Materials and products containing asbestos

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					Materials and products containing asbestos

                                               Information                                     Safety while handling such
                                                                                               products – our tips:
                                               Asbestos is a naturally present fine fiber
                                               material. It comes with a series of techni-     ● Be careful while handling products
                                               cally appropriate characteristics: it is not      containing asbestos and try not to
                                               inflammable, chemically high resistant, it        generate any dust, which could
                                               can be spun bonded or woven, it has               lead to breathing in asbestos fibers.
                                               very good heat reducing and isolating           ● If you want to know if your storage
                                               characteristics as well as a high resistance      heaters contain asbestos, you can
                                               to tear. For these reasons, asbestos was          call the SuperDrecksKëscht® to
                                               used up until the eighties at an industrial       receive further information.
                                               level before it could be assessed how
                                               dangerous this material was for the health.
Asbestos has been used over many years         Today the use of asbestos is mostly for-
as isolation material against fire, heat and   bidden but the material is still present in    Recycling /ecological
noise. It was used for instance in electric    older appliances.                              elimination
storage heaters but also in heat produc-
ing appliances as for instance toasters,       Asbestos fibers released in the air, which     Products containing asbestos may not
heat ventilators, plate warmers or electric    penetrate the body in larger quantities        be recycled. They are disposed of and
cookers. Furthermore, asbestos was con-        by breathing them in, can create damage        stored on a disposal site for problematic
tained in building materials as roof and       to the lung tissue and thus generate           substances.
façade plates, for fire protection and noise   difficulties in breathing (asbestoses). In
reduction in walls and partitions as well      severe cases, this can lead to cancer of
as in brake lining or washers and sealing      the lungs, the peritoneum, the pleura or       Waste recipients
rings in vehicles. Today the use of asbes-     the stomac even if only small quantities       ● Indaver N.V., B-2030 Antwerp
tos is forbidden with just a few excep-        were absorbed.                                   Deponiegesellschaft Wiemersgrund,
tions.                                                                                          D-51105 Köln


● Asbestos in building materials:
  Eternit®, roof plates, isolation plates
● Asbestos in other products:
  brake linings with asbestos, sealing
  rings and washers with asbestos

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