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                                             Regional Consultants:
COMBAT ELDER ABUSE                           North West           807-343-8563

The Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat, Ministry
                                             North East
of Citizenship and Immigration and           Central West
                                             Central East
                                                                                               NEED TO KNOW
the Ontario Victim Services Secretariat,
Ministry of the Attorney General are         East         613-596-5626 ext. 234
                                                                                           ABOUT ELDER ABUSE
partnering with the Ontario Network for
                                             Ontario Network for the
the Prevention of Elder Abuse (ONPEA)
                                             Prevention of Elder Abuse
to implement the Ontario government’s
five-year, $4.3 million Strategy to          onpea.info@utoronto.ca
Combat Elder Abuse.                          www.onpea.org

The strategy, the first of its kind in       VICTIM SUPPORT LINE
Canada, focuses on three key priorities:     The Victim Support Line is a province-wide,
• Coordination of community cervices         toll-free information line funded by the
• Training for front-line staff              Ontario Victim Services Secretariat,

• Public education to raise awareness        providing a range of services in English
                                             and French to victims of crime. Trained
ONPEA’s regional consultants have been       information counselors are available to

                                             provide information and referral services
designated across the province as key
                                             on elder abuse.
channels to justice and community
service providers, and to existing and
                                             Victim Support Line
new coordinating committees addressing       1-888-579-2888 toll free or
elder abuse throughout Ontario.              416-314-2447 Toronto area referral
                                             For general ministry information, visit
Provincial & GTA                             www.citizenship.gov.on.ca/
Multicultural Coordinator                    seniors/index.html
416-978-0545                                 or call Seniors' InfoLine
                                             Toll-free: 1-888-910-1999
                                             TTY: 1-800-387-5559
                                V I C T I M      S U P P 0 R T       L I N E   1 - 8 8 8 - 5 7 9 - 2 8 8 8

WHAT IS ELDER ABUSE?                                                                           If you or someone you
                                                    What are the Signs and                     know has been abused or is
Elder abuse or the abuse of older adults,
                                                    Symptoms of Elder Abuse?                   experiencing abuse, you are
                                                                                               not alone; help is available.
is often defined as any act or omission that
harms a senior or jeopardizes his or her             Victims of elder abuse may
                                                                                               Contact your local police or community
health or welfare.                                   show signs of:
                                                                                               service agencies in your area. You can
                                                                                               also get information on elder abuse by
The World Health Organization defines                •   Depression, fear, anxiety,
                                                                                               calling The Ministry of the Attorney
abuse of older adults as “a single or                    passivity                             General’s Victim Support Line. It’s
repeated act, or lack of appropriate
                                                                                               toll free, 1-888-579-2888 across Ontario,
action, occurring in any relationship where          •   Unexplained physical injury           or in the Toronto area 416-314-2447.
there is an expectation of trust that causes
harm or distress to an older person”.
                                                     •   Lack of food, clothing and other      A list of provincial elder abuse
                                                         necessities                           resources is available in the
Elder abuse can take the form of:
                                                                                               “What You Need to Know About Elder
• Neglect
                                                                                               Abuse: Information Sheet” available at
• Physical abuse                                     •   Changes in hygiene and
• Sexual abuse                                           nutrition
                                                                                               seniors/index.html or call toll-free
• Psychological abuse
                                                                                               1-888-910-1999 (in Ontario).
• Financial abuse                                    •   Failure to meet financial
Elder abuse can take place in the home, in
a residential setting or in the community.           •   Unusual banking withdrawals
Abusers can be family members, friends,
staff, or individuals in positions of trust or

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