WELS has partnered with FinalWeb to provide a Web hosting and

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WELS has partnered with FinalWeb to provide a Web hosting and Powered By Docstoc
					WELS has partnered with FinalWeb to provide a Web hosting and content management solution. The relationship
provides a low cost service that allows your organization to quickly and easily produce a professional looking Web
site. Perhaps the greatest advantage that this solution provides however is your ability to use the content management
tools that come with your monthly subscription. These tools allow users of all levels to add, edit and manage your
Web site content all from a Web browser. No programming experience or HTML knowledge is required. This concept
will allow more people within your organization to get involved with keeping your Web site's content fresh and

                                              Allow multiple contributors to work with Web-based tools to manage

      The greatest challenge in hosting a Web site is not its creation, but its ongoing maintenance. The WELS Web
      Hosting solution provides an easy to use Web-based tool that will allow anybody the organization designates to
      create, edit, delete or manage Web content.
      Page creation and menu development is a “point-and-click” exercise. Nicely organized pages can be built in
      minutes that match the site's overall theme and are tucked neatly into the menu structure.
                                              Multiple professionally designed
                                              templates enable rapid site
                                              development                                     Free domain
      Many professionally designed templates are available for immediate use.                 registration/transfer
      Additional templates are being created all the time.                                    Pre-built templates
      If the existing templates aren't exactly what you are looking for, you can              Web-based site
      customize the color palletes to match your organization's other materials.              management tools
      (Custom design may be available at an additional cost.)                                 40 E-mail accounts
                                                                                              700 Mb Storage
                                              Support available 24/7 via email &              50 Gb monthly transfer
                                              toll free phone                                 Unlimited “sub-sites” - all
                                                                                              with different designs
       Complete access to online documentation                                                Support for audio & video
       Real time support available via E-mail and a toll free phone number                    content
       Online training is provided periodically to review core features and cover             Daily devotion and prayer
       new ones                                                                               live feeds
How It Works
To request an account, login to www.finalweb.com/wels and fill out an application. You can also signup for a free 14
day trial. Once you have an account, pick a template and begin adding your content. Most sites can be up and running
within days. If you would like a custom template developed for your use, contact Martin Spriggs, WELS CTO
(martin.spriggs@sab.wels.net or 414-256-3250). If the storage or monthly transfer limits are not sufficient, special
arrangements and pricing are available.

The monthly charge for the Web hosting solution is $21.00 per month. This includes
all modules, templates and support. If you are happy with your existing Web site and
would require only hosting Web space and FTP access, the cost is $8 month. This
would include 40 E-mail accounts, POP3 and webmail access.

Find Out More
Contact FinalWeb directly at sales@finalweb.com or 1-800-395-3940. You may also
contact Martin Spriggs, WELS CTO, (martin.spriggs@sab.wels.net – 414-256-3250).
Be sure to visit www.finalweb.com/wels to see a complete list of features and sample
templates. Case studies have also been developed from our four pilot projects using
this solution. In them you will learn about the process, benefits and reactions of WELS www.peacehartford.org (example site)
congregations and schools who are currently using this Web hosting solution. In
addition, online video exercises are available that provide step by step instructions about some of the key features of
the WELS Web Hosting solution. All of these are available at www.wels.net/jumpword/webhosting.

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