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					                                Riyadh Wheelers Registration Form
                                                     2011/2012 Season
                                                        Registration Fee: SR-TBA


    1. Please fill-in all the fields including the signature in the middle of this page and the checkbox at the
       bottom of the second page.
    2. All of the membership fee must be paid by mid-season. If not, suspension could result.
    3. We hope to provide team kit of some description this year

      First Name:      ___________________________________                                          Sex:
                                                                                                             M                  F   
      Last Name:       ___________________________________                                Nationality:     __________________________

    Date of Birth:                                                                          Igama #:       __________________________

 Age as of 31/12/11:   ______________                years old                                 Phone:      __________________________

            E-mail:    ___________________________________                               Preferred #:      _______________           (11 – 99 )

                                                                                       Would you be
                                                                                       prepared to
    Blood Group:       Important! Our experience is Saudi Hospitals DO NOT provide
                                                                                       donate blood in
                                                                                       the event of an
                                                                                       accident to a
                                                                                                           Yes         No   
                                                                                       fellow member?

Please Read Carefully:

I agree to pay the sum of SR-TBA for membership to The Riyadh Wheelers Cycling Club.

I realize that cycling in an inherently dangerous sport, and I will not hold the club liable for any injuries or
losses incurred during any Riyadh Wheelers sponsored event.

I agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of The Riyadh Wheelers Cycling Club.

                 ____________________                                                           ____________________
                          Signature                                                                 Date – (dd/mm/yy)

                   Please read the club rules on the following page and sign and date above.

Note that registration does not imply a club jersey or free entrance to the end-of-season banquet. These are dependant
                                                 on sponsorship and funds.

                                                                   Official Use Only

            Amount Paid: ____________                          Amount Owed: ____________                         Male | Female

                                          Category: __________                       Race #: _____________


< 40 Open                         < 50 Veteran                                        < 60 Master                        >=60 Senior
                             RIYADH WHEELERS
                                   Club Rules: 2011/12 Season

These rules have been established to ensure a framework for safe racing for all members.

Please read the following rules then tick the checkbox at the bottom indicating that you

1.      All bicycles should be safe and roadworthy.

2.      Proficiency of new members may have to be established and approved by committee members
        before participation in events.

3.      Safety approved helmets are compulsory for all Wheeler‟s events.

4.      Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in: a warning, deduction of points, race disqualification,
        suspension, or ejection from the club.

5.      Unsafe or negligent riding may result in: a warning, deduction of points, race disqualification,
        suspension, or ejection from the club.

6.      Aero bars may remain fitted during road races and criteriums, but are not to be used. Riders could
        be sanctioned for using them.

7.      Any rider found drafting during time trials could face sanction.

             After being passed by a faster rider, the caught rider must immediately drop back by at
             least 10 bike lengths. If the caught rider is then able to pass the rider who previously passed
             him then he must be able to do so by riding „outside his slipstream‟ and be able to clearly
             pass. Riding up to him and then dropping back or to his side is not acceptable. A time of 15
             seconds is the maximum that a rider may stay in the “drafting zone” while passing.

8.      Any rider found purposely cycling on the wrong side of the road could face sanction.

9.      Race results are provisional until checked by the Results Coordinator.

10.     Dress Code: MUST be suitable for the Kingdom and is the same for both sexes. Sleeveless jerseys are
        not permitted during Wheeler sponsored events.

11.     Clip-on bars of the “Spinachi” type will be permitted for road racing. The purpose of these bars is to
        offer an alternative riding position when riding alone or at the front of a group. They should not be
        used when following a wheel or cornering.

12.     Race Director plus 2 committee members can sanction a rider for a misdemeanour, subject to
        appeal to a full committee.

13.     Riders not completing the course will be disqualified.

14.     Spare wheels may be left with a support car on road races or at any static point on the course.

15.     Rules may be changed, added, or amended at any time during the season. Members will be

      Tick the following checkbox to indicate that you agree to all the above rules and conditions:   

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