Fall 2011 Bowling Leagues

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					                                        Fall 2011 Bowling Leagues

                                               Union South
                                        The Sett’s Recreation Level
    Bowling leagues are open to all UW-Madison students, staff &
      faculty members, and members of the Wisconsin Union

              League Info Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 7pm
    At least one member of each team should attend this meeting

QUESTIONS:                 Call 263-2514 (The Sett Recreation) or 263-5181
                           or email

      COST:         $8.99 per bowler per week (student/member price)
                    Price includes shoe rental & final week pizza party

                                                              TEAM                        INDICATE
LEAGUE              DETAILS                                   SIZE   DAY/TIME             1st, 2nd, 3rd
Team Qualifier      Bowl with the UW Bowling Team             1      Mondays/9pm          ______
Union Challenge     Bowl with WI Union Employees              4      Wednesdays/9pm       ______
Radioactive         Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling                  5      Thursdays/6pm        ______
All Year            A “real” 24 Week League                   5      Thursdays/9pm        ______

Fill in your league choices above. Leagues fill fast, so indicate at least a 1st and 2nd choice.

Fill in your team information. It is OK if you do not have a full team. Individuals are welcome!

#     NAME                 EMAIL                    PHONE                    .
1     _______________________________________________________________________
2     _______________________________________________________________________
3     _______________________________________________________________________
4     _______________________________________________________________________
5     _______________________________________________________________________

  Drop off this registration form at The Sett’s Recreation Counter in the lower level prior to the
 League Info Meeting on Sept. 14. We will accept forms at the meeting if space is still available.

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