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How to Use a Digital Camera


									Using Digital Cameras and Scanners
Digital Cameras use Digital Media

Batteries and Storage Cards (instead of film)

       Buy rechargeable batteries and a charger!

       Storage Cards
        CompactFlash (CF)
        Smartmedia (SM)
        Secure Digital (SD)
        Other

Transferring Images to a Computer

USB Card Reader

Connecting the Camera using a USB cable
Copying Files from Removeable Storage in My Computer:

      1. Locate the Removable drive Icon.

      2. Select all files and copy/paste to My Documents/My Pictures folder.
Using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard
(Start>All Programs>Accessories>Scanner and Camera Wizard)

1. Set Preferences

2. Choose a destination
3. Next, wait while image scans, when scanning is complete either choose “Back” to scan
another picture or choose “Next” to complete the process. You can choose to view the
folder you placed your pictures in on the next screen.

Image Editing Software
Picasa from Google -

The GIMP -

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