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Unprecedented Growth

India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India
                             India - An Introduction
       Population                                 Over 1 bn

       States/UTs                                 35

                                                   3.3 mn sq kms
       Geographical Area
       Languages recognised                       22

       Business language                          English

       Per Capita Income**                        US$ 534

        GDP**                                     US$ 650 bn
**(at factor cost & at current prices)
                                                        Source:CSO Statistics
1USD=43.54 INR (as on July 4, 2005)
        India - Fast pace Growth

 Largest democracy

 4th largest economy by PPP index

 6th largest energy consumer

 ForEx reserves skyrocket from US$ 42 bn (2001) to

  US$ 133 bn (February, 2005)

 GDP growth to continue between 6-8%

 3rd largest economy by 2050: Goldman Sachs

 Leading in IT & BPO

 Oil & Gas and Biotechnology sunrise industries
          India - Leading the world

 Hero Honda - largest manufacturer of motorcycles
 Moser Baer - 3rd largest optical media
  manufacturer in world
 Pharmaceutical Industry - 4th largest in world
 Walmart, GAP, Hilfiger sources more than
  USD 1bn worth apparel from India
 100 Fortune 500 have set R&D facilities in India
  including GE, Delphi, Eli Lilly, HP, Heinz and Daimler

India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India
Biotech Market - Dynamic and growing

Size (2004-05)                   US$ 1090.5 mn

Largest segment                  Biopharma

Revenue from exports (2003-04)    56%

Total investment (2003-04)       US$ 137 million
 Rate of growth over 202-2003     26%
    Biopharma leads the way

Composition of Indian Biotech Sector (2004-05)

                 Bio Agri   Bio-IT
                   6.95%     2.09 %

  Bio Services
                               Bio Pharma
                                  75.24 %

                                        Source:Biospectrum-ABLE Survey
   Market - A consistent uptrend

                  25% growth in investment

2002-03           70% growth in employment

                  74% growth in R&D

                  US$ 5 billion annual
 2010             1 million skilled jobs

                  10% of global industry
                             Source: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India
Indian Players
MNCs Scripting Success in India

India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India

• Annual investments in this sector will be of the order of US$ 150
             mn and are growing at the rate of 25%.

       • An additional investment of US$ 216 mn is
                   expected in FY2005
       Invest in Biopharmaceuticals

Vaccine          Sales of US$ 383.6 mn (2004-05)

Therapeutic      Marketing licenses granted for
                  over 25 recombinant therapeutic

Diagnostics Sales market - US$ 138.2 mn (2004-05)
        India: The Vaccine Hub

• Indian firms estimated to supply 90% of global
  demand for the measles vaccine, in the near

• Serum Institute, Pune is believed to be the
  world`s largest manufacturer of DPT vaccines.

• Indian Immunologicals operates the world`s
  second largest plant for veterinary vaccines and
  is also the world`s largest manufacturer of the
  vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease.
      Invest in Biopharmaceuticals

Therapeutic   Accounts for 14% of total biopharma
               sales (2004-05)

Diagnostics   Forecast to grow by 35-40% in 2005
               Immuno diagnostic market to increase
               4 to 5 folds by 2005
          Invest in Bioinformatics

    By 2006 bionformatics market to grow

        2004-05            US$ 22.9 mn

        By 2006            US$ 120 mn
                              Source: International Data Corporation (IDC)

                       Data mining

Opportunities for      Gene annotation
                       Software bioinformatics
                         interface development
Invest in Genomics and Industrial Biotech


   Industrial Biotech

 Size (2004-05)           US$ 73.5 mn
            Invest in Agri Biotech

Biofertilisers                       Biofuels

 GM Crops and seeds        Biopesticides
            Invest in Agri Biotech

Biofertilisers                       Biofuels

 GM Crops and seeds        Biopesticides
     Clinical Trials - Destination India

    Quality            Quality guidelines conformed

     Speed             Patient enrolment rates upto six times
                        higher than US
  Technology           CROs to benefit from India’s IT
                        strengths in data management
Disease Profile        High incidence of infectious/lifestyle
 Investigators         Excellent pool of qualified & trained
                        doctors and physicians
Genetic diversity

India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India
              The India Advantage

   Excellent network             Well-developed
of research laboratories         base industries

    Rich biodiversity         Extensive clinical trials

                  Trained manpower
                 and knowledge base
         The Infrastructure Advantage

40 National Research     15,000 scientists

300 life sciences        500,000 graduates
                          per annum

120 medical colleges     17,500 medical graduates
                          per annum

200 biotech companies    Employing 25,000
                          scientists in R&D

100 teaching hospitals   Employing medical &
                          paramedical professionals
     The R & D Advantage

               Genetic Engineering

               DNA technologies
strengths      New Drug Delivery Systems
  across       Rational drug design
 range of
segments       Stem cell research

                 The Policy Advantage

India has transitioned from a process patent regime to a product

patent regime w.e.f January, 2005

150% weighted deduction on R&D expenditure

 Single window application processing proposed by DBT

 New biotech proposals to be cleared within 150 days

 Formation of a SME Growth Fund to provide equity support to

small & medium units in the biotechnology sectors (Union Budget

               Union Budget 2005-06
               The Biotech Park Advantage
 Benefits enjoyed by Export Oriented Units (EOU) extended

to Biotech Parks

- 100% FDI permitted through automatic route

- BTP units exempt from payment of Income Tax

- Export proceeds to be realised within 12 months

- BTPs allowed to retain 100% export earnings in the EEFC


India - An Overview
Market and Growth Potential
Why India?
Contact in India
             Contact in India

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

23 Institutional Area
Lodi Road
New Delhi 110003

Tel 0091 11 24629994 - 7
Fax 0091 11 24626149/24615693