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					      Vic Kilsyth Mini Bike
                                       Day Entry Form
    Maroondah Cycle Training Club, Colchester Road, Kilsyth
    Sunday June 28

     Plus free bonus – ride the Honda Mini bike test fleet                                                        SUNDAY JUNE 28

Four categories: 1. 50-70cc beginners 2. 50-70cc experienced 3. 75-150cc beginners. 4. 75-150cc experienced. No competition bikes
will be accepted – fun/ mini bikes only!

The basic rules: each session will be run under strict supervision by trained marshalls. Riders exceeding their ability will be asked to ‘sit
out’ the session and transfer to a suitable level. All riders MUST have full riding gear – helmet, gloves, goggles, sturdy ankle cover boots
(Blundstone style and gumboots not accepted), full leg cover and long sleeved tops. Motorcycles must be in good condition and HRCA will
conduct scrutineering before sessions and retain the right to reject unsuitable machines. 9.30am - 4.00pm.
Open to all brands of non-competition mini bikes from 50cc to 150cc

  To Register: Fill in this form and mail or fax back with payment before the closing date to: Honda Rider’s Club of Australia,
  Private Bag No. 19 Somerton VIC 3062 or Fax to (03) 9357 0826. Phone: (03) 9270 1111 Email:

Riders Details                                                              Maroondah club will be running a BBQ and refreshment stall

HRCA Member No: (if applicable)

Parent/Guardian Name:                                                                                                   Bikes:

Address:                                                                                                                Post Code:

Phone:                                                               Number of Spectators:

50-70cc beginner level Name/s:                                                  50-70cc experienced level Name/s:

75-150cc beginner level Name/s:                                                 75-150cc experienced level Name/s:

Payment:               Confirmation sent after closing date

Member:                            x $15                             $
                                                                                                             BOOK NOW
Non Member:                        x $20                             $                                   SPACES ARE LIMITED
If you hold a current MA licence, please list the number:                                                  ENTRIES CLOSE:
OR MA* One Day Licence             x $20                             $
                                                                                                          FRIDAY 19th JUNE
                                                     GRAND TOTAL: $
                                                                                                 Additional forms can be printed from our webiste:
                                                                                                 Refund Policy:
                                                                                                 Due to administrative costs no refund will be available.

I Would Like To Pay By:          Cheque (Payable to HRCA)            Money Order (Payable to HRCA)                 Mastercard                Visa

Please Debit My Card No:

Name On Card:                                                                                            Expiry Date:                /

* The Motorcycling Australia Licence/Permit is a compulsory injury insurance cover for riders.

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