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					                  United States
                  Department of
                                                               JACKSON COUNTY FARM SERVICE AGENCY
                                                                       311 County Road A Ste 1
                                                                    Black River Falls, WI 54615-8205
                                                                  Phone (715) 284-4515 x2     Fax (715) 284-9184
                                                                    Julie Dokkestul, County Executive Director
                     FSA UPDATE
                                                                                                                       June 2011

County Committee (COC) Election                                                                   For more information on
   The election of agricultural   necessary to administer pro-     Eligible individuals may
                                                                                                    FSA programs visit
producers to the FSA              grams in the county.             nominate themselves or oth-
County Committee (COC) is                                          ers as a candidate. Request
                                     The Townships in Local
important to all farmers. It is                                    a nomination form from your
crucial that eligible produc-
                                  Administrative Area 2
                                                                   FSA office.                       YOU’RE INVITED
                                  (LAA2), which are up for
ers participate in the elec-                                                                         To the FSA Open House on
                                  election are: Adams, Albion,       Ballots will be mailed to
tions because the COC is
the link between the agricul-
                                  Curran, Hixton and Spring-       eligible voters on November   Wednesday, July 6th from 1 to 3 pm
                                  field Producers who partici-     4, 2011 and must be re-       at the Jackson County FSA Office.
tural community and USDA.
                                  pate or cooperate in FSA         turned by December 5,
COCs help deliver FSA farm                                                                       County office staff will be
                                  programs and reside in           2011. Newly elected COC
programs at the local level.                                                                     sharing information on the
                                  LAA2 may be nominated for        members take office January
Farmers who serve on                                                                             County       Committee
                                  the COC from June 15             1, 2012.
COCs help with decisions                                                                         election process and the
                                  through August 1, 2011.
                                                                                                 important role committee
                                                                                                 members        play      in
 DATES TO REMEMBER                            FARM LOAN PROGRAM                                  implementing          FSA
June 15 - Begin COC Election Nomina-                                                             programs locally.
                                               Rural Youth Loans Available
          tions                                                                                  Please plan to join us.
                                                 Youth loans are available to kids ages 10
July 4 - Office Closed—Independence
                                               to 20 years old for an agriculturally related
          Day                                  income project. Participant must have a
July 6 - COC Open House, 1-3 pm                sponsoring adult from 4-H, FFA, or other                 REMINDER:
July 15 - Crop Reporting Deadline              youth organization. The maximum loan                Contact the FSA office to
        - 2010 NAP Production Reporting        amount is $5,000. Applications are avail-             request Marketing
          Deadline                             able from your local FSA office.                    Authorizations for 2010
July 29 - 2009 SURE application dead-                                                                 Commodity Loans
                                               General Farm Loan Programs
          line                                                                                        before moving or
Aug 1 - Last day to request a 2011               FSA offers loans to purchase farmland                selling any grain.
          Farm reconstitution                  and finance agricultural operations. FSA
                                               loan programs are designed to help produc-
        - Last day to submit a COC elec-                                                              Keep Records Current
                                               ers who are temporarily unable to obtain
          tion nomination                                                                           Let us know if you have:
                                               private or commercial credit.
        - CRP Primary Nesting Season
                                                 Farm Operating Loans can be used to pay            Changes in financial institutions or
                                               for annual operating expenses, equipment             accounts
Sept 1 - 2010 ACRE production report-
                                               and livestock purchases.                             Bought or sold cropland
          ing Deadline
                                                 Farm Ownership loans can be used to                Rented a different farm
Sept 5 - Office Closed—Labor Day
                                               purchase or enlarge a farm or ranch, or con-         Changes in your farming operation
Sept 30 - 2012 NAP application deadline
                                               struct essential farm buildings and improve-
          for pasture, forages, Christmas      ments. Certain eligibility requirements apply.
                                                                                                    Cropland w/o a highly erodible
          trees                                                                                     determination (sod busting)
                                                 Jackson County farmers and producers
Oct 1 - 2011 LIP and ELAP deadline                                                                  Completed or plan to dig, dredge,
                                               are served by Farm Loan Officials out of the
Continuous - CRP Continuous Sign Up            Monroe County FSA office. Please call 608-           fill or convert a wetland
           - Farm Storage Facility Loans       269-8136 x 2 for more information or to              Pasture that has not been previ-
                                               schedule to meet with a loan officer.                ously reported

           USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer and Lender.
FARM STORAGE FACILITY LOAN PROGRAM (FSFL)                              2011 Livestock Indemnity Program

 Now is the time to think about upgrading or adding                       Producers that suffer immediate livestock deaths
extra storage space for your grain crops, forage, refrig-              due to adverse weather conditions (such as floods,
erated vegetable and fruit storage, and renewable bio-                 lightening, extreme hot/cold) may be eligible for the
mass (excluding manure structures). The                                2011 Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP). Live-
FSFL program provides low interest loans                               stock deaths must have occurred between Janu-
up to a maximum of $500,000 for up to a                                ary 1, 2011 and October 1, 2011.
maximum of 12 years repayment.                                           Producers must provide a Notification of Loss
  Participants are required to provide a                               within 30 days of the date of animal death. LIP
down payment of 15 percent, with CCC                                   will only compensate on deaths in excess of nor-
providing a loan for the remaining 85 percent of the net               mal mortality. Producers will be required to pro-
cost of the eligible facility. An application fee of $100 is           vide verifiable documentation of all animal deaths
required. It is recommended that you start the loan                    including those died of normal mortality. Pneumo-
process 6 months ahead of the time the project would                   nia is not an eligible payment loss. The deadline
be completed. Contact FSA for more details and eligi-                  to apply for LIP is October 1, 2011.
bility requirements.

The SURE program provides compensation for crop production, revenue and quality losses due to adverse weather con-
ditions. The SURE program is very complex. The deadline for the 2009 SURE program is July 29, 2011. Key points to
remember about SURE:
   Applicant must meet Risk Management Purchase Requirements- All crops of economic significance must be under
   some plan of Federal Crop Insurance or Noninsured Assistance Program, some exemptions apply.
   A crop of economic significance is defined as a crop that is expected to contribute at least 5% of the farming opera-
   tions revenue.
   At least one crop of economic significance must have suffered a 10% production loss.
   A Farm refers to ALL crops grown by a producer in ALL counties in ALL states.
   Payment is issued at 60% of the difference between the Disaster Program Guarantee (sum of all crops) and the Total
   Farm Revenue (sum of all crops)
   Producer payment limitation is $100,000 between all FSA administered disaster programs
Producers are reminded to keep production records on all crops grown. In many cases reliable and verifiable records
are needed. This includes, but is not limited to, sales documentation, warehouse ledgers, scale tickets, appraisals, etc
for future SURE programs.

                                                                   Karner Blue Butterfly SAFE CRP
Participants in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) are       The Jackson County FSA is still taking applications for
reminded of their maintenance responsibilities:                  our KBB project. This project seeks to restore very spe-
  Participants should control noxious weeds, volunteer trees,    cific habitat for the threatened and endangered Karner
  and rodents. Annual mowing of CRP is prohibited.               Blue butterfly. This practice offers a very diverse
                                                                 prairie seed mix which includes lupine for the KBB
  CRP acreage should not be used to store farm machinery,                   habitat. This program is run similar to
  bales, cars, permanent hunting stands, etc.                               CRP and pays annual rental rates on eligible
  Producers should refrain from maintenance activities during               acreage. Contracts are available for a 2012
  the Primary Nesting Season. The Primary Nesting Season                    start date. Minimal program requirements in-
  is May 15, 2011 to August 1, 2011.                                        clude fields with at least 1/3 soils conducive to
  If special treatment is needed for small areas during the      KBB habitat (generally lighter, well drained soils), and the
                                                                 fields also have to have a cropping history 4 out of the
  Primary Nesting season, requests should be written to the
                                                                 six years from 2002-2007. Contracts are for ten to 15
  FSA County Committee for approval. After approval the
             participant may do maintenance activity.
                                                                            Please contact our office for more information.
             USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer and Lender.

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