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									Yamaha Dirt And Mini Bikes

Yamaha Dirt And Mini Bikes
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 2011 TTR 230 BLUE-$3,250

 2011 TTR 125 BLUE-$2,750

 2011 TTR 110 BLUE-$1,899 SOLD

Yamaha Dirt And Mini Bikes

 2009 WR250F BLUE-$4,999

Yamaha dirt bikes are widely considered the best brand of dirt bikes that can be found on the
market and fortunately for you, T&R Yamaha carries them.  Dirt bikes are smaller than Yamaha
motorcycles but no less powerful when taking its rider over the roughest of terrain.  Yamaha
mini bikes are smaller and less powerful, but are still very popular with both adults and children
for rough riding.  Both versions can be found at T&R Yamaha.  Mini bikes enjoy as much
popularity as their full sized counterparts and normal motorcycles and they are a good item for
children to try, under supervision of course.  Mini bikes are also enjoyed by adults.  Despite
being smaller, mini bikes for sale can still a price tag of about two thousand dollars for the more
powerful ones, though ones with less than 90 cc can range between $200 and $600 dollars. 
Mini bike parts are much the same as their larger counterparts, though they tend to be simpler
and design and fewer in number since the mini bikes aren’t intended for heavy duty use or
things like stunts.  Mini dirt bikes are intended for use over rough terrain as are their larger dirt
bike counterparts; they can handle movement over small stones and rubble, but since they don’t
have the power of the full size dirt bikes, you won’t be able to get the same speed.  However,

Yamaha Dirt And Mini Bikes

they are a good stepping stone for beginners as well as people on a lower budget.

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