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					License Review Classes:                            Course Registration:

The Department of Environmental Quality in
cooperation with listed educational institutions
                                                   All participants must register with the host
                                                   community college. Most colleges require
                                                   registrations and associated fees be submitted
presents workshops to assist wastewater
treatment plant operators and trainees to          prior to the start of class.
prepare for the wastewater licensure
examinations. Course dates, locations,             Since classes may be cancelled for lack of

registration requirements, fees, contacts and      registrations, it is important to contact the college
other pertinent information are provided. For      and register prior to the first day of classes. In the
information regarding a specific program, call     event a class must be cancelled only those who
the contact person listed in the schedule for      have registered will be notified of the cancellation.

that location.                                     In some instances colleges will allow registrations
                                                   on the first day of class on a space available basis.
Course Approval:                                   To obtain college registration information call the
                                                   college contact listed in the schedule.
All wastewater programs listed in this
                                                                                                                  Summer/Fall 2011
announcement are conducted using course            Registration Questions:
materials prepared by the Operator Training
Program of the Department of Environmental
                                                   Call the contact person listed for the college
Quality and approved by the State Board for
Waterworks and Wastewater Works                    you wish to attend.
Operators and On-site Sewage System
Professionals for use as substitution for          Program Content:
required operating experience as permitted by
Board regulations.
                                                   Contact the course instructor or:
Cancellation:                                              Wayne Staples
                                                           Operator Training Program
All classes are subject to cancellation in the             Department of Environmental Quality
event of insufficient registrations. Persons
                                                           PO Box 1105
traveling long distances to attend should
confirm course availability prior to leaving               Richmond VA 23218
                                                                                                                Operator Training Program
home.                                                      Phone (804) 698 - 4106
                                                                                                                      Water Division
                                                           Email:            Department of Environmental Quality
Inclement Weather:                                                                                                     PO Box 1105
                                                                                                                 Richmond Virginia 23218
The inclement weather policy of the host                                                                            Program Contacts:
institution at which the program is held will be                                                              Wayne Staples (804) 698 – 4106
observed.                                                                                                      Jason Spicer (804) 698 - 4143


                                                                                                                    Fax (804) 698 - 4032
Course Costs:                                                        John Tyler Community College                           Tidewater Community College
                                                                           Chester Virginia                                     Portsmouth Virginia
Fees are set by the host institution. However, fees               (Internet Web Site- http:\\         (Internet Web Site - http:\\
are subject to change and the actual course fees
are those in effect at the time you register for       Instructor      Wayne Staples (804) 698 – 4106         Instructor: Don Bowden
the program. All fees must be paid on or before
                                                       Fees:           $ Contact College                      Fees:         $ Contact College
the start of the class.
                                                                                                              Class Days:      M - T - W -Th (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.);
Billing arrangements must be made through the          Class Days      T-W-T-F 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
host institution prior the start of class. For                                                                Contact:            Kathy Richardson (757) 822 - 2300
                                                       Contact         Joanne Wallin (804) 706 - 5169         Billing:            Business Office (757) 822 - 2105
additional information on billing or fees, call the
contact person for the institution. Checks should      October 25 - 28, 2011
be made payable to the host institution.                                                                                     At HRSD - Nansemond WWTP
                                                       ENV 40          Basic Wastewater Licensure Review
                                                                                                              August 23 - 26, 2011
All wastewater licensure review classes require        ENV 146         Advanced Wastewater Licensure Review
that participants have one set of the Basic or                                                                ENV 40        Basic Wastewater License Review
Advanced Wastewater Licensure Review manuals                                                                  ENV 146       Advanced Wastewater License Review
(5th Edition). Some programs may require
additional reference materials. This is indicated
                                                                 Northern Virginia Community College
by an asterisk (*) following the program title. All
                                                                          Manassas Virginia                                 . Wytheville Community College
reference materials can normally be purchased at
                                                               (Internet Web Site-                       - Wytheville Virginia
the institution's bookstore. The Basic and
Advanced Wastewater Licensure Review manuals                                                                       (Internet Web Site- http:\\w w w
                                                       Instructor:     Robert Canham
can also be purchased from th e Department of
Environmental Quality. For purchasing information      Fees:           $ Contact College                      Instructor:      Gary Johnson
                                                       Parking Fee:    $ 30.00 (must be paid separately)
contact the host institution or DEQ program
contact.                                                                                                      Fees:            $ Contact College
                                                       Note: Local, state or federal employees driving
                                                             government vehicles are exempt!
Refunds:                                                                                                      Days/Times:      M- T- W     8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                                                       Class Days      M - F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                Thurs       8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
The host institution’s refund policy applies. If you
                                                       Contact:        Pam Kraemer (703) 257 - 6563           Contact:         Wanda Beck (276) 223-4763
are unable to attend after registering for a program
contact the institution immediately for withdrawal     October 24 - 28, 2011                                  September 26 - 29, 2011
and refund procedures.
                                                       ENV 195-70      Topics In: Basic Wastewater            ENV 40           Basic Wastew ater Licensure Review
Water Treatment Training Programs:                     ENV 195-71      Topics In: Advanced Wastewater         ENV 146          Advanced Wastewater License Review

The Department provides information on available                                                              October 17 - 20, 2011
water courses as a service to the sponsoring
institutions and water plant operators. Contact the      Wastewater courses require the appropriate           ENV 47           Basic Water Licensure Review *
host institution to determine whether a water            Wastewater Licensure Review manuals (5th Editions)   ENV 147          Advanced Water Licensure Review *
                                                         for each class. Purchase manuals from the college
program is approved by the License Board.
                                                         bookstore or order the manuals from the Department     * Water Courses require AWWA manuals "Principles
                                                         of Environmental Quality. If you already own the         and Practices of Water Supply Operations, Water
Water programs may require purchase of                   appropriate editions of the manuals you may bring        Sources, 3rd Edition" and "Principles and
additional reference manuals. When required,             them with you to class. Contact the community
manuals can be purchased from the college                                                                         Practices of Water Supply Operations, Water
                                                         college or DEQ for more information.                     Treatment, 3rd Edition". Order from AWWA,
bookstore. Contact the host institution for
                                                                                                                  purchase at WCC bookstore or bring copies with
additional information.
                                                                                                                  you or contact Wanda Beck at Wytheville

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