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									          pay pal Thieves
             “How they can and at some point probably
           will take your money and why there is nothing
                       you can do about it”…

“You had better be careful if you are using paypal and you better be
able to handle someone taking all your money because Paypal has quite
a reputation for seizing account owners funds”…
  This report was written in an effort to save internet marketers from
  being financially destroyed by paypal when they in good faith only
  wished to open an account and try to earn some money online…

    This Free Report is brought to you by Paul Darby and the latest
   business that paypal decided that they wanted all the money for:

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Why do I tell you about the Slap The Guru Website? Because it’s the
one that paypal just saw a bunch of money coming in for that they
decided was fair game for them to “Aquire”…

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This report may save you being financially ruined by paypal!

And because I now want all of us to be able to make a living online
without paypal deciding to take it, like they have been doing and are
doing right now to thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

But back to paypal and how your money can turn into their money any
moment of any day they decide they want it:

They claimed Slap The Guru generated so much money that they
needed to conduct a random credit check, on my family and
business, then they claimed the money when I tried to withdraw it,
constituted high risk, and then they claimed…

What? A random credit check? Am I the only one? Nope. This is
another paypal reason to seize accounts, click here for more.

I needed to re-supply my social security number, tax number,
address, phone, and on and on and on and on, and now they want a
document that outlines my business.. some guy named Nigel wants
me to explain my business to him so he can decide if he will give the
money in my account back to me or not.

I have pages and pages of documentation that I have supplied and
every time I send them everything they want, they ask for more…

Is this report just sour grapes? Or is there every likelyhood that paypal
will do this to you too?

Read this report, check the sources, find out about the thousands and
thousands of people paypal has seized accounts from and left penny
less and decide for yourself…

Here is an excerpt from one paypal took all my money website:

For those of you who are first time visitors to, the information you are about to read is

100% TRUE.

For over 8 years has been assisting the public in making an informed decision about using
PayPal. Every day, thousands of upset paypal users from all over the world visit seeking
answers to questions like how to get involved in class action lawsuits, why PayPal froze their funds, why
PayPal withdrew money directly from their paypal or bank account, why PayPal is holding their money
for 6 months or longer and the list goes on and on.

For those of you who don’t know this,   PAYPAL IS NOT A BANK.                               It is officially
classified as a "Money Service". Therefore, PayPal does not have to follow Federal Banking Guidelines.
 These guidelines are in placed to help protect an individual's bank account from being frozen without warning,
explanation, or recourse, for months at a time. Sadly, PayPal continues to do just that, to thousands of PayPal
accounts, every month.

We currently have over   63,000 registered members who have documented countless
thousands of complaints on this website. We even have stories from Ex PayPal Employees and Managers
who resigned because of PayPal’s business practices, as well as thousands of detailed horror stories posted
all over our website about people being Robbed, Abused, Unfairly Treated, Lied To And Cheated By

Every day we receive tons of emails from people who thought they could trust PayPal with their business only
to discover, as so many before them already have, that there account has been limited and their

frozen, money held, or money pulled right out of their
account. These people placed their trust and livelihood in PayPal's hands only to be told that their
accounts have been locked indefinitely without appeal.

Explaining your version of what happened, in most cases seems to     make no difference. PayPal can
                                        does not have to
refuse to provide you with detailed information from their investigation and

disclose documents they relied upon to make their

                   AT LEAST 6 MONTHS before you see your money again. In some
You can expect to wait

cases, the wait time can EXCEED 6 MONTHS and run into a shady Grey area, where

"NEVER" Seems To Be A More Realistic Time-Frame.

                                 terrible Customer Service
People who complain about it have reported experiencing

including extra long hold times, delays, and dead-end auto-
responder e-mails like this one:
[Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in responding to your
service request.

After review, the decision has been made to keep your account locked. This decision
cannot be appealed.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.]

Press them a bit harder and you may convince them to do an investigation. However, don't count on PayPal
considering your side of the story in the investigation. Just consider this an easy way to   Blow You Off
And Get You Off The Phone.

                                             ~End of quote~

The following is a 100% true story:
Roughly 5 years ago…

I was on the phone with the owner of the company that provided the
service to run my affiliate programs, Fusion Quest and I was telling him
the horror story of how paypal had just seized my account and had
taken all my funds leaving me broke and in financial trouble…

His response was, you must have done something wrong, I’ve been
using them for years and haven’t had a problem.

Totally true story - three days later, his account was seized and all his
money taken and all his income from his customers gone and he
quickly discovered that he had absolutely no recourse what so ever.

And his money, like mine and like I was soon to learn- like thousands
of others - was simply gone.

Paypal took it.
You will see that theme throughout this report. Paypal closes
accounts and seizes funds for any reason they wish, at anytime they
wish, and keep the money for as long as they wish, typically 6 months
while they keep your interest. While they keep your interest, not their
interest from money they earned but interest on the money you earned.
yours. It used to be your money, the money you earned.

The were to be the service for you to take financial transactions online
but instead of helping thousands of business owners they sieze their
funds and keep the interest, often destroying the businesses that
looked to them to provide a service to them.

paypal has a clause that allows them to close your account
and seize your funds and keep them for 6 months for any
reason they wish to use for doing so.

You might want to read that again!
And if you have more than one product, or if you have customers who
have subscribed with you for something and Paypal decides that they
want to use your money interest free, and collect all your interest and
keep it, then you can just sit right there on your hands because your
money it is gone.

Once again your money is gone. Your account is suddenly frozen with
out notice, with out your ability to do anything about it, paypal

All the money in your account today and all the money that was to
come in for the subscription payments.
Paypal has your money, collects the interest, keeps it and sometimes
gives you whatever is left 6 months later, after a mass refund program
from all your customers who just got left high and dry.

Ok let’s get something straight right now…
Am I angry at paypal? Do I feel cheated, and robbed? Do I feel like my
business and livelihood has been raped?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

Can you learn something from me about this conglomerate owned by
ebay? Can you learn something from the thousands of people that are
your neighbors and former employees of this “group”?

           This website: lists so many instances of paypal
           seizing accounts all I have to do is simply invite
                       you to reach your own conclusions:
Beware of PayPal PayPal Steals Money PayPal Account Hijacked Virus Alert Fraudulant Charge Back PayPal Ruined
My Life Can't Find PayPal Contact Info Stolen Account/Fraudulant Funds PayPal Scam PayPal Fraud BBB? PayPal
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Won't Admit Mistake PayPal Password Hacked PayPal Subscribers Beware PayPal Refused To Refund PayPal Owes
Me Money PayPal Lockdown Can't Shut Down Account PayPal Ripped Me Off PayPal's Bogus Policy PayPal Held My
Money PayPal Froze My Funds Real Bad Taste Using PayPal Hijacked By PayPal Bank Numbers Locked PayPal Is
Frustrating PayPal Does Not Follow Rules PayPal Conversion Scam PayPal Fraudulant Charge PayPal's A Big Fraud
PayPal Took Me For A Ride PayPal Claim Scam PayPal Did Nothing To Help Me PayPal Froze My Account Why Is
My Account Still Frozen PayPal Destroyed My Business PayPal Failed To Contact Me PayPal Blocked Me Out
PayPal Malicious Prosecution PayPal Is So Unfair My Claim Was Denied By PayPal Purchased an I-Pod for Xmas
PayPal Took My Money PayPal Did Not Cancel Account PayPal Is Holding My Money PayPal Will Not Transfer Funds
PayPal Closed My Case PayPal Locked My Account Too PayPal Accused Me Of Fraud PayPal Big Money Transaction
PayPal Affiliated With Ebay PayPal Credit Card Chargeback PayPal Complaint Bandwagon Unfair PayPal Kept My
$$$ PayPal Sucks PayPal, How Could this Happen PayPal Account Blocked New PayPal Virus Alert PayPal Business
Problem PayPal Took $1,200 From Us PayPal USPS Mess PayPal Credit Card Issue PayPal Request DENIED PayPal
Tried To Get Me PayPal Fraud Payment How To Access PayPal People Added To My Account Another PayPal Victim
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PayPal Is Holding $9,752.59 PayPal Is Holding $7,000 PayPal Bank Account Change PayPal And Ebay Watergate
Customer Sent Item To PayPal PayPal Is Holding $30,000 PayPal Attacks Legit Users PayPal Fraudulent Foreigners
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Be Careful Selling Outside the U.S. Fraud Enabled By PayPal PayPal Limited Account Access PayPal Froze Account
For 180 Days PayPal Scammed Me Fraud Email Message PayPal Is Not Safe And Secure Provide PayPal Info Over
Phone I'm Out $452.92 No More PayPal PayPal's Excessive Permission Bounced A Check Another Possible Fake
PayPal Email PayPal Fraud Allowance Unauthorized PayPal Transactions PayPal Does Not See the Truth PayPal
Account Locked PayPal Stole My Money Potential PayPal Email Hoax PayPal /Ebay Allow Fraud Bounced A Check
PayPal Froze $600 PayPal Email Hoax PayPal House of Horrors PayPal Blocked Account PayPal Scam E-mail
PayPal Direct Debit Checking No Explanation Whatsoever PayPal Closes Claim PayPal And Ebay Burden Of Proof
Fraudulent Access PayPal Stole My Roomates Money PayPal Took $5,050 Out Of Account PayPal's Not Worth It
Do Not Sell Overseas Ebay Pushed PayPal PayPal Sellers Scam PayPal Limited Account I Was Scammed PayPal Is
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No Help From PayPal Your Account Can Be Suspended eBay Is Just As Bad Over $9,000 held by PayPal Frustrating
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Real Scammers PayPal Is Holding $20,000 Another PayPal Phishing Email PayPal Buyer Protection Insurance
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I thought PayPal Was Professional Scammed On PayPal Fraudulant Transaction Fraudulant Charges Due To PayPal
Bank Account Cleaned Out $1,200 chargeback Buyer's Blackmail Using PayPal PayPal SSL Connection Failed
Funds Frozen For No Reason Contact Seller/Buyer Directly Collecting Money From PayPal Account Unfrozen After
Credit Card Charged PayPal Buyer Complaint Ebay Scam Email Chargeback Result Scam Artist Chargeback PayPal
Locked My Account Suspended Without Reason PayPal Created A Debt PayPal Refunded the Customer Updating
My Information A PayPal Fiasco Ideas For the Future My PayPal Nightmare My Account Was Hacked PayPal
Holding Money Captive PayPal Is Very Wrong My Account Is Restricted PayPal Ban For Life
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Payment With No Account No End Of Trouble Hacker Got Into PayPal I Won't Go Away Is this PayPal Fraud
PayPal Unauthorized Funds PayPal Robbed Me Refusing To Reimburse Funds PayPal's Unfair Policy PayPal Error
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PayPal Bogus Email Confirmation Ripped Off And Hanging Funds Back To Buyer PayPal Ruined the Business
PayPal Buyer Assurance Scam PayPal Overdrew My Account those PayPal thieves Is this Email Legit Buyer
Protection Allows Fraud Ripped Off By Crooks Will PayPal Unlock Accounts Won't Back Up Promises I Need Some
Help Help With PayPal Problem Someone Used My Info New Security Requirements I'm A PayPal Destroyer
Different Computers Logged In PayPal With Reverse Deposits Making their Own Rules Process Serving Agent
Must Beware Of PayPal PayPal Also Closed Account PayPal Account Is Frozen PayPal And Criminal Trouble
Don't Ever Use PayPal Removing Account Altogether Ebay Payment Deception New PayPal Trojan PayPal
Corporate Scum Bags Seller Told To Refund Another PayPal Scam I Am Being Scammed Ebay Rejected My
Password Fraudulent Format File Scam PayPal Won't Investigate Out Of Date Lawsuit A Kitten through PayPal
Complete Insensitivity California Email Scam Unauthorized Account Use Multiple Email threats A PayPal
Investigation Two Weeks Too Late Unable To Make Purchase Another Victim Of PayPal Accessing My Bank Account
Fraud Email Received PayPal Took Money Away PayPal Account Closed PayPal Customer Service I'll Be Suing
PayPal Suspicious Buyer Behavior What To Do With PayPal thought It Wouldn't Happen Negative PayPal Balance
Holding Us Accountable Ebay Fraud Alert My PayPal Horror I'm Now In Debt
This list goes on and on and on and quite frankly I don’t have the time to keep listing this stuff, just visit
the site and you can find countless people who have had all their money seized by paypal…

You would be wise to check out the information presented here and
decide for yourself if you wish to put your money in the hands of the
same people that now have seized the funds from thousands of your

I believe so and so do the people that has suffered some degree of
financial ruin from them.

Want to read about thousands and thousands and
thousands more people who Paypal has done this same
thing to?

It’s easy just go to Google and type in nearly any search term like”

    Paypal Hell, Paypal Class Action Law Suits, Paypal Sucks, Paypal
    Wars and on and on and on and on….

And you can spend your day and nights, and days… reading the nearly
limitless numbers of people that have suffered from Paypal taking their

money the minute they finally selling something and had a little
balance in their accounts.

So instead of them being able to pay their bills, and have a good time
with their families because of their hard work, they were left with no
money and all their customers upset.
This will SHOCK you…

paypal actually seized funds that were for the people
of Haiti and then started a campaign of repeat copies
of boiler plate demands of fraudlent paperwork in order
to release the funds.
When the earthquake hit Haiti, I like most of us wanted to help. My
company raised enough money in 3 days to be able to send 6,700
meal to Haiti.

That’s right, Six Thousand and Seven Hundred Meals To Haiti. What
did Paypal do? Seized the funds and left us without a way to ship the

They insisted that I provide a non-profit corporate set of paperwork of
which I told them would be fraudulent as I was certainly not a not for
profit corporation but was instead a business man who wanted to help.

They sent the same boiler plate letter to us 3 times, until you can
provide proof that you are not for profit we will keep your money.

So, I paid the bill out of my own bank account. After three weeks of
having the National Charity send them personal faxe’s and letters,

Paypal finally released the funds, but only after destroying the business
that was collecting money for the Haiti people…
Great job again Paypal, seems you would rather seize funds and keep
the interest for yourself rather than see hungry people get the food
they were promised…

And before you think this has only happened once, and that paypal
certainly could not ever do this as a general practice, you had better
read this:

PayPal Prevents Relief Donations From Reaching Hurricane Gustav

And again, paypal finds easy pickins and are harvesting money meant
to help others:

PayPal Blocks Aid, Freezes Funds For Hurricane Katrina Victims.

It would seem to be a pattern with them doesn’t it… Hurricane Gustav,
paypal takes the money, Hurricane Katrina, again paypal takes the
money, earthquake in Haiti, paypal takes the money…

Ask yourself… is there a pattern here where paypal takes money from
anyone and everyone anytime they decide that they want some more

Then yet again…

I opened a new business called that literally
rocked the net!

Our customers were making money, lot’s and lot’s of money, many
within hours of joining, they were getting 100% of their investment
back at their first sale, and I was running an advertising rotator like
crazy to get them sales…

Paypal shut it down and demanded to get a massive amount of
documentation in order to give back the money they just took…
I provided it and they opened the account, but guess what happened
as soon as I tried to access the money I had earned so that I could
buy more advertising and enjoy having some profit?

They reversed my bank wire, pulled the money out of my bank account
and again closed my account, again demanding a massive amount of

So much that it left little doubt about what their intent was.

Because now they wanted proof of my address, my social security
card, paycheck stubs, all my phone numbers and email addresses and
then a description of a massive amount of transactions, and instituted
a credit check on my family…

It seems that it is easy for them to do whatever they want, hurt as
many people as they want and grab as many people’s income as they
want because they like having access to our money and getting to
collect the interest from it and keep it.

Did you read that? They will keep your money for 6 months, at which
point you might get some portion of it back, but for the entire 6
months they earned interest ( your interest ) and they keep it.

According to Paypal – Your money is not yours it is theirs. And you
better believe it can happen to you, it does many times every day!

They can take all your money and then demand such a flood of
documentation that it gets nearly impossible to provide it in the
manner that they demand…

That is the plan.
Now.. can you guess what they want from me? Utility bills? And
resends on the faxes because they aren’t clear but look like faxed

And once I supplied that, they send another email saying oh well
we sure are sorry that isn’t enough, we’ll need some more we sure
are sorry and are sure you are frustrated.

As I wake up to over 30 more of my paypal accounts cancelling as I
can not get in to their accounts to service them, or to provide the
service that I sold to my customers..

So is this all just sour grapes and I am just mad? Actually yes and no
is the correct answer.

I am angry but mostly at myself. If you go out in the woods where
there is known to be a heavy population of snakes and you get bit can
you get mad at the snakes?

Snakes will be snakes. The difference is paypal for all intents and
purposes has taken the role of the big corporate banksters and big
corporate identity that has no need of right or wrong, only of profit at
any means possible.

Individuals are simply there to be used and exploited as a way to
collect more funds.

Does paypal need rules? Do they sometimes act to protect
themselves and their merchants? Yes. However it is my opinion which
is backed up by facts, again in my opinion that their governing rules
are not about protecting users but in using the customers as their
personal ATM’s.
Run as fast as you can from these guys is my advice to you because
once you find that they have targeted your account, it is already too
late, your money is gone…

So What Can You Do?

It’s pretty easy actually.. if someone wants to steal from you - I would
think you would want to not hang around them, and instead find
someone to process for you with a track record of helping their
customers instead of taking their hard earned money!

We Recommend AlertPay!

Actually we recommend anyone other than paypal.. just go to google
or yahoo search and type in the keyword, “process credit cards
online” and you will have any number of companies wishing to have
your business…

Tne company that I use for a ton of websites and order processing
onilne is AlertPay. These guys have never shut down our account and
they pay very promptly when you want money from your account.

Their fees are very reasonable and they are growing fast because they
have a reputation of being friendly to internet marketers rather than
using them as bait.

Who is paypal really?
paypal was purchased by the huge corporation, ebay and now contains
bylaws being contested in class action law suits:
Plaintiffs argue that this behavior has harmed the consumer by causing sellers to pay "artificially
inflated and supra-competitive fees." They also allege that eBay's acqusition of electronic
payment services and exclusion of competing services is anticompetitive because if eBay
allowed its competitors to purchase electronic payment systems, the competition would be able
to break into the relevant market of online auctions.

More of their activities: From this website:

   1. According to PayPal accepting their ToS (Terms of Service) in effect means you waive
      your rights to credit card consumer protection laws if you want to use their
      service, and that you may not issue a chargeback for unauthorized use of your
      credit card and PayPal account, or if you do, then they have the right to limit your
      account. Is this legal? We don't know. But it's how Paypal operates.

       More of their activities: From this website and by the way, paypal calls this one the
       “Random Credit Check”: How you can wake up to find paypal just seized all your funds
       and call it their random credit check reason for taking all of your money

We’re All Done With Paypal…

I hope you read about the thousands of people that have had their
life’s income online taken, and the people’s lives destroyed and
injured by this company and decide to not allow it to happen to you.

There are many alternative payment processors who are happy to
make fees and to provide you a safe, honest payment processing

You don’t need to play Russian Roulette with these jokers…

All my best to you, and I hope you make a ton of money online this

Paul Darby
Unimax Services
P.S. The way I will recover from paypal is to never think of them again. Just like I
don’t think about snakes biting me. If I go where snakes are then I will think about
them, and as I like thousands and thousands and thousands of people who lost
every dime they had to paypal… will never use them again.

I will use honest merchant processors like alertpay and others and I will take my
latest business that makes so much money for the
owners… because it puts THEIR payment button on their replicated site.. and I will
grow it ( and mention it here ) …

I mention it here because paypal took all the income it made and so now, I will
make the statement, I will not simply be devastated and broken another paypal
victim. I will stand and continue to do honest business and will conduct my
business with other honest people and will enjoy my internet efforts just as they
have a right to do, and all of us can do it without this group that I call paypal
thieves, we can do it without you using us as if we had no value, no worth and
were nothing more than a way for you to take other people’s money.

In this time of banksters and big business with no conscience you are raking it in,
however there will be a time for you to face judgement and then paypal… I would
hate to be you.

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