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					Vladimir Shishkov
48 Lucena Cres
Vaughan, ON, L6A 2W6
Phone: (905) 417-6644
Cell: (416) 500-1956

KEY WORDS: Control Systems, Real Time, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Burglar Alarms
Security System, Access Control, GPS Navigation, OPC, Serial Port, RS 232/485, TCP/IP sockets,
sensors, HMI, Delphi, C#, C++, Assembler, Assembly, Communication Protocol

INDUSTRIES: Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Control, Alarm Security and Access Control Systems

1   N-tire system design for the industries listed in paragraph “INDUSTRIES” above         1983-Present
2   GUI/HMI development in Borland and Microsoft environments                              1988-Present
3   Web design in Macromedia Dream Viewer, Photoshop, and others                           2003-Present
4   Communication protocols such as Tuck Diagnostics J1708/OBD2, Siemens                   1996-Present
5   Interfaces to variety of peripheral devices and third-party systems such as POS,       1983-Present
    CCTV PTZ/IP cameras, PLCs, Embedded Systems, Burglar Alarms Systems, Card
    Access Control, Digital I/Os, various sensors, Vehicle Control & Diagnostics
    Systems, GPS devices, and others
6   Development of Real Time applications for Embedded Systems                             1983-1991
7   Utilizing of Data Bases (Paradox, InterBase, MS SQL Server, MS Access, etc)            1986-Present

n/n Language                                                             Years
1   C#                                                                   4
2   C/C++                                                                10+
3   Delphi                                                               10+
4   Pascal                                                               8
5   VB                                                                   2
6   Assembler                                                            10+
7   XML                                                                  5+
8   HTTP, JavaScript                                                     1

OS:   RT11, MUMPS, DOS, Windows NT/XP/XPE/CE

Bachelor Degree, Kherson State University, Ukraine,
Major in Automation and Electro-Mechanical Education

September 2008-2009 Toronto Transit Commission (one year contract), Lead of Integration,
(Toronto, ON)
    1 Vehicle’s Life Safety Critical System designed as in-vehicle equipment based on PC Embedded
        and consists of various subassemblies and control software which combine to form a Transit
        Universal Micro Processor (TRUMP) unit. The TRUMP is a highly integrated voice and data
        system that is capable of UHF and Cellular voice and data communications. It is comprised of two
        sub assemblies: the Logical Radio Unit (LRU) and the Control Head. The TRUMP is secured, on
        a transit vehicle, in a mounting bracket, which interconnects the vehicle sensors (odometer,
        engine on/off, door open/closed, and location information received from a signpost microwave
        transmitter) and remote equipment (boom microphone, vehicle PA) to the TRUMP.
        On this project I was involved in system design, Voice/SMS/GPS communications, GUI
        development, Sensors Interface, and many other tasks related to my duties.
         (Programming language: C++, OS: Windows CE)
    2   Next Train Arrival System (NTAS) is a Public Information System (PIS) with a broad audience
        (TTC Subway Customers). The purpose of this system is to provide next train arrival times as well
        as in-station train status to TTC customers via the One-Stop network. The public interface of the
        system is controlled by the design approved by the department of Marketing and Customer
        Service. This system shares the interfacing device (OneStop Platform Video Systems) with CSDN
        Customer Service Disruption Notification). OneStop (external vendor) controls the display data
        flow form a central server to which TTC clients broadcast their unidirectional outbound
        On this project I implemented TCP/IP communications, simulator for the Platform Video Systems,
        number of various service utilities (TCP/IP listener, TCP/IP splitter, etc), and changes in system
        algorithm (added End Station functionality).
        (Programming language: C#, OS: Windows XP)

    3   Next Vehicle Arrival System (NVAS) is a collection of computer hardware, software, and GPS
        technology, used for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying projected vehicle arrival
        times. These arrival times are broadcasted to electronic signs at bus stops and stations, to the
        internet and to wireless devices such as cell phones and PDA’s. Public transportation users can
        be informed of service changes, incidents and delays and route changes in addition to when the
        next vehicle will arrive at a particular stop.
        On this project I developed and implemented automated script which performs: SQL select
        statement against each defined table located on SQL Server dumps the result to comma
        delimited flat ASCII file, then pushes the data to the remote FTP server.
        (Programming language: C#, OS: Windows XP)

December 2003 – September 2008 Visual Defence Inc. /Girit Art of Integration Inc. System Integrator,
(Toronto, ON)
      Warehouse Cold Storage Management System was designed as a part of Warehouse
Management System to provide following:
   - Monitoring of the current temperature and humidity in a particular area
   -    Immediate notification if the environmental conditions go beyond specific limits
   -    Log of all temperature/humidity/dew point readings for further analysis
   - Visual graph of ongoing environmental conditions
   - Ability to view this information via TCP/IP

   This system has Client/Server architecture, where I was responsible for the development on a client
side including I/O management, process control logic, remote communications, emergency recovery,
diagnostics, unit testing, etc.
(Windows CE C++ programming language for the core implementation and Delphi for simulation toolkit)
 ATS: This project includes temperature sensors to monitor the cargo cabin of refrigerated trucks, where
   80 units have been successful installed and are operational.
     On this project I developed control and communications to the external devices such as:
Thermo King® and Dickey John® temperature management system, Road Watch® temperature sensor,
GPS Trimble® device, etc.
(Windows CE C++ programming language for the core implementation and VB for HMI)
 Project “City of Mississauga” Considerable effort has been put in by multiple personnel at Visual
Defence to get this project up and running, using the technologies, all of which are: GPS positioning,
„people counting‟ and optical transmitters. The growth potential of this project is extremely large as 5
municipalities and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO).
   On this project I was responsible for the:
              - Integration of VDI Control System with vehicle board computer
             - Integration with the City of Mississauga Fleet Management system, which includes
                  following subsystems and devices such as: (CompuSpread® spreader, Dickey John®
                  spreader, Trimble® GPS, Infodev® People Counter, and others
             - Software design and development of Control Client, which handles data coming from the
                  subsystems and devices listed above as well as sending/receiving of events/commands
                  to/from remote server. (Programming language: C++, OS: Windows CE
 IP Intercom PC Embedded device provides Voice over IP communication. This project designed as
    client/server system where I was involved as a developer on the client side.
    (Programming language: C++, OS: Windows CE)
 Alarm Gateway (AGW) This project designed by myself as a part of CCC Security System for
    Stockholm Central Airport and has two implementations based on PC –embedded and Axis IP camera
    inputs/outputs (IO) functionality. AGW Control Client (CC) was designed to operate on input/output
    channels. More than 10 threads running in AGW CC at the same time to provide Real Time mode.
    AGW is released as Windows 32 service application and written on C++ programming language. The
    latest AGW CC designed as OPC server to be easy integrated in various SCADA systems.
 British Airport Security System Created for the terminal 2 and 5 in Heathrow International Airport
    (London). The system includes CCTV management, Burglar Alarm System, and interface to any other
    Control Systems via OPC technology.
On this project I developed software for the Alarm Gateway, which is designed as the part of Burglar
Alarm System and created OPC interface using the Northern Dynamic development kits.
 (Programming language: C++, OS: Windows CE)
 Staples Return Desk Fraud Protection System: On this project I developed the Alarm Gateway. The
    Alarm Gateway System (AGS) is an alarm-monitoring portal that recognizes the “Return” signal from
    the Point of Sale (POS) machine. The Alarm Gateway connected in parallel to the POS and cashier
    printer via serial communication. The AGS monitors the commands transmitted from POS to the
    printer analyzes them to detect when a Return transaction occurs. When the AGS establishes that a
    “Return” is in action, it checks how the situation complies with the business rules, and makes the
  On this project I used C++ for the AGS implementation and Delphi for the cashier machine simulation.
 Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Alarm Security System : Developed Access Control based on 3GS
    Europlex System, and integrated it into Visual Defence Video Monitoring System
 Number of projects where I developed HMI/GUI applications, including reporting, Data Base
    Management on VB/Delphi programming languages.
 Simulation tools (Delphi 5 programming language) for operating on input/outputs, serial port, TCP/IP
    communication, and others

December 2001 - December 2003 Application Developer
Control Systems, Toronto, Canada
Implemented PPI/MPI communication to Simatic S7 PLCs
Developed HMI for Simatic S7 PLCs in Borland Delphi 5
Developed SCADA and HMI projects using Cimplicity, Delphi, and VB/VBA software
Developed the communication interfaces to PLCs, Embedded Systems, video cameras, and other
various hardware components using RS 485/432 and TCP/IP protocols
January1996 - November 2001 Application Developer/System Architect
Autocon Ltd., Israel
Developed HMI applications for PLC based control systems using Delphi, VB, C, and Assembler
programming languages
developed the communication protocols and drivers for various PLCs
December 1980 – May 1994 Project Manager/System Analyst/Application Developer
Scientific Research Institute, Ukraine
Developed software for Industrial Control Systems based on Micro Controllers Intel 8048/51 using
Assembler, Pascal, and C programming languages
developed a hardware and software for various industrial robots


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