff and students may publish
freely and openly within the constraints of state and federal law, including copyright

       The university will not edit information on academic support or unofficial sites, nor
              accept responsibility for their content.

 4.3     Use of university web resources implies acceptance of all laws and policies
related to web publishing, use of computing resources and academic misconduct.
Engaging in activities in violation of federal or state laws, this or other policies of UW-
Stout or UW System may result in the immediate loss of web access privileges. The
enforcement depends on the violation: academic violations will be handled by the
Dean of Students; copyright violations by University Relations; other violations
by Affirmative Action, Human Resources, or campus police as appropriate.
      4.4     Use of university web resources by faculty, staff or students for personal gain,
              profit or commercial purposes is prohibited.

      4.5     Commercial advertising on a university web site is prohibited.

      4.6     Links included within the university's web sites may point to non-university
              websites, but are limited to those that meet the purposes of the university.
              Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement by UW-Stout or affiliation
              with the external organization.

5.0   Implementation of Policy

      5.1    The Web Review Committee will develop and maintain UW-Stout Web
             Publishing Standards to meet institutional needs.

      5.2     Units, projects or programs publishing information on the web hold primary
              responsibility for their content and must conform to this policy and the UW-
              Stout Web Publishing Standards.

      5.3    The University Web Coordinator in consultation with the Web Review
             Committee will assure compliance with this policy and the UW-Stout Web
             Publishing Standards.

      5.4     The Web Review Committee will consist of the University Web Coordinator
              (ex officio) and others appointed by the Chancellor.

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                                Updated December 2002