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                                                            A special "Thank you" for those who contributed
        Upcoming Events and Holidays                        to the newsletter:
                                                            Adam Strouse            Kathleen Glover
 Events: Employee Appreciation Luncheon August 9            Linda Myers             Ann Tweed
                                                            Tom Hartman             Paulette Bechtold
                                                            Linda Elliott           Cindy Hamill
 Upcoming Holidays: July 4th - Independence Day             Keith Williams          Lorraine Miller
                    September 4th - Labor Day               Erin Tierney            Marian King
                                                            Curtis Tribue           Angela Mock

Chef’ Corner
Ranch Style Vegetables
Serves 4 - You can use any combination of fresh vegetables you
have available.

1 cup cauliflower, broken into bite-sized pieces
2 cups broccoli, broken into bite-sized pieces
3/4 cup sliced carrots
1/2 cup sliced celery
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 teaspoon dried dill weed
1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons non-fat or reduced-fat ranch-style dressing
Fill a 1 1/2 quart microwave-safe dish with vegetables. Add dill and lemon juice. Cover and
microwave 5 to 8 minutes, stirring every two minutes. Drain, mix in dressing, and serve.
This is an official 5 A Day recipe, providing each person served with more than two servings of
vegetables. Recipe taken from Quick & Healthy Volume II, by Brenda J. Ponichtera, R.D.
(ScaleDown Publishing, 1995).
Nutritional Analysis Per Serving: Calories, 49; Fiber, 3 g; Fat, 0 g; Cholesterol, 0 mg; Sodium,
112 mg

Spinach Salad with Nectarines & Raspberries
This vitamin-rich salad highlights two favorite summer fruits, and the orange juice dressing is a
delicious, healthy twist.4 cups fresh spinach, washed, with stems removed.

5 nectarines, pitted and sliced
1/4 red onion, sliced
1 pint raspberries

Orange Juice Dressing:
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 cup raspberry vinegar
1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 cup orange juice
Salt and black pepper, to taste

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You Auto Know Newsletter
Message from the General Manager

Thank you for your patience and continued support during our renovations.
In the midst of an ever-changing industry and somewhat unpredictable economy,
MAA maintains our dedication to providing "Top of the Market" customer
services and facilities to our internal and external customers

MAA confidently moves forward with some exciting changes as we strive to
improve the services we provide. Here is an update of where we currently are in
the renovation process. Dealer Sales, VIP & PSI office construction is currently
taking place. All three departments will be located on the first floor where the
lease offices were originally located and more recent where the MAFS
department was temporarily located.

As for the external renovations, we are confident the township will approve the exit and entrance from
route 72 to the customer parking lot. Once we have that approval, we will be able to relocate our
employee parking to across the street. As I am sure you have seen, the construction is currently
taking place for the two additional lanes. It is exciting to see our expansion coming together.

Again, thank you for your patience and support. On behalf of myself, and the entire Leadership Team,
I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to MAA. It is because of you, your hard
work and your great customer service that keep our customers coming back and therefore needing
this expansion.

                                                                                   See More Inside...
 Expressions of Thanks from Barbara Williams                                       Second Qtr. Statistics   2
                                                                                   Customer Service         3
                                                                                   Health Benefit Info      4-5
 Dear Manheim Auto Auction,                                                        Service Awards           6
 Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement sent on                            Promotions               6

 behalf of the Auction. It means so much to receive all of                         MAA Referral Program     7
                                                                                   First Responders         7
 the cards and prayers from the Manheim employees.
                                                                                   Employee Contribution    7
                                                                                   Sons and Daughter Day    8
 Thank you again.                                                                  MAA Matching Puzzle      9
                                                                                   Chef’s Corner            10
                                                                                   Spring Fling Photos      10
         Manheim Auto Auction
                                                             Top of the Market
Second Quarter Status
             Take a look at what we’ve accomplished.
                 Thanks for all of your hard work!
                                  Cars Registered May YTD


   Number      200,000
   of Cars




                         Dealer        Fleet/Lease          Factory    Total

                          2006         2005

                                  Cars Sold May YTD


   of Cars     100,000





                         Dealer        Fleet/Lease          Factory    Total

                          2006         2005

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You Auto Know Newsletter
Customer Service 101
The following is an actual experience as told by Linda Elliot, Dealer Sales.

After receiving several complaints from a Carlisle, PA dealer
regarding a negative experience here at MAA, we were able
work through the dilemmas she was facing.

I invited her back the following week, where she was given
a tour of the facility. During the tour, Gene Peters was able to
provide the dealer with a user name and password for our
website. Additionally, Gene instructed her on how to use MRR
and how to bid on Simulcast. Afterwards, the dealer was given
a tour of the lot, locations of departments and services
rendered on sale day. That next week, I was approached by the
same dealer, smile on her face and a hearty welcome announcing
her return to MAA. I truly believe as a team, we were able to
mend a relationship with this dealer which in turn will allow her
to share this experience with her colleagues.

If you have experienced a similar situation such as this, please contact HR and share your story.
These are learning opportunities for all of us to improve customer service here at MAA.

“As far as customers are concerned, you are the company. This is not a burden, but the core of your job.
You hold in your hands the power to keep customers coming back – perhaps even to make or break the company.”

                                                                               - Author Unknown.
Manager Trainee Program
In January 2006, Manheim Auto Auction rolled out a new manager trainee program.

In this program, the trainees rotate through the auction departments on a structured schedule over the
course of 52 weeks. By the end of the program, the trainee will be exposed to all the functional areas
                                     of the business and will acquire managerial skills in preparation to
                                     take a leadership position. This program will be on-going; as the
                                     trainees complete the program, new trainees will be hired.

                                     The current trainees are Tara Konopski and Mike Travitz.
                                     Tara, hired in January, has learned the vehicle receiving, cleaning,
                                     and inventory administration aspects of the business. Mike, hired
                                     in June, is currently managing the details of the main building
                                     renovation project. He will begin the rotation schedule once the
                                     project is complete.

Manheim Fact – Are you aware that MAA is the 5th largest employer in Lancaster County? It's true!

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         Manheim Auto Auction
                                                                        Top of the Market
401 K Information
Saving for Retirement is Getting Easier!
Once you're eligible to participate, you no longer have to wait for an
enrollment period to enroll or increase your contribution to the Savings
Plus 401(k) Plan.
As of June 5, you can now:
•       Enroll in the plan anytime.
•       Change your contribution anytime.
Newly eligible?
Now is your opportunity to enroll.
Currently participating?
Contribute at least 6% to maximize the company match. By increasing your contribution just 1% every
few months or each year, your retirement savings can really add up.
Eligible but not participating?
Consider enrolling in Savings Plus as soon as possible.
To enroll or increase your contribution, contact Vanguard at 1-800-523-1188 or visit
To be eligible to participate in Savings Plus, you must be scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.
You're eligible to enroll beginning the first day of the month following 90 days of employment.

Here at MAA most Sale Day employees are scheduled to work less than 20 hours. However, if an
employee picks up additional hours and works 1,000 hours from anniversary date to anniversary date
(during their first year of employment), then they will be deemed eligible upon completing 1,000 hours.
If an EE doesn't make 1,000 hours in their first anniversary year, the calculations will switch over to a
calendar year (just like pension). So, if you are scheduled at 19 hours or less, don't hit 1000 hours
during you first anniversary but then reach 1000 hours in a calendar year, you will be deemed eligible.
For further information, please stop by Human Resources are call extension 5701.

In January 2005 the Bush Administration called for the movement of a nationwide network of Electronic
Health Records (EHR) within 10 years.
There are both pros and cons to such an undertaking.
The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a electronic record of patient health information generated by
one or more visits to any medical facility. Information that would be contained on the EHR is patient
demographics, progress notes, concerns, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations,
laboratory data and radiology reports. If medical records were electronic, prescriptions would be more
legible and could be filled more accurately. And most individuals can easily envision the benefits to
hospital emergency rooms when assisting unconscious patients. For persons traveling abroad and
need medical attention; the EHR would contain pertinent health information making treatment less
confusing. The patient would own and control access to their own medical records, but the challenges
regarding security and confidentiality are substantial. Should the EHR be password protected with
limited access? What would be the result of a lost Electronic Health Record? A few points to ponder.

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You Auto Know Newsletter
First Responders Update
We would like to thank everyone who showed interested in becoming a member of the elite group of
first responders. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain the delay in the training. At the same
time we began recruiting employees for the program, Corporate was negotiating a contract with an
AED manufacturer to include incorporating the new American Heart Association Guidelines with
emphasis on CPR.

While this process of securing a contract with the Zoll, the AED manufacturer, is taking much longer
than anticipated, the end result is expected to be a great product and support program.

So our apologies for the delay are extended to those who expressed interest.
Thank you for your continued patience. Further information regarding this new
program will be forthcoming hopefully in the near future.

Service Awards
Manheim Auto Auction has
several recognition and rewards
programs for our employees.
One     of   those    recognition
programs consists of service
awards. Service awards recognize
our dedicated employees for their
tenure and longevity with MAA.

                                    In 2005, both Lorraine Miller (Receptionist) and her sister Marian
                                    King (Office Clerk Notary) received their 45-year service award.
                                    With their time of service, they each had the choice of a $2,000.00
                                    check or a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. Both sisters chose the trip. In
                                    April 2006, they took the journey. "This trip was special because of
                                    the fabulous resort and sharing the time with my sister and her
                                    husband," stated Marian. When speaking to Lorraine and Marian,
                                    they are full of stories about MAA and can share marvelous
                                    memories. "I started working at MAA in the cafeteria along with the
owners wives! A year later, I worked on the lanes for a short time and have been answering the phones
now for forty-three years," recalls Lorraine.
MAA recently had our mid-year service award celebration that took place
June 12 - 16, 2006. There were 163 awards given out spanning from 5 years to 40
years of service. Departments had a different way of celebrating to honor those
award recipients ranging from cakes to lunches. Special congratulations to
Clarence Geib, who received his 40 year award, and Howard Wyble, who received
his 35 year award. December 2006, MAA will be distributing the second half of
2006 awards. You too, could be looking back someday reminiscing over the
40+ years of service you had at MAA.

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        Manheim Auto Auction
                                                                               Top of the Market
MAA’s Employee Referral Program
Did you know that approximately 42% of our new employees come to the Auction through employee
referrals? It's true! If you know someone looking for employment, be sure to pick up an employment
application and follow these easy steps for an opportunity to earn extra $$'s:

• Have the job seeker complete an application and include your name on the back of the application as
  the employee who referred them. Note: only one employee name per applicant.

• Submit employment application to HR.

• If the individual is selected for a position at MAA, both you and the new employee must be
  actively employed for six months from their date of hire to receive your $100.00.

We are looking for great people like you!!
Second Quarter Promotions

  Employee Name              Job Title
  Adsitt Jr, Russell H       Dispatcher                     Lees, Joseph J                  Mechanic
  Axe, Sarah L               Sprv Receiving & Stock In      Lilley, Frances E               Numerator
  Berndt, Paul A             Dir Sales Lot & Veh Reg        Manuel, Erin T                  Coord Damage Claims
  Black, Kim                 VIP Dealer Sales Rep           Mauger, James A                 Dealer Sales Representative
  Bradley, James W           Driver                         Migliaccio, Melanie A           Account Administrator
  Brosey, Nancy J            Director Institutional Accts   Mongeau, Gregory K              Maintenance Worker
  Brunner, Eric O            Numerator                      Neiss, Howard E                 Driver
  Buko, Timothy              Quality Insp                   Nissley, Kerry N                Driver
  Butt, Jennifer L           Lot Worker                     Noll, Linette J                 Accountant
  Crider, Kimberly A         Cust Service Rep               Olesh, Thomas G                 Mgr Logistics
  David, Corinne F           Mgr Inst Accounts              Ortiz, Rafael                   Numerator
  Delaney, Richard E         Mgr Sales Lot                  Patton, Gerald R                Driver
  DeVerter Jr, George W      Dispatcher                     Phillippy, Clifford             Numerator
  Doney, Patricia M          Lot Operations Worker          Rakow, William A                Numerator
  Douty, Draye C             Numerator                      Resanovich,Stacie B             Customer Coordinator
  Dunkelberger, Claudeanne   Customer Coordinator           Rich, Archie I                  Driver
  Fry, Mahlon D              Stock-In Worker                Shaak, Kyle K                   Customer Coordinator
  Garloff, Judy A            Mgr MAFS Admn & Oper           Snyder, James H                 Mechanic
  Garman, Ann                Customer Serv Rep              Solivan-Rodriquez Jr, Roberto   Customer Coordinator
  Garman, Jean M             Office Clerk                   Staub, Patricia A               Dir Inst Sales
  Gockley, Michael E         Lot Coordinator                Stauffer, Carolene J            Office Clerk
  Groff, Vincent L           Dispatcher                     Sterner, Mary J                 Account Administrator
  Haldeman, Roy F            Group Leader                   Stief, Brad L                   Coord Bridge Loan/Float Sale
  Hartel, John D             Spr Maintenance                Tangert, Mark P                 Numerator
  Hirst, Janet E             Clerk-Office                   Travitz, Michael R              Management Trainee
  Hostetter Jr, George W     Dispatcher                     Vazquez, Luis A                 Numerator
  Kirchner, Chad E           Mgr Customer Relations         Warner, John C                  Driver-Service/Tow
  Kline, Wanda S             Title Clerk                    Zeigler, Kelly L                VIP Sales Team Leader
  Kreider, Katherine W       Lane Clerk
  Layser, Angela R           Mgr Operations Staff

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You Auto Know Newsletter
Congratulations to Tom Hartman and the Donegal Girls Varsity Softball Team
                      Tom Hartman, currently an Operations Driver, led the Donegal Girls Fast-Pitch
                      Softball Team to State Champs last Friday, June 16, 2006. Tom has been a MAA
                      employee for the past three years in the Operations Department as well as the
                      head coach for the Donegal Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Team. Although Tom has
                      only been coaching girls fast-pitch softball for three years, he has a wealth of
                      knowledge from the previous 15 years that he coached boys baseball at
                      McCaskey. "It takes more than skill to win a state title," Tom explains, "the girls
                      on our team exhibit character". Tom stresses character, teamwork, and integrity
                      and holds the girls to a higher standard in and out of the classroom.
"How rewarding it was for me to see the girls and their dates
coming over to our house for pictures before the prom", Tom
stated, "even with skinned up knees!"

Tom wanted to express his sincere thanks to Mary Gruber,
Randi Sager and the rest of Manheim for their support during
this softball season.

                                                                  Lancaster Online, Lancaster Newspapers
Spring Fling 2006
April 26, 2006, MAA hosted an Employee Recognition luncheon. This event was full of food, fun,
games and prizes! Can you identify any of these employees?

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        Manheim Auto Auction
                                                                       Top of the Market
National Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day

MAA held it's first ever "take your sons and daughters to work day" on April 27, 2006. We had
approximately 55 kids participate ranging from ages 9 - 18. The day was geared toward teaching the
kids work-related concepts while having lots of fun. The first half of the day was an activity focusing
on teamwork.       The kids were challenged to create a vehicle out of household items.
The outcome…creative cars!! The afternoon activity, a car wash obstacle course, taught concepts of
communication and following directions. The highlight of the day was a mock auction where the kids
were able to randomly pick their own credit limits and bid on cars.

The children certainly touched the hearts of the volunteers. We can only hope that MAA and the
volunteers were able to create special memories for the children, for years to come.

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You Auto Know Newsletter
Manheim Auto Auction Matching Puzzle
How well do you know your vehicles? Match the make/model on the left with a definition
from the column on the right. A few examples are given. Turn your completed puzzle into
HR by July 14 and you could be one of three lucky winners of a $15 gift card.


 1    ACCENT                    TO WEEP
 2    ALFA-ROMEO                ONE HUNDRED YEARS
 4    BEETLE            40      AIR BIRD
 5    BRONCO                    HORSE
 6    CARAVAN           10      TWO UNDER PAR
 7    CENTURY                    PLANET WITH RINGS
 8    CONTOUR                   REFRACT LIGHT
 9    DODGE             37      WANDERER
 10   EAGLE                     BLACK SPOTTED CAT
 12   ESTEEM                    TO EVADE
 13   FIREBIRD                  FAMOUS ROCK
 14   FOCUS                     SUBWAY
 15   FORD                      SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT
 16   GOLF                      TO CROSS A BODY OF WATER
 17   GRAND AM          35      ROUTE COMMANDER
 18   JAGUAR                    ONE WHO ROAMS ABOUT SLYLY
 19   LEGACY                    ROCK SLIDE
 20   LEGEND                    COWBOY SHOW
 21   LINCOLN                   CENTRAL POINT
 22   MERCURY                   ACCOMPANY
 23   METRO                     HILL DWELLER
 24   MIRAGE                    SHAPE
 26   NAVIGATOR                 COURSE DIRECTOR
 27   OUTBACK                   BIG MORNING
 28   PASSPORT                  PYRO-FOWL
 29   PATHFINDER                STORY
 31   PRELUDE                   EMPHASIZE
 32   PRIZM                     AN ILLUSION
 34   RENDEZVU                  OPPOSITE OF IN FRONT
 35   ROADMASTER                HERITAGE
 36   RODEO                     HIGH REGARD
 37   ROVER                     GRASS ROOTS GAME
 38   SAAB                      INSECT
 39   SATURN                    WALKWAY DISCOVERER
 40   SKYLARK                   MEETING PLACE

                                                                                                       2Q / 9

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