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(1888PressRelease) Italy & Denver: Forest Oil Threat of Interfering with Nature in Abruzzo's Chieti.

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									                              Ticking Oil Bomb over Bomba
(1888PressRelease) Italy & Denver: Forest Oil Threat of Interfering with Nature in Abruzzo's

(1888PressRelease) Bomba, in the province of Chieti Abruzzo, is still threatened by the ticking
time-bomb of oil exploration by Forest Oil Corporation, its ever-present threat wielded by the
silent and still undecided Italian National and Abruzzo Regional governments; if the go-ahead is
given to create a refinery and oil wells as proposed in the seismically challenged lake that sits
just a 2-minute drive from people's homes the affect could be devastating.

This summer Bomba has seen its most successful season yet with large numbers of tourists
visiting and staying at the town to enjoy its varied water-sports, mountain-biking, hiking and
famous Abruzzesi food & hospitality, rewarding the monies and hard work which had been
invested in growing a sustainable economy developed by local residents over the last 25 years.

The propitiatory offer of a €380,000 cheque to be presented to the local commune each year for
the next 14 years was made by the Colorado-based Forest Oil Corporation, but local businesses
and families rejected this offer. They understood all too well that the exchange of such "dirty
money" for the use of their land and a contribution towards the reduction in their income from
the fall in tourism from placement of oil wells, drilling and a refinery on Bomba's doorstep was
not an acceptable compromise or compensation.

They are hoping that the Regional Abruzzo and National Italian governments follow their wishes
with a statement rejecting Forest Oil's plans and these 'available funds' rather than perceive them
as an easy autumn harvest bonanza which admittedly both mishandled economies sorely need.

There is a palpable sense of trepidation and dread in the town following the 3-month silence by
politicians which has followed their stiff resistance to Forest Oil's plan at a fierce meeting that
was held in the town on June 5th 2011, as the result of a 2 year advocacy campaign by Bomba's
full-time 930 residents to stop Forest Oil's plans in Abruzzo Italy.

The local community gathered together to express their anger directly to key Forest Oil
management. That this US Oil Company has a history of drilling in the middle of a desert far
away from residential properties and no previous experience or proposed emergency plans for
drilling in a highly seismically challenged freshwater dam situated next to residential homes
should even contemplate their proposed plans for Bomba is additional fuel to the fire. The Italian
Energy giant ENI had proposed a similar project in Bomba but declared such a project 'unsafe'
due to the high level of seismic activity in the area which in 2009 saw a 6.3 Magnitude
earthquake destroy the nearby capital city of the region, L'Aquila, along with its nearby villages
with the result of 308 deaths. An indication how volatile the land is locally can be seen in the
construction of the earthern dam, constructed without cement/mortar used.

Already Forest Oil has admitted that setting up a refinery alone will exceed legal limits in
pollutants but they believe that their proposed payment system would help sustain the health of
future generations that are affected by such fall out, something that no local resident of Bomba
believes can be verified or is worth the risk.

Bomba's 930 residents now wait to hear if the attraction of a 14-year payment plan together with
just a 10% drill tax revenue is a simple enough calculation for the Abruzzo and Italian
government to undertake in rejecting short-term riches, respecting its peoples wishes and put an
end to yet another US Oil Giant attempting to drill in Italy.


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