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         STARFLEET’S                                                 FIRST & FINEST!

   newsletter for the space station freedom iii, NCC-ss001

               Region Three                                               There are two options for Sum-
                                                                          mit Registration. The following

               Summit ‘97:                                                are brief descriptions:

                A New Hope                                     SUMMIT Package $10.00 Reg-
                                                               istration only. Includes Friday
         by: FCpt. Dan Hislop and RAdm. Brad Pense             night reception, entrance to
                                                               meetings Saturday and Sunday,
                                                               Saturday night party/dance, pro-
Region Three is proud to an- more than four adults occupy a gram booklet and a personal-
nounce that the contract has room, there will be an additional ized name badge.
been signed (as of 13 April 97) charge of $10.00. Standard
for the hotel where the 1997 Room Guarantees apply, check- BANQUET Package $30.00
Region Three Summit ‘97 “A in time is 3:00 pm with a 12:00 SUMMIT package, plus Satur-
NEW HOPE” will be held.         Noon check-out time.           day night banquet and roast.

The date of the Summit is June       For Reservations Call: the           If you choose the Banquet pack-
20-22, 1997, and will be held at     Green Oaks Park Hotel Mon-           age here is your choice for the
the Green Oaks Park Hotel in         day - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm      Dinner Menu:
Ft. Worth Texas.                     CDT. (817) 377-5955 - local,
                                     (800) 772-2341 - toll free inside    Menu A London Broil (Mari-
The hotel is located on the cor-     Texas, (817) 738-7311, (800)         nated Sirloin of Beef w/sautéed
ner of Interstate Higway 30 and      433-2174 - toll free outside of      mushrooms and a Bordelaise
Green Oaks Rd. It’s exact ad-        Texas. Reservations made af-         Sauce), Baked Potato, Fresh
dress is 6901 West Freeway, Ft       ter 15 May 97 are on a availabil-    Vegetable, Dinner Rolls and
Worth, TX. 76116.                    ity only basis at the summit rate.   Butter, Dessert, Coffee & Tea.
                                     BE SURE TO MENTION “RE-
At this time both Fleet Admiral      GION THREE SUMMIT”                   Menu B Boneless Breast of
Mike Smith, Commander
STARFLEET and Adm. Chuck             Each Summit attendee will be                  continued on Page 9
Freas,     V ice-Commander,          responsible for making their own
STARFLEET are comfirmed at-          reservations. The numbers                   INSIDE
tendees.                             listed above can be used to ac-
                                     complish this. The Reservation       a Officer Reports
  Region Three Summit ‘97            cut off date is ***15 May 1997***,
       Room Rates:
                                                                          a Fleet, Regional &
                                     any request made after this date
                                     will be at the Summit Rate sub-        Station News
Region Three and the Green           ject to availability. Remember       a Babylon 5 News
Oaks Park Hotel are happy to         to mention the “Region Three         a Trek News
extend a special Summit Rate         Summit” when making your res-
of $59.00 plus tax for single (1)    ervation.
                                                                          a Current B5,DS9
- quadruple (4) occupancy per                                                & Voyager Schedules
night. A limited number of             SUMMIT REGISTRATION                a Debut of The Black Force
Suites are also available (first            INFORMATION                   Chronicles
come, first serve) for the same        (on or before 05 June 97)
rate of $59.00 + tax per night. If                                        a Events Calendar
                VOLUME 4 ♦ ISSUE 2 ♦ APR. - JUNE 1997
senior officer’s listing / disclaimer
     FCpt. Mark A. Vinson              (972) 270-5528 or              Station Services Officer
     Station Commander                       (972) 243-0345 or
       (817) 249-6926                                                      SCdr. Kathleen Richards
                                        Medical Officer                  Lt. Cherie Vinson
      SCdr. Scott Peterson             (817) 354-4648                    Station Counselor
       Executive Officer                                                     Classified
        (972) 613-3204                AEns. Joni Jackson
                                      Chief Science Officer              RAdm. Brad Pense
     SCdr. Rick Campbell                (817) 654-0048               “Special Advisor to the SC”
   Second Officer/Ops Officer                                        817-667-1700 (Voice Mail)
        405-748-5128                  LCdr. Evan Richards             or               Starfleet Security
                                        (817) 354-4648                 Cdr. Bryan Johnson
     LCdr. Curtis Stenovich                                          CO — Shuttle Lunar Dawn
    Chief of Communications          Constable David Revor   
         (512) 832-6085              Station Security Officer
                                     (817) 660-0234 (pager)            Cdr. Joeannah Cox
     VAdm. Bill A. Schwab                                          CO — Shuttle Screaming Eagle
    Chief Engineering Officer         Cpt. Thomas Revor                  (903) 887-4340

Apr. - Jun. ‘97                                                            Volume 4, Issue 2

     The Freedom Press is the official quarterly publication of the Space Station Free-
dom III, NCC-SS001. This newsletter is written solely for the entertainment of the
officers and crew of the Freedom III and assorted friends. This publication is not in-
tended to infringe on the copyrights or trademarks of Star Trek (tm), as held by Para-
mount Pictures Corporation. The Freedom Press is copyrighted as an original pro-
duction. Permission is hereby granted to anyone who wishes to reproduce the original
material herein, provided that the source of the material is included. All other copy-
righted material, trademarks, and/or service marks cited herein are registered to their
respective owners.
     Certain uncredited material may be written by the editor. The opinions presented
in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Space Station Freedom III or
STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association.
     Address corrections, Letters to the Editor, articles and/or original artwork are strongly
encouraged and should be sent to FCpt. Mark A. Vinson @ 1047 Cottonwood Trl.,
Benbrook, TX. 76126. Unsolicited submissions will not be returned unless accompa-
nied by a S.A.S.E. Deadline for submissions is the first of the month that the next
issue is to come out.
     Submissions are respectfully requested in the form of an ASCII Text file that can
be sent via INTERNET to If you cannot upload a file then either
A.) send it to me at the above address on a returnable 3.5" floppy disk compatible with
IBM or B.) fax it to me at 817-377-1041. Faxed reports/submissions need to be typed
with at least one and one-half spaces between the lines in a san-serif font (i.e.: Helvetica
or Arial). If you cannot type then carefully hand print -- encursive will not be accepted
under any circumstances! Reports and/or submissions need to be 325 words or less.
     Published items become the property of The Freedom Press and the Space Sta-
tion Freedom III, NCC-SS001
PAGE 2                                                          the freedom press
                                                          station commander’s log

LET FREEDOM RING!                                          Also former Cdr. Ranna Burch has resigned from
                                                           STARFLEET and as such has forfeited her posi-
by: Cpt. Mark A. Vinson, Station Commander                 tion as Chief of STARFLEET Security. To fill
                                                           this position I have excercised my right as Sta-
                                                           tion Commander and appointed LCdr. Evan
Greetings Fellow Stationites!
                                                           Richards to this position. Congratulations Evan!
                                                                 The Region Three Summit has been sched-
      Where to begin, where to begin? I guess
                                                           uled for June 20-22 in Fort Worth, TX. at the
the first thing I should report is that after 54 hours
                                                           Green Oaks Inn off of I-30 and Green Oaks Rd.
of Labor I am proud to announce that at 11:04
                                                           See the cover story and continuation in the Fleet,
p.m. on March 31, 1997 Ms. Lauren Elizabeth
                                                           Regional and Station News Section plus the en-
Vinson made her “Sunny Side Up” appearance
                                                           closed flyer for more detailed info on room rates,
into this world! She weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 ounces
                                                           etc. FCpt. Dan Hislop, CO of the Comanche and
and 19.25" long. She has light brown hair and is
                                                           VRC-North is working very hard to make this as
a real conglomeration of her parent’s. Ms. Lauren
                                                           good, if not better, than last year’s inaugural sum-
and Mama Cherie are doing fine. For those of
                                                           mit. At this point the new STARFLEET Fleet Ad-
you wagering, I did make it through the birthing
                                                           miral Michael D. Smith and Vice-Commander,
process, although I did have to step out a couple
                                                           STARFLEET Chuck Freas are scheduled to ap-
of times to catch some “fresh air”.
                                                           pear. Mark your calendars.
      I would like to thank all
                                                                                    With this newsletter we be-
of those who renewed their
                                                                                 gin a new member written
Freedom III dues! Member-
                                                                                 story    The Black Force
ship Renewal packages are
                                                                                 Chronicles submitted by Com-
nearing completion and
                                                                                 munications Officer, LCdr.
should be in the mail ASAP.
                                                                                 Curtis Stenovich. We con-
However, we did lose quite a
                                                                                 tinue to provide all the infor-
few members from last year’s
                                                                                 mation available on Star Trek
roster. This is due to shuttling
                                                                                 and Babylon 5 as well as any
the Lunar Dawn, associate
                                                                                 other genres that I can find. If
members not renewing and
                                                                                 you would like to submit any
because I would not trade out
                                                                                 news articles, feature articles
dues. Therefore we need to
                                                                                 or member written stories
build our membership back
                                                                                 please do so. See the inside
up. So, talk to your friends,
                                                                                 front cover of this newsletter
your relatives, etc. and try to
                                                                                 for more info.
drum up membership for the
                                                                                    Because of the pending birth
Freedom III! I also encourage
                                                                                 of my daughter, the necessity
all of you to renew your                The Freedom III’s newest member, MS4
                                                                                 to get the house ready plus
STARFLEET dues too. The                                       Lauren E. Vinson
                                                                                 having enough money so
new administration is doing a
                                                           Cherie could take time off to be with her, I took a
good job at reworking things to get Communi-
                                                           second job that added to the hectic state of af-
ques back on schedule, trying to get member-
                                                           fairs over the last four months. Although, I never
ship packets out and has already begun to pay
                                                           intended my second job and all the other things
of STARFLEET’s debts left by the last adminis-
                                                           going on in my life to affect the Freedom III it did
tration. Be sure to check out the Fleet, Regional
                                                           and for that I apologize. Thanks to all you who
and Station News section out for more info.
                                                           have put up with my being a little frazzled, but I
      I am proud to announce that Sr. Commander
                                                           cut back drastically on the second job and I am
Rick Campbell is now the Freedom III’s Second
                                                           now abe to start concentrating on the Freedom
Officer! Rick has been our Wing Commander
since last summer and now steps up into the SO
spot. Rick will be helping me on this newsletter
                                                           That’s all for now, LLAP
and those upcoming. Brad Pense, R3RC, has
been our SO since I assumed command in the
summer of ’95 and now is my special advisor.
                                                           FCpt. Mark A. Vinson, Station Commander

the freedom press                                                                                PAGE 3
 officer reports

      COMM CHANNELS                                  benefit of whatever doubt you might harbor re-
                                                     garding past fleet goings-on. I know that I am
            By: Lt. Curtis Stenovich,                and will. Let’s all please keep in mind the con-
            Communications Officer                   cept of I.D.I.C.. If all or most of us “rank and file”
                                                     members stick together with a positive attitude,
                                                     STARFLEET’S woes WILL take care of them-
     The Freedom Connection has been on tem-         selves. But if the majority of “us” decide to un-
porary hiatus due to my recent move from Cor-
                                                     fortunately think and act in the same manner as
pus Christi to Austin, Texas. Since that time, a
                                                     “we” have been, then our very fine Star Trek fan
few more pen pals have come on board, and I’m        organization will probably fall completely apart.
gearing up for another issue very soon. I’ll be      Folks, “we” really need to ‘all get along!’
changing the format a little to include some real-
life magazine articles regarding the latest in com-
                                                    In service to the fleet,
munications technology. And more pen pal ads
will start running in the new administration’s Curtis J. Stenovich
Communiqu‚ (as soon as I start receiving them). Chief of Communications
A Communications Department chapter news-
letter is in the works, too.

    On a more general note, I’d like to appeal to
the intelligence and kindness (that I know exists)
of whomever is reading this report: Please give
your new STARFLEET Executive Committee the

           A Mini-Photo Gallery of The Birthing Process

     “Where are my
                                                       All worth

                             You know...
                             That’s got to
                                hurt!”                  I could get
                                                       used to this!

 PAGE 4                                                          the freedom press
 STARFLEET Membership Packets                                  Operation
             By: Comm. Sal Lizard,
            STARFLEET Comp Ops
                                                             “Let Me Help”:
                                                             Flood Relief ‘97
As of 04-21-97, more than 1000 memberships
                                                                 by: RAdm. David A. Miller
have been mailed. There are still around 300
more before everyone who renewed during this
administration will be finished. At that time, I will Dear Friends,
be sending all of those memberships that are
current from the McGinnis administration.             This is a combined “action alert” by the
                                                      STARFLEET Office of the DRC Director of Medi-
Anyone who has not received their membership cine, the SFMC 8th Marine Division, the USS
by the middle of next month should contact Liz Antonio Maria Valsalva, the 218th Marine Strike
Woolf at “” to verify their Group, and the STARFLEET Medical Corps. This
status. Additionally, I am receiving membership is the latest in a series of Operations “Let Me
packets that are being returned because of no Help” geared towards disseminating information
forwarding address, I will list them soon.            about how chapters can assist those in need
                                                      during the current widespread flooding in the
                                                      upper midwest states. In the past, the Office of
 Challenge of the Heart                               the DRC Director of Medicine has overseen a
                                                      number of these actions, most recently includ-
        Payment                                       ing flooding relief previously in the midwest, on
           By FAdm. Michael D. Smith                  the west coast, and in the southeast states; the
                                                      Oklahoma City bombing; as well as earthquake
Just want to let you know that STARFLEET has relief in Japan. Please disseminate this infor-
just sent a check made payable to “The Ryan mation as widely as possible.
White Foundation” for $1200 which constitutes
the money that resided in the STARFLEET Chal- The following are contacts for assisting those in
lenge of the Heart account.                           need during the recent flooding in the upper
                                                      midwest. Please do what you can, even the sim-
                                                      plest form of assistance can be of great help —
             R3 Handbook                              even your prayers.

            By: Brad Pense, R3RC                     Salvation Army 800-SAL-ARMY (800-725-2769)
                                                     Accepting donations by credit card to above num-
Members of Region Three,                             ber and has information on how to donate sup-
The newly approved version of the Region Three
Handbook is now available on the Region Three        Checks marked “Flood Relief” can be sent to
FTP Site (      2300 Freeway Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55430 or
tions). This version was approved by the Con-        any local Salvation Army office.
gress of Commanding Officers at AggieCon
XXVIII with overwhelming approval (twenty-one        Web Site: (for flood          disaster     relief)
votes were cast; twenty in favor and one against).

If you are not able to obtain a copy from the ftp Fargo Salvation Army Office “Flood Relief” 304
site, a printed copy is available and will be mailed
to you for a nominal fee.                                            continued on next page

the freedom press                                                                       PAGE 5
 fleet, regional & station news
             continued from previous page        Devils Lake (Camp Grafton) Shelter 701-662-
Roberts St. N. Fargo, ND 58102 701-232-5565      0200

The Salvation Army of North Dakota Requests/ Crookston Shelter 218-281-5839
donations: 701-277-1300
701-277-0066 (Fax)                           Fargo-Moorhead Hotline 701-235-7335 (Refer-
                                             ral services, listening and support, and crisis in-
American Red Cross Flood Assistance 800-272- tervention)
2684 800-366-6888 (TYY) Accepting credit card
donations to 800-HELP-NOW (800-435-7669)      Fargo Volunteer Center (Fargo, Moorhead, Cass,
                                              and Clay Counties) Fargo Civic Auditorium 701-
Disaster Welfare Inquiries 800-898-4394 800- 232-9200
366-6888 (TYY)
                                          Sandbags Fargo Public Works Dept. 402 23rd
Web site: (for disaster relief donations) Street N 701-241-1453 (7 AM to 4:30 PM)
                                          Moorhead (Sand only) 218-299-5390
Checks made out to “American Red Cross Di-
saster Relief Fund” may be sent to P.O. Box Clay County (Sand and sandbags, sandbags 22
28326, Oakdale, MN 55128-0326, or to P.O. Box cents each) 218-299-5002
790059, St. Louis, MO 63179.
                                              Sandbag Warehouse 701-232-5400
American Red Cross “Flood Relief” Minn-Kota
Chapter 1015 7 Ave. N. Moorhead, MN 56560 Local Interfaith Communities Support Churches
218-233-8040                                of Christ Disaster Relief Efforts 1401 13 1/2 St.
                                            South, Fargo 701-235-2018 or 701-282-2426
Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA) Teleregistration for Disaster Victims 800- Lutheran Disaster Response/LSS-North Dakota
462-9029 800-462-7585 (TDD) (8 AM to 7 PM Bonnie Turner 1325 11th Street South, Fargo
every day)                                        800-950-2901

Check status of application 800-525-0321         The Church of the Nativity 701-232-2414

Donations coordination hotline 800-809-1450      First Presbyterian Church, Fargo Pastor Rich-
                                                 ard Raum 701-293-6311
Web site:
                                            Other Flood Relief Web Sites Flood Links
Agriculture Disaster Response Center (ADRC)
                                            Flood 97 Resource Page
National Flood Insurance Program 800-638-6620
                                               Minnesota 1997 Flood Information Page
Minnesota State Emergency Operations Center
612-297-1304 Compiling a volunteer list
                                               ECLA      Domestic      Disaster       Response
People Locator 800-687-4624           (Contri-
                                               butions marked “Spring Storm Victims” will be
Crisis Counseling 800-472-2911                 used entirely to support relief efforts in areas of
                                               the US suffering from flooding.) P.O.Box 71764
River Levels National Weather Service 701-795- Chicago, IL 60694-1764
                                             The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Shelters for Grand Forks/EGF Residents Grand
Forks Air Force Base 701-747-3384
 PAGE 6                                                     the freedom press
                                         fleet, regional & station news
Hope Lutheran Church of Fargo http://
                                                                  Sector 2
                                                                Sci-Fi Summit
Red River Valley        Basin    Flood    page
                                                                  By: Glen Smith
                                     You may have seen my general post on the Re-
Red River Valley Reporter www.fargo-
                                     gion 3 List, but I wanted to put out a direct invita-
                                     tion to you.
Grand Forks Herald
                                          We will start on Saturday, June 7th, at 11:30 am
                                          with lunch at Branson’s Restaurant. This isn’t a
                                          formal part of the Summit, however, it will allow
Fargo Forum Newspaper/Grand Forks Message
                                          everyone to shake off the drive in to Texarkana
                                          and socialize a little.
Moorhead        State      University  (MN)
                                              We will then move down the road to the USS
                                              Trouncer’s meeting hall and start the formal Sum-
(and Grand Forks/EGF message center)
                                              mit at 1:00 pm. Captain Glen Corbin will open
                                              the Summit and then we will ask all ships, region
Mayville State University
                                              officers, and fleet officers in attendance to give a
                                              5-10 minute presentation on their club and/or
                                              position so that we can all be introduced to ev-
University of Minnesota - Crookston
                                              eryone else present.
                                          We will then move into the real Summit and have
Flood Related Resources (Good site)
                                          presentations on a variety of science fiction top-
                                          ics. If you are interested in putting on a twenty to
                                          thirty minute discussion of a science fiction or
Key Contact List
                                          fan club topic, please contact me so I can put
                                          you on the schedule.

                                                  We expect to conclude the Summit between 6
                                                  and 7 pm. Those that are interested can join to-
                                                  gether for dinner before heading out.

                                             If you plan on attending, please e-mail me to let
    1995 Scholarships Paid                   me know exactly how many will be in your party
         By: FAdm. Michael D. Smith          and whether you can join us for lunch or just the
                                             Summit. I will then send you detailed instructions
I’m pleased to announce that STARFLEET has on how to get to where we are meeting.
sent out checks to Bristol Community College
(Christopher Moulding) and Kirkwood Commu- I hope you can make it to the Summit.
nity College (Susan Olexa) to pay for the 1995
scholarships that were unpaid by the McGinnis

This completes (to the best of my knowledge and
paperwork here) payments to all the 1995
STARFLEET Scholarship recipients.

As money from the Region 2-sponsored Online
Auction comes in, the 1996 Scholarships will be

the freedom press                                                                   PAGE 7
 fleet, regional & station news

      STARFLEET Membership                            can have the membership material mailings all
                                                      cught up befor the Region 1 Summit (which oc-
           Processing                                 curs before mid-April I believe. I expect the bulk
                                                      of it to be completed by the end of this month
                  By: Sal Lizard
                                                      (about 3 weeks).
I would just like to take a moment to update ev-
eryone as to the status of membership process- That’s about it for now..... Hope that answers most
ing......                                        of your questions.

As many of you are aware, the database we re-
ceived from the former administration was re-
ally a mess and it did take some time to get it
working in a manner that would allow us to use
it. For a time, we (the members of CompOps)
were sort of “passing it around and each work-
ing on our own areas of concern regarding it —
ie, Mandi Herrmann would add a few new mem-
bers and update renewals, then Liz Woolf would
update information she received from various
members (which sometimes meant processing
lists of information) and then we’d pass it back to
Jesse because we needed a new field added or
a bug squashed.

The problems we’ve had with CompOps were
                                                           Opening of
further complicated by the efforts to integrate it     Starfleet Academy
into the web so that we could all work on it to-
gether and without regard to interferring with or        Security School
“holding up” each others efforts.                                     By: Greg Staylor

During this past month, I’ve also begun sending       By direction of FADM Rob Lerman, I am pleased
out the overdue membership packets (Member-           to announce the OPENING of the Starfleet Acad-
ship certificate, card, and handbook) to those        emy - Security School as of Stardate 9704.01 at
from the last administration. This seemed espe-       00:00:01 GMT.
cially important as the handbooks I had printed
still contained a greeting from the past adminis-     The Security School’s Basic Course has been
tration.                                              completed and is now available for Starfleet
                                                      members. Other courses will be developed and
At this point, we have the database online for        offered soon, with an estimated one new course
updating the information within it. I am currently    every two to three months.
squashing the bugs from the html/cgi oding to
allow Mandi to enter in the new member apps           The cost of each course will be $2.00 and two
she’s receiving. None of it looks pretty but it is    $0.32 stamps.
functional for the time being.
                                                     The Security School address is:
I will be “stepping up” the mailing of the mem-                      Greg Staylor
bership packets as the online database availabil-                   P.O. Box 9796
ity will allow me to print off “bigger bites” of the        Chesapeake, VA 23321-9796
list and Jesse is working on the “report” aspect
that will allow me to just load the certificates and Questions by postal mail should include a
membership cards into the printer.                   LSASE.

With the information in the database, I believe I     E-mail questions to:

 PAGE 8                                                          the freedom press
                                           fleet, regional & station news

        A Brief Introduction                                     Summit -- continued from page 1
                                                       Chicken with a Lemon Butter Sauce, Rice, Sea-
   R3 Has New Shuttle Operations Director              soned Fresh Vegetable, Dinner Rolls and Butter,
            by Cpt. Sam Black                          Dessert, Coffee & Tea.

Greetings from your new Region 3 Chief of              Menu C    Vegetarian Meal
Shuttle Operations. For those of you who don’t
know me, I am Sam Black, CO of the Quanah              PRE-REGISTRATIONS MUST BE POST-
Parker. Those of you who are shuttle and               MARKED NO LATER THAN 05 JUNE 1997
mothership COs will be receiving a full introduc-
tory letter in the mail over the course of the next    REGISTRATION AFTER JUNE 5th
month. I want everyone to feel comfortable bring-
ing any questions and concerns you may have            SUMMIT Package                $12.00
to me. I know exactly what each of you are go-         BANQUET Package               $32.50
ing through to make a new club a success. I
served as treasurer of the then-forming Lubbock        REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR
Star Trek Fan Club; then as XO of the Shuttle
Quanah Parker; and finally took over as CO one         SUMMIT Package                $14.00
month after we commissioned. I know it can be          Saturday/Sunday Only          $12.00
taxing and very discouraging at times, but at the
same time you must keep in mind what brought           NOTE: A limited number of BANQUET Packages
you to this stage in the first place and all the fun   ($35) may be available at the door, but there is
that comes with it.                                    no guarantee

In the “real world” [as real as it may be], I teach    Mail check or money order (made payable to
math to high school students at Lubbock High           Region Three) with a representation of this to:
School. This is my first year in the trenches, so                      Region Three
there are times when things get hectic and I may                     PO Box 794604
not be able to get directly back to you for a day                    Dallas, TX 75379
or two. Don’t think I have forgotten you! That         e-mail:            or
(*HOPEFULLY*) will not happen. If I have not 
gotten back to you within a week with even a
simple “how are you, I’m looking into XYZ as we        If you have any questions, please feel free to
speak, etc...,” you should probably give it another    contact: RAdm Brad Pense voice mail (817) 667-
try and send me your question/comment again.           1700 24 hrs a day.

I would appreciate it if all shuttles/away teams
and motherships with representatives here could
drop me a line to let me know who you are and
how things are going.

Always keep this in mind: I am not a
mindreader...if there is a problem, tell me about
it so I can help get it ironed out. I have been
given this job because I have been where you
are, and am supposed to know an answer or two.
I am here to help in any way I can.

This has gone on long enough. I have to re-
member to keep things short and sweet. I have
to go to bed so I can get up to teack my kids in
the morning without falling asleep in the middle.
Good night all!

the freedom press                                                                        PAGE 9
     B5 ‘DREAMS’ OF                                    BABYLON 5 SHOCKWAVE
      HUGO AWARD                                     I know we have been promising this for a long
                                                     time, but we are extremely proud of what our
It’s official! The Babylon 5 episode, “Severed       multimedia producer has been cooking up for The
Dreams” has been nominated for a Hugo Award!         Official Web Site - a shoot-em-up Shockwave
Other nominees include Independence Day, Mars        game where you pilot a Starfury, trying to force
Attack!, Star Trek: First Contact and the DS9        the last remaining Shadow vessels beyond the
episode, “Trials and Tribble-ations.”                rim - or to eternity. Our producer, Brandon, is
                                                     still putting on the finishing touches and it should
You should be able to find a list of nominees are    be ready for release by May.
available at
hugonom1.html. The Hugo Awards are admin-
istered by the World Science Fiction Society and         OFFICIAL B5 WEB SITE
they have a web site at The
results of the voting will be announced at
                                                            AND AOL NEWS
LoneStar Con 2 (
) in San Antonio, August                                                       We are working to im-
28-September 1st.                                                                   prove our efficiency
                                                                                        with our IRC
                                                                                        chats, and are
DIRECT-                                                                             working with mem-
  ING                                                                                 bers of the channel
                                                                                         to make it a fun
BABYLON                                                                                  place to come
                                                                                        and chat. Our
    5                                                           chat with J. Michael Straczynski went
                                                            very well, and I want to thank everyone who
Both John Copeland and series producer J. helped make it a success - and a special thanks
Michael Straczynski are pulling even more du- to JMS for participating!
ties at the sets of Babylon 5, as each are revving
up to direct their first B5 episodes. John With new episodes happening, be sure and grab
Copeland is scheduled to direct episode 420 of the episodic previews from both the web site and
this season, and J. Michael Straczynski will di- the AOL site. We will get the new previews up
rect the season finale.                              as soon as we can! However, the synopses can-
                                                     not be added to the web site and the episode
There is some misunderstanding regarding the guide until they air for the first time, usually on
status of the season finale of season 4. While it Sunday. So, sometime on Monday is when the
is called production #422, this episode will actu- new synopses will be available for the episodes.
ally air at the conclusion of the B5 series, whether
there will be a fifth year or not. For Instance: If On AOL (keyword: Babylon 5) we are breaking
there is no season 5.. the airing order will be: in the new episodes with the Fresh Air Restau-
419,420,421,422. However, if there IS a season rant, a place where you can talk about the new
5,          the        order          will       be: episodes all you want - it’s a spoiler-welcome
419,420,421,501,502,503…422.                         room! The Eclipse Caf‚ continues to be popu-
                                                     lar, especially on Friday nights, so come on in

 PAGE 10                                                         the freedom press
                                                                     babylon 5 news
                                   and pull up a     don’t you drop in and welcome our new Café host,
                                   seat! Jovian      B5 Cajun, to the online area! Cajun has been
                                   Sunspots are      working extra hard to make your chat room ex-
                                   on me!            perience top notch. Thanks Cajun, and we’re
                                                     glad to have you on board!
                                    We want to
                                    hi         B5    Our April Babylon 5 Calendar is also available
                                    Delennn the      online on both AOL and the Web - this month
                                    best of luck,    features Londo!
                                    as she has re-
                                    quested to       Keep watching the web site and AOL for the lat-
                                    leave her for-   est news!
                                    mal hosting
                                    duties. How-
ever, she will still be around holding chats here
                                                            SEASON 5 RUMORS
and there, just not on a regular basis the same
as she used to. Delennn deserves special thanks After an article appeared in a net zine, we have
                                                been getting email like crazy over the decision
for increasing the popularity of the cafe‚ and be-
ing a generally great person to talk with.      on whether or not B5 will be renewed for a fifth
                                                season. This was further compounded by a re-
New on the B5 Web Site are the results from the port in a nationally syndicated column that B5
“Salute to the Fans” poll we conducted through- had already been canceled.
out the month of March. Although the official
results can be obtained through the web site at As reported here in the Jumpgate, no decision… as to the fate of B5 will be made for a month or
here are the winners only. Thanks to everyone so, and when the decision comes, we will bring
who participated!                               it to you right away. Also, the syndicated column
                                                that reported B5 canceled has since printed a
Favorite First Season Episode: Babylon Squared retraction of the article. As JMS has said, the
Favorite Second Season Episode: The Coming chances for a fifth season look better than the
of Shadows                                      original chances for the first season. Whether
Favorite Third Season Episode: Z Ha Dum         B5 is renewed or canceled, the entire B5 story
Favorite Fourth Season Episode: Into the Fire   WILL BE TOLD.
Favorite Villain: Alfred Bester
Favorite Character: G’Kar                            Judging from the amount of email received, the
Favorite Species: Minbari                            topic of the fifth season is as rampant as ever.
Best Special Effects: Into The Fire                  Last year, the official decision on a new season
Best Costume: B5 Command Staff                       did not arrive until mid June. The same should
Best Ships: Rangers/White Star                       be expected for this year. Please remember that
Favorite Guest Star: Walter Koenig                   any notice of B5’s
                                                     cancellation or re-
We also released a brand new Quicktime VR            newal should be
movie of the Customs area.. This completes our       met with extreme
set - download panoramic movies of The Obser-        scrutiny until that
vation Dome, Medlab, Sheridan’s Quarters, The        time. The Official
Customs Area and The Zocalo at http://               Babylon 5 Web Site                       will be the first to
                                                     bring you this infor-
Also, be sure and check for new images in the        mation - as we are
software libraries - including Sheridan and the 3    even closer to the
“Elvi.” Definitely some great pics in there!         source of the deci-
                                                     sion than even the
On AOL (keyword: Babylon 5) Be sure and drop         fan club! Expect a
in the Eclipse Café for some great live chat! Why                           continued on next page

the freedom press                                                                      PAGE 11
 babylon 5 news
              continued from previous page           that the Official B5 Web Site is making plans to
                                  special trans-     provide a calendar for 1998!
                                  mission with
                                  the announce-    During the month of March, we will be featuring
                                  ment as soon     an interactive poll where you can vote for your
                                  as we can let    favorite episodes, characters, villains, actors, and
                                  you know.        more! The results of the poll will be used to de-
                                                   sign a special “Salute to the Fans” commercial
                                  The address calendar for the new year!
is for the person who maintains our online areas So keep your eyes peeled and keep checking
ONLY, and is not responsible for the decision, or out the web site for more information as it be-
influencing the decision, of renewal or cancella- comes available!
                                                          NEW EPISODES AIR
        NEW B5 SOUNDTRACK                                   THROUGH JUNE
Sonic Images is now taking orders for the Babylon    As you will notice by the air schedule, we have
5 Soundtrack Volume 2! Titled “Messages From         nine new episodes of B5 in a row! This streak of
Earth,” the new soundtrack features 58 minutes       new episodes takes us into mid June. Expect
of music from the series, including all 4 season’s   more reruns throughout the summer months.
title music! The exact tracks are:
                                                     A note about reruns. Most shows today only pro-
Main Title First Season (extended) 3:16
                                                     duce 22-24 episodes a season, which means
Messages From Earth                10:05
                                                     reruns for the majority of the year. Some years
Main Title Second Season            1:30
                                                     ago, there were more episodes produced, and
Z’Ha’Dum                      12:19
                                                     reruns were rebroadcast over the summer. With
Main Title Third Season           1:31
                                                     so little new material, this is no longer the case.
Severed Dreams                   15:37
Main Title Fourth Season           1:29              Reruns are a necessary part of any broadcast
Voices Of Authority             11:26                schedule - plus they help you fill in the gaps of
                                                     episode you may have missed.
You can order the new soundtrack from the Sonic
Images web site at
b5/v2/. The soundtrack is not currently in stores.         BABYLON 5 AIR
            MAGAZINE WATCH
                                                     04/28/97 77 411 Lines of Communication
B5 has been in the magazines quite a bit lately,     05/05/97 78 412 Conflicts of Interests
however the one you should definitely check out      05/12/97 79 413 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
is the February 1997 issue of Sci Fi Entertain-      05/19/97 80 414 Moments of Transition
ment. Inside, you will not only find a behind the    05/26/97 81 415 No Surrender, No Retreat
scenes look at B5, but also get the scoop on         06/02/97 82 416 The Ex-
some of the best B5 Web Sites out there on the       ercise of Vital Powers
Internet!                                            06/09/97 83 417 The Face
                                                     of the Enemy
B5 Calendar News                                     06/16/97 84 418 Intersec-
                                                     tions in Real Time
Those of you frustrated with not being able to
find a B5 Calendar for this year, or having to im-
port one for mega $$$$, will be pleased to know

 PAGE 12                                                        the freedom press
  A.K.A. DATELINE: STARFLEET                                       Stardate: 9704.30

            FIRST CONTACT                             STRANGE NEW WORLDS:
                                                          THE CONTEST
                                                    Pocket Books has announced “Strange New
                                                    Worlds”: an upcoming anthology of Trek short
                                                    stories all written by fans! The book is sched-
                                                    uled to be published in late 1998. Find the rules
                                                    for submitting your story at: http://

                                                                   BABY BOOM
As we probably all know by now, “Star Trek: First
                                                    Robert O’Reilly and wife Judy became the par-
Contact” had a terrific opening and run to date.
                                                    ents of triplets on January 1st! All are doing
It was in the number one position in its opening
                                                    well, including Mom. Cards and gifts can be sent
weekend. In its first overseas opening, the movie
                                                    c/o his fan club (PO Box 1204, Upper Marlboro,
took in $1.5 million over four days in Australia,
                                                    MD 20773).
nearly half again as much as “Star Trek: Gen-
erations” opened at. For 1996, “First Contact”
was the 14th highest grossing movie, bringing in                   BOMBING
$86.2 million. As of early March, the film has
made $46.8 million in the foreign markets. (Va-  On February 4th, a small pipe bomb detonated
riety)                                           about a block and a half from Paramount. A car
                                                 parked on the street was damaged but there were
First Contact was honored March 19th by the no injuries.
Christian Film and Television Commission’s “5th
Annual MovieGuide Awards.” First Contact was
selected as one of their top 10 films for mature           BORG CD-ROM PROBLEMS
audiences. (The others were Anne Frank Re-
membered, A Time To Kill, Cold Comfort Farm, A bug was found
Emma, Independence Day, Mission: Impossible, in the Mac ver-
Once Upon A Time ... When We Were Colored, sion of the
Spitfire Grill, and That Thing You Do.) “Borg” CD-ROM
(PRNewswire).                                    that causes sys-
                                                 tem crashes on
Writer/Executive Producer/Creator on various 6100 and 6300
Treks, Michael Piller, has been named as the computers. The
writer of the next Star Trek TNG movie! No guest crash apparently occurs when you put away Q’s
cast or director announcements yet. Previous to tricorder in the game. There was no immediate
that announcement, Ron Moore had noted on word concerning a fix.
AOL that for separate personal reasons, he and
Brannon Braga had decided not to seek a role
as writers on the next movie.
                                                                 RIP DEREK
The LA Times reported that First Contact would Derek Garth, who had a DS9 episode recently
be released at a rental price on May 20th.                        continued on next page

the freedom press                                                                     PAGE 13
 trek news
              continued from previous page            from the Washington Shakespeare Theatre. The
                                                      award was presented by Secretary of State
dedicated to him at the start, was one of the stage   Madeleine Albright. (AP)
crew and had been recently killed in an auto ac-
cident.                                               He also has a new movie going, “Dad Savage,”
                                                      that began filming in February. No release date

                                                                    LEVAR NEWS
                                                      Ben Vereen is slated to co-star with LeVar Bur-
                                                      ton in LeVar’s fall TV series, “Daddy’s Little Girl”
                                                      on UPN. LeVar is also creator and executive
                                                      producer of the sitcom.

                                                      LeVar also has his first novel out, the “sci-fi thriller”
                                                      titled “Aftermath.” The book announcement noted
              MORE RIP                                that LeVar will be directing more DS9 and VOY
                                                      episodes as well.

Guy Raymond, who played the bartender on K-7
in “The Trouble with Tribbles,” died on February          BUSINESS IN BRIEF
2nd. He was 85.
                                                      In early December Viacom announced it would
                                                      exercise its option to purchase a half-interest in
 PATRICK STEWART NOTES                                the UPN
                                                      n e t -
Patrick Stewart received his star on the Holly-       work,
wood Walk of Fame in December.                        f o r
Patrick is also up for a Blockbuster Award in the     million.
Favorite Male/Science Fiction category (versus        The other
Will Smith in “Independence Day” and Bruce            half remains owned by Chris-Craft Industries.
Willis in “12 Monkeys”). Jonathan Frakes is there     (Associated Press)
as well for Supporting Actor - Science Fiction.
The awards were March 11th.                           UPN has announced plans to start a fourth night
                                                      of programming in the first quarter of 1998. They
Patrick was scheduled to be at the Nickolodeon’s      did not say what day they were aiming to add to
                       Kids’ Choice Awards on         their programming roster. (Variety)
                       April 19th. (TV Guide)
                                                      UPN’s losses for 1996 were $146 million versus
                       Patrick will be playing        $129 million in 1995, according to Chris-Craft
                       Othello      at     the        Industries. (Critics’ Choice and Studio Briefing)
                       Shakespeare Theatre in
                       Washington DC, be-             John Goldwyn was named to the new position of
                       tween November 11th            president of Paramount Motion Pictures. Mr.
                       and January 4th. Check         Goldwyn previously worked as president of Para-
                       out              http://       mount Motion Picture Group’s Production. (John
                          is the son of Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and grandson
press.html for more information!                      of the famous Samuel Goldwyn.) (PRNewswire)

Meanwhile, Stewart was honored for his work in Viacom fell from 63rd to 290th on Fortune
the Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company on Magazine’s list of America’s Most Admired Com-
April 12. He received the 10th annual “Will Award”
 PAGE 14                                                          the freedom press
                                                                                 trek news
panies. The hoopla surrounding the dismissal Construction work on another theme-casino,
of former CEO Frank Biondi by chairman Sumner “Spacequest,” is blamed for the delay. (The Hol-
Redstone was blamed.                          lywood Reporter)

Viacom reported a loss of $227.4 million in the
fourth quarter of 1996. Costs “associated with
                                                        HEAVEN’ S GATE
its decision to exit the computer game business”
were blamed for that figure. Overall profit in 1996Probably everyone has heard
was $1.25 billion, up from $222.5 million in 1995. by now that one of those of the
The entertainment unit saw a near doubling of      Heaven’s Gate cult that com-
earnings, due to the contributions of First Con-   mitted suicide was Thomas
tact and other projects. (AP)                      Nichols, brother to Nichelle.
                                                   StarParty Productions, spon-
                                                   sors of a concert by Nichelle
A NEW NEXTGEN VENTURE                              scheduled for June, are collecting condolences
      (OF A SORT)                                  to forward to Nichelle. Send them to: StarParty
                                                   Productions, 3196 SE 136th Avenue, Portland
                                                   OR 97236 or E-mail to (See
Pocket Books will be publishing a four-part novel,
“Star Trek: The New Frontier,” in July and Au- for information on the concert.)
gust. The story features the adventures of the
Ambassador-class USS Excalibur. Alongside all-
new characters, the novel also features Com-                BATTLEGROUND:
mander Shelby (“Best of Both Worlds”) as the
First Officer and Dr. Selar (“The Schizoid Man”)
as ship’s doctor. The novel is written by Peter
David.                                             The upcoming TV series, co-Executive Produced
                                                   by Majel Barrett Roddenberry and originally cre-
                                                   ated by Gene, is currently scheduled to begin
          A DIFFERENT KIND                         filming its first season (22 episodes) in May. Film-
                                                   ing is being done in Toronto. (Canada NewsWire)
            OF TREK FILM
                                                                 Wedding Bells
Various sources reported that Paramount and
Rick Berman are in discussions with IMAX about
                                                      Multi-Species Medicine , the newsletter of
producing an IMAX Star Trek film. The film would
                                                      Alexander Siddig’s fan club, reported that he and
be reportedly budgeted at $10 million and run
                                                      Nana Visitor are engaged and would wed this
about 40 minutes. What characters from what
series would be in the film have not been de-
                                                                 RICK BERMAN
                                                Speaking at the NOVACON VI
                                                convention in April, Robert
Check out Majel Barrett’s WWW site at http://
                                                Duncan McNeill reported that
                                                Rick Berman had signed a new
                                                contract with Paramount that ba-
     ST TREK: THE                               sically continues him “for life” (or
                                                until/unless he got tired of it, pre-
   EXPERIENCE UPDATE                            sumably) in his current role as
                                                Executive Producer of the Trek
The estimated completion time for Las Vegas’ TV shows and movies.
“Star Trek: The Experience” has been pushed
                                                                        continued on next page
back to July 1, and could be pushed back again.

the freedom press                                                                      PAGE 15
 trek news
              continued from previous page            Wheaton will be in the movie The Absent-Minded
                                                      Professor. The film, starring Robin Williams, also
      PLAN FOR CHRISTMAS                              has no release date.

Hallmark has placed its upcoming Christmas or-        a    In semi-scary news, the $20.1 million De-
nament line on display on the WWW! Check out          cember premiere weekend gross for the Beavis
this year’s Trek offerings at these addresses:        and Butthead movie broke the old December
McCoy:         record of $18.1 million held by Star Trek VI. (As-
dreambook/product.asp?Orn=1495QXI6352                 sociated Press)
                                                      a     Paramount Motion Picture Group chairper-
                                                      son Sherry Lansing was named the first female
                                                      Pioneer of the Year by the Motion Picture Pio-
                                                      neers, a charity that helps “members of the en-
                                                      tertainment industry who have fallen on hard
                                                      times.” (Variety)
Defiant : a         Alice Krige (the Borg Queen) has accepted
o r n a m e n t s _ b i n / d r e a m b o o k / a role in a movie titled The Commissioner that
product.asp?Orn=2400QXI7481                     will be filming in Brussels and Germany. (Vari-
                                                ety) And look for Alice as one of the stars of
        THE MISCELLANEOUS                       Habitat, a new TV movie that premiered April 19th
                                                on the Sci-Fi Channel!
                                                  a Malcolm McDowell is set as one of the cast
a    Alfre Woodard stars in the HBO movie “Miss of the new Mr. Magoo movie that begins filming
Evers’ Boys” that debuted February 22nd.          this month. The Disney film is scheduled for a
                                                  Christmas release. (Reuters/Variety)
a John de Lancie will reportedly provide a
voice for a straight-to-video animated film based a     Robert Picardo is in the movie The Second
on the comic book “Gen13.”                        Civil War airing on HBO this April.

a     There’s a mailing list devoted to discussing    a     Avery Brooks and Jennifer Lien began work
the languages of Star Trek. To be added to the        on the movie “American History X” in Los Ange-
list, E-mail LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM                les. No release date for the film yet.
with the command SUBSCRIBE STLANG-L
<your name here> in the body of the mail. Mark        a     And one more: Garrett Wang is reportedly
Holtz’s List of Lists are on the Web now, at http:/   in the film 100% that began shooting in Decem-
/             ber.

a     Colm Meaney was reportedly seen in a            a     Jonathan Frakes’ wife Genie Francis is
trailer for the movie Con Air. And he has begun       scheduled to begin a hiatus from “General Hos-
work on a new film titled Owd Bob. Based on           pital” in March, as their baby is due in June.
the book by Alfred Ollivant, the film also stars      Meanwhile, Genie won the Lead Actress award
First Contact’s James Cromwell (Cochrane).            in the Soap Opera Digest Awards in late Febru-
(Business Wire)                                       ary!

a    More DS9/movie stuff: Rene Auberjonois is a       And what the heck, more awards stuff too:
working in a new film currently shooting, Burning Robert Beltran was nominated for Outstanding
Down the House. No release date yet.              Actor in a Dramatic Series, and Roxann Dawson
                                                  for Outstanding Actress, in the 1996 NCLR Bravo
a What the heck, more movie info: Wil Awards (recognizing portrayals of Latinos in film
 PAGE 16                                                         the freedom press
                                                                                 trek news
and TV), but neither won.                           to demonstrate to showgoers. (PRNewswire)

a     In late November Kirstie Alley and her hus-      TREK-RELATED PRODUCTS/HAPPENINGS
band Parker Stevenson announced their inten-
tion to divorce.
                                                   The postponed “Star Trek: Phase II” book (look-
                                                   ing at the almost-TV series of the 1970s) should
a Also in November, Viacom and Playmates be in bookstores now, according to John Ordover
announced an agreement was reached on an ex- on AOL.
tension of their licensing agreement for more Star
Trek action figures and the like. (Business Wire) Also new on bookshelves is the Voyager novel
                                                    “Chrysalis” by David Niall Wilson, and the paper-
a     Michelle Forbes had an accident where she back of “Kahless” by Michael Jan Friedman.
broke her ankle tripping over her dogs. The in-
jury (with the same explanation for it) was written Comic books that went by since last we spoke,
into her character’s role on the “Homicide” se- and are upcoming:
ries.                                                    “Deep Space Nine” #4: Worf, O’Brien, Dax,
                                                    and Bashir try to stop a plague.
a Michael Dorn and Gates McFadden have                   “Deep Space Nine” #5: Who set off a bomb
been spotted in TV commercials for the Air Force. on the Promenade?
                                                         “Deep Space Nine” #6: The Defiant tries to
a Variety reported that following the upcom- save Sisko from execution. (Part 1 of 2)
                                                         “Deep Space Nine” #7: Risk, part 2: Sisko
ing movie, New Line Television is drawing up
                                                    stand accused of causing a catastrophe
plans for new live-action and animated “Lost in
                                                         “Deep Space Nine” #8: The O’Briens, Kira,
Space” shows, to try and turn it “into a Star Trek-
                                                    and Jake run into the Maquis and Romulans
type franchise.”
                                                         “Early Voyages” #1: Adventures on Captain
                                                    Pike’s USS Enterprise
a Robert Beltran will be performing in the play          “Early Voyages” #2: Enterprise vs. the
Hamlet at the Actors Gang Theatre in Hollywood Klingons, over dilithium
in April and/or early May. Call Ms. Thea Tic at 1-       “Early Voyages” #3: Pike and his landing
213-466-1767 for exact information.                 party run into trouble on Rigel 7.
                                                         “Early Voyages” #4: tie-in issue to the “Cage”
a For information on the still-touring “Star Trek: pilot
Federation Science” museum exhibition, browse            “Early Voyages” #5: the Enterprises finds a
over to colony of special Vulcans....
                                                         “Mirror Mirror” #1: Sequel to the TOS epi-
a Tony Todd (Worf’s brother Kurn) turned up sode - Spock mutinies against Captain Kirk
on the February 18th episode of “NYPD Blue” in           “Operation Assimilation” #1: The Romulans
a guest role as a detective.                        meet the Borg
                                                         “Starfleet Academy” #3: focuses on Nog and
a Leonard Nimoy will be reading the the Red Squad
                                                         “Starfleet Academy” #4: With only a run-
audiobook of “Vulcan’s Forge,” a Trek novel up-
                                                    about, the cadets encounter a Klingon Bird-of-
coming this July.
                                                         “Starfleet Academy” #5: The cadets must
a Viacom announced in March that its first take on a group of Klingons.
Viacom Entertainment Store would open on May             “Starfleet Academy” #6: A miniature black
23 in Chicago. (PRNewswire)                         hole complicates life
                                                         “Starfleet Academy” #7: did Nog shoot a
a At the Cellular Telecommunications Indus- fellow cadet?
try Association’s Wireless ‘97, QUALCOMM de-             “Unlimited” #3: In the TNG story, the crew
buted their new “Q” palm-sized phone. In keep-
ing with the name, John de Lancie was on hand                             continued on next page

the freedom press                                                                      PAGE 17
 trek news
             continued from previous page            The revised ST Encyclopedia wa published in
                                                     November 1996.
is caught in the middle of a civil war. In the TOS
tale, a wormhole disables Uhura’s shuttlecraft
                                                     A novel coming in December is “Assignment:
      “Unlimited” #4: Two stories with the TOS and
                                                     Infinity,” a TOS novel that brings back Gary
TNG crews.
      “Voyager” #4: Voyager tries to recover from
battle with the Kazon
                                                     Look in 1998 for a “DS9 Companion” book along
      “Voyager” #5: The Kazon press the attack.
                                                     the lines of the TOS Compendium/TNG Com-
      “Voyager” #6: How does one perfect Class-
M planet exist in a system where all the other
planets have been destroyed?
                                                     Also in 1998 (springtime) will be “Spectre,” a
      “Voyager” #7: Voyager searches for an an-
                                                     William Shatner novel dealing with the Mirror
cient relic. (“Worlds of Westfield”)
      “Voyager” #8: Relic Quest, part 3 of 3. The
relic turns out not to be what everyone
                                                     Various and sundry notes posted on AOL by John
expected.... (“Worlds of Westfield”)
                                                     Ordover: The upcoming “New Frontier” project
                                                     has a WWW page at
And magazines past and forthcoming....
      “Action Figure News & Toy Review” #52:
updates on Star Trek products
      “Cinefex” #68: First Contact coverage                   PERSONAL LOGS
      “Cinefex” #69: includes some First Contact
coverage                                             This flight is kind of special to me because being
      “Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy” #1: new maga-       a Star Trek fan and a science fiction fan all of my
zine with unspecified Star Trek coverage             life, in my lifetime this is as close as I’m going to
      “Deep Space Nine Magazine” #18: Inter-         be to docking with a space station, another space
views with Cyia Batten, Chase Masterson, and         vehicle ... Somewhere back in my imagination
Penny Johnson                                        I’m stepping onto Deep Space Nine.            [Astro-
      “Deep Space Nine Magazine” #19: Featur-        naut Marsha Ivins, before the space shuttle
ing Quark. From Starlog.                             Atlantis docked with Mir in early January. From
      “Deep Space Nine Magazine” #20: featur-        the Associated Press]
ing Chase Masterson (Leeta), Felecia Bell (Jen-
nifer Sisko), and Penny Johnson (Kasidy Yates).      This script was in great shape when I got it, so it
(“Worlds of Westfield”)                              was my job not to screw it up. [Jonathan Frakes,
      “Starlog” #235: more First Contact stuff       commenting on “First Contact” during its open-
      “Voyager Magazine” #11: Interviews with        ing weekend. From the Philadelphia Inquirer]
Robert Duncan McNeill and Ed Begley Jr.
      “Voyager” #12: interview with Roxann           In all science fiction, there is a point when you
Dawson                                               meet the true controllers of the universe, the true
      “Cinescape” #47: Has an article on Pocket      powers behind everything, and I think to embody
Books’ upcoming “New Frontier” novels.               that power in Beavis and Butt-Head would be
      “Starburst Special” #31: DS9 and VOY cov-      incredible. [Some strange thoughts from Patrick
erage (“Worlds of Westfield”)                        Stewart in a “Rolling Stone” interview. Thank you
                                                     to George Mirabelli for the quote!]
Pocket Books offers the new DS9 novel, “Wrath
of the Prophets” by Peter David, Robert               Hit: “Chungking Express.” It had one of the most
Greenberger, and Michael Jan Friedman. Ro             extremely mysterious and seductive openings I
Laren makes her first appearance in the DS9           have seen on screen in a long time. The Pits:
realm!                                                This whole “fat free” thing is out of control. No
                                                      one eats normally anymore. I recently picked up
On the Voyager side is “Black Shore” by Greg a packet of peppermints that actually had “fat
Cox: all is not as tranquil as it seems on the planet free” plastered on the wrapper! I thought, We’ve
Ryolanov. (“Worlds of Westfield”)                     definitely lost our minds! [Michelle Forbes’ hits

 PAGE 18                                                         the freedom press
                                                                                   trek news

and pits for 1996. From “Entertainment Weekly”] have this set of challenges than play some bimbo
                                                       on “Melrose Place.” [Kate Mulgrew on playing her
[New Secretary of State Madeline Albright] role, from the March 7 “Entertainment Weekly”]
opened a speech to a NATO audience last spring
by noting that the topic was the United Nations, Barbie has been assimilated. Mattel introduced
NATO and crisis management and said she was her as Talk With Me Barbie at last week’s Inter-
tempted to consult “the world’s most acclaimed national Toy Fair in New York; Borg Barbie is more
model” for conflict resolution. “Unfortunately, Se- like it. She comes with a CD-ROM and a little
curity Council debates and reruns of Star Trek computer that jacks into a real PC. Type in a few
tend to occur at the same time.” [From the AP - facts about yourself-favorite color, name, birth-
thanks to Tom Zeman for the copy of the article!] day-and Barbie’s computer beams the informa-
                                                       tion into her brain via an infrared pickup in her
When I was on “Star Trek” I was always a sup- necklace. And then she talks. To you. Lips move
porting player - that’s the way the show was set and everything. Buy her. Resistance is futile.
up, it’s not even a complaint, it’s just a fact. When [from the February 24 “Newsweek”; thanks to Dr.
I appear on “Babylon” I’m a guest actor and the David J. Aragao for the
story heavily involves my character, I’m not sim- quote!]
ply here in a gratuitous role, just to fill out the
crew, which I frequently did with “Star Trek.” I have this feeling that it would be charming to
[Walter Koenig speaking of his guest roles on release our next movie at Thanksgiving 1999. It
“Babylon 5.” From AP]                                  would have a certain impact about it. It would be
                                                       interesting if we could tie-in some kind of millen-
The complaint also alleges that anesthesiologists nium feeling as well. [Patrick Stewart discuss-
billed Medicare for personally performing anes- ing the next movie, in “Dreamwatch” magazine.
thesia procedures “though they were never Thank you Hawk1701E for the quote!]
present in the operating room with the patient
and CRNA in 1:1 cases for the entire anesthesia
time as required by Medicare ... their reasons           Credits and the Fine Print
for these absences from the operating room var-
ied including, among others: (1) providing ser- “Dateline: Starfleet”— edited by Bill Mason. Copy-
vices on a time billed basis to other patients; (2) right and Trademark Notice: In no case is use of
providing services on a fixed fee basis to other any copyrighted material and/or trademarks with-
patients; (3) sleeping; (4) reading or attending to out identifying symbols intended as a claim of
personal business on the phone; (5) attending ownership to those copyrights and/or trademarks.
meetings or performing duties on other floors; “Dateline: Starfleet” is a non-profit production
(6) being attached to an IV and receiving fluids reporting and commenting on the universe of Star
in the doctor’s lounge; (7) watching Star Trek; Trek.
(8) watching Vikings football games; (9) leaving
the hospital; (10) engaging in other activities.” STAR TREK is a Registered Trademark of Para-
[Excerpt from a Medicare fraud complaint filed mount Pictures. All other copyrighted material,
in Minnesota. From PRNewswire]                         trademarks, and/or service marks cited herein
                                                       are registered to their respective owners.
Pioneer 10 was more than a scientific and engi-
neering marvel. It worked its way into popular Readers are granted permission to reproduce this
culture, appearing in several science fiction file wherever they think there’s an interest. I make
books and films. The Klingons once used it for no copyright claim on this file and encourage
target practice in a Star Trek film. [From a public
Reuters article on the official end of Pioneer 10’s distri-
mission. Its last transmission to Earth was re- b u -
ceived on March 31st.]                                 tion,
                                                       as long as
I’m often cautioned not to cross a certain line you identify the original
one way or the other - “Don’t be too butchy, don’t source.
be too vulnerable,” but I’ll tell you, I’d much rather

the freedom press                                                                         PAGE 19
 trek news

 Ashes of Star Trek creator                         space on the rocket to put cremated human re-
                                                    mains in orbit.
   and LSD guru rocket
                                                    Each of the 24 “passengers” were placed into a
         into orbit                                 vial the size of a lipstick holder. Their ashes will
                  April 21, 1997                    orbit the Earth for six years before they re-enter
                                                    the atmosphere and burn up.
(CNN) — Death didn’t stop “Star Trek” creator
Gene Roddenberry and LSD guru Timothy Leary In addition to Gene the “passenger” list includes:
from hitching a ride into outer space on Monday.
                                                 A 5-year-old New York City boy who loved space.
Celestis Inc., a Texas-based company, said their A former avid traveler whose family has already
                                                                  scattered bits of his ashes at golf
                                                                  courses and countries he had
                                                                  always wanted to visit. Physi-
                                                                  cist Gerard K. O’Neill, who ad-
                                                                  vised NASA on ways to colonize

                                                                     Ashes in orbit are “a very appro-
                                                                     priate memorial to someone,”
                                                                     Celestis co-founder Charles
                                                                     Chafer told CNN in Madrid. The
                                                                     company sold “seats” for $4,800
                                                                     apiece, a price that won’t cover
                                                                     its costs.

                                                                     Celestis also has a related foun-
                                                                     dation that “promotes positive
                                                                     projects on Earth and in outer
ashes, along with those of 22 other fans of space
exploration, were on board Monday morning,          The final trip for Roddenberry, Leary and the oth-
when a Pegasus rocket was launched from a           ers began several months ago when the rocket
Lockheed L-1011 jetliner 36,000 feet (11,000        was loaded under the belly of a cargo plane in
meters) over the Canary Islands.                    California for the flight to Spain. There, it’s the
                                                    research satellite — not the ashes — that gets
The ashes are on the                                top billing in the news media.
MiniSat, a Spanish sci-
entific research satellite,
which will be launched
from the Pegasus rocket.

The main mission — a
joint project between the
University of California-
Berkeley and a Spanish
aerospace institute —
was to launch Spain’s
first research satellite.

As a sort of piggy-back
mission, Celestis bought

 PAGE 20                                                       the freedom press
                                                       member written story

               The Adventures of Trevor Jake:
                The Black Force Chronicles
                                    By Curtis J. Stenovich

                                    CHAPTER 1, PART 1

      He was on a routine mission and traveling at warp speed through a sparsely inhabited area of
space between the alpha and beta quadrants. All was quiet...too quiet, and the automatic sounds
of the compact ship’s systems created a lulling effect. He yawned, stretched, and checked the
read-outs once again. As expected, all was nominal and there were no other vessels within scan-
ning range. ETA to his next destination was still about one standard hour. He decided how to
spend the remaining time and made the ten step journey to the small living area of his ship. The
replicator was ordered to produce some food and liquid stimulant, while the computer was ordered
to play his favorite home world music. After the light meal, regular chip’s maintenance and upkeep
was started to whittle away the rest of the hour.
      The computer signaled him within five minutes of the destination, and the pilot walked forward
to take the controls. As soon as his ship dropped-out of warp, the automatic red alert systems
kicked-in: he was under attack by wedge-shaped, armed space vessels which had
somehow evaded his scanners while in warp. They wasted no time with communication and took
out part of his ship’s shields and warp engines with an opening barrage of very well placed energy
bolts. Various alarms and computer-announced warnings started sounding, much to the pilot’s
distraction. All attempted communications were ignored. The small interstellar vessel rocked
violently from more enemy hits. Instruments and circuitry started to be affected and were becom-
ing overloaded. The ship’s main view screen was flickering on and off. Most of the forward shields
were holding, but would soon be off line as well. Evasive maneuvers were useless as the attacking
vessels had already formed a tactical circle around their quarry. A few more direct enemy hits did
indeed disable the remaining forward shields. Imminent destruction was at hand, but the weapons
and impulse engines were targeted next, and the beleaguered vessel was effectively crippled. The
intention of disabling the small ship for diabolical reasons was now clear. The lone occupant the
captured ship was compelled to watch helplessly as two of the attacking Tholian vessels joined
ends and began to slowly but methodically build their dreaded energy web. Final options were now
considered. Communications were out. Perhaps launching a recorder/marker? No, those con-
trols were ruined. Self-destruction would serve no useful purpose (nothing could be learned by
studying his captured ship). Fear now started to set in, for there have never been any known
survivors from a Tholian capture. But before another thought could form in his mind, the helpless
being was stunned into unconsciousness by a direct, low-level energy hit to the petite Bridge.
      The captured humanoid awoke to a perfect example of a living hell. He was in some kind of a
cell or holding area and ached from the aftereffects of the energy stun. In his area of confinement
was a normal, breathable atmosphere to sustain him. But directly outside his small prison, every-
thing was a ghastly blue/white color that shimmered in wave after wave. It was like looking directly
into a matter/antimatter reaction chamber. A single view screen was the only piece of furniture in
his tiny cell. The view screen suddenly activated itself, and the horrible image of a Tholian in its
encounter armor appeared. The harsh-looking red & gold, crystalline-like shape and characteristic
glowing white eyes starred menacingly back at him. The standard harsh, ringing voice accused the
prisoner of espionage and demanded to know what he was doing in their area of space. He would
also be taken to their home planet for slavery purposes. If all questions were not answered... “No
wonder,” the prisoner thought, “anyone captured by the Tholians was never seen or heard from
      The secured being, as per his training, didn’t respond at all to the demands from the facade of
                                                                         continued on next page

the freedom press                                                                    PAGE 21
 member written story
              continued from previous page             design? Without warning, everything went black
his inquisitor and did not reveal his fear. To date,   once more.
it was known that the Tholians used these dis-                  to be continued.....
guises so as not to reveal their true appearance.
But it was assumed that their natural shape was
very close to that of the encounter armor. And
they also had a well organized hive-culture or
                                                             CURRENT TREK AIRDATE
hive mind set — much like certain social insects
did on other worlds. Of course, knowing all of                    SCHEDULES
this didn’t help the prisoner much. He had in-
deed been on a covert mission, so he was rightly       All days represent “the week of”. Check your lo-
and justifiably apprehensive. For all he knew,         cal listings for exact time and date. Numbers af-
Tholians ate their prisoners.                          ter the title are Paramount’s production numbers.
      The harsh voice repeated, again and again,       An “R” after the episode number represents a
the same questions. The captive remained si-           repeat airing.
lent. Soon after a few of these exchanges, the
torture began. At first, the wall towards the inte-
rior of the Tholian ship turned solid, plunging his
                                                                ST TREK:
cell into total darkness. This lasted for awhile,
when suddenly an opening in the wall appeared.
                                                              DEEP SPACE NINE
Blinding light and a cool, yet extremely noxious
                                                       May 4: Children of Time (520; a Gamma Quad-
atmosphere billowed in and immediately over-
                                                       rant civilization has “surprising ties” to the DS9
whelmed the prisoner. His flesh started to burn
                                                       crew; a Odo/Kira story with a Dax arc, according
and his lungs felt like they were on fire. His lips,
                                                       to Ron Moore)
mouth, and throat felt like they were literally dis-
                                                       May 11: Blaze of Glory: (521; Eddington returns
solving from the acid-like quality of the air. After
                                                       again; also examines the current state of rela-
a mere few seconds of exposure to it, the cap-
                                                       tions between the UFP, Cardassia, and the
tured humanoid was rendered unconscious
                                                       May 18: Empok Nor (522; O’Brien, Garak, and
      He awoke some time later and the whole
                                                       Nog search for spare parts on an abandoned
torturous process started all over again...and
                                                       Cardassian station)
again...and again. During the brief intervals when
                                                       May 25: The Ascent (507R; Quark and Odo
he was allowed to breathe and became con-
                                                       mountain-climb for their lives....)
scious, the harsh image in the cell’s view screen
                                                       June 1: Rapture (508R; Sisko experiences visions
asked the same questions. The same obstinate
                                                       while searching for a lost Bajoran city)
silence was its only answer.
                                                       June 8: In the Cards (523; Jake and Nog story;
      The prisoner’s once highly physically fit body
                                                       the duo try to track down a rare baseball card for
was nearly to the point of shutting down for good
                                                       Ben Sisko)
when there were suddenly a series of deep shud-
                                                       June 15: A Call to Arms (524; 5th Season Fi-
ders to what felt like the whole Tholian ship. The
tortured being was barely aware of this. He was
wondering what would happen next while lying
prone on the hard metal floor of his cell. Deep                 AR
                                                              ST TREK: VOYAGER
rumbles of sound now could be heard. Some-
thing was definitely happening to this ship. There     May 4: Displaced (166; the crew suddenly trades
was a final, gut-wrenching jolt, then the captive      places with aliens from Nyria)
began to feel a new and very welcome tingling          May 11: Worst Case Scenario (167; a Tuvok
sensation of a Federation Transporter demateri-        holodeck program about a Maquis insurrection
alizing beam. He strained his eyes open to see         aboard ship causes problems; features the re-
the cell shimmer from view a few seconds later,        turn of Martha Hackett in her role as Seska)
but all he saw afterward was the standard gray         May 18: Scorpion, Part I (168; season finale
haze of the transporter effect surrounding his         cliffhanger; Voyager has to ally itself with...the
senses. Why was he not re-materializing? Was           Borg)
this a diabolical new torture technique of Tholian
 PAGE 22                                                          the freedom press
                                                 upcoming events calendar

         Happy Birthday!                             13th - Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard,

MAY                                                  26th - Nana Visitor (Major Kira Nirys/The Inten-
                                                     dant, DS9)
5th - Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat, DS9)
                                                  29th - Wil Wheaton (Ensign Wesley Crusher,
                                                  TNG), David Warner (Chancellor Gorkon, STVI
9th - Curtis Stenovich (Freedom III Chief of Com-
                                                  and more), and Curt D. Vinson (Freedom III Mem-
19th - Ellen Schwab (Freedom III Member)
                                                     31th - Ranna Burch (Freedom III Member)
23rd - Joan Collins (Edith Keeler, TOS)

27th - Harlan Ellison (Scriptwriter, TOS)
30th - Colm Meaney (Chief Miles Edward O’Brien,          Conventions in
                                                          Region Three
TNG/DS9) and Michael Piller (Producer/Creator,

JUNE                                                           May 23-25, (Houston, TX.)
                                                                     ConTroll ‘97
1st - Rene Auberjonois (Constable Odo, DS9)                     P.O. Box 740969-1025
                                                                 Houston, TX. 77274
1st - “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” (1984)                 (713) 895-9202

2nd - Sally Kellerman (Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, TOS)             May 30-June 1, (Dallas, TX.)
                                                                    Project A-Kon 8
2nd - Ben Schwab (Freedom III Member)                             c/o Meri Hazelwood
                                                               3352 Broadway Blvd., #470
4th - “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (1982)                    Garland, TX. 75043
                                                             (214) 278-6935 (phone & Fax)
6th - Jeri Taylor (Producer/Creator, VOY/DS9)               e-mail:

9th - “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” (1989)                June 20-22, (Ft. Worth, TX.)
                                                               Region Three Summit ‘97
13th - Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Soran, STG)                           P.O. Box 794604
                                                                  Dallas, TX. 75379
13th - Tommy L. Holman (Freedom III Member)                  e-mail:

21st - Mariette Hartley (Zarabeth, TOS)                         July 11-12, (Austin, TX.)
                                                                     Collectors Expo
22nd - Tim Russ (Lt. Tuvok, VOY and more)                           c/o Sally Wallace
                                                                  6702 Lexington Rd.
                                                                   Austin, TX. 78757
JULY                                                                 (512) 454-9882

6th - Rick Sternbach (Senior Illustrator, TNG/DS9)          July 24-28, (San Antonio, TX.)
                                                              Original Fugitive Convention
7th - Bill A. “Mac” Schwab (Freedom III Chief En-                  c/o Bob Reinhardt
gineer)                                                                 H C 1 222
                                                          Soft Wind Canyon Lake, TX. 78133
13th - Bob Justman (Producer, TOS/TNG)                              (210) 935-4618

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     BENBROOK, TX. 76126
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