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					                 Bring Flowers for Living Cross
                 Be sure to bring flowers to place on our living cross this Easter.
                 The cross will be located in front of the main entrance to the

                                          Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - Volume 64, Number 14

                               the Empty
                                When the ladies went to Jesus’ tomb 2000 years
                                ago, they found that their Savior was gone. The
                                most horrifying thoughts filled their heads as they
                                tried to imagine the audacity of someone moving,
                                stealing, or (worst of all) destroying His body. In
                                less than a day, the real truth was known. His body
                                isn’t gone – He is risen!
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        at Fairmount
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Easter season at Fairmount
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                                       Feature: April 6, 2011

                                     Celebrating the Empty Tomb
                                        By: Rick Raines

                                                                                   jelly beans and go straight for the big             Fairmount celebrates Easter each year
                                                                                   kahuna. “Surely this will be the year!”             with the importance it is due. Listed in
                                                                                   I would gently open the box – carefully             this week’s Forecaster are the many
                                                                                   remove that delicious-smelling rabbit –             events that we make available to our
                                                                                   take aim at those long cocoa ears – and             church family to remember, reflect, and
                                                                                   chomp down. Hollow as always. You                   celebrate Jesus’ death, burial, and res-
                                                                                   know, I loved the chocolate bunny. I                urrection.
                                                                                   couldn’t wait to chomp on the rest of
                                                                                   him (believe me, he wouldn’t last till
                                                                                   Monday). But I was always a wee bit                 I think our friends and family members
                                                                                   disappointed – my dream had not come                know there is something more – that
                                                                                   true. “One of these days, I’ll bite into            the hollowness of a worldly Easter is
                                                                                   that bunny’s ears, and he will be solid             not what it’s all about. It is our privilege
                                                                                   chocolate!”                                         and joy to tell them about the solid
pagetwo ■ Wednesday, April 6, 2011

                                                                                                                                       truth of Jesus Christ. It is our privilege
                                                                                                                                       and joy to invite them to taste what a
                                                                                   How appropriate that the big chocolate              real Easter is like. Why don’t you invite

                                                                                   Easter bunnies are hollow inside. You               them to come along with you to any or
                                                       hen I was a child,
                                                                                   can find some solid ones out there                  all of the activities we describe here?
                                                       my brothers and I
                                                                                   now, but the hollow rabbit is a remind-
                                                       looked forward to
                                                                                   er of the hollowness of the way much
                                                       Easter with great                                                               For all of us, sometimes we might be
                                                                                   of our world celebrates Easter. There is
                                     excitement. Our Dad worked for                                                                    tempted to be a bit skeptical of those
                                                                                   nothing wrong with Easter baskets,
                                     Richfood, a grocery wholesale dis-                                                                folks who only show up to worship at
                                                                                   chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and pea-
                                     tributor, and we knew that our                                                                    Christmas and Easter. Year ‘round, but
                                                                                   nut butter eggs (my favorite now). But
                                     Easter baskets would be overflow-                                                                 certainly during this Easter season, let’s
                                                                                   if that is all there is to Easter, than our
                                     ing with more candy and goodies                                                                   put that skepticism far, far away. Wel-
                                                                                   families are missing out on the meaning
                                     than a Willy Wonka warehouse. I                                                                   come EVERYONE who walks in our
                                                                                   of the most important date in world
                                     was always particularly enthused                                                                  doors. Park as far away from the build-
                                                                                   history. For too many families, Easter is
                                     about that big box containing that                                                                ing as we can. Make room in our rows.
                                                                                   as hollow as the big bunnies we bite
                                     delicacy simply known as “the                                                                     Smile and be friendly.
                                     chocolate bunny”. Every year I
                                     would wake up on Easter morning
                                     with the same wish. We would go               When the ladies went to Jesus’ tomb                 May we help shift people’s focus on
                                     into the kitchen and find our won-            2000 years ago, they found that their               Easter from an empty bunny to an emp-
                                     derful Easter baskets with the                Savior was gone. The most horrifying                ty tomb.
                                     chocolate bunny reigning supreme              thoughts filled their heads as they tried
                                     over the rest of the lesser candies.          to imagine the audacity of someone
                                     “Would this be the year?”, I would            moving, stealing, or (worst of all) de-
                                     ask myself. After some semblance              stroying His body. In less than a day,
                                     of a breakfast, before getting suit-          the real truth was known. His body
                                     ed up for church, we would be al-             isn’t gone – He is risen! All the things
                                     lowed to sample our Easter bounty.            He had promised had come true. And
                                     “Would this be the year?” I would,            our world would never be the same.
                                     naturally, skip by the foil eggs and
                                                          Bible Centered ■ Committed to Growth ■ Community Focused & Globally Minded ■ Dedicated to Excellence
                    at Fairmount
Saturday, April 16th                             All Kings. The musical will feature solos          Sunday, April 24th
                                                 by Kenny Holley, Rhonda Holley, Gina
Annual Easter Egg Hunt                           Jacobs, Jake Jacobs, David Rice, Sandy             Easter Sunday
Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will be Satur-        Sharp, Meg Switzer, Janie Thomas.                  “And the angel answered and said
day, April 16th from 10:00 am until Noon         There will also be a drama element fea-            unto the women, Fear not ye: for I
in the Family Life Center. Children ages 2-      turing actors: Melissa Foster & Barry              know that ye seek Jesus, which was
8 years old may participate.                     Will.                                              crucified. He is not here: for He is ris-

Sunday, April 17th                               Thursday, April 21st                               en.” Matthew 28:5-6 (KJV)

                                                 Showing of “The Passion of the                          He has risen!!! Does that mes-
Palm Sunday                                                                                         sage put joy in your heart? It is the
                                                 Christ”                                            message of freedom. The message of
“A very large crowd spread their cloaks on
the road, while others cut branches from         The Martin-Dabney Bible School Class is            victory. We win because of Christ,
the trees and spread them on the road.           sponsoring a showing of 2004 film, “The            because He rose from the dead. He

                                                                                                                                                pagethree ■ Wednesday, April 6, 2011
The crowds that went ahead of Him and            Passion of the Christ” at The Byrd Theater         has risen!!! What a joyous thing to
those that followed shouted, ‘Hosanna to         on April 21st. Show time is at 7:00pm.             hear. Because He rose, we have the
the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes        There is no admission to see the film. The         hope of everlasting life. We can take
in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the          Byrd Theater is located at 2908 W. Cary            Christ into our hearts, into our lives
highest!”                                        Street in Richmond.                                and be free.

     Palm Sunday is the triumphal entry of       Friday, April 22nd                                      Easter is the time to really focus
Christ into Jerusalem. The beginning of a                                                           on Christ’s resurrection. However, we
week with the crowds shouting “Hosanna
                                                 Good Friday Service                                should never forget this throughout
in the highest” that in a few short days         The Martin-Dabney Bible School class is            the year, but should give it as much
had these same people shouting “Crucify          again sponsoring the Good Friday Service           attention as we do at Easter time.
Him”. It’s interesting what can change in        at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. This service          This is why we are Christians. This is
just a few days. Join us this Sunday as we       is to bring the Fairmount Family together          why we come to church, why we love
celebrate the triumphal entry of Christ          as we remember the day that Christ was             one another, why we obey the com-
and prepare for the week ahead.                  hung on a cross and died for our sins. We          mandments, the laws, and the teach-
                                                 will remember the horrors that He went             ings. All this because He has risen!!!
Fairmount’s Worship Choir presents:                                                                 NOTE: There will be four worship
Above All Kings                                  through for our sake. Though the day is
                                                 marked with sadness and grief, we are all          services on Easter. Our regular ser-
                   The Worship Choir                                                                vices at 8:15, 9:30 and 11am as well
                   is in final prepara-          reminded that in just three days we,
                                                 through Christ, will have victory. The             as a contemporary service at 12noon
                   tions for their East-                                                            in the Family Life Center.
                   er musical, Above             speaker for this year’s Good Friday Service
                                                 will be Chris Barras who is the minister of        Sunrise Service ~ 6:30 am
                                                 the Area 10 Faith Community in Rich-
                                                 mond. This church, which meets at the              Join us for the Sunrise Service at 6:30
                                                 Byrd Theater, is a VEF plant sponsored by          am at Gethsemane Church of Christ
                                                 Fairmount.                                         (5146 Mechanicsville Turnpike). A
                                                                                                    light breakfast will follow.

                      Bible Centered ■ Committed to Growth ■ Community Focused & Globally Minded ■ Dedicated to Excellence
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                                      To develop followers of Jesus who:
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                                      Introduce the world
                                                                     Christ                                     The Forecaster is

                                                                                                                 best viewed online

                                      Church: Sunday, April 3, 2011
                                          S.A.L.T. Spring Fair, Silent                      & Giving.
                                            Auction & Car Show!
pagefour ■ Wednesday, April 6, 2011

                                         April 30th from 10am – 2pm                         8:15   Worship Service: 131
                                                                                                   Children’s Worship: 10
                                        Silent Auction Donations ~
                                        contact Kathy Muller at 781-                        9:30   Worship Service: 437                 Sermon Series
                                                                                                   Children’s Worship: 54
                                        1854. Baked Goods & Volun-                                                                  continues this Sunday.
                                        teers ~ Sign-ups are currently                      11:00 Worship Service: 213
                                                                                                  Children’s Worship: 119
                                        available. Car Show ~ con-
                                        tact Jay Styles at
                                                                                                  Breakaway: 41                  Your Church Staff:
                                        JWStyles1013@yahoo.com or                                                                Rick Raines - Senior Minister
                                                                                                                                 Chris Santasiere - Associate Minister
                                        569-0439.                                           Total: 1005                          Mike Langley - Associate Minister
                                                                                            Bible School: 655                    Tracy Thomas - Worship/Music Minister
                                                                                                                                 Rose Williams - Children’s Ministry Director
                                                                                                                                 Larry Haake, IV - Child Care Program Director
                                                                                            Budget Requirements: $34,405.00      Jef Powell - Facilities & Grounds Manager
                                                                                            Budget Receipts: $41,010.81          Barry Will - Technology Director
                                                                                                                                 Veronica Brewster - Office Manager
                                                                                                                                 Bob Massey - Business Administrator


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