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                                HUNTINGTON PARISH COUNCIL
                               c/o Huntington Community Centre,
                                 26, Strensall Road, Huntington,
                                        YORK YO32 9RG.
                                        Tel: 01904 758366

   Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 8                December 2010 in
                         Huntington Community Centre at 7.30pm

PRESENT:                Councillor S. Rawlings – Chairman, Councillor C. Woolley, Councillor D.
                        Atlay, Councillor D. Geogheghan-Breen, Councillor H. Stelmach,
                        Councillor M. Duncanson,
                        Nicola Moorcroft (Parish Clerk) – in attendance
ITEM 1                  Councillor J. Olsen, Councillor C. Hillman and Councillor C. Clayton
CIRCULATION:                          To all attendees, apologies and all other members of the
                                      Parish Council.
MINUTES PREPARED BY:                   Nicola Moorcroft
DATE (Draft):                          09/12/10
DATE TO BE APPROVED:                   05/01/11

 Item 2: Declarations of Interest:
 Councillor D. Atlay declared a personal interest in Item 5B and as such took no part in the
 discussion relating to such.

 Item 3: Minutes
 To approve minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on 29/09/10
 Minutes approved as a true record of said meeting, signed and dated by Chairman

 Item 4: Planning Applications determined by delegated power:
 10/02482/FUL   The Railway            Single storey rear extension.
                Cottage, North Lane,
                Huntington, YORK       This Committee has no objection to this
                Yo32 9SU               application

 10/02432/FULM      The Estate Office,       Construction of new 3 storey office after removal
                    Monks Cross Drive,       of existing single storey office (application to
                    Huntington, YORK         extend time period for implementation of
                    YO32 9GZ                 permission 07/02606/FULM
                                             This Committee has no objection to this

 10/02058/FUL       Monks Cross              Erection of 2 storey infill unit to create sandwich
                    Shopping Park,           shop (use class A1), café (A3) drinking
                    Monks Cross drive,       establishment (A4) or hot food take-away (A5)
                    Huntington, YORK
                                             This Committee has no objection to this

 10/02083/FUL       The Lodge, 2             Raising of roof with insertion of dormers to front
                    Highthorn Road,          and rear and single storey rear extension.

                                     PLANNING MINS. 08/12/10
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                  YORK YO31 9HE
                                           This Committee strongly objects to this
                                           application on the following planning grounds:
                                           - The resulting significant change of appearance
                                           of the original property would result in a
                                           development which is out of character with the
                                           properties in the area and would therefore; have a
                                           detrimental impact on the street scene.
                                           - The negative impact on the street scene is
                                           compounded by the very prominent position of
                                           the proposed development of the corner of
                                           Highthorn Road and the main route into the City
                                           of York, Huntington Road.
                                           - The substantial increase in the roof ridge is
                                           unacceptably high having consideration for the
                                           original property.
                                           - The size, scale and mass of the proposed
                                           development, being a small 2 bedroomed
                                           bungalow into a dominant 4 bedroomed , 2 storey
                                           property, would result in an over development of
                                           the existing plot.

Item 5: Planning Applications for Consideration:

The following applications received from City of York Council were considered and below are the
comments of the Planning Committee which have been forwarded to the Planning Directorate.

A                        Ref : 10/02511/ADV : Billy Wong
                         P J Clifton Financial services, The Paddocks, Jockey Lane, Huntington,

                         Replacement fascia signs, free standing signs and hanging signs.

                         This Committee has no objections to this application.

B                        Ref: 10/02569/FUL : Sharon Jackson
                         St. Andrews Church, Huntington Road, YORK YO32 9PX

                         Erection of play equipment benches and tables on land to south of St.
                         Andrews church.

                         This Committee has no objections to this application.

C                        Ref: 10/02571/FUL : Paul Edwards
                         7 Thornfield Drive, Huntington Road, YORK YO31 9DR

                         Two storey side and single storey rear extension.

                         This Committee has no objections to this application.

D                        Ref: 10/02009/FUL : Billy Wong
                         Carphone Warehouse, Unit 1 Julia Avenue, Huntington, YORK

                         Variation of conditions 3 (restricted scale of goods) and 4 (BREEAM rating)
                         of approved application 10/01014/FUL.

                                   PLANNING MINS. 08/12/10
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                          This Committee has no objections to this application.

Item 6: CYC Decisions re: Planning Applications
Ref: 10/02083
The Lodge, 2 Highthorn Road, YORK Yo31 9HE
Raising of roof with insertion of dormers to front and single storey rear extension.

Ref: 10/00342/FUL
Minster Alarms, Suncliffe House, 157 New Lane, Huntington, YORK

 The proposal, due to the nature of the use and location in a predominantly residential street,
would introduce activity late into the evening from potentially frequent vehicle movements
associated with the delivery service. This would result in increased noise levels and disturbance
at a time when adjacent residents could expect less disturbance from commercial activity and
vehicle movements, to the detriment of the residential amenity that adjacent occupants presently

Ref: 10/02011/TCA
Trent Cottage, 30 The Old Village, Huntington, YORK YO32 9RB
Fell Maple tree in a conservation area.

Ref: 10/01902/TPO
23 North Lane, Huntington, YORK YO32 9RU
Crown lift Sycamore, crown clean and rebalance.

Ref: 10/01849/FUL
Wilberforce House, 49 North Moor Road, Huntington, YORK YO32 9YY
Change of use from offices (use Class B1) to mixed use offices with health services (use Class
B1/D1). New ramp with hand rail and replacement windows to rear.

Ref: 10/01636/FUL
Boots Unit 7 Monks Cross Shopping Park, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington.
Installation of external chiller to loading yard with surrounding barrier.

Ref: 10/01693/FUL
98 North Moor, Huntington, YORK YO32 9RY
Single storey rear extension.

Ref: 10/01596/FUL
3 Stephenson Close, Huntington, YORK YO32 9GG
Two storey and single storey side extension.

                                     PLANNING MINS. 08/12/10
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Ref: 10/01672/FUL
Orchard Cottage, 3B Strensall Road, Huntington, YORK YO32 9RF

Ref: 10/0168/FUL
42 Lea Way, Huntington, YORK YO32 9PE
Single storey side extension, porch to rear, replacement detached garage and boundary wall to
side and rear.

Ref: 10/01746/FUL
15 Keith Ave., Huntington, YORK YO32 9QH
Two storey rear extension.

Ref: 10/01871/FUL
62 Brockfield Park Drive Huntington York YO31 9ER
Change of use from retail (use class A1) to hot food takeaway (use class A5) and provision of
external extract flue
1 The local planning authority consider that the establishment of a hot food takeaway in this
predominantly residential area would have a serious detrimental impact on the amenities of
surrounding residents by virtue of an accumulation of noise, traffic, litter, odour, and anti-social
behaviour which would detract from the quiet enjoyment and amenity of their homes. The
proposal is therefore considered to be contrary to Policy S6 of the City of York Development
Control Local Plan which aims to ensure that such uses do not have an unacceptable impact on
the amenities of surrounding occupiers.

Item 7: Planning Enforcement Issues
Nothing further to report.

Item 8: To Consider ‘The Journal of Local Planning’
Members considered annual member of the Journal as a source of information and advice.
Not to take up membership at this time.

Item 9: To confirm date and time of next meeting.
To be held on Wednesday 5         January 2011at 7.00pm in Huntington Community Centre

Meeting closed at 8.05pm

                                      PLANNING MINS. 08/12/10
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Planning Committee Minutes – 08/12/10