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									                       DO MOre Be MOre

YMCA CAMp Bernie
    Overnight CAMp 2011

            327 turkey top road, port Murray, new Jersey, nJ 07865
            p 908 832 5315
            A branch of the ridgewood YMCA
DO MOre Be MOre in 2011
this phrase describes what we do at Camp Bernie through programs that are intentionally and
specifically designed for campers to realize their individual and collective potential, in addition
to having fun.

Welcome to Summer 2011!
Below is a note from a 2010 camper parent written to a parent inquiring about Camp Bernie. The sentiments of this
mom exemplifies the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
Jamie Bean, Summer Camp Director

I understand that you are considering Camp Bernie for your children. My son has been attending the camp for several years now
and last summer was a Counselor in Training. Camp Bernie has been the highlight of my son’s summer every year. I cannot say
enough about the camp, the counselors and the experience overall. It is a safe, wholesome environment that has helped my son grow
and mature and have some of the best experiences of his life. The counselors are all knowledgeable and caring young adults. My son
even raves about the food!
Over the years he has had so many exciting adventures at Camp Bernie; from learning how to rock climb to riding a mini-bike
to hiking on his first “overnight” backpacking trip. He has developed leadership skills that I believe all point back to the learning
experience at camp. He has made year long friends with the other campers and stays in touch with many of them. This past
weekend was the annual summer reunion and he would not have missed it for the world – another fun filled weekend spent
with some of the nicest “kids” around.
As a parent one of the things I love about Camp Bernie is you can log on to their website everyday and view photos from the days’
events, see the meal menu, the day’s planned itinerary and even send your son or daughter an email that they receive each morning
at Mail Call! Personally, I wish there was a Camp Bernie for adults.
To attest to how much my son enjoys the camp he is applying for a Junior Counselor position for the
summer 2011 session. He has literally grown up at Camp Bernie, going from a camper to a Counselor-In-
Training to a Junior Counselor and possibly (at 19) a full fledged counselor.
Our Staff are POSitive rOle MOdelS

                                                                            dO MOre Be MOre
All of our job applicants are extensively pre-screened to ensure that
our staff is mature, patient, skilled and responsible. Upon arriving at
camp all staff members participate in an intensive week-long training
and orientation which addresses safety protocols, youth development,
counseling techniques, conflict resolution, camp policies and procedures.

Medical SuPerviSiOn iS 24/7
The Van Doren Wellness Center is staffed by an RN/ LPN who lives
at camp and is on call 24 hours a day. The Wellness Center has nurses
quarters and several spare rooms allowing ill campers private overnight
accommodations. Camp Bernie has access to doctors and dentists and
the Hunterdon Medical Center and the Hackettstown Hospital
are nearby.

YMca caMP Bernie iS accredited BY the aMerican
caMP aSSOciatiOn and iS licenSed BY the State Of
new JerSeY.

we Partner with ParentS
We appreciate the trust of our parents and take our responsibilities

tO Strengthen Our PartnerShiP with ParentS …
    • We call all 1st-time camper parents within 48 hours of their child
      arriving at camp.
    • We update our website daily during the summer for parents to
      review daily photos, menus and special activities.
    • We offer parents a free email service through our website for easy
      communication with campers.
caBin grOuPS are Safe

                                                                            dO MOre Be MOre
and SuPPOrtive
Campers are grouped by gender and grade level to provide optimal living
and learning experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Cabins
have 10-12 campers with at least 2 experienced counselors. Campers
will grow and learn through the integrated progression of activities, and
will also build relationships, character and skills.

BOYS unitS
The Braves (Grades 2-4)
The Pioneers (Grade 5-6)
The Nation (Grades 7-10)

girlS unitS
Little Flowers (Grades 2-4)
The Iroquois (Grades 5-6)
The Shawnees (Grades 7-10)
camperS have Fun anD make FrienDS

                                                                               overnighT camp Fun
 Campers build independence by choosing their morning
 activities to fit their specific interests. Afternoon
 activities are enjoyed by cabin groups to provide
 well-rounded experiences and to establish life-long

 aDvenTure program
 Climbing Tower, Bouldering Wall, Confidence Course,
 High Ropes Course, Low Ropes Course

 creaTive expreSSion
 Arts & Crafts, Model Rocketry, Drama/Dance,
 Digital Photography
                                                          Typical Daily
 ouTDoorS                                                 ScheDule
 Hiking, Nature, Overnight Campout, Wilderness Survival   (Sample)
 SporTS                                                   • Wake-Up
 Basketball, Soccer, Archery, Volleyball, Slingshot       • Flag Raising
 Paintball, BMX Biking, Mountain Biking, Ultimate         • Breakfast
 Frisbee, Softball, Cheerleading                          • Cabin Clean-up
 aquaTicS anD BoaTing                                     • Archery
 Swimming, Canoeing, Funyaking, Fishing, Water Polo,      • Rocketry
 Junior Lifeguarding                                      • Canoeing
                                                          • Lunch
                                                          • Rest Period
                                                          • Mountain Biking
                                                                               graDeS 2-10
                                                          • Nature
                                                          • Rec Hour
                                                          • Flag Lowering
                                                          • Dinner
                                                          • Community Time
                                                          • Evening Programs
                                                          • Cabin Chats
                                                          • Lights Out
2011 all camp ThemeS
Held on the Saturday of every 13-day session. Campers
prepare costumes, songs and skits for the various theme
activities held throughout the day.
2011 All Camp Themes:
       • Session A: Greco-Roman Palooza
       • Session B: Wild, Wild West: Yee Haw!
       • Session C: Intergalactic Odyssey
       • Session D: Never, Neverland
SpecialTy programS enhance camp Fun!

              horSeBack riDing
              opporTuniTieS Beginner
              anD inTermeDiaTe riDerS
              Horseback Riding Specialty: Grades 2-10
                Campers will be grouped according to age
                and skill level with a guarantee of 8 hours
of instruction per session. This fun and educational
specialty will incorporate elements of horse and barn
management, including feeding, grooming and saddling
through hands on contact. Our experienced instructors
will place an emphasis on having respect for our horses,
and how to conduct oneself safely in the company of
these animals.
Daily riding lessons will range depending upon the
designated skill level. Beginner riders will learn proper
mounting, balance, walking and more. Intermediate
riders will review many of the same skills at an
accelerated rate, and will progress to trotting and
taking trail rides out of the riding ring around our
beautiful 275 acre property.

Visit our website www.campbernieymca.org

                                                            Specialty programS
requirementS: gradeS 7 - 10
long Sleeve Shirt, long pantS,
and heeled bootS.
All participants are instructed in small groups in the
safety, operation, and maintenance of minibikes. Beginner
and intermediate instruction is based on individual
skill level. Camp Bernie provides safety helmets and
equipment. Campers that register for this specialty are
guaranteed 8 hours of instruction during the session.

delaware river and tripS
Grades 8-10
Campers in grades 8-10 can add an exciting Delaware
trip to their camp experience and share in the thrill
of the outdoors and spectacular locations. The Delaware
                                                            gradeS 2-10
excursion is a one night trip through the beautiful
Delaware Water Gap. Campers will sharpen their
canoeing skills and experience low impact, environmen-
tally-friendly camping. Please note: All campers that are
entering the 7th grade will be automatically registered
to go on a Delaware trip.

new for 2011!
adventure trip program
14-17 year olds
This wilderness adventure opportunity will include
canoeing on the Delaware River, hiking on the
Appalachian Trail, biking in Worthington State Park
and climbing in Allamuchy State Park! Additionally,
teambuilding will be incorporated daily, and participants
will receive certification in Adult CPR and Wilderness
First Aid. Program offered 6/30-7/6 and 8/11-8/17.
one week option for firSt time camperS.

Available June 26 – July 1
Campers enrolled in our Overnight Camp for the first
time can elect to join us for this one week sampler.
Experience an abbreviated session of free choice
activities, cabin time, evening programs and making
new friends!

  trading poSt
  The Trading Post at Camp Bernie gives campers
  the opportunity to purchase snacks and drinks,
  as well as shirts, souvenirs and collectibles.
  Items are charged to the child’s account, which
  is established by parents upon registration.
  All unused money in the account can be donated
  to our camp scholarship fund.
                register Online nOw! www.CAMpBernieYMCA.Org

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 generAl infOrMAtiOn & registrAtiOn
                                                                                                                                                        (Please list only one camper per form)
 Name __________________________________________________________________________________________ Birth date ___________________________________________________________ M F
 Address _______________________________________________________________________________________ Grade as of Fall 2011 ____________________________________________________
 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Emergency Phone __________________________________________________________
 City ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Cell ____________________________________________________________________________
 State ____________________________________________ Zip ________________________________________ Cabin Mate Request_______________________________________________________
 Phone (H) ____________________________________________________________________________________ This will be my___________________________ year at YMCA Camp Bernie
 Billing Name _________________________________________________________________________________ YMCA Member? Yes No (IF NO, $25 member fee required*)
 Billing Address ______________________________________________________________________________ IF YES YMCA Name ________________________________________________________
 T-Shirt Size __________________________________________________________________________________ Parents E-Mail______________________________________________________________
 Name of Guardian __________________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________________________________________
 Father’s Name _______________________________________________________________________________ Occupation _________________________________________________________________
 Employer______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone (W) ___________________________________________________________________
 Mother’s Name _____________________________________________________________________________ Occupation _________________________________________________________________
 Employer______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone (W) ___________________________________________________________________
 How did you hear of us? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                      session A                              session B                           session C                            session D
         Overnight CAMp fUn –                                       Greco-Roman                          wild, wild west:                      intergalactic                            Never,
        UP TO GRADE 10 (Fall 2011)                                     Palooza                               Yee-Haw!                             Odyssey                             Neverland
                                                                   June 26 – July 8                      July 10– July 22                    July 24 – Aug.5                       Aug. 7 – Aug. 19
   Traditional Overnight Camp $1325
   Grades 2-10
   Mini-bike Specialty                          $150
   Grades 7-10
   Horseback Specialty                           $225
   Grades 2-10
   One Week Overnight Camp Option $660.00
                                                                                                        June 26 - July 1
   1st Year Campers Only / Grades 2-10
                  CIT PROGRAM- LEADERSHIP PROGRAM                                                         SESSION A & B JUNE 26 - JULY 22                       SESSION C & D JULY 24- AUG. 19

   Counselor in Training $1,425 / Entering Grade 11 in Fall 2011
   4 week programs OnlY —Sessions A+B or Sessions C+D
   Acceptance into this program is not guaranteed. All campers
   must complete an application and have an interview with the
   Camp Director. Applications are available on our website at
   www.campbernieymca.org or call Jamie at 908-832-5315.
   Adventure Trip Program: New for 2011!!!!                                     $700.00                            Adventure Trip A                                      Adventure Trip B
                                                                                                                    June 30- July 6                                    August 11- August 17
   Ages 14-17 Hiking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking
   and Climbing trip.

   BUS TRANSPORTATION OPTION (bus transportation unavailable for one week sessions)
   From/to Ridgewood, NJ, YMCA                                        $50 Round Trip                            $40 One-Way:                          From Ridgewood                     To Ridgewood
   trADing pOst OptiOn
       $––––––––($50 per session for gifts/snack shop recommended)

payment information: payment enclosed with registration:                                                        registration policy:
$ ______________________payment in full of all fees (required before 6/1)                                       • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
$ ______________________$200/session deposit (required for all programs)                                        • YMCA Camp Bernie reserves the right to refuse application or dismiss a camper at
                                                                                                                  any time for just and reasonable cause.
$ ______________________Bus Transportation Option
                                                                                                                financial terms:
$ ______________________Trading Post
                                                                                                                • Deposit or payment in full must accompany registration.
$ ______________________$25 (required if not a current YMCA member)                                             • Total fees and all camper forms must be returned by June 1.
$ ______________________Total                                                                                   • A $25 processing fee is charged for all refund requests before June 1st.
                                                                                                                  no refunds issued after June 1.
Method of payment:
                                                                                                                • A $30 late fee is required for registrations received after June 1.
    Check (payable to YMCA Camp Bernie)                                                                         I have read the policies and terms contained in this form in regards to registration
    Visa                        MC                        Amex                      Discover                    and payment and understand and agree to them. I certify that all information given
Card# _______________exp_____________________________________________________CSC# ___________________________   here and on subsequent required camper forms will be correct and accurate. Further,
Office use only: Receipt _________________________________________________Amt ____________________________      I give permission for photographs or videotape of my child to be used for YMCA
                                                                                                                promotional materials.
Record # ____________
                                                                                                                Signature ___________________________________________________________________Date ___________
All campers accepted on a first come, first served basis without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin or disability. Individuals and families in need contact, Rose at 908-832-5315 for confidential
financial assistance and application.

                    SEND TO: YMCA Camp Bernie, 327 Turkey Top Road, Port Murray, NJ 07865 or fax to (908) 832-9078
                                                                                                         Non-Profit Org
   YMCA Camp Bernie
                                                                                                          US Postage
   327 Turkey Top Road
   Port Murray, NJ 07865
                                                                                                          Permit #21
                                                                                                         New Britain, CT

                                                                              DO MOre Be MOre
                              CAMp Open hOUses 2011
                              TIME: 2:00-5:00 PM
                              Meet OUr stAff, leArn ABOUt the prOgrAM,
                              tAke A tOUr AnD enJOY CAMp ACtivities.
                              Sunday, February 20 (with Winter Fest Family Activities)
                              Sunday, March 13
                              Sunday, April 17 (with Earth Day Family Activities)
                              Sunday, May 1
                              Sunday, June 5
                              Private tours are available by appointment.

                              new fOr 2011
                              BrAnD new high rOpes COUrse

                              7 DAY ADventUre trips prOgrAM

                              exCiting new All CAMp DAYs

                              new lACrOsse AnD kAYAking prOgrAMs

Call or e-mail Jamie Bean Now! • 908-832-5315 • jbean@campbernieymca.org
  327 Turkey Top Road, Port Murray, New Jersey, NJ 07865 P 908 832 5315 A branch of the Ridgewood YMCA

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