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                            MEN'S GOLF

                     2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

President     .  .     .     .        .        .   .   Tom Allan
Tournament –CHM .      .     .        .        .   .   Don Marra
Greens Co-Chm.   .     .     .        .        .   .   Mugsy Welch
                 .     .     .        .        .   .   Rich Jaworski
Secretary     .  .     .     .        .        .   .   Rich Mazur
Treasurer     .  .     .     .        .        .   .   Ron Ostafin
Handicap CHM .   .     .     .        .        .   .   Lou Banasiewicz
Membership CHM   .     .     .        .        .   .   Ray Larose
Social CHM    .  .     .     .        .        .   .   Bob O’Neil
Ex Officio    .  .     .     .        .        .   .   Art Geltz
PGA Professional .     .     .        .        .   .   Jeff Swanson

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                                     GENERAL POLICY

1. One day tournament fees are $5.00. Two day tournament fees are $10.00. Flights will be
divided equally each week based upon participation. All new members, and continuing
members, who do not have an established handicap will play in the New Member Flight
(until 5 scores have been recorded with GHIN). The Callaway Scoring System will be used
for the New Member Flight.
2. Only paid Association members may enter a tournament. Association dues must be paid
prior to any participation in tournament play.
3. $2.00 of Association fee will go to "Junior Golf Association". $20.00 of the Association
fee will go to the GHIN system for a State handicap card.
4. Association members will have until noon Wednesday to register for the tournament on
the following Saturday events and Thursday at noon for the following Sunday events. Call
the Pro Shop at 860-749-3550.We will try to make Accommodations for late registrations.
Tee times are on a first come, first served, space available basis. Membership does not
guarantee tee times for all tournaments.
5. The tournament registration book is in the Pro Shop to accommodate early registration
up to two weeks ahead. Association members are responsible for signing up their name and
local number. Members are not allowed to move or delete any other member's name in the
tournament book. Penalty for doing so will be suspension of play from all CKMGA events
for three (3) calendar weeks.
6. On Opening Day Tournament and Closing Field Day Tournament you must sign up by the
Tuesday before, so the restaurant knows how much food to prepare.
7. Results from the events will be posted on the "CKMGA" bulletin board for two (2) weeks
and are also available on the cedar knob website.

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                                    TOURNAMENT RULES

1. Any information/rules pertaining to the scheduled event will be posted in the Pro Shop
and on the first tee that day.
2. You must play all CKMGA events with another CKMGA member on the tournament date.
3. You must play with the current handicap (GHIN) in all events.
4. You must play the ball “as it lies” during CKMGA events except for Local Rules. USGA
rules govern all play. Any questions that arise regarding USGA rules will be interpreted by
the Club Pro. His judgment will be final. The following Local Rule is in effect unless
otherwise posted: Bunker Play: Members may remove any stone larger than the size of a
penny. If the ball is resting against said stone or your swing will cause said stone to
endanger yourself or club, simply remove the stone. If the ball moves when removing the
stone, replace your ball with no penalty.
5. You must “positively identify” your golf ball before and during each event as required by
the USGA.
6. If you take an “X” on a hole, you are disqualified from the event. You are still responsible
for turning in a scorecard for handicap purposes. Exception: Partners or match play events.
7. Upon completion of play, you must immediately post your score on the Tournament
Scoring Sheets located on the “CKMGA” bulletin board. Then, enter your Adjusted Gross
Score into the CKMGA computer. And lastly, turn in all scorecards - dated, signed and
attested, into the CKMGA box beside the CKMGA computer. Failure to comply will result in
disqualification and a penalty score may be posted.
8. To be eligible to play in the Spring Cup, Club Championship, Fall Cup and the Final Field
Day, You must have a USGA handicap and have participated in the following number of
events in the current year (minimum):
Spring Cup       .................                2 club events
Club Championship             . . . . . . . . . . 5 club events
Senior/Super Senior Championships…5 club events
Fall Cup         .................                5 club events
Final Field Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 club events
Only scheduled CKMGA events will count towards eligibility. No exceptions will be granted.
Birdie trains do not qualify as official CKMGA events.
9. If, after signing up for any tournament, you find you are unable to fulfill your commitment,
you must notify the Pro Shop by 5 PM Wednesday for the following Saturday tournament
and by 5 PM Thursday for the following Sunday tournament.
10. You must have a USGA handicap to participate in any ABCD or partner tournament.
11. You may receive a post-season award by playing a minimum number of CKMGA events
up to and including the Final Field Day tournament as determined by the Executive

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Tie Breaker /Gross
    1. Gross score back 9 holes
    2. Gross score last 6 holes back 9
    3. Gross score last 3 holes back 9
    4. Gross score 18th hole
Tie breaker Net
    1. Gross score back 9 minus 1/2 course handicap.
    2. Gross score last 6 holes back 9 minus 1/3 course handicap.
    3. Gross score last 3 holes back 9 minus 1/6 course handicap.
    4. Gross score 18th hole minus 1/18 course handicap.
If this procedure does not produce a winner, ties will be broken by matching cards starting
at the number 1 handicap hole.

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You must enter your Adjusted Gross Score for handicap purposes into the CKMGA
computer. Use the USGA Equitable Stroke Control adjustment method to determine your
adjusted gross score. The CKMGA computer will be available for use in the Pro Shop .
1. After posting your tournament score on the Tournament Scoring Sheet, use the CKMGA
computer to enter your Adjusted Gross Score into the USGA GHIN system.
2. Use you local member number to enter the GHIN system. Your local member number is
found on the tournament scorecard. Enter your adjusted gross score into the USGA GHIN
3. Post all Cedar Knob scores as “Home scores. (be sure “not” to use the Tournament box
when posting your score in the computer. It should either be “Home or Away”)
Tournaments that are to be designated as using the “tournament score” entry will be
selected by the handicap committee. Any Q’s should be directed to Handicap Chair or
Course Pro.
1. If you are playing at a different course, enter your adjusted gross score into the GHIN
system at that course. You will need to use the “POST GUEST SCORE” option. Use your
GHIN number and Cedar Knob Club Number (30-114-1) to enter your score.
2. If you are not able to enter the “away” score at the course, you can enter the score at
Cedar Knob using the CKMGA computer. You will need to enter the “Away” golf course
course rating and slope, and indicate that this is an “away” score. Scores can also be
entered by going on the CSGA golf site on the internet.

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Gross score is gross score. Net score is Gross score minus total current handicap.
Scoring for this tournament will be 0 points for double bogey or greater, 1 pt bogey, 2 pts
par, 4 pts birdie, 6 pts eagle, 8 pts double eagle.
Gross score is gross score MINUS the players worst 3 holes. Net score is Gross Score
MINUS your worst 3 holes minus total current handicap.
Best Ball
Each player plays his own ball. Gross score is the better score on each hole. Net score is
gross score MINUS the players full handicap.
Use the best drive then the player plays his own ball. Gross Score is the gross score on
each hole, Net score is the gross score MINUS 30% of the combined handicaps.
Use best drive and continue to use best shot into the hole. Gross Score is the gross score
for the hole, Net Score is the gross score MINUS 30% of the combined handicaps.
Everyone uses the best shot(s) through the green. The only
variance in the Four Man Scramble is when a minimum drive rule is in effect. You must then
use everybody's drive the minimum number during the 18 holes.

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A 2 day event consisting of 2 separate tournaments. One match play and one stroke play.
         The match play tournament will be for the club championship with the top 15
qualifiers and the prior years champion playing head to head matches . All qualifiers will be
seeded based on their best qualifying score with the prior year’s champion seeded 1 st. A $5
fee will be charged for each time you try to qualify.
         The stroke play tournament will be open to all other CKMGA members who did not
qualify for the match play championship. Advance sign up will be required to participate.
The only qualification is you must be a CMGA member and have played in 5 CKMGA
tournaments prior to this event. All participants will be assigned to flights according to their
handicap index at the time of the event. The winner will be determined by total GROSS
score for the 2 rounds played.
This will be determined by 36 holes medal play Gross/Net There will be 18 holes played on
Sat. and 18 holes on Sun. Total for both days will be the winner. (Seniors must be 50 yrs old
as of the Tournament date and Super Seniors must be 65 as of the Tournament date.
Ties among GROSS players will be resolved by sudden death beginning on the 1 st hole until
a winner is determined. If there are more than 2 players in the playoff the players with the
highest score on any playoff hole will be eliminated. The remaining players will continue
until a winner is determined.
Ties among NET players will be determined by matching cards using the USGA
recommended TIEBREAKER RULE.
A 2 day stroke play event. Day 1 net score on each hole will be compared to day 2 net score
on each hole. The lowest net score on each hole for the 2 days will be totaled to determine
the winners. Advance sign up is required to participate. The only qualification is you must
have played in at least 3 CKMGA tournaments prior to the event. All participants will be
assigned to flights according to their handicap.

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A 2 day stroke play event. Winner will be determined by the lowest gross score total for the
2 days. Advance sign up is required to participate. The only qualification is you must have
played in at least 5 CKMGA tournaments prior to the event. All participants will be assigned
to flights according to their handicap index at the time of the event. Flights will consist of 8
The Spring and Fall Cups will be pick your own partner, match play, 54 hole tournaments. 6
teams per flight. There must be no more than a 5 stroke difference in handicaps between
partners. Teams will be seeded by total team handicap. All fees will be collected when the
team signs up. The 1st flight will be gross and all other flights will be net. If there are not
enough players to fill the 1st flight, then this flight will be net also.
The Presidents Cup
All members who are active as of April 1st are eligible for this Round Robin Tournament
unless they have no handicap. A $5 entry fee will be collected at sign-up Flights will be set
up based on the amount of sign-ups. You will have the month to play your match. If you
don’t play you forfeit. This will last most of the Golf season. The payouts will be in cash and
chits. The final 8 will win money, with the amount of money increasing as more players are

Tournament of Champions
The TOC is a stroke play event with individual flights for Gross and Net players. A one time
entry fee of $8.00 will be assessed fro each player.
Payouts: There will be ONE winner in the Gross and ONE winner in each Net flight.
Player who have finished 1st GROSS or NET in any flight in any individual CKMGA
Tournament (winners in 2-man events will not be eligible) are automatically qualified to
participate in the event.
The tournament will be held on the first Saturday after the closing CKMGA event. For 2011
that date is October 22.
For questions regarding the USGA GHIN computer system or how to adjust your score for
handicap purposes, contact a Handicap Committee member or Club Pro. Any other Q’s ask
any Member of the Board Or Jeff Swanson the resident P.G.A. Pro

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