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					1 August 2011                                                                           Corpus Christi College
Acting Principal’s Message                                                                     Murdoch Drive,
                                                                                              Bateman WA 6150
Dear Parents
                                                                                            Phone: (08) 6332 2500
Welcome to Term Three. During the holidays, there was a successful Senior Boys               Fax: (08) 9310 5648
Rugby Tour which travelled to the Gold Coast Queensland and I would like to sincerely
thank Messrs James Howard and Michael Penhaligon for organising this tour and Mr                     Email:
Michael Rathmann who accompanied the group.                                     
Another event during the holidays was the announcement of the Australian Vocational                Website:
Student Prize (AVSP) which promotes vocational education at school, recognising   
students who choose to pursue a practical training pathway while completing their
senior secondary studies. Schools are invited to nominate students who have                  Absentee Hotline:
demonstrated outstanding vocational and employability skills, high achievement and              (08) 6332 2522
commitment while undertaking Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools               Absentee Email:
programme or an Australian School-based Apprenticeship. Each winner receives a  
certificate and $2000. Rachel Cajaglis from the class of 2010 was fortunate to be one
of the Western Australian recipients. Congratulations to Rachel.                         _______________________

By now, you would have received your child’s Semester One Interim Report                   Subscribe to our
accompanied by other information which was sent during the holidays. If you did not         E-Newsletter
receive this information please contact Student Services.                                    To subscribe go to:
The following is an update of some of the work around the College:
 • Construction of the Pumps & Tanks Building on Dean Road. This building was           _______________________
   necessary for our upcoming Capital Development Works in terms of our FESA
   and Water Corporation requirements.
                                                                                              Sponsor our
 • The Sadler Centre Extensions have now commenced in readiness for Term
                                                                                              Contact Schoolzine on
   One in 2012. ZD Constructions, who built the original Sadler Centre building
   are the builders for this extension.                                                  1300 795 503 to advertise in our

 • The College is looking at plans for a redevelopment of the Foundation Block                    E-Newsletter.
   ready for use in 2013. This plan will include eight classrooms, along with some      _______________________
   office space.                                                                          Please Support Our
 • The Parent Council have kindly responded to a request to pay for some student
                                                                                            This Newsletter is provided
   bench seating in the surrounds of the Sadler Centre as well as more water
                                                                                             to Corpus Christi College
   coolers around the College.                                                             with the great support of the
 • 2011 has been an exciting year for Alumni of Corpus Christi College. During              local business community.
   the holidays, we have been working to build and launch our new official Alumni
   Association online community. This online facility will provide all past students          Academic Task Force
   and staff with means to stay in touch, with not only their class peers, but also
   with the College. Alumni associations are about building relationships between
   past students and the College, with the idea of building a stronger and large
   Corpus Christi College community. If you are one of our past students, head to         Orthodontics on Beririgan to login and update your details. This will help
   us stay in contact with you and your peers.                                                    9414 1470

 • Signage around the College has almost been completed. One of the final
   signs, from the top car park, will indicate the location of Student Services. A
   second sign will be located in the Education Support Centre car park area,
   reading “Staff Parking Only”.

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                          1
CIRCULAR MAGAZINE                                                    to the counselling advice that has been given to them. At this
                                                                     stage in their education Year Eleven students do not have a
I encourage all parents to read the Circular Magazine that           lot of time left before they will be heading toward graduation.
was posted home towards the end of Term Two. The Circular            Those that have found themselves lacking in effort and/or
is published by the Catholic Education Office of WA and this         results from Semester One need to work hard to ensure that
latest issue is a special edition for families. Included in the      they are in a good position to meet graduation requirements,
magazine are articles about cyber bullying, the Australian           and to continue in courses that they nominate for next year.
Government Review of Funding for Schooling, early                    Failure to achieve the requirements by the end of this
childhood education and the new Australian curriculum and            semester will exclude students from courses next year.
how to raise children who thrive.
                                                                     This will be a very busy term for our Year 12 students as
Past and current issues are available for downloading or             they prepare themselves for their Trial WACE Examinations
reading on the Catholic Education website            commencing in Week 10, as well as completing their TAFE
au/publications/circular_magazine                                    and TISC applications. Our Careers Advisor, Mrs Middleton,
                                                                     will be extremely busy during this time and it is essential
SCHOOL BENEFITS PROGRAMME                                            that students adhere to interview times and follow up with
A flier for the Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA School Benefits            any tasks she sets for them. More information regarding
Programme was also posted home. It is hoped that the                 these applications will be given to students over the next
College community will become involved as it earns extra             few weeks.
money for the College just by shopping.
                                                                     Subject Selections for 2012 -
It was incorrectly mentioned in the last Courier that parents
needed to fill out the application form and return it to the
Student Services – this is incorrect. Instead, you actually           Year 10:      Week 3         Monday 8 August    10 to 11 subject selection
need to take the application form to the store so that your                                                           forms due
details can be recorded and then you will receive your own            Year 11:      Week 4         Monday 15          11 to 12 subject selection
personal School Benefits card which has a barcode on which                                         August             forms due
needs to be scanned each time you shop. Please note the
first 100 applicants will also receive 200 bonus points!             Year 11 & 12 Parent/Teacher/
God Bless                                                            Student Interviews
Mrs Rae Cook                                                         These will be held on Tuesday 16 August (Week 4) between
Acting Principal                                                     3:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Parents will receive an email next
                                                                     week with their PIN and further information will placed in the
Senior School – Reach for                                            next issue of the Courier.
the Future (Years 10, 11 and                                         God Bless
12)                                                                  Mr Russell Scanlon
                                                                     Acting Head of Senior School
Term Three, an important semester for all Senior Students
Welcome back to the start of Term Three, an important                Middle School – Learning to
semester for all Senior Students. For Year Ten students they
will be taking on new subjects and working hard to ensure
                                                                     Learn (Years 7, 8 and 9)
that the results they obtain will ensure that they gain places in    Academic Excellence award winners to be congratulated
the courses of study they want next year. As many students           Congratulations to our Academic Excellence award winners
were told during the interview process, it is their responsibility   from Semester One 2011. The following were acknowledged
to achieve the required standards to show they are capable           at our final assembly on Friday 8 July.
of succeeding in the courses they want. If prerequisites are
not achieved by the end of the year, students will not be                                    Year 7 Academic Excellence
permitted to take up their selected courses. The message                         Cassandra Rauh                             Arts
should be very clear: do not assume course selections are                        Emma Bendtsen                           Humanities
automatically accepted, work hard through to the end of
                                                                                 Thomasina Foo                          Language A
the year to demonstrate you are worthy of the choices you
                                                                                  Daniel Kuzich                      Language B: French
                                                                                  Ricky Perdec                   Language B: Indonesian
Year Eleven students will be heading off for their Retreat
                                                                                 Andrew Silveira                     Language B: Italian
experience next week. These are wonderful experiences
                                                                                   Alison Cook                          Mathematics
that play an integral role in the development of Corpus
Christi students and I am sure that all students will reflect on                 Joseph Hobday                          Mathematics
their Retreat experiences with fond memories. The second                         Thomasina Foo                          Mathematics
significant item for Year Eleven students this semester                           Isaac Huggins                 Physical Education (Boys)
is their completion of their Year 11 to Year 12 Subject                          Lauren De Souza                Physical Education (Girls)
Selections. Once again it is imperative that students know                       Jamie Nicole Lim                    Religious Education
the demands of the courses they have chosen, and to listen

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                                              2
           Jessica Ly                               Science                 Rachel Domachowski                  Year 7
         Elizabeth Cook                         Technology                      Natalia Hill                    Year 7
                                                                              Zayne Johansen                    Year 7
                     Year 8 Academic Excellence                                 Jake Higgs                      Year 8
           Claire Miller                              Arts                    Braden Hannon                     Year 8
      Rebekah-Anne Craggs                       Humanities                     Nathan Prins                     Year 8
         Benjamin Ring                          Language A
           Katrina Gan                    Language B: Indonesian
                                                                      YEAR 9 TO 10 COURSE EXPO
    Karen Paola Escobar Bitar               Language B: Italian
                                                                      AND 2012 SUBJECT SELECTION
           Katrina Gan                         Mathematics            FORMS
          Matthew Desa                         Mathematics            A reminder to all our Year 9 parents that the Course Expo
           Rhys Jones                    Physical Education (Boys)    for Year 10, 2012 is a very important part of the subject
        Katie Birkinshaw                 Physical Education (Girls)   selection process for students entering Year 10 next
           Claire Miller                    Religious Education       year, it is recommended that parents and students attend
                                                                      this afternoon, Tuesday 9 August, 4.30 to 6.30pm, at the
      Rebekah-Anne Craggs                           Science
                                                                      College. Students will be issued their Selection Handbook
        Victoria Bandurski                          Science
                                                                      soon (this should be brought to the Expo) as well as their
          Aveen Yoong                           Technology            Subject Selection forms. They should already be discussing
                                                                      with you their preferences for 2012. These forms will be due
                     Year 9 Academic Excellence                       on 22 August 2011.
          Ryan D’Souza                          Ball Games
                                                                      YEAR 8 TO 9 SUBJECT
         Christian Benino                  Business Beginnings
            Olivia Hill                     Caring for Children
                                                                      SELECTION FORMS
          Kirsty Mouttet                       Clever Hands           Next month all Year 8 students will be issued a Year 9
          Denise Chan                          Craft Design           Handbook of Courses for 2012. A form will be issued for
                                                                      students to choose their Specialist Curriculum from The Arts
           Felicia Lee                         Craft Design
                                                                      and Technology. All students must select at least one course
          Daniel Mango                        Creative Media
                                                                      from each. These forms will be due on 5 September 2011.
       Giuliana Tambasco                             Dance
         Angela George                              Drama             YEAR 9 BISHOPS’ RELIGIOUS
        Mikayla McKinlay                     Food Technology          LITERACY ASSESSMENT
         Kevin Susastro                       Graphic Design
                                                                      This test is a measurement tool to reflect and support the
        Mikayla McKinlay                        Humanities            Bishops’ Mandate Letter and the progressive nature of the
        Mitchell Cavanagh                       Language A            K-12 Religious Education units of work. The Year 9 students
         Kartika Zhuang                   Language B: Indonesian      will be sitting this test on Friday 5 August 2011.
         Christian Benino                   Language B: Italian
         Christian Benino                      Mathematics
                                                                      WAMSE TESTING PROGRAMME
          Kieran Chong                         Mathematics            FOR YEAR 7 and 9
         Rosalind Kabay                      Metal Technology         The Western Australian Monitoring Standards in Education
           Alyssa Mo                                 Music            (WAMSE) testing programme measures the performance
          Kieran Chong                      Outdoor Education         of students in aspects of Science and Humanities. This
           Jake Pitcher                  Physical Education (Boys)
                                                                      complements information from the National Assessment
                                                                      Programme Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).
         Mia Evangelellis                Physical Education (Girls)
        Mikayla McKinlay                    Religious Education       Year 7 & Year 9 WAMSE Testing dates and periods for Week
        Mitchell Cavanagh                           Science           3
          Emily Lowther                            Visual Arts        Monday 8 August - Year 7 & Year 9 P3 (Science Part A)
        Belinda Tichelaar                    Wood Technology          Tuesday 9 August - Year 7 & Year 9 P1 (S&E Part A)
           Oliver Barin                        World Games            Tuesday 9 August - Year 7 & Year 9 P3 (Science Part B)
                                                                      Thursday 11 August - Year 7 P1, Year 9 P3 (S&E Part B)

                 Education Support Centre Awards                      PARENTS FORUM – An
         Natasha Wilson                              Year 7           opportunity not to miss
          Isobel Grace                               Year 8
                                                                      The next Middle School parent Forum will be held on
       Christopher Chong                             Year 9
                                                                      Thursday 25 August 2011. Mr Trevor Galbraith, Director
                                                                      of Learning Technologies, will be helping parents continue
                          Learning Centre Awards                      their journey in being in touch with their teenagers. Topics
                                                                      related to iChat, web-base learning, Digital Citizenship etc

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                               3
will be discussed. Please see attached flyer and RSVP to      Homeroom Teacher or House Coordinator on Monday 1
Ms Kasey Atwell,                     August 2011.
Have a great week                                             Parents are welcome to come and watch but will need to
                                                              sign in at Admin Reception prior to coming on to the oval.
Mr Matthew Ivulich
Head of Middle School                                         Interhouse Athletics Carnival:
Copyright                                                     Wednesday 10 August 2011
Copyright for Students – Not to be Ignored!                   Once the Pre-Carnival events are completed we will be
                                                              concentrating on the information required for the Carnival
See last page for Information.                                Day. Could you please ensure that your son/daughter is
                                                              aware of the following instructions:
Sport News                                                     • Students must wear their correct House uniform with
2011 Interhouse Athletics Carnival                               correct sports shoes

PRE-CARNIVAL EVENTS                                            • Students are NOT to bring valuables on the day – the
                                                                 College will not be responsible for any items lost
The Corpus Christi College 2011 Interhouse Athletics
                                                               • Students are not permitted to use any items of
Carnival is fast approaching. Nominations have taken place
                                                                 technology on the day – phones, iPods, games.
and students should have the information required for dates
and what they need to bring on the day.                        • Attendance is compulsory, if students are unable
                                                                 to participate they must bring a note to their House
The Interhouse Pre-carnival events are taking place on           Coordinator and will be required to assist on the
Tuesday 2 August (Week 2). The schedules are below:              day.
Tuesday 2 August: 1500m                                        • Students must bring a water bottle and if they require
                                                                 lunch from the College Canteen this must be pre-
 TIME        RACE                RECORD
                                                                 ordered. Students MUST order their lunch prior to the
 7.15am      Warm up
                                                                 day of the carnival
 7.30am      12 BOYS             4.32.83 M McNally
             12 GIRLS            5:33.98 L Regnard
                                                               • Please ensure that all students eat a healthy breakfast
                                                                 in the morning and bring plenty of appropriate food
 7.40am      11 BOYS             4:43.94 M McNally
             11GIRLS             5.27.00 S Tyrrell
                                                                 and drink for the day. Please do not allow your sons/
                                                                 daughters to bring caffeine based drinks as they are
 7.50am      10BOYS              4.37.00 B Emmanuel
             10 GIRLS            5:18.04 S Tyrrell               extremely dangerous and not necessary. If students
                                                                 require sports drinks, Gatorade or Powerade may be
 8.00am      9 BOYS              4:45.60 R Ruiz 2008
             9GIRLS              5.28.27 S Tick                  consumed.
 8.10am      8 BOYS              4.44.36 C Tyrrell            The programme will be available shortly and we are
             8 GIRLS             5:19.60 J Bogle 2008         endeavouring to have it uploaded onto the College website.
 8.20am      7 BOYS              5.41..56 V Oldham 2009       Printed copies will be available from Student Services or
             7 GIRLS             6.07.56 T Pymm 2009          Reception. We welcome all parents, siblings, family and
                                                              friends to come and watch the Carnival and ask that you
Students participating in the 1500m must meet at the main
                                                              park in the car park on Parry Avenue.
oval BY 7.15am in their House sports uniform. Students will
be expected to change into their full College uniform after   After the success of the new House system in both the
the event.                                                    Swimming and Cross-Country Interhouse events, we are
                                                              looking forward to a very successful day: the passion and
 Times                    High Jump            venue
                                                              spirit of the students has been highly commendable in 2011
 8.50am                   Year 9 Girls         Stand 1        and we hope for this to continue. With less numbers in
                          Year 11 Girls        Stand 2
                                                              each House, students need to be more involved. We are
 9.30am                   Year 7 Boys          Stand 1        also looking forward to observing the vibrant colour of the
                          Year 7 Girls         Stand 2
                                                              Houses during the events.

 Times         Javelin                                        Good luck to all the competitors and to the success of our
 8.50am        10 Boys
                                                              exceptionally talented athletes on the day – it is always very
               8 Boys                                         rewarding to watch the exhibition of talent we have at the
 9.30am        10 Girls                                       College and the efforts and determination of the athletes.
               8 Girls
                                                              For those students who wish to practice prior to the Carnival,
 10.00am       9 Boys                                         training for all events is commencing at the start of Week 2.
Students who are participating in these events have           Please check the Sports Calender on the College Intranet
permission to wear their full House uniform to the College    for the times of these sessions.
but will then be expected to change into their full College   In case of rain, the Carnival will be rescheduled to be held
uniform. Students need to check the times with their          on Friday 12 August 2011.

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                          4
We look forward to seeing you at the College on Wednesday
10 August!
Mrs Wendy Quint
Head of Learning: Health & Physical Education

Science News
Australian Engineering Week 2011
In the first week of August 2011 Engineers Australia will be
host to over 200 events throughout the country for Australian
Engineering Week. The purpose of the Week is to celebrate
engineering, raise awareness of its contribution to society
and to highlight the amazing career opportunities studying
engineering can provide. Representatives from various
universities and other technical institutions will also be on
hand to answer any questions about engineering study
There are two presentations:

Tuesday 2nd August 2011             6.00pm – 8.30pm
Tompkin on Swan
Cnr Dunkley Avenue and Canning Hwy
Alfred Cove
To register:

Thursday 4th August 2011            6:00 pm – 8.30pm            Education Support Centre -
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont                                 2011 Camp Fundraising
Stephenson Avenue Mt Claremont
                                                                Entertainment Books now available
To register:
Mr Brian Hurn
Head of Learning - Science

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                   5
Careers Supplement                                                  NOTRE DAME EARLY OFFER
Latest opportunities on offer                                       PROGRAMME
                                                                    Applications must be received by 5 August 2011
                                                                    This program is on offer again in 2011 for Year 12 students
Year 12 students are welcome to come by my office and               who have made significant contribution to church, school
collect their copies of this resource.                              and community life and have an anticipated ATAR of 90.0
Please ensure that you dispose of all old publications              or more.
as many offerings have changed.                                     Program applications are available from Mrs. Middleton’s
                                                                    office and take a short time to complete. The forward section
WAAPA Extension Courses –                                           is personal details and you will have to organize a suitable
book now for Sept!                                                  staff member to support your application with a personal
Saturday 24 September 2011 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Acting                statement. You will also have to include copies of:
Audition Master Class $225 (min age 17 years)                        • Year 11 and 12 school reports
Saturday 17September 2011 10.00 am – 1.00 pm Music                   • Personal references
Theatre Audition Master Class $150 (min age 15 years) –a             • 300 word personal statement
must for any prospective students.
WAAPA offers a range of interesting short courses that could        MATHEMATICS ENRICHMENT AT
be helpful. You should visit           UWA
to see the complete list of possibilities in acting, dance, jazz,
                                                                    A useful    website:
and arts management. Places in these classes fill quickly so
interested students should apply as soon as possible.
                                                                    This will tell you about the Mathematics enrichment
AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE                                            programme at UWA. In 2011 these sessions will be on the
ACADEMY 2012 ENTRY                                                  following Saturdays –

Students who wish to apply to ADFA for entry in 2012 should         6 and 20 August 2011 and 3 September 2011, Term 3
start the process NOW. It is time consuming to get through          22 and 29 October 2011 and 12 November 2011, Term 4
the various selection procedures and if you do not start now
they you will not be ready for the Officer Selection Board          THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF
in September. It is very useful to phone 13 19 01 or apply          MUSIC
online at
                                                                    12 August 2011 closing date for applications for
CENTRAL INSITIUTE OF                                                auditions

TECHNOLOGY SHORT COURSES                                            The National Academy of Music offers one year programs
                                                                    usually for talented musicians who have completed tertiary
Commencing Week beginning 1st August 2011                           studies. Very talented Year 12 students who may want
Art, fashion, jewellery, textiles and design technology courses     to take a gap year before commencing university are
are on offer. Check out the new short Saturday workshops            also encouraged to audition. The program concentrates
at great introductory prices. Please see Mrs Middleton for          exclusively on developing performance skills. The first round
course brochure and enrolment forms. Courses can be                 of auditions will be held in Perth sometime between the end
competitive and enrolment is on a first serve basis, please         of August and early September. The new prospectus is
select carefully as there are no refunds                            out and contains application information see: www.anam.
INFORMATION EVENINGS                                                UWA OPEN DAY
                                                                    14 August 2011 10.00 am – 4.00pm
5 August 2011 - Nursing & Midwifery Course Information
Evening, 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm                                          The 2011 UWA Open Day is a great day to work out where
9 August 2011 - Biology, Chemistry & Environmental                  you are going after leaving school. Learn more about our
Science Course Information Evening 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm                exciting New Courses on offer in 2012. Find out about
9 August 2011 - Exercise & Biomedical Science Course                our scholarships, explore career opportunities, tour our
Information Evening 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm                               residential colleges and enjoy live music, activities and
9 August 2011 - Psychology and Social Science Course                entertainment with your family and friends. Register online
Information Evening 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm                               to create your own personal open Day program now at:
9 August 2011 - Teacher Education Course Information      
Evening (Joondalup) 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm
16 August 2011 - Teacher Education Course Information
Evening (Mt Lawley) 6.00 pm -7.30 pm
For further information see

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                              6
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY ABU                                           tertiary institutions about relevant courses, and from potential
                                                                  employers, along with the fun of a behind-the-scenes look
DHABI INFORMATION SESSION                                         at what goes on at the Zoo. Cost is $50 & $45 for Friends
Monday August 15 2011 at 6:30pm (location to be                   of the Zoo Registration forms can be downloaded at www.
NYU Abu Dhabi seeks top high school students from all
backgrounds and from around the world who are at the top
                                                                  Health and Wellbeing
of their class, intellectually engaged, passionately committed              Courses for Parents
to positive change and interested in joining an internationally
diverse student body. Please save the date to join an NYUAD                 Parent - Teen Connection –
information session in Perth: To register your interest please              2011 - $50 per person/$75
email                                                     per couple
NATIONAL CAREERS,                                                           Adolescents can be challenging and living
EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT                                                    alongside them can be confusing and worrying. The
                                                                            Parent-Teen Connection course reduces family
EXPO                                                                        stress and teaches parents how to communicate,
19 - 21 August 2011 Convention Centre - 21 Mounts                 negotiate and minimise conflict.
Bay Road Perth                                                    Topics:
9.00 am – 4.00 pm Friday and 10.00 am – 4.00 pm                   Communication, Conflict resolution, Parenting, Positive
Saturday                                                          discipline, Behaviour
This year the National Careers and Employment Expo will
be joining forces with Skills West Expo, so the result should
                                                                  Weeknight sessions – 6.30 am - 9.00
be a much larger event presenting professional employment         pm
options, graduate opportunities, apprenticeship and               Mon 8, 15, 22, 29 Aug - West Leederville
traineeships, training and education opportunities across         Mon 17, 24, 31 Oct, 7 Nov - West Leederville
all industry sectors. For further information, as it comes to
hand, see:                   Saturday sessions – 9.30 am - 4.30 pm
                                                                  Sat 2 July - West Leederville
MURDOCH UNIVERSITY                                                Sat 12 Nov - Lotteries House, 2232C Albany Highway,
Be An Engineering and Science Student                             Gosnells
4 September 2011                                                  Sat 3 Dec - West Leederville
Experience a day as a an Engineering and Science student          Places are limited so book now on
at Murdoch Uni. Mark the date in your diary now, for more         94896322 or 1300 364 277
details or to book a place contact Jo Hulme on 9360 6078 or                                           COURSE for DADS
                                                                  Raising Teenage Girls – a workshop for Dads – 6.30 pm
FREMANTLE OCCUPATIONAL                                            – 9.00 pm - $25 per person
                                                                  The father-daughter relationship is particularly significant
4 September 2011 - Visit a Hospital Occupational                  during the teenage years and it is important to help girls
Therapy Service                                                   navigate this difficult time.
Year 10 – 12 students
                                                                  This workshop will discuss:
Fremantle Hospital invites prospective Occupational
Therapy students to find out more about the profession at          • Building a positive relationship with your teenage
special information sessions lasting about ninety minutes.           daughter
The Fremantle sessions will take place in the Occupational         • Issues teenage girls face today
Therapy Department, V4, Greenslades Building. Phone
                                                                   • How to cope with the changes in your teenage
9431 2098 to book. (For students who have previously tried
this contact, they have now refined the program and are
accepting participants)                                            • What do teenage daughters need from their dads
                                                                   • Practical ways you can help her make better choices
                                                                   Where:    West Leederville – 27 Oxford Close
A One Day Careers Seminar
                                                                   When:     Thursday 1 September 2011
Wednesday 12 October 2011                                                    Thursday 8 September 2011
These school holiday seminars are incredibly popular, so
                                                                  Places are limited so book now on 9489 6322 or 1300 364
students should book now. They run 9.00 am - 4.00 pm and
cost $50.00 for the day. Open to students in Years 11 and
12. This is a really useful day for students who are thinking
about a career working with wildlife. There is input from

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                               7
COURSE for GRANDPARENTS –                                         h t t p : / / w w w. a t o . g o v. a u / i n d i v i d u a l s / c o n t e n t .
                                                                  Mr Steve Martin
Grandparenting through Separation and Divorce of their            Business Manager
children – 9.30 am – 12.30 pm
 • After separation and/or divorce in the family, you are         Community News
   naturally keen to continue the relationship with your          What’s happening?
 • You may need guidance and extra skills to explore              YOUTH SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP
   and respond to their feelings and steady the ship.             2011
When: Thurs 3 Nov 2011                                            1. Do you live in the City of Melville?
Places are limited so book now on 9489 6322 or 1300 364           2. Are you between 12 and 19 years of age before 1 August
277                                                               2011?
Partners in Depression – 6.30                                     3. Do you have aspirations to compete at the highest level?
pm - 9.00 pm - $120                                               If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you could be eligible
This six-week course addresses the needs of people who            for a Youth Sports Scholarship.
live with, or are partners of, someone who has depression.        The Youth Sports Scholarship Scheme is targeted at athletes
Topics include:                                                   in all sports who have represented the State or at a higher
 • The meaning of the word “depression”
                                                                  However, consideration is also given to young athletes who
 • Treatments and support                                         are showing potential.
 • Self-harm
                                                                  Successful applicants are issued with a Healthy Lifestyle*
 • Communication                                                  scholarship pass valid for one year. This entitles the recipient
 • The importance of self-care for the partner                    entry into City of Melville recreation facilities as outlined in
                                                                  the Healthy Lifestyle membership.
 Where:   West Leederville
 When:    Thurs 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Sept, 6 Oct,
                                                                  * Subject to terms and conditions.
          Thurs 20, 27, Oct 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov                     How can I apply for a scholarship?
Places are limited so book now on 94896322 or 1300 364            Application forms are available from City of Melville libraries
277                                                               and recreation centres or on our website www.melvillecity.
                                                         Applications close at 4.00pm on Friday 26 August
COURSE for MUMS                                                   2011.
Mums Raising Teenage Boys - 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm - $25 per
person                                                            Our Lady of the Missions College,
For teenage boys the relationship they have with their mother
                                                                  77 Tuckfield Street, Fremantle
has long term implications. This includes how they relate to      A history of Our Lady of the Missions College (Fremantle)
others, particularly to girls and women.                          is currently being undertaken as part of the celebrations for
                                                                  the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Sisters of Our
When: Tues 15 Nov – West Leederville
                                                                  Lady of the Missions.
Places are limited so book now on 94896322 or 1300 364
                                                                  We are looking for photos and any relevant memorabilia, as
                                                                  well as names and contact details of those who attended
NOTE: West Leederville Courses are held at:                       this school.
15 Cambridge Street (cnr Southport St) or 27 Oxford Close         Please contact Christine Binks (Martinovich) 9331 3886 or
West Leederville                                                  Veronica Stratton (France) or
                                                                  9354 5023.
College News
                                                                  SWAP MEET
Education Tax Refund
                                                                  Yidarra Catholic Primary School
This time of the year parents will be completing their personal
Tax Returns for the financial year ending 30 June 2011.           Sunday 7 August - 8.00 am – 12 noon

It may be useful to refer to the information regarding the        Sellers - $10 per car bay. Turn up on the morning or pre-
Education Tax Refund supplied by the Australian Taxation          order to guarantee your spot.
Office on its website. This will provide the details to enable    Please forward payment to Yidarra Catholic Primary School,
you to determine if you are eligible to claim.                    Marsengo Rd, Bateman WA, 6150, pay by cash or cheque
A useful link to access that information would be:                to Yidarra P&F Association. If you have any queries please

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                                                8
contact Kate Fox at: or 0433 005

The St Thomas More Church Playgroup in Bateman has
organised a presentation for young mothers and fathers
on the awareness of the Meningococcal Disease, through
the Amanda Young Foundation. The presentation will take
place in the Parish Hall commencing at 10.00am on Friday
5 August 2011 and lasting about one hour. This is a good
opportunity to hear how we can try and prevent the spread
of this disease (Meningococcal).
This presentation is open to all parents from other playgroups
– so please tell your friends.
Thank you.
                  REGISTRATION DAY
                    ~Players Wanted~
               Boys & girls aged 5 – 17yrs.
 Registration Day - Sun 21st August 9am -12 noon at our
           Club Rooms, Dimond Court Leeming.
Enquiries to:
    Lynda Wake (Registrar): 0438 332 699 or 93326900
          Geoff Miller (President): 0402 182 181

Library News
Homework Club Term 3
Homework Club resumes in Week 2 on Tuesday 2 August. It
will be held in the library from 3.30 pm-5.00 pm each Tuesday
and Thursday until Week 9; it will not run in Week 10.
The aim of the Homework Club is to promote academic
excellence at Corpus Christi College and to assist students
in achieving their best academic performance

ACC Athletics
Training Schedule Term 3, 2011

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                9
                                                                This year the Corpus Christi College Public Speaking
                                                                Competition was held over two evenings – 29 and 30 June.
                                                                Every student who competed is to be congratulated on their
                                                                efforts. Although adjudicators did select a winner and runner
                                                                up from each heat, every student should be proud of their
                                                                efforts and their personal success in public speaking.
                                                                The results are as follows:
                                                                The winner of the Corpus Christi College Trophy for
Languages Learning Area                                         ‘Excellence in Public Speaking 2011’ is Sean Yoong,
Welcome to Corpus Christi College                               congratulations Sean.
community                                                        Year 12 Runner Up       Bryan Susilo
The Languages Learning Area and                                  Year 11                 Mallorie Gan
College community would like to                                  Year 10                 Johanna Kevin
welcome Italian exchange student, Elia                           Year 9                  Emily Lowther
Bianucci, who arrived in Perth on 4
                                                                                         Mitchell Cavanagh
July. Elia comes to us from the town of Buggiano in Tuscany
                                                                 Runners Up              Tiarna Patterson
and is staying with the Bajada family for two months. He
loves Australia and is already enjoying the Corpus Christi                               Jessica Haddad
experience. Benvenuto Elia!                                      Year 8                  Ashley Tay
                                                                                         Aveen Yoong
Public Speaking                                                  Runners Up              Karen Escobar
Outstanding performances                                                                 Hayley Groen
                                                                 Year 7                  Jacqueline Pivac
                                                                                         Ella Hart
                                                                 Runners Up              Isabella Sciullo
                                                                                         Owen Marsh
                                                                 Impromptu Speaking      Tiarna Pettersen

                                                                I would like to express my gratitude to the staff and
                                                                senior students who assisted as chairs, time keepers and
                                                                adjudicators on each evening. Thank you to Mrs Colleen
                                                                Litchfield who tutors both students and the senior student
On Saturday June 4th, Year 9 student Mitchell Cavanagh          coaches.
competed in the Junior Section of the state finals of Rostrum   The evenings were truly memorable and it is my privilege to
Voice of Youth at Hale School in Wembley Downs. Mitchell        play a part in such a worthwhile extra curricula activity.
spoke with confidence demonstrating excellent rhetorical
skills in both his prepared and impromptu speeches. I would     Mrs Noreen Stevenson
like to congratulate Mitchell on his performance and the way    Coordinator
in which he represented the College. An inspirational effort!

Corpus Christi College Newsletter                                                                                         10