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           RV road trip with a Fleetwood
           We take a
                                                     23-foot Redline toy hauler

       BY MARK A. ROLLAND                                  These photos show
                                                           the 2007 Redline. The

             tarting with this article, we plan to
             have a review each issue of some type         exterior graphics are
             featuring a recreational vehicle that         different on the 2008
       you can take to your favorite ride spot. It         models, along with a
                                                           few improvements
       may not always be a toy hauler, it could be
                                                           to the inside. Visit a
       a motor home with a built-in garage, or just        Fleetwood dealer to
       a regular motor home that can tow a trailer.        see more of those
           This Fleetwood Redline toy hauler is what       updates. The ‘07 has
       we chose to use for our trip to Idaho’s St.         rear bunks that each
       Anthony Dunes. We pulled it with a 2007             sleep two adults. The
       Chevrolet 2500 HD equipped with the                 top and bottom
       Duramax diesel engine and 6-speed Allison           bunks are spaced
       transmission. The GVWR of this trailer is said      evenly when moved
       to be 9,995 pounds by the manufacturer. We          into “sleep mode.”
       estimate that it weighed a little over 8,000-lbs.   With the curtain
       for our trip. The Chevy 2500 HD pulled it           dividers pulled and
       with no hesitation. We were able to quickly         windows covered,
       reach and maintain highway speeds with no           the bottom bunk has
       effort on Interstate 15 from So-Cal to Idaho.       complete privacy.
           As we loaded the ATVs into the trailer, I
       quickly realized that both units would have                                                      hitch weight is considerably less than the
       to be turned sideways. In order to do this, I                                                    big 37-foot fifth-wheel model. Actually, it’s
       had to pull a retaining pin in the bottom of                                                     1,544 pounds less! So, for all you half-ton
       one of the seat cushions, so that the front tires                                                truck fans, this unit is a great way to get into
       would fit. I doubt you’d have this trouble                                                       the RV game, because the 23-foot Redline
       with the wide body design trailers. But, since                                                   only weighs 5,505 pounds empty. Most full-
       this is an entry level unit, we had no other                                                     size half-ton trucks can tow this trailer with
       choice. A smaller, youth model ATV would                                                         no problem while loaded with a couple
       have fit between the stove and fridge, but our                                                   quads and gear. The only problem some of
       Yamaha Raptor and Can-Am Renegade were                                                           you may have (if your truck’s towing limit
       both about 3-4 inches too wide.                                                                  is under 7,000) is when the fresh water tank
           When we say this is an entry unit, don’t                                                     is full. When possible, you may find travel-
       interpret that the wrong way. It’s just a less                                                   ing to your destination without water easier,
       expensive and shorter version of some of                                                         and then fill it at a truck stop or rest area
       the larger and more well-equipped toy                                                            when you get close to your final destination.
       haulers that you see on the highways. The                                                             Inside the Redline, there’s room for
       Redline has plenty to offer an off-road                                                          eight adults to sleep if you were all (close)
       enthusiast. For example, the fresh water                                                         friends. Our test unit had two queen size
                                                           A swing out TV stand is in the corner of
       tank holds 100-gallons, which is only 20            the main bedroom. This will allow par-
                                                                                                        bunks in the rear that lowered from the ceil-
       gallons less than the three biggest models.         ents to watch a movie while kids can         ing. The front (main bedroom) has a pull-
       It’s carrying capacity is 4,490 pounds,             play video (or other) games in the rear of   across divider, where we put the guy who
       which is only about 1,000 pounds less than          the trailer. A privacy curtain separates     snored. The bathroom was a little small, but
       the biggest 37-foot model. However, the             the bedroom from the rest of the trailer.    I’ll take it over a port-o-potti in the bed of a
                                                                                                        truck any day. The shower was tall enough
       66                                                                                                                       www.SAND
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       A three burner stove and oven, along
       with a deep sink, make up the food and
       dish preparation area. The shower
       (below) has three small shelves to place
       soaps & other cleaning products. Forced
       air vents keep air circulating inside,
       while in transit to off-road adventures.

       to fit my 6’2” frame with room to spare, and
       I never felt that putting soap on the walls
       and just spinning in circles would have been
       easier to lather up.
            On this particular trip, we had three
       adult men along with one week worth of
       gear to store. We divided the storage areas
       up and had plenty of room for gear and           drop-down ramp will support 2,500 pounds,            This 23 foot Redline is the second
       food, with room left over. For those of you      which is more than enough for a UTV or           smallest in a fleet of 11 from Fleetwood,
       that enjoy a party while you camp, the           mini rail.                                       four of which are fifth wheel models. It
       Redlines have nice stereos with internal and         A new feature that has come into play        would definitely make a great “first” RV for
       external speakers. It doesn’t come with a        for toy haulers is a built-in lock to the dual   a small family that wants to get out there
       TV from the factory, but some dealers            door handles, located on the ramp door.          and enjoy some time in the dunes. For more
       install them on the lot.                         This means you no longer have to find pad        information on this and other Fleetwood
            Another thing I liked about the interior    locks to fit the hole of that swivel piece,      RVs, please visit <>.
       was how much lighting it had. If I wanted to     which can be annoying at times.
       read a magazine late at night, there were
       enough lights throughout the rig that I could
       have just one on for me and it not disturb
       others who may be trying to sleep.
            On the outside, our test unit came with a
       generator, as well as an on-board 30-gallon
       fuel tank with a gas nozzle to fuel quads or
       dirt bikes. (These days, fuel stations are
       practically standard on most toy haulers). It
       has a walk-on seamless synthetic rubber
       roof (that comes with a 12 year warranty),
       and a ladder in the front of the trailer. The

                                                                                    FLEETWOOD REDLINE
                                                                                     FEATURES IN DETAIL
                                                                                             GVWR: 9,995
                                                                                 GROSS DRY WEIGHT: 5,505-pounds
                                                                                  CARGO CAPACITY: 4,490-pounds
                                                                                     HITCH WEIGHT: 806-pounds
                                                                                  FRESH WATER TANK: 100-gallons
                                                                                   GRAY WATER TANK: 40-gallons
                                                                                  BLACK WATER TANK: 40-gallons
                                                                                   PROPANE CAPACITY: 60-pounds
                                                                                  WATER HEATER: 6-gallon propane
                                                                                        FRIDGE: 6 cubic-feet
                                                                                  AIR CONDITIONER: 13,500 BTU
                                                                                     SIDEWALL: 2x2 wood framed
                                                                             FLOORING: 5/8-inch OSB with 2x3 floor joists
                                                                                     INSULATION: R-7 Fiberglass
                                                                        SAFETY: Smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detectors and
                                                                                  alarms, as well as a fire extinguisher
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