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Beta Demo Flow - ATG


									        eService Beta Demonstration Guidelines

             - ATG Knowledge and Self Service -

                                 Work in Progress

Prepared by: Lisa Butler, JP Saunders, Johnny Crivello

Version 4: August 23 2005
                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide
                                            Table of Contents

Beta Demo Flow ___________________________________________________________________ 4
Demonstration Flow ________________________________________________________________ 5
   Self Service ____________________________________________________________________________ 5
      Self Service Introduction _______________________________________________________________________      6
      Logging in as a Secured User ____________________________________________________________________      7
      Conducting a Search ___________________________________________________________________________        8
      Finding an Answer ____________________________________________________________________________         9
      Escalating to Customer Support __________________________________________________________________      9
   Knowledge (ATG Workspace) ___________________________________________________________ 10
      Logging in as a Secured User ___________________________________________________________________     10
      Conducting a Search __________________________________________________________________________       13
      Editing Solution _____________________________________________________________________________       17
      Final Style Review ___________________________________________________________________________       19
      Finding Newly Published Solution _______________________________________________________________     20
      Respond by E mail ___________________________________________________________________________        21
Administration How Tos____________________________________________________________ 24
   Self Service Screen Shot Walk Through ___________________________________________________ 24
      Anonymous User View ________________________________________________________________________         24
      Secured User View - Options ___________________________________________________________________      25
      Secured User View – My Support _______________________________________________________________       25
      Searching for an Answer and Viewing Results______________________________________________________    26
   Solution Workflow Screen Shot Walkthrough ______________________________________________ 27
      Approval Workflow for a Solution _______________________________________________________________ 27
      Viewing a Solution (example) __________________________________________________________________ 27
      Creating a Solution __________________________________________________ Error! Bookmark not defined.28
   Indexing _____________________________________________________________________________ 32
   Create Solution Classes _________________________________________________________________ 33
   Creating New Users ____________________________________________________________________ 34
What you need to set up to be successful _______________________________________________ 35
   Tools for Knowledge Center _____________________________________________________________ 35
   Tools for Self Service ___________________________________________________________________ 37
Other Selling Points to Talk To ______________________________________________________ 38
   Unified Java Architecture _______________________________________________________________ 38
   Data Anywhere Architecture ____________________________________________________________ 38
   Scenario Workflow Engine ______________________________________________________________ 39
   Web Services Support for CRM Integration________________________________________________ 40

Version: 23AUG05                                  Page 2 of 40                            Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                             Beta Demo Guide

The purpose of this manual is to provide initial documentation on the Beta Release in support of the
ATG Beta Program. The intended users are the Solution Engineering Team and the Beta Site
Coordinators. It can be used as a reference document for anyone that wishes to have an understanding
of the Beta Release and demonstration abilities.

We structured this document to provide an overall demonstration flow from the customer asking a
question to receiving an answer they are satisfied with. A detailed feature list was prepared prior and
the features are mapped to each section of the flow

Each feature is coded Green (can demo); Yellow (demo and talk to) and Red (talk to but don’t demo).
A detailed story script then follows to map to the data available in the knowledgebase.

Version: 23AUG05                                 Page 3 of 40                            Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Beta Demo Guide

Knowledge Self Service
Beta Demo Flow Beta Demo Flow version 08 19 05
The following flow is a simple representation of customer support with the Beta features mapped to each section of the flow
 QA/Tier 3

                                           Demo and Talk to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          15    21   22 Newly Published Solution
                                           Talk to Only
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Publish Solution to
                                                                                                                                                                                  Review proposed             appropriate for
                                                                                                                                   20    7     12   14    Final Style Review                                                             YES           Internal and
                                                                                                                                                                                 answer to question           Tiers and Self
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     External Groups

                                                                                                                                                                               Submit for Style Review

                                                                                                                                                                                  Review and Add
 Tier 2


                                                                                                          61        17    11   13 10         Secondary Search|Modification
                                                                                                                                                                                 Secondary Search

                                                                                79     16 Creating Solution                  Draft appropriate answer                           Submit for Review
 Tier 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          23    24   25 Respond
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    E mail final solution
                                                                                                                             Conduct Content Search                                                                                                    to Customer
                                            42    44       34    38   35   43        36 Conducting a Search
                                                                                                                              for matching answer

                                                                                                                         1     4   2      3     6   Introduction
 Self Service

                                 72    36                   Finding the Answer
                                                                                                                                                         69   Escalating to Customer Support

                             42        76        37    74       77    Conducting a Search
                                                                                                                                          Go to My
                                                                                                   Is the                                Support to
                                       Self Service returns                                      customer                    No          report on
                                      answers based on NLP                                       satified?                              session and
                                              search                                                                                      escalate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Is the customer
                            62        63     64       65        66                   48    70   68   73        69        67 Introduction

                                                                                                                                                                                                         42    75    36    71          Resolution
                                           I have a question or                                                                                                                                                                                                Yes
                                             need information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Customer accepts

Version: 23AUG05                                                                                                                              Page 4 of 40                                                          Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide

Demonstration Flow
         Self Service

         Self Service will be used to show the Anonymous and Secured User experience. In this
         scenario, we will focus on the Secured User experience to show the breadth of the UI. Many
         more additions to the UI will come when “ticketing” is finished, such as a fully functional My-
         Support landing page that includes open incidents, an escalation path to capture interaction and
         move it into assisted service ticket generation, etc. The general idea here is that you can use
         your creativity to “talk” through all the benefits of wrapping ATG Scenario Engine around this
         UI with content targeting slots, cross-sells, etc. and how they will aid the self service user
         experience. The Numbers link back to the Feature List that provides a full description. Self
         Service is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Version: 23AUG05                                  Page 5 of 40                            Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide

         Self Service Introduction

         The scenario is a customer “Barry Bonds” who has purchased a Treo 650 phone (smartphone)
         and now has an issue on how to play music on it. The customer navigates to the site, logs in
         and conducts a search to find a resolution. As the presenter, you need to introduce the
         Anonymous landing page and then move to the Secured Log in.

            Go to the Self Service UI and introduce the landing page and navigation
            Start with the right side panes as they are not fully functional and work to the search area
            Introduce the Describe Your Problem Pane
                                                        Go to the Self Service UI,      The topic tree can be expanded and
     Answer        The ability to provide advanced and discuss Answer Topics            collapsed but tuning is not done so
     Topics        search options to the user           Tree, expanding and             clicking on topics will not properly
     Pane          through a brows able topic tree      collapsing the list             constrain the searches
                   The ability to provide Preferred
                   Answers in an easy list that
                   might answer the user's
                   question without needing to
     FAQ           perform a search, promotes           Go to the Self Service UI,
     Topics        proactive knowledge delivery         and discuss FAQ Topics          The box is empty and we don't
     Pane          on common issues.                    Tree                            know how to populate it
                   The ability to provide an FAQ
                   (questions others are asking and
                   top rated answers) that is driven
                   by the user community. An
                   algorithm will be applied.
                                                                                        Questions others are asking, top
     Hot Links     Hot Solutions are flagged and        Go to the Self Service UI,      rated answers, and hot solutions
     Pane          pushed by the organization.          and discuss Hot Links pane      are not active
                                                                                        Advanced Search discussed as a
                                                                                        separate line item, Tips is working,
                   The ability to constrain the                                         Start Over Works, History only
                   search through various methods                                       works if a search is conducted and
                   like query and topic restraint,                                      then I select history and it only
     Search        dates, document types along          Go to the Self Service UI,      scrolls to the search history section
     Options       with the basic search                and discuss the Search          that has already been rendered with
     Bar           statement(s)                         Options Bar                     the search.
                                                                                        Stick with key words. Formats
                                                                                        does not work. Do not show build
                                                                                        query: Custom queries can be built
                                                                                        but not recommended in front of
                                                        On the Describe your            the customer, very slow to load
                   Providing additional tools to        problem in the Problem          and not intuitive. Do not show
                   the user to narrow the returned      Pane, go to the Search          Topic Constraints: throws a Java
     Advanced      results to focus to a specific       Options Bar and select          error, Don't do language (out of
     Search        answer                               Advanced Search                 scope), Dates (not showing up)

Version: 23AUG05                                          Page 6 of 40                                     Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide

         Logging in as a Secured User

         Now Barry will log into the Self Service Site and will notice his personalization.
              Log in as one of the secured users, for example Barry Bonds, password: Customer
              Introduce the Secured User Additional Options such as the Profile Menu Bar
              Navigate to the Options link and introduce relevant panes
              Navigate to the My Support link and introduce relevant panes
              Select Topics in the Answer Topics Pane to navigate back to the Search Panel

     Note: When you navigate to Options and My Support in the Profile Menu Bar – the only way to get back to the
     Search area is to select “Topics” in the Answer Topics Pane

     based          The ability to limit access to
     access         specific users                     Log on as an external user       Does not speak to user security
                                                                                        Details for each link are listed
                                                                                        separately. Beware that when you
                                                                                        start selecting from the Profile
     Secured                                                                            Menu Bar - the only way to
     Log In -       An addition to the personalized    Log in to self service, go to    navigate back to search is by
     Profile        experience, allowing the user to   Profile Menu Bar next to         selecting "Topics" from the
     Menu Bar       navigate to personalized areas     welcome message                  Answer Topics Pane
                                                       Log in to self service, go to
                                                       Profile Menu Bar next to
                                                       welcome message and select
                                                       options to personalize page:
                                                       answers per page, document
                                                       display, search and FAQ
                                                       options and language. To
     Secured        The ability for a user to          navigate back to search          The selected options will save but
     user-User      customize the style of results     page, must select "Topics"       are not enforced, Do not show
     Options        presented                          in topics tree on left.          option tips - data not relevant
     user-          The ability for a customer to
     Contact        escalate support contact to the    Select "Contact Support" in
     Support        call center with a simple click    Profile Menu Bar                 Does not work
                                                       Log in to self service, go to
                                                       Profile Menu Bar next to
                                                       welcome message and select
                    The ability for a user to create   My Support" to personalize
                    their own page of Support          support page: To navigate
     Secured        History and current and saved      back to search page, must        Customer Support issues link not
     User - My      searches to provide a              select "Topics" in topics tree   working, Your Last Visit Pane,
     Support        personalized experience            on left.                         Saved Searches Pane - randomly,
                                                                                        Caution: if you are logged in as a
                                                                                        secured user, the Search Options
     Abandon                                                                            Bar disappears if navigating under
     Session -      The ability to clear the current                                    the Profile Menu Bar. Work
     "Start         search and start from a clean      Perform a search, Select         around is to navigate to the Answer
     Over"          slate.                             "Start Over"                     Topics Pane and select Topics

Version: 23AUG05                                         Page 7 of 40                                     Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                  Beta Demo Guide

         Conducting a Search

    The customer has come to the support website to get a specific question answered about the
    product he has purchased. He will ask his question and then preview the results, as a whole, and
    then select a specific solution to view the answer.
              Go to the Describe Your Problem Pane
              Enter: “I cant play music on my smartphone” (note: spell “cant” with no apostrophe & smartphone is one
              Select Find
              Describe the Breadcrumbs navigation path at the top that shows navigation path
              Review search results and show multiple types of solutions returned
              Review the search rating pane at the bottom of the search results screen along with search history that has
               been updated
              Go back to the top of the search results screen and introduce the Search Results navigation bar – and discuss
               options, introduce Score to right
              Barry likes this search and decides to save the search for further reference – Go to “Save this Search” and
               select link (Saved search will be introduced later)

     Note: NLP is not recognizing smart phone and smartphone as well as introducing an apostrophe causes funky
     characters to be displayed in Search History.
                       The intent of NLP is to achieve the best
                       possible human-like language processing
                       for search tasks and applications, Any
                       search done whether on structured or                                       Working for
                       unstructured content is via NLP, Find                                      Knowledge and Self
                       knowledge without knowing the question,                                    Service both only
                       multiple ways to access information, also                                  Knowledge allows
     NLP (basic)       huge benefits when NLP is applied to the   type in search terms in full    you to review the
     search            reporting                                  sentence or phrase              solution (document)
                                                                                                  Focus Search by
                                                                  Perform a simple search to      Topic does not
     Search Results Allows sorting and paging of returned         get a list of solutions. Note   work, Paging and
     Navigation        results to promote ease of use in locating the new bar under "Focus        Sort by: does appear
     Bar               the relevant answer                        Search By Topic"                to work
                                                                  Available under the Self
                                                                  Service UI, the user can start
                       The ability of the user/system to track    a search by asking a question The topic tree tuning
                       navigation through searching and           and navigate to the topic tree is not done so
                       constraining through the topic tree,       to constrain the search         clicking on topics
                       improves user experience, eliminates       (watch the navigation path      will not properly
                       having to start from scratch when no       change above "Describe          constrain the
     Breadcrumbs       answers found in a particular topic        Your problem"                   searches

                                                                          Search with a sentence or
                       The ability to allow user to save frequently       phrase, get a result, then
     Secured user-     used searches on their personalized support        select "Save Search", then        Search can be saved
     Save this         homepage, improves user experience and             navigate to "My Support" to       and viewed but link
     Search            customer sat                                       view and select saved search      is not functional
                                                                          Perform a simple search to
                       The ability for the user to rate the relevancy     get a list of solutions. Scroll
                       of the returned results helps the                  down to see the search list       No where to see
                       organization to tweak or refine the search         rating "How useful is the list    reports, email
     Search Rating     indexing                                           above"                            doesn't connect

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 8 of 40                                       Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide

         Finding an Answer

         Barry identifies a potential resolution in the list of results.
              Select the Title: Listening to music on your Treo 650 smartphone using… to view the solution
              Barry is taken to the sentence within the document that was relevant to his search and reviews the
               highlighted section as well as the rest of the solution
              The solution doesn’t answer his particular question because it doesn’t discuss where to load the songs.

     Note: Selecting the Location Link or Preview will not show the highlighting capability
                                                      Perform a simple search to
                                                      get a solution and select the
                                                      solution. View and
                                                      describe the Solution
                                                      Feature Bar: Rate this
                                                      answer allows the user to
                                                      rate and comment on the        Working features: rate this
                    The ability for the user to       specific solution, email the   solution, e mail brings up a
     Solution       leverage the knowledge by         solution, contact support or   template and print, link to support
     Features Bar responding to the solution          print the solution             not working.
                                                                                     This only works for HTML
                                                                                     documents. In Self Service, if you
                                                                                     select the title link you get
                                                                                     highlighting but loose images and
     Answer                                                                          style sheet elements. If you select
     Location       The ability to find the specific                                 the location link, you will see the
     and            relevant statements within a                                     full document with no highlighting
     Highlighting document without have to page Within unstructured search, but graphics and style sheets (same
     (jump to       through (imagine a >100 page      show sentence level            as Preview). In Knowledge,
     relevant       PDF), reduces call handling       indexing and highlighting      highlighting works on Preview and
     area)          times                             within a large document        Full View.

         Escalating to Customer Support
         At this point, Barry could perform other searches to better define what he is looking for but he
         decides to escalate his question to get an answer. Remember that ticketing is not available yet
         so this will be more of a discussion in setting the stage for receiving the escalation in the call
              Barry navigates to My Support link in the Profile Menu Bar
              Talk to the Search History and Answers Viewed and Saved Searches
              Show the link to Contact Support – discuss selecting the link that will create a ticket for Barry and allow
               him to document his issue and forward to live Customer Support

     The ticket might hold the following information:
     Problem: I cant play music on my phone, Device: “TREO 650” “SANDISK SD”, Description: I loaded up my SD
     card with songs but when I go to play them on my phone. They don’t show up to play-I know they are MP3 files so
     am I loading them into the wrong place?
                                                      Log in to self service, go to
                                                      Profile Menu Bar next to
                                                      welcome message and select
                     The ability for a user to create My Support" to personalize
                     their own page of Support        support page: To navigate
     Secured         History and current and saved    back to search page, must      Customer Support issues link not
     User - My       searches to provide a            select "Topics" in topics tree working, Your Last Visit Pane,
     Support         personalized experience          on left.                       Saved Searches Pane - not working

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 9 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                Beta Demo Guide

         Knowledge (ATG Workspace)

         Now you need to transition to the Knowledge Landing Page to begin the call center knowledge
         search, author and publish scenario. Knowledge is best viewed using Firefox. When you first
         log in, you would expect to land on the Research Tab but the screen body remains blank, work
         around is to select the Research Tab.

          Logging in as a Secured User

         A Tier One Agent will log into the Knowledge Site and the presenter will need to introduce the
         landing page
              Log in as one of the secured users, for example Agent1, password: agent1
              Introduce the Tabs across the top. Each Tab represents a workspace where the content of panel and panes
               are specific to the actions required for that area and the privileges of that user
                    o Research Tab allows the known user to Search or Browse for information available in the
                        knowledge base. Search allows user to state a question or a problem; you add statements to the
                        search, and advanced search. Browse allows user to browse and constrain information by Topic
                    o Contribute Tab allows users to capture, review and approve structured content authoring. The
                        Research Panel (which needs to be expanded by selecting the top icon) is framed for secondary
                        searches while authoring. Scenario Engine workflows support specific review and approval
                    o Respond Tab allows the agents to communicate status of resolutions back to the customers
                    o Task Tab shows the tasks that have been assigned to the agents, either as a group or individual
                        assignments that the agent is to act on. Scenario Engine will support specific task workflows and
              Panels can be expanded and collapsed to introduce new panels or closed to increase working real estate.
              Panes can be closed by selecting the hash icon on the right upper hand side. Selecting the up arrow icon
               removes the pane from the view but is still selectable in the top of the panel.
              Introduce the Right Panel productivity panes: next Steps, Open by ID, favorites, Recommended Reading,

                          Agent has ability to customize
                          interface to suit their working
                          style, providing a customized
                          user interface, reduces
                          training cost and increases
                          utilization of the tool by the
                          users "also improves                Ability to close a selection
                          employee satisfaction". The         of Utility panels on the
                          "organic interface" also            right under Research and
                          allows the ability to present a     Contribute Tabs,
                          specific knowledge                  Contribute Tab central sub
                          management and workflow             panel "Research" can be
                          user experience for other           collapsed. Also ability to
                          departments/roles in an             "close" sections within
                          organization other than             solutions in Research and
     Agent                customer support, such as           Contribute Tabs, link to       Collapse | open panes through
     customizable         Marketing, Pre-Sales support,       closed section appears         the upper right hand icons in
     interface            Sales, HR, Engineering etc.         above the solution with the    each pane, close Research Panel
     (adaptive/organic    "promotes more ROI/value            ability to select and open     under Contribute Tab with icon
     interface)           across the enterprise"              back up again.                 on upper left hand side

Version: 23AUG05                                            Page 10 of 40                                   Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide
                        User has visual access to
                        workflow for solution
                        creation, review and approval
                        based on security roles and
                        rights, this promotes
                        consistent and backend-             Under the Research,
                        controlled use of the system        Contribute, Respond and
                        and reduces margin of error         Task Tabs, see under          Careful as some icons do not
     Next Steps         and delays in the content           Utilities Panel: Next steps   work like: Create a Solution" or
     Guidance           lifecycle                           pane                          "Abandon Session".
                        Productivity component -
                        allows agents to identify and
                        bookmark their special
                        solutions that are important
                        for reuse or for additional
                        learning, bookmarks will
                        eventually have folder
                        hierarchies making it faster
                        for agents to access frequently
                        used content. Agents will           Select a rendered solution
                        also be able to push their          from the Research Tab, go
                        bookmarks out globally to           to the Utilities Panel and
                        groups or others in their role      select "Add to Favorites"
                        to enhance collaboration, at        under "Next Steps" -
                        some point in the release           should auto appear in
     Favorites          schedule.                           Favorites sub Panel
                        Productivity component -
                        typically agents receive calls
                        about the same or similar
                        topics repeatedly throughout
                        the day, this function allows
                        them to rapidly access the
                        solutions and searches they
     Recent Searches,   used to solve those similar
     Recently viewed    issues, "reduces handling           Available as Utility pane     Works quite nicely, data is
     documents          times"                              within find screen            visible and selectable
                                                                                          Use count not displaying, no
                                                                                          content in hot solutions, Since
                                                                                          linking solutions to tickets will
                                                                                          not be in the beta, use counts
                        Ability to display frequently                                     will not be incremented.
                        used solutions across the                                         Solutions shown here will have
     Hot Solutions      organization, "reduces time to      Available as utility panel    to be driven by use counts in the
     Panel              resolution"                         within Research Tab           database

Version: 23AUG05                                          Page 11 of 40                                   Prepared By: SE Team
                                                   Beta Demo Guide

                          Tabs             Panel


                   Pane                                   2




Version: 23AUG05           Page 12 of 40      Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                             Beta Demo Guide

         Conducting a Search

This is done by the Tier one agent responding to the customer who escalated a question from Self
Service. This request would be driven through a ticketing system, either 3rd party or ATG (available at
GA). The creation of the ticket will initiate a workflow to generate a task within the knowledge
application for the Tier One Agent to respond to. The ticket will allow the tracking of the escalation,
resolution and close out. When the Tier One Agent logs in to the system, they would b e alerted of the
tasks that have been assigned to them.

As ticketing is not available at this time, the Tier One agent, in this scenario, will start the process by
conducting the search, agreeing that additional content needs to be added to the knowledgebase and
sets out to create the first draft for review.

        The agent conducts the same search that was conducted by the customer and sees the content gap.
              “Where do I load music on an SD card?”
              Select Find
                        The intent of NLP is to
                        achieve the best possible
                        human-like language
                        processing for search tasks
                        and applications, Any
                        search done whether on
                        structured or unstructured
                        content is via NLP, Find
                        knowledge without knowing
                        the question, multiple ways
                        to access information, also    type in search       Working for Knowledge and Self Service
        NLP (basic)     huge benefits when NLP is      terms in full        both only Knowledge allows you to review
        search          applied to the reporting       sentence or phrase the solution (document)
                                                       Find a solution
                        Unified result list for        that is published
                        structured and unstructured    on both self
                        content (Knowledge and         service and
                        Self Service), showing         knowledge, Show
        Unified result  consistent results for all     the solution in      Can show Self Service is sub set of
        list            channels                       each environment     Knowledge search

        Additional statements are added and removed and the results are reviewed
              Add “treo 650” to first statement
              Select Find – this adds a second search
              Remove first statement from search by clicking the minus button
              Add 2nd statement “how to play music on a treo”
              Add 3rd new statement "scandisk SD card"
              Show Recent Search Criteria Pane panel being updated with multi-searches
                         The ability to continually     Within the
                         narrow down a search based Research Tab, add
                         on statements and the select one search              Customer volunteers some facts about their
                         and deselect to see how it     statement, add a      issue, agents types those in verbatim into the
        Add and          affects results in finding the second, execute       search box as separate statements thus
        Remove           best answer (speeds time to    the search, remove beginning to "frame" a possible solution.
        Search           resolution and call handling one statement,          then agent clicks on search to check for
        Statements       times)                         execute the search possible matches.

        Both solutions (regular and HTML) and PDFs are rendered in the search

Version: 23AUG05                                         Page 13 of 40                                   Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide
                                                          Show multiple
                                                          unstructured file
                          The ability to index and        types after a search
        Broad content     search multiple file types      under the Research
        set support       within a single UI              Tab

        Open advanced options and discuss but do not attempt to demo
                                                        Within the
                                                        Research Tab,
                                                        open the
                                                        options" options,  Stick with key words. Formats do not work.
                                                        Constrain the      Do not show build query: Custom queries
                        The ability to constrain the    search with a      can be built but not recommended in front of
                        search through various          combination of     the customer, very slow to load and not
                        methods like query and          factors (e.g.,     intuitive, best to create one before and show.
                        topic restraint, dates,         modification date, Do not show Topic Constraints: throws a
        Advanced        document types along with       category), execute Java error, Don't do language (out of scope),
        options         the basic search statement(s) the search           Dates (not showing up)
             The agent previews the regular solution “How To: Listen to .MP3 music on your device”
             Then close the preview

        Hint: if you open the solution – this is the solution that will appear when you navigate to Contribute – which is not
        what you want, Abandon Session not working.
                          Ability to preview solution
                          for content review without
                          opening the solution,
                          reduces time to an answer,
                          eliminates unnecessary
                          clicks and page views,            Within search
        Preview           allows comparison between         results select the
        Results Inline    solutions on same page            preview option
              Agent goes to “Listening to music on your treo 650 smart phone using…”
              The agent opens the HTML solution in the results list and highlighting is displayed. (might need to scroll
                 down to review the highlighted content)
              The content still doesn’t answer the question, so the agent will navigate to Contribute Tab to author a
                          The ability to find the           unstructured
        Answer            specific relevant statements      search, show
        Location and      within a document without         sentence level
        Highlighting      have to page through              indexing and
        (jump to          (imagine a >100 page PDF), highlighting within
        relevant area)    reduces call handling times       a large document

Version: 23AUG05                                          Page 14 of 40                                   Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide

         Solution Creation

         The Agent has identified missing content and decides to create a draft solution to push through
         the approval workflow.

                  From the solution “Listening to music on your treo 650 smart phone using…”, go to the Contribute Tab
                  This will take you to a clean, new solution

        Hint: The HTML is a an external document and not an actual “solution” and will not appear in the Contribute Tab.
                                                       Select Contribute Tab, Under
                                                       Authoring Pane, Select a
                                                       solution class, Click change,
                                                       Enter a title (not searchable),
                                                       Fill out the statement fields,
                                                       Under PROPERTIES, Select
                                                       the Topics link, Click on the
                                                       Browse more Topics: Topic,
                                                       Click OK, Select Owning
                                                       Groups, Select Everyone,
                                                       Click OK, Select
                          The ability to create        Audience(s):, Select Available Be careful not to edit imported
                          structured solutions to fill to Everyone Self Service,         solutions during any point in the
        Solution          content gaps in the          Click OK, In the NEXT             creation/revision process - this will
        Creation          knowledge base               STEPS Click Save                  throw an error
             Scroll through selecting the solution classes and select “Change” to show different templates until the
                 agent gets to “Question –Answer
             Add Title: "Moving digital music files to an expansion card"
             Add Question “Where do I store files on the SD card to play music on my treo 650?”
             Select “Save” from the Next Steps Pane [DOCUMENT THE SOLUTION ID ASSIGNED – you will need
                 this later to “delete” the solution
             Review the solution for accuracy and then select “Submit for Review” from the Next Steps pane
             Always cut and paste content from Notepad and NOT Word
        Use control C (cut) and Control V (Paste) instead of right click inside the statements

Version: 23AUG05                                          Page 15 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide
                                                     Created in the Service
                                                     Administration UI, Global
                                                     fields (re usable), Can’t
                                                     reorder fields so make sure
                                                     the fields are added in the
                                                     order you want them to
                                                     appear; Go to Solution Class
                                                     Definitions, Create new
                     The ability for                 solution class – give it a name
                     organizations to create         – click ok, Creates a default     Might be best to show templates
                     multiple types of               solution class – so it needs to   from Contribute Tab and speech to
                     solutions with the              be edited, Click on action edit   value, then go to Service Admin UI
                     attributes that are             button next to the new            (separate tool) and show admin back
                     appropriate to those            solution class, Select add        end. We have been able to create
                     specific solutions. This        content fields, Select the        and publish successful templates.
                     feature creates appeal to       fields that you want –Select      There is a bug where if you use a
                     verticals beyond IT             OK, Go back to Admin              different template from one that the
                     technical support by            Options in the Service            system defaults to ("Medical
                     allowing content to be          Administration UI, Select         Solutions") - if you create a new
                     authored in what ever           Deploy, Select Deploy all         solution by selecting a different
        Customizable structure the organization      admin settings, Agent UI          template - when you save the
        Solution     and/or departments is           refresh will render the new       solution class name will default back
        Class        comfortable with and            solution class under the          to Medical Solutions though the
        Templates    supported by workflow.          Contribute Tab.                   template remains the same
        Add Answer Below

        “If you have a USB SD card reader, you can transfer the MP3 files directly to your expansion card without using
        RealOne Player or Send To Handheld droplet. Insert the SD card and card reader into the USB port on your desktop
        computer. Drag and drop MP3 music files to any of these subdirectories on the expansion card:


        If none of these subdirectories appear on your expansion card, create an Audio subdirectory in the root, and copy
        MP3 music files there.

        Don't have a USB SD card reader? Use these methods:
        Windows: Use the RealOne Player for Windows to move MP3 music files to your Treo 650 smarpthone. Insert an
        SD expansion card into your Treo 650 smartphone.
        On your smartphone, launch RealPlayer for Palm OS, and connect your smartphone to its HotSync cable or cradle.
        RealPlayer for Palm OS must be actively running for the RealOne Player for Windows to "see" your smartphone.

        On your desktop computer, launch RealOne Player for Windows.
        At the bottom of RealOne Player, click the tab for My Library.
        Double-click Audio, and then double-click All Audio.
        Your stored audio files will be displayed. Click on a single file to highlight it.
        At the bottom of RealOne Player, click on Copy To, and select Palm Handheld.
        At the bottom of the screen, select Add Clips.
        Select clips to transfer. You can select multiple clips by holding CTRL and clicking on each item.
        At the bottom of the window, select Add Clips. These clips will be added to the Ready To Transfer list. You can
        add more clips in other folders shown on the right of the window. Each time, click Add Clips to put the clips in the
        Ready To Transfer list. When finished, click Close.
        At the bottom of the screen, select Transfer.
        RealOne Player will begin transferring the clips shown to the SD expansion card in your Treo 650 smartphone.

Version: 23AUG05                                         Page 16 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide

         Reviewing and Modifying Solution

Tier 2 Agent receives the draft solution and conducts a secondary search for additional information,
finds additional information to add to the draft solution and “promotes” the solution to the Tier Three
for Style Review.

                  Tier two agent is now reviewing the draft solution
                  Close the Utility Panel and open the Research Panel (to provide bigger real estate and to show configurable
                   user interface)
                  Search for additional information under Quick Find – and talk to the ability to find duplicates but do not
                        o Search for:” MP3 files on an SD card”
                        o Name of solution that is most relevant “How To: Listen to .MP3 music on your device”
                        o Read through the content and note the there is additional information that should be added which
                             is at the end of the fix – a link to

                                                     Within the Contribute Tab,
                         The ability to add          while viewing a solution,     A solution can be modified and saved if
                         additional information to   Select Modify this solution the solution is created in the dataset
                         approved solutions          from Next Steps Pane in       through the UI - if the solution has been
        Solution         through a workflow,         Utility Panel, add            imported through scripts - all data
        Modification another KCS principle           additional content and save added will not appear
                         The ability to search for
                         other relevant solutions or
                         duplicate solutions before
                         saving the authored
        Secondary        content, reduces authoring Under Contribute Tab,
        Search           inaccuracy, and speeds      open Research pane,
        during           solution creation and time conduct search using quick Only "Quick Find" works in the
        authoring        to resolution               find option                   Research Panel
                         The ability to identify
                         external/unstructured       Conduct search in Research
                         information that is         Tab that finds content,
                         relevant during authoring   Select create solution from
        Highlight,       and quickly move it into    this session (you will move
        drag and         the solution being          to the Contribute Tab), On
        drop             authored. "Raises value of research panel, conduct
        authoring        enterprise content assets", find and select a solution,   Highlight, drag and drop only works for
        from             eliminates redundant        Drag elements from the        solutions (careful not to highlight
        secondary        authoring steps, reduced    solution into new authored    images) - copy paste from external docs
        content          time to resolution"         one                           works - only works for text
                         The ability to assure that
                         all solutions are single
                         solutions of knowledge
                         and not part of a group of
                         duplicates that may have    In the Contribute Tab,        Clicking the go button in the research
                         different or additional     author a solution, Select the panel with "find duplicates" selected,
        Duplicate        information. "Similar       "find duplicates" option in   produce no results even though there
        Identification benefits as content merge" the research pane.               are duplicate solution titles in the KB
             Highlight “See examples of USB SD card readers at MultimediaCard & Secure Digital card
             Drag and drop into the empty note section
             Collapse the Research Panel
             Scroll up to the top of the Contribute Panel and select the magnifying glass to preview the solution and the
                  new link

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 17 of 40                                  Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                Beta Demo Guide
                  Be aware that you will need to “wheel scroll” down to get to the link to select and show link working (the
                   link will not work be selecting directly from the solution)
                  Close Preview Solution Window once Amazon page appears
                  The Submit for Style Review in the Next Steps Pane

        Hint: Do not save the solution in this step. If a solution is “saved” twice, everything in the solution information
        disappears immediately except for the title – and the title is not searchable
                       The ability to enrich the
                       knowledge and content
                       displayed to users through
                       graphics and visuals.
                       Allows for creation of
                       solutions that are more
                       "self service-ready" and
                       look great in emailed
                       solution correspondence,        Add graphics, URLs to           This feature is missing entirely (the
                       may also reduce time to         solution during authoring       ability to put an absolute path to an
        Rich Content resolution                        or add multimedia file.         image)

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 18 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                            Beta Demo Guide

         Final Style Review

The next step is for the Tier Three Agent to conduct the quality and style review and publish the
content to the external groups.
                Style based authoring, Built in Attachment Support, Meta Tagging and Audience Segments should be
                 discussed but not demoed (not functional)
             Select Publish to External Groups in the Utilities panel – Next Steps Pane
                          The ability to modify
                          solution text according to
                          corporate, departmental
                          style is important to
                          personalizing content.
                          Reduces inconsistent         Within Contribute Tab,
                          solution formatting from     create or modify a solution,
                          authors/agents, especially add information to one of
                          useful when the              the statements, modify
        Style-based       normalized solution will     solution formatting using
        WYSIWG            be presented via self        WYSIWIG tools at the top
        authoring         service                      of the statement             buttons not functional, only bullets
                          No additional product to
                          purchase or configure to
                          add attachments to
                          solutions, reduces           Within the Contribute Tab
                          authoring time and           under specific solution
        Built-in          promotes re-use of           sections, several types of
        Attachment        external enterprise          attachments can be added     Does not work, URL can be added;
        Support           content                      through visible icons        however, link does not function
                          Allows an author at the
                          time of knowledge
                          capture, to see which
                          taxonomy branches the
                          solution will tag to when
                          indexed into the system,     Within a solution that is
                          Suggested topics are         being authored, select the
                          provided to the agent to     Topics Link in the           This is better shown in stead of
                          select. "allows human        Properties Box, The          demoed (show the tree and drill down
                          subject matter expertise     interface will present you   to categories), it is unknown how to
                          to balance the machine       with suggested               remove them and the selection of the
        Flexible Meta- automated categorization        categories…select a couple, topics is not smooth - looks like the
        Tagging (auto process for improved             select OK and topics         full tree (Browse) is working but
        categorization) tagging/learning"              selected will appear         suggestions is not.
                          Provide the ability to
                          tailor information to
                          specific audiences. Makes
                          it easier to re-purpose
                          sections of the same         Under the Contribute Tab,
                          solution for multiple        once content is composed,
        Assign            audiences without having select the people icon on
        audience          to create a separate         the left of the statement,   Internal and external audiences can be
        segments          version for each audience, select external audiences      selected; security cannot be enforced
        during            simplifies security          and internal audiences and   as well. Best bet is to show feature but
        authoring         entitlement settings         save                         not actually demo selected choices.

Version: 23AUG05                                         Page 19 of 40                                  Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                Beta Demo Guide

         Finding Newly Published Solution

                  Using the Solution ID, go back to the Research Tab-Utilities Panel and Open By the ID of the solution just
                  Go to the Solution Tasks Pane and select the button “Suggest changes to this solution”
                  Enter “Review if applicable for the Treo 600 Model” into the task note
                  Submit task and review update in current status
                  Discuss Version Control as future functionality

        Note: Best to end this section quickly, text typed in task note can not be viewed again, and if you navigate to the
        Task Tab you may be unable to find the task as none of the filters are functional and the information displayed does
        not help you locate the information. As well as if you open the task in the task tab, it will take you to the solution
        but the Task field will be empty.

                      Ability to send task(s) to
                      agents to route solutions
                      through an automated          Under the Contribute Tab,       Task notes can be created and are
                      workflow if additional        while authoring or modify a     viewable in Task Tab but you can not
                      work is needed. "promotes     solution, select the task       select and view the task (random) or see
        Assign        contextual collaboration      assignment section, choose a    the task documentation in the solution
        tasks to      with subject matter experts   user or group and insert a      (also random), or date or author of task -
        solutions     on solutions/cases"           task note.                      ie don't go to task tab
                                                    Under the Research Tab,         While a running log will be maintained in
                                                    within open solution, go to     the solution in the Research Tab view,
                                                    Solution Tasks pane             and the task will appear under the Task
                                                    (Suggest changes to this        Tab - at no time can you ever view the
                      Linked to Tasks - The         solution, Recommend this        actual task or suggestion in the solution or
        Suggest       ability to alert agents to    solution be disabled), Select   the when selecting the task (that takes you
        Changes       changes that need to be       suggest changes to this         to the solution view). Also, no ability to
        to            done to content through a     solution, Add a task note,      actually assign the task to someone or a
        Content       workflow                      Click "submit task"             group.
                      Ability to track solution
                      versioning to understand
                      history of changes and
                      allows for the ability to
                      roll back to previous         With full rights, under the
                      versions. "Allows for         open solution and select
                      changes to a solution         "modify solution", Make
        Version       without having take it        changes to solution and
        Control       offline"                      save, show version history.     Solution history not displayed

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 20 of 40                                   Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide

         Respond by E mail

The solution has been created by the Tier One Agent, reviewed and enhanced by the Tier Two Agent,
Approved by the Tier Three Agent and published for external view in self service. Each of these steps
has been tracked against the original ticket. When the content is available to the Tier One Agent that
allows him to close the ticket, a workflow will be initiated to alert the Tier One Agent to the
availability of the approved solution linked to the customer ticket.

As ticketing is not available at this time, the scenario begins with the Tier One Agent selecting the
Respond Tab and completing information that would have otherwise been auto-populated through the
ticketing system.
            Go to the Respond Tab
            Enter To Address: “”
            Enter the subject line with the question title “Re: Ticket # 1234 I can’t play music on my phone”
                   Provides ability to send
                   solutions, links, etc to
                   customers if they desire
                   email as their interaction
                   channel for the answer to
                   their issue. When ATG                                             Solutions linked to tickets are available
                   Response is integrated into                                       in the suggestions page. Since
     Respond by this tab the value grows                                             ticketing is not available, emailing
     Email         exponentially.                                                    solutions is not available in the beta
          Go to Response Template Pull down Menu and discuss various types of response templates that can be
             generated by the organization
          Select Suggest/Answer template, and select “Insert Template”
          Change insert name to “Mr.Bonds”
          Change Ticket: Insert Ticket to “Ticket #1234”
          Change Problem Insert Description to “I can’t play music on my phone”
                   The ability to standardize
                   specific response
                   templates across the
                   organization, reducing re-
                   work and error and
                   improving response time,
                   also reduces inaccuracies       From within the Respond tab,
     Response      in the answers delivered to insert text template from the
     Templates     customers                       templates pane
          Discuss basic authoring styles and tools that can be used
          Most features do not work but bullets do
          Select Ticket line and select bullet point icon
          Select Problem line and select bullet point icon
          Hover over the “Insert Solution Link” icon (has the standard solution icon with a paperclip)
          Discuss the ability to insert the specific solution that resolves the customer’s issue
          Alternatively, the Agent could insert a hyperlink to the solution that has be pushed to self service
          Go to and select the Insert Hyperlink icon, and paste the following
          Enter the appropriate server name and the solution ID into the bracket
          Enter the Display Text :”Click here to view the solution”
          Enter the target “New”
          Click OK
          Do not click send – or you will get a blank screen
     Hint: Do not select both Ticket and Problem line items at the same time or it will be created as a single bullet

Version: 23AUG05                                         Page 21 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                  Beta Demo Guide
                    The ability to modify
                    solution text according to
                    corporate, departmental
     Rich eMail     style is important to           Use WYSIWYG authoring
     Authoring      personalizing content.          with formatting capabilities        buttons not functional

         Customer Resolution

The e mail resolution is then sent to the customer by the Tier One Agent. All other follow on
correspondence with be linked to the ticket via e mail interactions between the Agent and the

But let’s show an anonymous user logging into the site and asking a variance of the same question.
            Go to Self Service URL
            Go to Describe Your Problem and type: “how do I play music on my SD card?”
            The correct solution should appear in the top 3 answers
            Preview “Listening to music on your Treo 650 smartphone”
                  The intent of NLP is to
                  achieve the best possible
                  human-like language
                  processing for search tasks
                  and applications, Any search
                  done whether on structured
                  or unstructured content is via
                  NLP, Find knowledge
                  without knowing the
                  question, multiple ways to
                  access information, also huge                                 Working for Knowledge and Self Service
      NLP (basic) benefits when NLP is applied type in search terms in full     both only Knowledge allows you to
      search      to the reporting               sentence or phrase             review the solution (document)
           Identify the specific solution the “Moving Digital Files to an expansion card” solution
           She could click on “Find Related Answers” to gather additional information – she doesn’t need to as the NLP
             search has found the exact answer
           Select to view the solution (not preview)

      Note: Find Related Answers uses the title as the search criteria and with solutions, the title is not searchable and
      therefore gives and incorrect return of results. It is best not to select this feature to demo.
                    Allows the user to perform a
                    secondary search based on
                    answers returned from the Perform a simple search to get a
                    initial search to further     list of solutions. Under a
                    refine the search. (promotes selected solution, select "Find
                    use of other valuable         Related Answers" and discuss
      Find Related knowledge assets that may how the search is further                   The feature functions but seems to use the
      Answers       be relevant)                  narrowed                               wrong object to conduct the search.
                                                                                         This only works for HTML documents
      Answer        The ability to find the
      Location and specific relevant statements                                          In Self Service, highlighting only works
      Highlighting within a document without Within unstructured search, show on Full View (not Preview) on HTML
      (jump to      have to page through          sentence level indexing and            documents. In Knowledge, highlighting
      relevant      (imagine a >100 page PDF), highlighting within a large               works on Preview and Full View.
      area)         reduces call handling times document

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 22 of 40                                     Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                Beta Demo Guide
             Select “Rate this Answer”
             Select the appropriate number of stars (all)
             Type in comment: “Great Answer – Thank you”
             Type: in E mail
             Select Send
                 The ability for the user to rate
                 the relevancy of a single
                 returned result in context to
                 the constraints so that the      Perform a simple search to get a     Can understand where the rating stored,
      Document organization can measure           list of solutions. The user can     how to select more than one star before
      Listing    relevancy of search results quickly rate the solution by             the rating is submitted - no reports to
      Rating     for search tuning.               selecting the appropriate stars     show

         Closing the Demonstration
        To close out demo session and clear solution just created

                  Keep a note of the solution ID when you create the new solution
                  After the demonstration is over, go to the Utilities Panel, in the Open by Solution ID Pane, search by ID to
                   view the solution and select Modify this Solution in the Next Steps pane then select Save.
                  This step is very import to be able to repeat the flow above and get the same results.

Version: 23AUG05                                           Page 23 of 40                                    Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                            Beta Demo Guide

Administration How Tos
         Self Service Screen Shot Walk Through

         The screen shots below represent the available views through the Self Service UI. The
         numbering on the screen shots map to the Feature List. The best UI view is through Internet

         Anonymous User View

         Secured User View – notice Profile Menu Bar and “Save this Search”

                                  Profile Menu Bar (70)

                                                           Search Options Bar (65)


                   Hot Links Pane (64)

Version: 23AUG05                                   Page 24 of 40                        Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                     Beta Demo Guide

         Secured User View - Options

         Secured User View – My Support

            Search History for Previous Sessions
                                                                   Search History for the Current Session

Version: 23AUG05                                   Page 25 of 40                 Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                        Beta Demo Guide

         Searching for an Answer and Viewing Results

                                                        Breadcrumbs (37)

                   Topic Tree                           Search Results Navigation Bar (76)


         Viewing a Specific Answer

                           71                         Solution Feature Bar (72)

Version: 23AUG05                      Page 26 of 40                                 Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                                                                                          Beta Demo Guide

         Solution Workflow Screen Shot Walkthrough
         Approval Workflow for a Solution
         Beta Solution Flow
           Tier Agent
          Tier 33Agent


                                                                                                       Is content             appropriate for
                                                                       Review Draft Solution                            Yes
                                                                                                                              Tiers and Self    No – Just Internal        Publish Internal

             Tier Agent
            Tier 22Agent

                                                                      Submit for Style Review
                                                   Is content                                   Submit for Style Review
                           Review Draft Solution
                                                    correct?    No
                                                                         Reject to in Draft
             Tier Agent
            Tier 11Agent

                                                                                                   Reject to in Draft

                            Create Solution                                                                                                                          Solution Approved and
                                Draft                                    Re craft Solution                                                                           available for Knowledge
                           Submit for Review                                                                                                                                after index

The above diagram represents the workflow currently supported by the Beta product. The screen shots
below represent a screen shot by screen shot flow. The numbering on the screen shots map to the
Feature List as well as there are additional tips and tricks if you decide to create solutions on your own
and deviate from the script. The best UI view is through Firefox.

         Viewing a Solution (example)




Version: 23AUG05                                                                     Page 27 of 40                                                              Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                 Beta Demo Guide
         Viewing a Solution Continued




                      If you open a structured solution from the Research Tab in full view, that specific
                       solution will appear in the Research Tab. Abandon session does not work so it is
                       difficult to start in creating a fresh solution.
                      You made need to do a work around to get to a new solution –“Create a New
                            o You might need open a draft solution which will get you to the button –
                               “Create a New Solution”
                            o Might take a lot of clicking around to get the –“Create a New Solution”
                      A solution cannot be edited more than once (fix in process but schema and CA
                       changes). This means if you select “Save” on a solution more than twice in its
                       lifetime (during authoring and after publishing), the solution information will
                       disappear and the title will remain.



                                             7      13

Version: 23AUG05                                    Page 28 of 40                            Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                Beta Demo Guide





                      Go to the Contribute Tab
                      Create a new solution
                      Select Solution Class and complete template
                      Select Save
                      Select Submit for Review

                      Notice additional options added on Utilities Panel
                      Submit for Style Review or Reject in Draft

Version: 23AUG05                                Page 29 of 40               Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                                 Beta Demo Guide

                          Notice additional options added on Utilities Panel
                          Publish Internal or External or Reject in Draft
                          Publish external (pushed to the self service repository – then need to index)
                          Reject to draft (tasks you back to previous step)

                      Once Published, need to refresh UI to visibly see status change from Draft to

Version: 23AUG05                                    Page 30 of 40                            Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                   Beta Demo Guide
         Modifying a Solution

                                       17                 11

         E-mailing a Solution



Version: 23AUG05                     Page 31 of 40             Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                              Beta Demo Guide


         Solution indexing will run automatically every time you modify or promote a new solution to
         “Submit for Review”. If you need index documents, you will need to kick off a document

         Please refer to http://wiki/snipsnap/space/Products/Service/Wisdom-2006.1-QAInstall-

         That contains a quick solution for indexing solutions and documents if the environment has
         been set up and configured.

         This link is located in the http://wiki/snipsnap/space/Products/Service/Wisdom-2006.1-QA-
         Install-Notes Project Homepage.

         To Monitor Index
         Once you create a solution and submit for review, an automated indexing will be kicked off.
         This process takes about 10 minutes. To check that these jobs are running, go to

                   Login: admin/admin
                   Got to: Admin TAB
                   Select Jobs/History

                   One of these job scripts should be running

                         agentIncrementBPI = when finished will show in agent interface
                         selfserviceIncrementalBPI = when finished will show in self Service interface

         To kick off a full index go to : DO NOT RUN ANY INDEXES THROUGH THE MC


                   Self Service

                   BEFORE AND AFTER KICKING OFF AN INDEX go to here to see its progress:

                   Login: admin/admin
                   Got to: Admin TAB
                   Select Jobs/History

Version: 23AUG05                                   Page 32 of 40                          Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide
                         agentFullBPI = when finished will show in agent interface
                         selfserviceFullBPI = when finished will show in self Service interface

         Create Solution Classes

                   Templates – Solution Classes
                       Created in the Service Administration UI
                       Global fields (re usable)
                       Can’t reorder fields so make sure the fields are added in the order you want
                         them to appear
                       Go to Solution Class Definitions
                              Create new solution class – give it a name – click ok
                              Creates a default solution class – so it needs to be edited
                              Click on action edit button next to the new solution class
                              Select add content fields
                              Select the fields that you want – REMEMBER to select in the specific
                                 order that you want the fields to appear on the template
                              Select OK
                       Go back to Admin Options in the Service Administration UI
                              Select Deploy
                              Select Deploy all admin settings
                       Agent UI refresh will render the new solution class under the Contribute Tab

                          Solution Class Creation Screen Shots

Version: 23AUG05                                   Page 33 of 40                           Prepared By: SE Team
                                                                                               Beta Demo Guide

         Creating New Users

             This function is done through the ACC

                  Important to note that security and access is a little buggy
                  Creating new user does not work so it is best to create a duplicate of a user that does
                   work that has full administrative access like “service”
                  Steps
                      o Launch ACC from your desk top if the RMI port is open
                      o Need to point to specific server you are using (knowledge or self service)
                      o If you can not establish a remote connection to the ACC from your desktop, you
                          can rdc in to the box and start the ACC from http://localhost:28830 or
                      o Log in and password (admin/admin)
                               Go to People and Organizations | Users
                               Select “List”
                              If Knowledge (needs a work around)
                                    Right click on “service” and select duplicate
                                    Rename “Log in”, “Password”, “First Name”, “Last Name”
                              If Service
                                    Need to create a new user (no users will be available probably)
                                    Use the “New User” button to open the record
                                    Enter “Log in”, “Password”, “First Name”, “Last Name”
                                    Can create a new user and don’t need access roles

         Users Available Now for each Beta Instance

                          Knowledge Users
                                agent1/agent1
                                agent2/agent2
                                agent3/agent3

                          Self Service Users
                                  lisa jones/customer

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                                  john smith/customer
                                  barry bonds/customer

                   RSA has two additional users
                         Knowledge Users
                                 agent4/agent4
                                 agent5/agent5

                         Self Service Users
                                 david bradshaw/customer
                                 linda banks/customer

 What you need to set up to be successful
         Tools for Knowledge Center

             (1) ATG Control Center
                    You must have ACC download: ACC7.1_7284REL. This is available on the
                      FTP site.
                    Will need the name of the server you are working on and it is through port
                      [8860]. If you can not establish a remote connection to the ACC from your
                      desktop, you can rdc in to the box and start the ACC from http://localhost:28830
                      or http://localhost:18830.
                    Log in password: admin/admin
                    To be used for creating users and associated access, viewing scenario
                      workflows, roles for security
                    Firefox UI

             (2) ATG Business Center
                    http://[server name]:8840/atg/bcc/
                    publishing/publishing
                    used for deployment
                    workflows are a special case and are deployed from acc
                    Firefox UI

             (3) Knowledge Agent UI
                    http://[server name]:8840/agent
                    For walking through the demo use cases
                    firefox

             (4) Service Administration
                     http://[server name]:8840/svc-admin
                     Knowledge Self Service application display default settings
                            Creating solution classes (solution templates), statement security defaults
                            Internet Explorer

             (5) ATG Dynamo Administration

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                      For indexing solutions in Knowledge
                      http://[server
                       fig/ (indexing of solutions
                      (admin/admin)
                      Firefox UI

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         Tools for Self Service

             (1) ATG Control Center
                    You must have ACC download: ACC7.1_7284REL. This is available on the
                    It is through port [8860]
                    Will need the name of the server you are working on
                    Log in password: admin/admin
                    To be used for creating users and associated access, viewing scenario workflows
                    Firefox UI

             (2) ATG Search Management
                    http://[server name]:8080/searchmc
                    (admin/admin)
                    For indexing documents, to possibility help deploy self service
                    Internet Explorer UI

             (3) Self Service UI
                      http://[server name]:8840/service
                      Must be IE UI

             (4) ATG Dynamo Administration
                  For indexing solutions in Self Service
                  http://[server
                       fig/ (indexing of solutions)
                      (admin/admin)

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Other Selling Points to Talk To (needs additional work)

         Unified Java Architecture
         The Dynamo Application Framework defines a J2EE programming model that is
         comprehensive and consistent. It is architected around a seamless combination of a unified data
         object model (the Data Anywhere Architecture), a unified component model (Nucleus), and a
         unified messaging model (DynamicBeans over JMS). This unified programming model
         addresses all elements of enterprise applications, from JSP page authoring to content
         management, from data modeling to enterprise application integration. The programming
         model also maintains a consistent set of concepts across all site developers, including page
         authors, Java developers, content authors, site operators and business managers. These concepts
         are embodied in the cross-functional development tools that are part of the DAF.

         Layered on top of the base J2EE components, the DAF programming model provides a faster
         means to producing applications that are more flexible and maintainable. In addition, the DAF
         provides a wide array of services that application developers can use in their own applications.
         These services address many of the common problems encountered by enterprise applications,
         solving those problems with feature-rich implementations built for scalability. These services
         save developers from the time and frustration of "reinventing the wheel" with every new
         application. And because the DAF is based on J2EE, these services can be used on containers
         from multiple J2EE vendors.

         The Dynamo Application Framework offers all J2EE programmers a way to build portable,
         flexible and maintainable applications quickly. The Dynamo Application Framework also
         supports those applications with a scalable runtime infrastructure, providing benefits that will
         work for the entire range of applications from the smallest intranet site to the largest
         ecommerce powerhouse.

         Data Anywhere Architecture
         Data Anywhere Architecture™ is a data access layer that defines a generic representation of a
         data store and provides a unified perspective for data access. Data Anywhere Architecture is a
         great example of reducing the number of components needed to perform common and
         potentially complex tasks. High-performance, secure, transactional, two-way data access is
         fundamentally important for all enterprise Web applications: Data Anywhere is the model of
         simplicity for overcoming these otherwise time-consuming, repetitive and high-risk
         development tasks.

         Apart from obviating the need for developers to create JDBC statements, Data Anywhere offers
         even greater abstraction by requiring designs for the data object model and associated
         mappings only. Database schemas for all leading RDBMS products (e.g., Microsoft SQL
         Server, DB/2, Oracle, etc.) are then automatically generated to support this object model. Not a
         single line of code needs to be written for data access; and changes to the data model require
         only modification to the mappings and database tables.

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         Scenario Workflow Engine

         The ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine is the basis of all ATG solutions. It is a high performance
         platform for personalization and for simplifying data access and process automation, while
         powering large scale, frequently changing online services. The Scenario Engine maintains
         customer profiles and activity information, enables customer segmentations and personal
         response, and manages scenarios adapted to individual customers or market segments. The
         Scenario Engine’s strongest benefit is its ability to help companies execute targeted campaigns
         for merchandising or proactive service. Developers can also benefit from our Eclipse-based
         development tools and standards-based Web services. All of a company’s rich content
         segmentation data, customer scenarios and more may be created, version-managed, approved
         and deployed.

         Increase Sales and Improve Service: The ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine allows you to
         choreograph interactions to make them as efficient as possible for your users, while helping
         you reduce front-end costs.

                  Carefully target advice and promotions based on customer histories, profiles, and
                  Implement highly automated self-service and cross-channel integration.
                  Convert every online service interaction into a potential sales opportunity.
                  Provide a better and more consistent user experience while improving productivity via
                   business process automation.
                  Deliver a more relevant and satisfying customer experience through the integration of
                   online and offline sales and service

         Reduce Operating Costs: With the ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine, you can automate manual
         and time-intensive back-end processes to improve customer service and drive costs down. You
         can combine the management of the front-end customer interactions with back-end process
         automation, including access to data stored throughout your organization to implement a true,
         customer-driven self-service application.

                  Reduce human resources costs by automating processes that are currently labor
                  Lower customer acquisition costs and retain your most profitable customers by helping
                   users access online content tailored to their own history, interests, and priorities.
                  Drive down call center costs by using Scenario Personalization and application
                   workflow features to automate self-service.
                  Reduce IT expenses by standardizing on leading application servers, consolidating
                   international Web sites, reusing data across multiple applications, and allowing business
                   users to develop, deploy, and manage content without burdening IT departments.
                  Extend the lifecycle of legacy applications by integrating them with Web-based
                   commerce and self-service applications using Web services.

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         Web Services Support for CRM Integration
         Web services enable the linking of applications so the functions of one application can be
         invoked by another, and the results returned to the calling application so that processing can
         continue. This is not a technology issue that has gone unsolved before (such as CICS, DCE,
         Tuxedo, CORBA, D-COM, EJB), but what makes Web services unique is that it shares much
         of the uncomplicated technology that allows a web browser to communicate with a web server.
         Web services use the HTTP internet protocol, XML-based messages and URL’s as the building
         blocks to make application integration as simple as possible (at least when comparing it to
         other application integration technologies, both past and present).

         The inherent use of established internet technology makes Web services appealing, for
         developers and corporate IT personnel because it is an extension of familiar technology.
         Corporate skills already exist in setting up web servers, configuring fire walls, managing user
         access, etc., and are relevant and required for setting up a Web services infrastructure.

         Web services is an architecture for integration. The lowered cost of integration, helped by the
         standardization and ubiquitous support for the architecture by vendors, is expected to quickly
         drive the adoption of the architecture by our existing customers as well as prospective

         Enterprise application vendors have responded by introducing new products that move them
         more in the direction of the "platform layer." Vendors such as Peoplesoft, Siebel, SAP, now
         have products based on Web services and "composite applications", in order to cater to the
         customer base that increasingly demand a break from monolithic applications. This creates a
         peer to peer relationship to enable information exchange between ATG products and other

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