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                                              MAY 29th., 2011
                                      SIXTH SUNDAY of EASTERTIDE [A]
                                                     “I will not leave you orphans”
                  Presbytery: St. Boniface House, 413 Shirley Road Southampton SO15 3JD Tel: 023 80771231 Fax: 023 80528236
                               Parish Clergy: Father David Sillince [Parish Priest], Canon Terry Walsh [in retirement]
                  Safeguarding Officer: Anne Monaghan 023 80777691 Chair of Parish Pastoral Council: Jane Willcox.
             Parish Secretary: Eileen B. Aylett             Parish Office opening hours Monday Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 12.30pm
                                 Newsletter deadline 9.00pm on Tuesday for inclusion on following Sunday, space permitting.
                     Parish Website:                         Parish Office e mail: office
           This Parish is within the Pastoral Area of Southampton Central & West.             RC Diocese of Portsmouth Regd. Charity 246871
               The Church is normally open on weekdays 8am-12noon, Saturdays 8am-11am & 5-7.45pm, Sundays 7.30am-12noon

                                                 CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK                                              We pray especially for:-
                                                   (Divine Office week 2)
   Saturday     May 28            ]                                                             6.30pm   Mass       Rosie Purves, RIP
    Sunday      May 29            ] SIXTH SUNDAY of EASTERTIDE [A]                              8.30am   Mass       Linda Ndeh‟s intentions
                                                                                               10.30am   Mass       Nancy Fraher, RIP
   Monday       May 30            of Easter 6                   Eleventh Station of Light      10.00am   Mass       Margaret de Groen, RIP
                                   [St. Luke Kirby, Martyr †London 1582]
                                     (Bank Holiday, church opens 9am, closes 11am)
   Tuesday      May 31            Feast of the VISITATION of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY           10.00am   Mass       Joel Mathew
                                                                          Twelfth Station
 Wednesday      June 1            St. Justin, Martyr (†Rome c.165) Thirteenth Station          10.00am   Mass       Salve Tatel, RIP
                                   First Vespers of Ascension Thursday,
                                    with Benediction, at 6.15pm                                 6.15pm   Vesp.      .....................................................................
  Thursday      June 2            ASCENSION THURSDAY                        no Station today   10.00am   Mass       Margaret RIP & Bert de Groen
   Friday       June 3            St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs of Uganda         10.00am   Mass       Scariya family
                                   (†Namugongo 1886)
                                             First Station of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
   Saturday     June 4            of Easter 6                             Second Station       10.00am   Mass       Hermela & Benigno Malaya, RIP
                                   6.30pm Mass is of 7th Sunday of Eastertide, within
                                    Ascensiontide & the Novena for Pentecost
 Confessions Saturdays after 10am Mass and from 5.45pm to 6.15pm       PARISH PRAYER GROUP: Fridays 11am-12noon in the Hall, all welcome.
                             REFRESHMENTS in the Hall every Sunday after 10.30am Mass, also Fridays after 10am Mass.

Please pray for those who are sick                      MANY THANKS to all who worked so                                       REGINA CAELI
especially: Colette Morfett, Mary Lewis,                hard behind the scenes last Sunday so that                 Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia,
James Marsh, Patricia Cherry, Edward                    the children‟s First Holy Communion Mass                 For he whom you were worthy to bear,
Standley, Gilda North, Michael Sedotti,                 was such a joyful occasion and greatly                                     alleluia.
Gordon Lyons, Joe Quarrie, Sheila                       appreciated.                                                  Has risen, as he said, alleluia;
White, Beth Jeffery.                                                                                                   Pray for us to God, alleluia.
                                                        SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Next                                Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary,
Please pray for the repose of the souls of              Saturday Jun 4 at the 10am we welcome                                      alleluia,
those with anniversaries at this time: Rose             and prepare for Baptism Nadia Teresa                      For the Lord is risen indeed, alleluia.
Brown.      May they rest in peace and rise in          Prabucki.                                                  [replacing the ‘Hail Mary’ in Eastertide]
                                                        CONFIRMATION CANDIDATES: A                              SPRINGHILL SCHOOL:                    Following
COLLECTION:                                             reminder that your next „event‟ is the away             discussion with the Diocese, the Governing
May 22:          Loose £558.37, Envelopes               weekend at Marwell Activity Centre on                   Body has agreed to apply for academy
£480.45. Apportionment: Bankers‟ Orders                 Friday-Sunday June 17-19.                               status, being funded thereafter by the Dept.
£320.00, Gift Aid £180.00, Donation £500.               Confirmation is on Sunday July 3, at 3p at              for Education and not the Local Authority.
Total £2038.82.       Clergy Training Fund              Holy Family Church.                                     In all major visible aspects this will mean no
£269.45.                                                                                                        change.       However, increased school
CAFOD „Connect2Bangladesh‟ charity                      YOUTH CLUBS: 1st. & 3rd. Fridays of                     responsibility, with less direct local control,
£83.25 [£4597.28]. Many thanks for these                the month. Junior [‘Frogz’] ages 8-10 from              should help creative organisation and
kind contributions.                                     6-7.15pm, Senior from 7.30-9pm. Both in                 management.         To comment, enquire, or
Next weekend: Building & Maintenance                    the Hall. Next: this Friday June 3, then                read academy minutes please contact the
Fund.                                                   June 17. All welcome.                                   school.
THE NEW MISSAL STEP BY STEP:                       “THE ANCHOR PROGRAMME”: a                        THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK
 4 - The Readings                                  six-week programme exploring the Catholic        An association of ideas took me from the
One of the great blessings of the 1969 Mass        faith,   particularly    recommended   to        Queen‟s recent happy visit to Ireland, to
is the greatly increased variety of readings       catechists. Holy Family Church Thursday 9        Lord Saville‟s report on the 1972 „Bloody
compared with the Tridentine Mass.                 June to 14 July inclusive, 7.30-9pm.             Sunday‟ in Derry (an enquiry which lasted
Also restored, for Sundays and solemn days,                                                         from 1998 to 2010) and so back to the
was the ancient practice of having three           “FIRED UP” YOUTH EVENT to                        highly inflammatory interviewing of Colonel
readings – Old Testament, New Testament,           celebrate Pentecost; Saturday June 11,           Wilford by James Naughtie on the Today
Gospel - which has always been so in at            12.30-6pm at St. Stephen‟s, Winchester, for      programme in 1999. Questioned as to
least some of the Oriental rites of the            young people of secondary school age.            whether the soldiers‟ anonymity should be
Church (where they have the custom, as in          Postcards are available in the church porch.     preserved in the enquiry, the Colonel,
early Christian Rome, of reading each                                                               exasperated, took the bull by the horns and
reading facing a different point of the                                                             said that „Bloody Sunday‟ had been hijacked
                                                   CELEBRATING MARRIAGE 2011.                       as a publicity cause by the IRA, to the
compass – south, north and east – to
                                                   Mass with Bishop Crispian at St. Bede‟s,         exclusion of the memory of all the other
symbolise the spread of the word).
                                                   Basingstoke on Saturday June 18 for those        „Bloody‟ events both in the province and on
We are also used to the Gospel being given
                                                   celebrating        „significant      wedding     the mainland. He would not accept that
greater honour as being the word of Christ.
                                                   anniversaries‟ in our Diocese this year          anybody supporting the enquiry was other
It is normal to use a different book, the
                                                   Please give your names to Fr. David.             than an IRA supporter and ended up by
Gospel Book, to accompany it with candles
                                                   The Diocesan offices advise that places are      equating every Ulster Catholic with
and incense, and to cross oneself three
                                                   still available.                                 membership of the IRA.
times before the reading, while the Gospel
reader, properly a deacon, also makes the                                                           James Naughtie did his best to keep the
sign of the cross on the book and kisses it        CHURCH FLOWERS: Jane Davies is                   interview on the rails, but after the last
after the reading.                                 shortly having to take a couple of months        statement, there was simply an eloquent
When we talk about the „Word of the                off for health reasons and would welcome         silence. Meanwhile politicians and members
Lord‟, what actually do we mean? Is it the         volunteers to assist the other members of        of the armed forces squirmed with
printed text, the words when they are              the team. If you can help, please contact        embarrassment           and     disassociated
spoken, or what?        Probably we may say        her (023) 80332467, or Parish Office.            themselves from Colonel Wilford, the
that it is the spoken word as it is „lifted‟ off                                                    commanding officer at the time, now
the printed page and transmitted to the            CAFOD – Getting Down to Business                 retired abroad.
people.                                            Small businesses are vital for poor men and      The full transcript of the interview was
Although the Missal contains no indication         women in developing countries, giving            published the next day, so that we could
of this, I have seen some priests, at the          dignity and self-respect and security for the    assure ourselves that what we thought we
words “This is the Gospel of the Lord”,            future. Three actions we want our                heard was indeed what we did hear. Seeing
perform a gesture which looks like blowing         government to take:                              an interview - held when the adrenalin is
kisses at the congregation, as if to say:          (1) Prioritise small businesses when             freely flowing on both sides - reduced to
“The living word of God is not the print; it       spending existing “Aid for Trade” budget         plain, cold print is an odd experience. One
is alive through being conveyed to you from        (2) Put them at the heart of international       thing one notices is the strange blend of
my mouth, reaching your ears and                   strategies for wealth creation.                  coherence and incoherence, as an argument
(hopefully) your heart”.                           (3) Let poor countries develop their own         prepared in advance clashes with the need
Maybe this occurs because our present              local solutions to help small businesses.        to extemporise, to cope with points which
translation says: “This is the word/Gospel         See CAFOD noticeboard for more.                  are suddenly interjected and had not been
of the Lord”, which raises the question:           Petition cards will be available to sign after   part of the original plan. One reads with
“what is this?”       The Latin merely says        Sunday Masses this week and next.                difficulty what one heard with ease.
Verbum Domini = The word of the Lord, and                                                           Reading Colonel Wilford‟s interview
that is what the reader will in future say,                                                         brought back a question I have often asked
                                                   DIOCESAN PRAYER INTENTIONS:
though our response remains the same.                                                               myself: what were the Gospel incidents,
                                                   Su: Legion of Mary. M: Worldwide
For the Gospel, the dialogue will now go:                                                           described in the carefully prepared and
                                                   Marriage Encounter.       T: Students for
“The Lord be with you, And with your                                                                edited language of the evangelists, really
                                                   Priesthood/Diaconate. W:          Diocesan
spirit; A reading from the Holy Gospel                                                              like? What was the Sermon on the Mount
                                                   Vocations Team.       Th: Those to be
according to N., Glory to you, O Lord,                                                              like? Did Jesus really preach to a silent
                                                   ordained this year.     F: Parish Pastoral
The Gospel of the Lord [not ‘This is ...’],                                                         crowd?          Or was there heckling,
                                                   Assistants.  Sa:       Bishops of Clifton,
Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.                                                                   interruptions, yawns and asides? What
                                                   Northampton, & Emeritus Archbishop of
That‟s familiar enough.         But there is                                                        about Jesus‟ trial before Pilate? Was it
                                                   Westminster, priests of our Diocese.
something odd.        In the Latin text, the                                                        really like a measure game of chess, as the
Gospel ends like the other readings:                                                                Gospel accounts suggest? Or did Pilate lose
Verbum Domini = The word of the Lord.              A MISSION WEEK TO OUR                            his temper? Did the argument go like a
“The Gospel of the Lord” would be                  PASTORAL AREA Monday 18 July to                  quick-fire cross-examination?      We shall
Evangelium Domini.      And it ends Laus tibi,     Friday 22 July inclusive; led by the “St.        never know; we have to imagine.
Christe = Praise to you, O Christ.         It is   Patrick‟s Community”. Masses in different        Almost certainly, though, the Gospel
strange that the new translation, concerned        churches of the area, talks, school              accounts are refined, while the real event
almost to a fault with reproducing the Latin       assemblies. Full details to follow. Please       was probably more earthy. And conversely
text exactly in English, does not do so here.      note the dates now.                              we receive the story of Jesus in this neatly
Was somebody asleep?                                                                                prepared Biblical form, and then turn it into
The actual Readings are not affected by the        FIRST HOLY COMMUNION photos                      something rough-and-ready as we try to live
translation change, so that‟s easy.                please order by this Monday May 30.              it out in our lives.

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